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Michigan Week Mysteries

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Michigan Week Mysteries

In accordance with the science and technology emphasis of the ninth annual “Michigan Week” observance, The News is highlighting each day a different aspect of the complex operations of Washtenaw county’s diversified business and industry.

A new feature each day until the beginning of “Michigan Week,” which runs from

May 20-26, will focus attention on a research, engineering or manufacturing resource peculiar to our county.

Can you guess, from what you know of your county, what and where today’s “mystery” photograph is?

The answer will appear on this page tomorrow.

The eerily gleaming stacks in yesterday’s Michigan week “mystery” picture are destined to gleam during a good part of their useful lives, but a little less eerily.

The “sandwiches” catching the light were sheets of safety glass cut to fit the fronts of automotive instrument panels manufactured by the King-Seeley Thermos Co. at its Scio plant on Zeeb Rd.

More than a million instrument clusters, individual instruments or complete dashboards for better than half a dozen major American automobiles and trucks are produced annually by King-Seeley’s 1,300 employes.

If you’re driving a Plymouth, Dodge, Lincoln, Thunderbird, or a Ford or International Harvester truck, you’re looking at your King-

Seeley speedometer through a piece of glass that once was stacked just like those in yesterday’s “mystery” picture.

King-Seeley also makes governors and other auto parts, and the next time you twist a dial on your automatic washer or other major home appliance, the chances are good that you’ll be activating a control manufactured by one of Washtenaw county’s industrial leaders.