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Halloween Can Be Harrowing For Goblins Without Goodies

Halloween Can Be Harrowing For Goblins Without Goodies image
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GHASTLY GROUP: The home-owners on Dorchester and Medford Rds. have stocked up on all sorts of tasty items for the ghosts and goblins lurking around on Halloween, for they know that nothing irks a little costumed creature more than an empty "tricks or treats" bag. Pumpkin Painters: Anyone knows that Halloween without pumpkins is like "ohs" without "ahs," and Doug Noertker (left) and Lisa Lisartz find Halloween holds both for them. The First Methodist Nursery children find making pumpkins out of stuffed paper bags an intriguing experience, especially when you get to paint the bags orange. Boo! Guess Who?: So goes Halloween with children of all ages, as the "great pumpkin" day arrives. Four-year-old children at the First Methodist Church Nursery School (left to right) lion John Forshee, majorette Sandy Pillsbury, clown Steven Haas, vampire Brenda Hutton, lurking behind the cornstalks, and little Jenny Heusel, playing Bo Peep, sitting on the pumpkin, are looking forward to frightening the residents on Huron and Liberty Sts. tomorrow when they parade around the neighborhood. SPOOKY AFFAIR: Mischief will reign supreme on the floors of University Hospital tonight when every nurse and doctor caught hanging around is bound to be scared by witches and wild animals from the pediatric ward, Children's Rehabilitation Center and Children Psychiatric Hospital. The Halloween creatures will be wandering up and down corridors, knocking on doors and asking for treats. Children in the psychiatric section will be treated to a Halloween fair, with hospital personnel manning the booths, directing games and handing out prizes. Miss Jean Arndt, head nurse of the Children's Rehabilitation Center, gives the children a "taste" of the fun to come when they are taken around the hospital in beds, stretchers, and wheelchairs tonight. Among the "tricks or treaters" will be Darlene Paul (in bed), witch Kathy Brancheau, Lynette Lawrence, the leopard in the wheelchair, elephant Mike Lamb, and little Bill Stockard, who can't wait for that sucker.