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Battle Of Words Rages After Police Seize Film

Battle Of Words Rages After Police Seize Film image
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Protesting Seizure Of Film

i This was the scene in the lobby of City Hall at about was obscene. Catiolinan Jerry Keynard is behind the intor-
9 p.m. yesterday as more than 100 University students niation counter (right rear) while Lt. Marvin Daun is
staged a sit-in to protest police seizure of a film police said standing in front of the counter.

Battle Of Words Rages
tAfter Police Seize Film

- . By William B. Treml the reaso" "izure of the,seizure. They finally left about]social crimes that can occur."

A t A battle of words within the students numerous^they arrived. Ican't see this," Miss Frank, a

ra^rioda^'overT'^^e limes in the four hours the^ The film was viewed this aft-Detroit native said. -Why
\^ niP?i L Znn ArhnrSp spent on the lobby floor- i™0" behind locke(i doors at sho%d some one assume that
.^/^ni^ch^l^vsLfw^,^"^^ told the ^"'Police headquarters, Police con^ students don't have the
obscene and which was bp^^^"15 the mm ^JT" ^^IChi.'f Walter E. Krasny said.:type%Wurity to view it?"
S^ nrtip UnivpT^v ^m because It 1 <*»l»t accord-^ auenriance aT-T^-stiowwg; Tbfe^fea^-Guild movie pro^
. shown on the University cam- ^g to state law ... If you havel^re Krasny Staudenmaier jgram whr^bcsiin Jan. 5 ancT^

^"rhp film cnnnsnrpri hv fhp^ cluestions y011 can co"tact| Prosecutins Attorney Williamlruns through. nuxl Apnt 23 in- a
t!1 Him sponsored by the the county prosecutor's office." p •).,ih,-.. • ,,a eludes a wide raABe of films. ~.
3 Cinema Guild, a student group,, The students said they planned :,-.„,; .„,, ., „„. The first movie w%^oin' To
^which^s^!- '•; subsidiary to remain seated on the floor, Delhey — ••li1 d1 ^L^TTown." a 1935 Mae?st show

TnwTr^rTne Govern-of uie lobby in protest over the a^ today onwha '^^ and char^ Chaplin's "The
, ment Council, was being - -—-- - -———————. tions for cnmmcil wanants , '•_

Jshown at the Architecture Au- would be issued in the case. Itj001^^ m 1925' was
tditonum. It is titled -'Flaming ^- '""nrrectly reported by one j cinema ' Guild program

-Creatures" and, coupled with "dia that Delhey, after! "pxnprimpntal"
i- another called "Sins of the ;M -^ the i'ilm, would rule on ^s ^^ Last ni"nt'?m. ^

Fleshanoids " was the first of "whether police were i-ustifiedi111"1 showlng n- ? s |
inesiidpuius, wdb me urtii or , v ,. .terrupted show was the first. 3

sfour "experimental series" to m confiscating the film. ^ Others are set for Jan. 25, Feb.
e be exhibited on the campus be- ' i Krasny said that the film was^.^ ^^ p^^ ^ Chief Krasnv
'- twcen now and April. ; tseized with the previous knowl-jg^ today his officers will de-
1; The "Sins" film viewed by: ((edge and approval of the prose-^g ^ ^^ ^ be taken with
mabout 300 students who paid 50 "fcutor's office and that the rulmg^g approachin0 "experimen- g
jcents for admission, was run ,;to be announced deals simply j^gp; films when they are shown. ^
^without incident last night. But " Iwith who is to be charged in the. umversitv authorities issued
jshortly after "Flaming Crea- ^ease. If a conviction is ob-|g statement on the film dispute
tures" began, Ann Arbor Po- 'tamed on the showing of an ob-^ ^hich thev noted that "Sins a
lice Department Detective Lt. ':scene film charge, the copy ofl^ ^g Fleshapoids" was pre. |
:Eugene L. Staudenmaier and ^he film seized last night willj^p^ ^y ^ officials of the ^
Assistant Prosecuting Attorney jfce destroyed by police. .Cinema Guild and bv an advis- a
rhomas F. Shea went to the Shea and Staudenmaier attend-^ ^ ^ ^ member of the
i.'rojection booth of the Archi , ed last night's film showing aft- faculty. The U-M leaders said
i lecture Auditorium and ordered A er a resident had flled a com-the film was selected to be .|
,the film stopped. ? P131"1 wlth P011^ about tne con- shown "as representative of cer. ^
:;; The projectionist was then fe tpnte nf thp mnvip ;.„;.- :..-„ „... ,-ni,»:^.^ „..„ 3

tents of the movie, jtam ideas and techniques cur-
Shea said he ordered the filmirent in film-making."

told to place the film on a stor-

seized at a point "where a
lomosexual act was starting."
The assistant prosecutor called
ithe film "obscene without ques-

jage reel and place it in a con-
tainer. When that was done,
Staudenmaier and Shea took
the container and left the audi-
i- torium with it.

'- The student audience mem-
s bers shouted their displeasure

at the interruption of the film,
t-jbut did not attempt to stop
'-j Staudenmaier and Shea from

leaving the area.
< By 9 p.m. more than 100 U-M
/students who had been in the

• audience at the film showing
i had marched into the lobby ol
h;City Hall and seated them-

••j selves on the floor in front of
jthe Police Department's infor-
imation desk. Some members of
the crowd identified themselves
as Students for Democratic Ac-
tion representatives.

'!''"• crowd demanded to know

?t Ellen P. Frank, a junior in
r the University's Literary Col-
lege, and co-chairman of the r
iCinema Guild, admitted the filing
[includes scenes of nudity, rape '
_ and masturbation. She said the l
'film h^s "no plot and is con- ,

xperimental." |
11 was produced in New York j
;&nd has been banned in that1
state. It has been shown ats
iBrown University in Provi-^
"Idence,R. I.

,: Miss Frank protested the seiz- §
f ure of the movie. I
i\ She called the seizure "one e
^of the most violent and unjust'2