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Kentucky Fried Chicken

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The Story of Kentucky Fried Chicken...

Strangely enough, dissatisfaction with ordinary Fried Chicken led to the creation of Colonel Sanders' now famous recipe. Kentucky Fried Chicken was developed over a period of 25 years of trial and experiment by Colonel Sanders in the kitchen of his own small restaurant in the heartland of Kentucky. It became so popular, other restaurants demanded his recipe and now Kentucky Fried Chicken is internationally famous. Through better restaurants franchised across the land, over 36 million orders of this mouth watering treat are being sold annually.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is NOT pre-cooked, par-boiled or French-fried for convenience or speed in serving. Fresh, locally grown, plump broilers are dipped in milk and egg, rolled in flour seasoned with 11 different spices and herbs and served only minutes after being cooked with special equipment designed to seal in all the natural juices and goodness of the chicken.

In Ann Arbor Kentucky Fried Chicken is available at 3452 Washtenaw at Pittsfield Blvd.