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'U' Officials Comment On Draft

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‘U’ Officials Comment On Draft

Two vice-presidents at the University issued a statement today concerning the reported reclassification of students by local draft boards.

The statement was issued by Richard L. Cutler, vice-president for student affairs, and Allan F. Smith, vice-president for academic affairs. The statement follows:

"The University of Michigan, together with other institutions of higher education, has long supported the national Selective Service policy that it is in the national interest to permit students who are progressing satisfactorily toward the completion of their educational programs to continue their education. The University has therefore bent every effort to advice local draft boards of the academic status and progress of each student registered in the University.”

“As educators we still believe the policy of student deferment, as it has been administered in the past, is a sound policy and should be continued. In that light, satisfactory educational progress by the student is in our judgment the controlling, if not the sole factor upon which deferment should be based. This we understand to be the existing national policy. To introduce other factors into the decision makes possible either individual favoritism or individual punitive action, either of which is clearly unwise and potentially disciminatory.”

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