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Alice Kalom Was 'Serious, Likable'

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Alice Kalom Was 'Serious, Likable'

By Phil Maxwell

(News Staff Reporter)

There is an old house at 311
Thompson nestled like a prim
dov between the blank
brick im-i.dp1-' "f a parking
structure ar 'dern apart-
ment buildhifa. 1., »»ears a new
coat of glossy brown paint, and
flower boxes deck the Victori-
an balustrade of its front porch.
A big elm tree throws dappled
shadows across its face. Until a
few days ago it was the home
of Alice Elizabeth Kalom.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fronc-
zak live in a first floor apart-
ment, next door to *''." one
Miss Kalom occup 'y
didn't know her well, uiu,y iium
brief encounters in the hall.

Mrs. Fronczak remembers Kalom as a friendly, whole-
some lo(i' in: :irl with a vivid

Mr. Fronczak said that
friends who gathered on week-
ends in the neighboring apart-
ment were always quiet, and

Mrs. Fr"——1- saw her last
on Frida: ng with a girl
friend in iiuiit ui. ihe house.

Donald Rolston, the mana-
ger's son, said Miss Kalom was
a quiet girl who was interested

in photography. The only thing
near to a complaint he could!
remember was that she used
quite a bit of water when
developing pictures for her film

The house at 311 Thompson
appears as calm and tranquil
as ever from the outside, but on
the inside it's empty, far emp-
tier than before.

Miss Kalom's father, Joseph,
spoke of his daughter as "a

e, a nice girl."

Other people who knew her
remember her as just that One
woman who Miss Kalom once
baby-sat for in her home town
of Portage said she was a qui-
et, studious book reader who
didn't seem to date much.

"She was quite a real likable

person," Mrs. William Dobbs

Another woman, a former
high school teacher of Miss
Kalom's, said she exercised
"very quiet leadership," she
was a "very conscientious stu-
dent, a very serious one."

Miss Kalom, who turned 21
C'i;'-' ii.i- "Pay, was graduated
" , a degree in fine

arts with a "B" average.
University officials said si.
had stayed on to take a COVL[,..
more courses during summer

Her Portage High School
Principal, James P e 11 o w e ,
described her as "warm and
friendly but at times reserved."

Other teachers ranked her as

Last Seen On Front Porch

Alice E. Kalom, the sixth murder
victim in the Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti area,
was last seen alive about 1 a.m. Friday on
the front porch of this rooming house at 311

Thompson St. Her purse and all identifi-
cation were found in her apartment after
the murder. Related story on Page 1. (Ann
Arbor News Photo By Cecil Lockard)