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Argus Introduces Three Products

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Argus Introduces

Three Products

35MM Camera
Has Automatic
Electric Eye

A new, 35mm camera which
automatically adjusts to light-
ing conditions is among three
new products introduced ""
week by the Argus Cameras

The other two products are a
multiscope color-slide pro-
jector, called the President,
which has a 3.75 to 6.25 inch
lens, and a new hand-held slide
viewer that sells for $2.95.

The new camera, called
Autronic 35, is equipped with
all the features of an expensive,
professional camera, but with-
out the complications of get-
ting it ready to take pictures,
Clinton H. Harris, Argus pres-
ident, said.

The job of adjusting the
camera to lighting conditions
is taken over by an automatic
electric eye on the camera.
It has a combined rangefinder
and viewfinder with an indi-
cator that warns if too much
or not enough light is present
for picture-making.

"The Autronic 35 takes all
the guesswork out of photog-
raphy and gives the average
user an easy-to-use precision
instrument . . .," Harris said.

Besides the electric eye and
con;,,..., rangefinder-v i e w -
finder, the camera operator
employs to focus-in his subject,
the camera has a Compur
shutter marked for ,"
"scene" and "action' and is
calibrated with speeds ranging
between l/30th and l/500th of
a second.

In addition, the camera has
an f3.5 Cintar lens, a single-
stroke rapid-wind lever that ad-
vances the film and cocks the
shutter. A glass enclosed,

lomatic film counter dial
i-JIs how many exposures are
left on a roll of film.

The camera, flash and case
carries a list price of $99.95.

The multiscope lens on the
new President projector per-
mits the operator to zoom
through a wide range of focal
lengths. A picture can be

varied from 31 to 41 inches
width at a distance of 12

feet and without refocusing,

iininating the need to move
the projector to vary the pic-
ture size.

A control panel on the pro-
jector permits the operation j
of it by remote control at a/

Autronic 35

distance up to 15 feet. It
a 5 to 60 second automatic

timer for varying screen tim"
of each slide, plus forward (
reverse tray direction co
trols, a device controlling the
elevation of projection and a
knob for providing level pic-
tures. A push button manual
cycle is also available for the
control panel.

The projector will accom-
modate 35mm, 828,or '[27 slid'
without apecial inounun:.;

has a 500 watt ilium'
system. Its suggested list ,„.
is $169.95.

The slide viewer, called th.
Argus PreViewer III, takes
35mm and other slides up to
2x2 inches. The viewer aut
matically lights when a slide
carrier is depressed. It is pow-
ered with penlight cells, but
can be used in existing light
by removing the viewer's back.