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The 'A...B...Sees' Of Fall's Back-To-School Fashions

The 'A...B...Sees' Of Fall's Back-To-School Fashions image
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Fashion Power. Many a local mother is using the power of fashion to lure her spirited urchins away from their summer holiday back into the classroom. Appreciating mom's fashion psychology are fifth graders Cathy Taylor (left), the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James W. Taylor of 1416 Kuehnle, and Kimberly Kovac, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Kovac of 2794 Colony. Cathy, a student at Abbot School, finds her swingy wool kilt in turquoise, brown and white a perfect match for her short-sleeved turquoise turtleneck. Kim prefers the Victorian look for her classes at St. Thomas School. A frilly ruffled collar and cuffs accent her apple-green cotton dress with white dots.

Turtleneck Lovers. Local seniors are off to class in a fashion classic - the turtleneck. Michelle Bertoni (left), the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Bertoni of 1315 Newport, teams her dyed-to-match sweater with a sewn-down pleated skirt - they've regained popularity - in shades of brown, gold and yellow. Knee socks complete her school-girl look for classes at St. Thomas High School. A culotte jumper makes clothes sense for a busy gal like Barb Patton, who is vice president of Ann Arbor High's Student Council this year. Tweeds are taking fashion honors this fall, and Barb's choice has flecks of brown, orange, gold and white. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dubois L. Patton of 1621 Peach complements her jumper with a brown turtleneck. A turtleneck and levis combo is Kevin Olson's choice for senior school days at Ann Arbor High. The sweater is in shades of oatmeal and gold; the levis are in a gold plaid. Kevin is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harlowe L. Olson of 2220 Yorktown.

Corduroy Capers. Brothers and sisters frequently travel in opposite directions, but often agree on their fashions. Martin and Marcia Carr, the children of Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland Carr of 3065 Wolverine, agree that knits, corduroy and little people are great comrades. Marcia's gold corduroy A-line jumper, which spells first grade femininity, is paired with a white knit shirt which has an all-over pattern of gold and rust autumn leaves. Perfect for a nursery school session or a romp in the park is Martin's knit turtleneck of oatmeal, russet and brown plaid teamed with brown corduroy slacks. The Carr children attend Mary D. Mitchell School.

Stepping Into School Land. It's not Alice stepping through the rabbit hole into Wonderland. It's Debbie Allen, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roger R. Allen of 2530 James, stepping into school land for her second year at Pattengill. Lucky Debbie has an aunt who sews. When Debbie's cousins outgrow their mom's handiworks, she inherits them. Here she wears an A-line cotton dress, perfect for warm weather school days. The fabric is printed with orange, turquoise and pink daisies, a pretty combination for a pretty little girl.

All Paths Lead To School. Walking stone walls beats walking sidewalks, and the added height gives a better view of back-to-school finery. The seventh-grade twin daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Clark of 1515 Creal Crescent, Karen (in front) and Kim, aren't look-alikes and don't dress identically. Yet both agree that dropped waist dresses with pleated skirts are right for their action-packed moments at Forsythe Junior High School. Karen's cream-colored sweater blends with her wine-colored wool jumper which has a solid top and houndstooth checked skirt. Kim wears a wool flannel dress in white and grey with a camel self-belt - a color combination touted for fall.