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Unusual Name Identifies Local Musicians' Output

Unusual Name Identifies Local Musicians' Output image
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They Create ‘Hysteria’

These youths comprise the "Waldorf Hysteria" group of musicians. In the front row are (from left) Brian Prater, Bill Behnke, Steve Wild and Randy Brewer. In the back row are Tim Prosser (left) and Wayne Luckhardt.

Unusual Name Identifies Local Musicians’ Output

By Norman Gibson

The Waldorf Hysteria, local music group, tries to be colorful.

It also tries to be different.

To be colorful, it has covered its sound columns with paisley.

To be different, it uses train whistles among its sound effects.

One of the group's amplifiers is named “cannable,” which the way one member misspells “cannibal.’’

The name of the group, in fact, came about through the malapropisms of one of the band members.

While they were trying to think of a name for the group —something- catchy and different—this member began talking about how his parents were planning to stay at the Waldorf Austria (sic) in New York City.

"Are you trying to say “Waldorf Hysteria’?” another of the group rejoined.

“ ‘Waldorf Hysteria," " a third exclaimed. “Eureka! That would make a good name for group.”

The name problem out of the way, the group settled down to find a sound. At first it played what it calls “the easy tunes,” which all beginning popular music groups play at first.

Then the psychedelic thing came along, and the Waldorf Hysteria just naturally fell in step.

With three members, group began a year ago last August, which is a long time ago when compared with the average duration of local high school music groups.

Brian Prater, 16, of 9473 Warner, Saline, a sophomore at Saline High School, singer, Steve Wild, 15, of 230 Russell, Saline, sophomore at Saline High School and a third member who was drummer were the original Waldorf Hysterias.

The drummer’s father didn’t like the music the group was playing and threatened to make leave the group or to to relieve it of a place to practice, if they didn’t change. When they finally did change their style of playing, it was for other reasons, and the drummer eventually left the group for other reasons.

With the passage of time, original duo took aboard Bill Behnke, 16, of 5505 Thomas, Ann Arbor, sophomore at Ann Arbor High School, who plays the electric organ, Wayne Luckhardt, 17, of 10180 Luckhardt, Freedom Township, senior at Manchester High School, who plays bass; Randy Brewer, 16, of 2464 Dorchester, Ann Arbor, sophomore at Ann Arbor High School, who plays the drums; and Tim Prosser, 16, of 3771 Textile, Saline Township, junior at Saline High School, who plays lead guitar.

The group has invested $6,000 worth of equipment and has played engagements in all of Washtenaw County, except Chelsea, and Detroit.

In addition to playing such hits of the day as “Foxy Lady,” “Purple Haze,” and “Swlabr,” the group has a number of original tunes, both instrumental and songs it plays. Among the ones which have titles are “Higher and Higher” and “I’ve Seen the Light.”