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It Was An Old One-Room Salon ...
with 3 operators when the Blue Wig opened it's doors 30 years ago on the second floor of Main and Liberty. Gladys Steinke was the owner then, but it wasn't until 6 years ago when Mary Lou Weinzierl (the present owner) joined the staff that things began to change. Three years ago she moved the salon to it's present location in the Fourth Ave. Arcade and began to change the image. Today the Blue Wig has progressed again. The salon is larger and completely remodeled, a new room has been added known as the "Circa Blue' room, where you can pick up a small gift and our staff has been increased to 14 members. It's just not an old one-room salon anymore.
MEET THE STAFF AT OUR OPEN HOUSE TOMORROW FROM 1 TO 4 From left to right, Jeff Navarro, Richard Reid, Rosemarie Kirk, Linda Sharpin, Mary Ann Schneider, Sue Patten, Pat Kirk, Marilyn Ford, Lee Bodi, Terry German, Margie Bycraft and Mary Lou Weinzierl (Owner).
blue wig
212 S. Fourth Ave. In The Arcade