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'Flaming Creatures' Going To Washington

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With Shea, Staudenmaier

'Flaming Creatures'
Going To Washington ^

The local attorney and police Auditorium. It was billed as an
officer who seized the contro- "experimental" film and was

versial "Flaming Creatures" sponsored by the Chie.m^u^

*_ - - , —__ The motion picture was ruled
"ffl-s ago wnue 11 wasrr'obscene" by the WasI^

-,i on the University county Circuit Court, (in's :.
iiipus have been asl ''^[University coed who was chair-
S. Senate Judicii,, ,,m- ^^ ^ the Cinema Guild was
•mittee to bring the film to f^ed $235 for her involvement
[Washington, D.C., Tuesday. ^ ^ showing. Charges against
i The Senate committee is con- yiree other persons - one of
sidering the appointment of Abe whom was an English instruc-
Fortas as Chief Justice, tor on the U-M faculty — were
Assistant Prosecuting Attor- dismissed

ney Thomas F. < •ifirmed1 J^ce 'Fortas has been un-
today he and Ll .-. ic Stau-;——---——-—..-._--.

denmaier, an Ann Arbor police'
officer, will take the film to
Ithe Senate hearing at 9 a.m.,
'Tuesday. .

The "Flaming Creatures'"
movie was seized by Shea and
Staudenmaier Jan. 18, 1967,
shortly after the showing began
in the University's Architecture

der attack recently by members
of the Senate Judiciary Com-
mittee for his liberal stands in
the past on "obscene" films.

In 1964, the U. S. Supreme;

Court refused to reverse the'
conviction of three New Yorkj
men who had been convicted
earlier that year of showing
"Flaming Creatures" at a
commercial theater in that city.

In that decision, only Justice
Fortas said he would support
reversal of the convictions. Two •
other justices who often give
liberal interpretation to the,
First Amendment, Chief Jus-
tice Earl Warren and Justice,
William Brennan, indicated they ^
would have found the film ob-;

The New York film is the ,1
same movie as was shown in
Ann Arbor.