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Camera Light Old Invention of Local Man

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Camera Light
Old Invention
Of Local Man

"Wink Light," the new Polo-
roid camera electric flash unit
being introduced to millions of
persons via television adver-
tisements, actually is the 1939
invention of a local man.

The man is Robert P. Wuerfel
of 2615 Scio Rd. in Scio town"

Wuerfel, who also invented
the first radio to operate on
both direct and alternating cur-
rents, said he invented the
flash equipment during his last
year with International Indus-
tries in Ann Arbor—the original
manufacturers of Argus cameras.

According to Wuerfel, the
patent was issued in 1942 and
assigned to the local firm. It
was never put to use, and now
the 17-year time limit has ex-
pired. This, he reminded, has
made Poloroid eligible to buy
the patent rights—which it has

Wuerfel described the device
as sort of an instant photoflood.
The flash unit is adpated to
utilize a conventional electric
bulb, which may be utilized a
number of times rather than i
the single flash to which the
usual flash bulb is limited.