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Film Case Costs U-M Coed $235

Film Case Costs U-M Coed $235 image
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Film Case Costs
U-M Coed $235'

The University coed who was Dec. 12, was ordered to pay t«
Chairman of the University's maximum fine of $100, co\w
Cinema Guild when's^ showed costs of $125, a statutory fee •
the film, "Flaming Creatu res," $10, which is 10 per cent of !!•
ivas senlfcig^fidtoDajfcrit^Hrertnd fine and goes to the state's Lail
;ourt costs of S235 yester n Circuit Court. ^ to serve 10 days in jail.

Mary E. Barkc-y, 21, of Flint, Charges against 'three other
,vho pleaded guilty to being a persons, Hubert Cohen, an Eng-
lisorderly person by showing hsh instructor who was faculty
in obscene motion picture on adviser to the Cinema Guild,
'".and Cinema Guild board mem-
'bers Ellen Frank and Elliott
Barden, both 20, were dismisstf
on the motion orf Chief Assist
ant Prosecuting Attorney Casper
|H. Kast, following the sentenc-

' The charge to which Miss
iBarkey pleaded guilty is a mis-
1 demeanor which carries'a pdfe
jsible penalty of up to 90 days^(
jail. The original charge facial
, all four persons was showing an
' obscene motion picture, a high
' misdemeanor, which carried a
possible penalty of one year VQ,

Miss Barkey entered her pleir
just after the trial had begun

i and just before Prosecuting At-

; torney William F. Delhey was
to show the film to the jury.
Asked specifically by Judge Wil-
liam F. Ager Jr. if the film is
obscene, she replied, "Yes."
She said she had not thought this

' at the time she previewed it for
the Jan. 18, 1967 showing in the
University's Architecture Audi-

s torium. It was seized by Ann
Arbor police part way through
the first of two scheduled show-

The present Cinema Guild
board issued a statement last
night in which it said the film is
not pornographic . . . and that
the seizure damaged academic,

Cinema Guild plans to drop
its countersuit against Ann Ar-

, bor Police Chief Walter Krasny,
Lt. Eugene Staudenmaier, and
Assistant Prosecuting Attorney i
Thomas F. Shea. That suit in
Federal District Court sought
$15,000 damages and a per-
manent injunction against fur-
ther film seizures.