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Argus Introduces New Movie Slide Projectors

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At Photo Show:

Argus Introduces New
Movie, Slide Protectors

Argus, Cameras, Inc., local marketing
subsidiary of Sylvania Electric Products, Inc.
this week introduced three new
8 mm. movie projectors and a
slide projector.

The movie projectors are
part of the Showmaster line,
and include the .750 AVZ with,
a multiscope zoom lens that
stays in focus at a distance of
12 feet from the screen, the 750
AV with variable speed control
and 500A with automatic film-
loading mechanism.

Has Stack Changer

The new slide projector, called
the 300 Special, has a slide
stack changer. The hand-oper-
ated changer takes up to 25.
slides in cardboard mounts, re-
quiring no special mounts or
magazines. The projector,'
which carries a retail price of
$54.95, has - ,; ;. f3.3 lens
and uses a 300-watt projection

All four products, which are
manufactured by Argus Cam-
eras Division, were unveiled
this week at the Master Photo
Dealers & Finishers Conven-
tion in St. Louis.

Clinton H. Harris, president
of Argus Cameras, said the
three projectors, plus a recent-
ly new movie camera line and
Match-Matic M-3 35 mm. cam-
era with light meter, "form a
home movie line that should
till the needs of every movie
Prices Told

The three movie projectors
will sell from $104.95 to $149.95.
Both the 750 AVZ and 750 AV
have variable speed controls so
that the user can speed up or
slow down the film to get un-
usual effects or to compensate
for low electrical voltage. Both
projectors have automatic film
loading mechanisms. They have
a film splicer and room lights
for the projector operator, and
use an optical system that pro-
vides screen brilliance equal to
a 750-watt conventional projec-
tion lamp.

Harris said the four new pro-
ducts will be shipped to dealers
beginning April 1.