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Data Subpoenaed On U-M Groups

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Data Subpoenaed On U-M Groups

The House Un-American Activities Committee has subpoenaed membership documents of three student organizations on the University's campus here, U-M officials announced today.

Groups involved include the VOICE Political Party, local chapter of Students for Democratic Society (SDS), the W. E. B. DuBois Club campus chapter, and the Committee to Aid the Vietnamese.

U-M officials said today that the lists were sent to Washington las Thursday. A total of 65 students, faculty, and staff members associated with the groups have since been notified of the U-M action, it was reported.

The documents contain the names of the officers, members and faculty sponsors. They are filed with the U-M director of student organizations, to whom the subpoena was addressed.

The congressional committee's subpoena directed that "copies of certificates or statements of membership filed with the University of Michigan for the purpose of obtaining status as an accredited campus organization” be delivered to the committee in Washington today.

U-M regulations provide that students who wish to form an organization and qualify for organizational use of campus facilities must submit an application for recognition to the Student Government Council. The application states the purpose of the organization and lists officers, members and faculty sponsors.

VOICE, the oldest of the three organizations on the U-M campus, February 1963 co-sponsored an appearance here of Frank Wilkinson, executive director of the National Committee to Abolish the house Un-American Activities Committee.

Sponsors of talks by speakers of various shades of political opinion over the years, VOICE has scheduled talks by such persons as Carl Braden, who was convicted of contempt of Congress for refusal to answer questions before the House Un-American Activities Committee, and American Communist Carl Winter of Detroit.

A U-M campus chapter of the DuBois Club, which the U.S. attorney general has called subversive, was granted recognition to organize by the University's Student Government Council las April. At the time it was founded there were 26 students and 13 faculty members.

The ad hoc Committee to Aid the Vietnamese came into news last year when student members began selling Viet Cong postage stamps and Viet Cong lapel pins on the Ann Arbor campus. The committee claims the proceeds were used to aid victims of the war on both sides and not for military purposes. Following pressure from City Attorney Jacob F. Fahrner Jr. the group finally sent the money raised through the International Red Cross instead of through the Liberation Press Agency in Algiers, an arm of the Viet Cong.

Stanley Nadel of 518 Packard, student chairman of the Committee to Aid the Vietnamese on the U-M campus, has been issued a subpoena by the House Committee and was in Washington today to appear before the committee, according to the University’s Office of Student Affairs.