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Two U-M Graduates Named Astronauts

Two U-M Graduates Named Astronauts image
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Andrew Conrad,


Mercury Space Program
Gemini Space Program
Apollo Space Program
Cullen Auditorium
Houston Space Flight Center
Wright Patterson Air Force Base
University of Michigan - Alumnus
University of Michigan - Aerospace Engineering Department
UCLA - Alumnus
U.S. Navy Academy - Alumnus
U.S. Navy
U.S. Military Academy at West Point
U.S. Merchant Marine Academy - Alumnus
U.S. Air Force
Purdue University - Alumnus
Princeton University - Alumnus
Georgia Tech - Alumnus
General Electric Co.
Edwards Air Force Base
California Institute of Technology- Alumnus
Awards Honors Prizes
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Thomas Conrad
Susan Kay Lovell
Susan Bugby Borman
Steve Armstrong
Sally See
Pete Conrad
Patricia Eileen Finegan White
Patricia Ann Haas McDivitt
Patric W. McDivitt
Neil A. Armstrong
Michael McDivitt
Mary Ellen Crabtree
Marilyn Lillie Gerlach Lovell
Marilyn Jane Denahy See
Karen Stafford
John Young
John W. Young
Janet Elizabeth Shearon Armstrong
Jane duBose Conrad
James Arthur Lovell
James Alton McDivitt
James A. McDivitt Sr.
James A. Lovell Jr.
Frederick Borman
Frank Borman
Frances V. Sargent
Faye Laverne Shoemaker Stafford
Eric Armstrong
Elliot M. See Jr.
Elliot M. See
Edwin Borman
Edward White III
Edward H. White II
Edward Higgins White II
Dianne Stafford
Christopher Conrad
Charles Conrad Jr.
Charles Conrad
Carolyn See
Bonnie Lynn White
Blanche Lovell
Sandra Young
Barbara Vincent White Young
Barbara Lynn Lovell
Ann Lynn McDivitt
Thomas P. Stafford
Wilbur C. Nelson
William Young
Mrs. James P. Shehan
John F. Kennedy
Robert R. Gilruth
Glenn V. Edmonson