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Ye Old Editor Has His Say

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Ye Old Editor Has His Say

Who, where, what, why?—go and ask him.

Aug. 2, 1920

For an interesting break in tomorrow’s business, professional or domestic humdrum, stroll across the Campus Diagonal around 10 or 11 a.m. until you come to the usual crowd jostling around Railroad Jack and his outsize soap box (see photo).

You know, of course, he has a standing guarantee to answer any and all questions on history that his listeners pop at him.

How many of his wives did Henry the 18th behead?

Along what Brazilian city does the river Popocatepetl flow?

Who caught Molly Pitcher?

No matter what the question, Railroad Jack is never stumped. True, sometimes his answers are blurred beyond recognition by a quick pass of a hand across his mouth or they are slipped under a blanket of applause—but, who cares? He has answered the question, hasn’t he?

Aug. 2, 1940


Today, Evart H. Scott, the grand old man of Washtenaw Ave., is celebrating his 90th birthday.

Friends by the score are gathering at his home, 1930 Washtenw Ave., to extend their congratulations.

The lot on which this home stands was a part of the huge Scott farm which in 1868 embraced much of the land south from Hill St., between Washtenaw Ave. and Ferdon Rd., including all of Ives Woods.

Mr. Scott personally planted most of the beautiful elms which border Washtenaw. Scottwood and Austin Ave. are named after members of his family.