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St. Thomas To Graduate 74; Four Are Specially Honored

St. Thomas To Graduate 74; Four Are Specially Honored image
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Peter Kelley, Michael Johns, William Lowery, Pearl McGinn, Sharon McGrain, Charles Meldrum, Mary Menke, Carlene Miley, Claudia Miller, Mary Moray, Thomas Newcombe, Linda Nixon, Thomas O'Brien, Francis O'Donnell, Patricia Papineau, Nicola Parravano, Marianne Paul, Carol Pettit, John Pietras, Kay Reason, Gerry Richards, Mary Robinson, James Rogalski, Roberta Rutledge, Julianne Scharbat, Barbara Schneider, Glenn Seaver, Brent Shelton, Sandra Smiggen, David Snell, Clair Stapish, Brian Soumala, Janet Tasker, Janet Teifer, Carol Tobias, Lynda Tomshack, Pamella Treves

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St. Thomas To Graduate 74; Four Are Specially Honored

Friday June 9, 1961

Seventy-four St. Thomas High School seniors will be graduated at 3 p.m. Sunday at St. Thomas Catholic Church.

The Rev. Robert Schlaff former assistant pastor at the church, will give the address. He is now assistant at St. Martha’s Church, Dearborn. Diplomas will be presented by Rt. Rev. Msgr. G. Warren Peek, pastor.

Ten seniors have been honor Students during four years of high school. They are Suzanne Lirette, Sue Ann Hines, Mary Hayden, Mary Warren, Margaret Benner, Sandra Smiggen, Winifred Glance, Brent Shelton, Michael Darr, and David Natalie.

Four of these 10 who have been active in school affairs and have been honored for their scholastic achievement are Shelton, Natalie, Miss Lirette and Miss Hines. All are members of the National Honor Society.

Shelton has been class president for four years. He served as a student council representative, played football and basketball for three years. He was named to the all-city and all-area football teams and was co-captain of the basketball team this year. He also co-captained the track team this year. He has received an Ann Arbor Kiwanis Club scholarship.

Natalie, who heads the class in scholastic average, has received scholarships from the University of Michigan Regents Alumni and Elks. He was given a scholastic achievement award from the Michigan Society of Professional Engineers and received an honorary science award from Bausch and Lomb. He attained honors in mathematics and science for four years and was a student council representative.

Miss Lirette received the Michigan State University scholarship citation award and honorable mention in the American Legion Award for distinguished achievement. She was editor of the 1961 yearbook, “The Shamrock,” and a member of the Future Teachers Club.

Vice-president of her class for three years, Miss Hines also received an Ann Arbor Kiwanis Club Scholarship and an honorable mention in the Elks Scholarship competition. She was a cheerleader for four years and homecoming queen. She received a scholarship to the National Music Camp at Interlochen in 1959.

Other seniors who received scholarships are Margaret Benner, U-M Regents Alumni; James Rogalski, St. Joseph’s College; and Mary Hayden, MSU scholarship citation award.

Michael Darr and Mary Warren received American Legion awards for distinguished achievement, and John Rutz got an honorable mention from the Legion.

Graduates are Suzanne M. Allan, Stephanie R. Altenburg, Edward F. Barlage, N. Margaret Benner, Carol A. Birch, Michael J. Birmingham, Karen E. Bjork, Frederick F. Burrell, Barbara J. Burrus, Patricia M. Butler, Sharon M. Byrne, Kathleen A. Camp, Daniel J. Clisham, James E. Conrad, Alfred C. Curtiss, Michael D. Darr, Dennis N. Denkhaus, Elizabeth A. DiMattia, Patricia A. Doneth, Gail M. Donnelly, John E. Faulhaber, David J. Forner, Charles P. Fortunato, Jane M. Gainsley, Mary A. Garner, Winifred M. Glance, William W. Graf, John D. Grostic, D. Diana Hammond, Mary A. Hayden;

Sue A. Hines, Patrick M. Howard, Peter J. Kelley, Michael R. Johns, Suzanne E. Lirette, William E. Lowery, Pearl M. McGinn, Sharon L. McGrain, Charles R. Meldrum, Mary C. Menke, Carlene E. Miley, Claudia A. Miller, Ralph A. Miller, Mary K. Moray, David J. Natalie;

Thomas J. Newcombe, Linda L. Nixon, Thomas C. O’Brien, Francis E. O’Donnell, Patricia A. Papineau, Nicola M. Parravano, Marianne Paul, Carol F. Pettit, John J. Pietras, Kay F. Reason, Gerry F. Richards, Mary L. Robinson, James J. Rogalski, Roberta J. Rutledge;

John A. Rutz, Julianne C. Scharbat, Barbara M. Schneider, Glenn T. Seaver, Brent. F. Shelton, Sandra H. Smiggen, David V. Snell, Clair A. Stap-sh, Brian M. Soumala, Janet M. Tasker, Janet E. Teifer, Carol A. Tobias, Lynda H. Tomshack, Pamella M. Treves, and Mary C. Warren.