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M Cagers Face Sharpshooting Kentucky

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M Capers Face Sharpshooting Kentucky
Clutch Charities Save Wolverines
By Wayne DeNeff

IOWA CITY — Coach Dave
Strack should have no trouble
getting his Michigan basketball
team "up" for tonight's game.

The Wolverines foe is top.

ranked Kentucky and the prize (Jrreen- the home of Western! The entire game was packed Russell again ran into trouble ins took the ball over the 10 way in the second half but Ken-1 Wolverines who could not get
is the NCAA Mid-East Regional Kentucky, and yesterday tele-with drama and the crescendo when Wayne Chapman inter-! second line and got his shottucky's shooting pressure was the ball inside and were not hit-
championship. " phoned converstations were be-came in the last four minutes, ec, a foul by My erst away in good shape but it was too great, ting from outside.

It promises to be a tremen SW'Beat Michigan." Michigan went into a s t a 11 aclinic :nay have saved the short. Myers was there to grab Michigan again showed a ten- Michigan's second i. ie
dous same between the cham But an their enthusiasm and with 3:50 to play and leading,__________________the most important rebound of dene" -i team off the hook. was more deliberate and the

nionsof thp Rio Tpn anrl eastern Conference-titlists Roth''"11110??^ and finally Russe11 was baseball LOaCh Ic; iump ball when the front of the Hilltoppers, 25-14,]go in front, 54.53, after three
teams Droved a»am last nishtiP1^' i" the consolation game at fouled at 2:32 while he worked „„„ ^ -, . Hniiu^,,;--. swarmed over My-and, 37-27, to start some peo-jand half minutes of play. They
whv thev arp rhamnions hv dV 7 P-"1- (8 P-"1-. Ann Arbor time) his way along the base line. VVlll DC OpeaRer ers, but time had run out. pie thinking about a rout. Butiretained a two to six point lead
niavino great skill and niavine against Dayton while Michigan The ^"1 sent Hilltopper r It was a jubilant gang of Wol-each time, the Hilltoppers until the final hectic minutes.
tough In the clutch and Kentucky will clash at 9 Dwight Smith of the game on Michigan Baseball Coach |verines who filed through the bounced back and spurted into Russell, although his point to-

Michigan's Plaver-of-the P-m. (10 p.m.. Ann Arbor time). Personals and Russell canned Moby Benedict win be the noisy throng to their dressing a 47-41 half time lead with a|tal was the lowest in many
Year Cazzie Russpll riunkpril The championship will be tele- "oth ends of the "one and one" speaker and a member of room, but there was little time|zone defense which bothered theigames, led the Wolverines with
two free throws with 11 second^151^ ^ Detroit Nation WJBK- to put the Wolverines 78-75. the basketball coaching staff for celebrating in view of to-
left to give the ^ and carried bv Ann Arbor Western Kentucky came right will answer questions per., night's task.
thrill-Dacked 8079 triumnh over'^adio stations WUOM-FM and back to make it 78-77 when re- taining to the Wolverine's The Wolverines must find the
Ohio Valley Conferencecham-^^1- servist Bm Kaufman hit a ^P-i W^ action when members |answer to slick ball - handling,
pion, Western Kentucky. ! "I just wish." said Western!^from thesldeat 1,58. .„[ of the University of Michigan quick moving and excellent

And Kentucky, a great shoot-Kentucky Coach John Oldham, Then ^lch1^ s plan to stall Club of Ann Arbor assemble shooting Wildcats, who were led

ing team which now has won "that we could put more pounds andgeta ^ma na^n^ at noa^ i"T^T 7^ ? last night by a 6-0 3umor Louie
25 of 26 games, pulled away on each of our men. ^L^"!,0^ mg W1H ^.held at ^ com- Sampler, who fired in 14 of 23
from Dayton in the last two "Michigan's size and strength S ^0^36^^^^^^^ mons Building on North Cam - | field goal attempts and s.orcd
minutes for an 86-79 victory that made the difference," he said, Mi^ on w^. p_______________ !34 P01"^- Teammate Pat R?'

left the 13,000 fans limp even "and we knew that would be tercep^^^^^————————————:—————a 6-3 junior' hit 11 of 18 """

before the Michigan - Western our problem before the game -thaminiitpto^^^^^^^ inompson ^y ^ Michigan. C h a p m a n scored 29 points.

Kentucky contest got underway, started. There were times I ApainthpWolverines failed to missed the free throw with 14 But the wildcats' wh0 have

Tonight's winner will go on to thought it was the Michigan foot- got a shot Thp ball eot awav sec(mds left t0 P^ and Rus- no starters over 6-5, had plen-
the University of Maryland next ball team out there." l^ ^pll as hp slinned se11 tied "P Greg smith £or the ^ of trouble with Dayton s 7
week and join three other teams Western Kentucky, a fine re- S tr^ne to Led Jim Mvers rebound- toot center Henry Finkel. Fin.
in competition for the national bounding team, actually won the ^p,, thp hnnn FlpmH^^^^ On the jump ball Smith put kel ——^ ——^ Kpntiickv
championship, battle of the boards, 44-43, but was there to orabthe free ball la restraining hand on —"""" —

moved around Kentucky
championship, battle'of the'boards,"^-^' but!11""61'!,1118 t^flh^^frSe'Tai^a "restraining^hand" o-n"--Russeli sophomore Thad Jaracz and his

It was a heart breaking loss it was obvious they took a lot mu, ffiii+nnnp^ Ji: Tin thp hot if or his fourth foul and Russell 6-8 substitute sophomore Cliff
for the Western Kentucky Hill- of punishmentas Michigan mus- •h^tinoStPvp^r netted the free throw I Berger, for 36 points.
toppers and they sobbed openly celed its way to its 18th victory -fha0 ic-f^ar and Westem and the bonus to put Michi-S Although losing, Dayton did
,?s •;hiii ih,-!^ room. During in 25 starts. It was only the Sentuc^kv was a^iead 79-78 w^ ahead, 80-79, with 11 sec-lnothing but gain admirers for

the winter they eat, sleep and third defeat in 27 games for ^"pSs^ttnolav jonds left to play. |the way it stayed with the na-
drink basketball in Bowling Western Kentucky. <;/seconas leu 10 pidy. | ^^ ^ ^^ ^,, ^ ^ up tion's number one ranked team.

Hilltoppers fed their The Flyers led at the half, 40-

T. ,.,,c , ho.^ breaking loss it was obvious they took a lot ^o Hilltoopers set up the hotltor his fourth foul and


(..(.tils-, 0-S 1-! 3 1 1
Riley 11.18 7-8 8 3 29
Jaracz 7-9 3-3 7, 3 17
Dampier 14-23 6-7 6 1 34
Kron 1.6 1-1 6 3 3
Berger 1-3 0.0 0 4 2
Lemasters 0-2 0.0 1 0 0

|a play
; leading

Haskins. Hask- 38, and were aheo



34.66 18-20 31 15 86

May 6-16 4-5 3 3 16
Torein 2-10 2-2 4 3 6
Finkel 15-26 6-7 13 4 36
Waterman 6-13 2-4 9 3 14
Klauf 1-1 0.0 0 1 2
Cassidy 0-0 0-0 0 0 0
Hooper 2-7 1-2 7 3 5


32-73 15-20 34 17 79

Team Rebounds: Kentucky 3, Day-
ton 2.

Half-time Score; Dayton 40, Ken-
^ tucky 38.

Officials: Otis Allmone and Charles
Attendance: 13,000.

Miit'llUtam.c; WESTER N KEN1 FUCKY (79 )
Haskins 5-16 5-7 12 3 15
D. Smith 3-10 1-2 2 5 7
Cunningham 11-21 2-4 6 0 24
G. Smith 4.11 1-3 13 4 9
Chapman 11-23 0.1 6 4 22
Kaufman 1-2 0-0 0 0 2










35-83 9-17 39 16 79



8.12 2-2 2 2 18

7-16 4-5 12 -1 .18

4-15 2-3 19 3 10

7-15 10-12 6 3 24

4-9 0-0 538

0-0 0-0 000

1-2 0-0 112

The Ball Hawk

Michigan's jumping Oliver Darden wins
a leaping battle with a Western Kentucky
player to hawk the ball last night in the
NCAA regional playoff game. Michigan's

John Thompson (25) and John Clawson (34)
are in the background with Western Ken-
tucky's Clem Haskins (22). Darden's efforts
paid off with a victory.

Which Way To Go?

31-69 18-22 36 13

^FB:-.' ??--bounds: Western Kentucky

S. • 7.

Score: Western Keniuck,

4/, wn.ingdn 41.

Officials: Louis Eisenstein and
Steve Honzo.
Attendance: 13,000. _,

'•. >JH

Dwight Smith (35) o) n Kentucky handles the ball
and looks for an alley to n'a»ci against Michigan last night
at Iowa City. Michigan's Jim Myers (54) and Western Ken-
tucky's Wayne Chapman (10) are in the background.

24 while John Clawson and Dar-
den played fine games and
turned in 18 points each. Claw-
son took 12 •l^(c• and made
eight. Darde Myers were
the outstanding icbounders for
Michigan with 12 and 10, re-
I spectively.

I The sharp-shooting Cunning-
ham canned 11 of 21 field goal
attempts to lead Western Ken-
tucky with 24 points.

The Wolverines out-shot their
rivals by hitting for 31 of 69
from the field for .449 per cent
while Western Kentucky made
good on 35 of 83 for a .442 per-