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Murder Probe Begins to Stall

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The Milan stabbing Game Yes' would be necessary. of leads in the Ka om case con- age near _ , _ _ _ _ . f t' 1 _ t_
terday afternoon and sent_Sher- _ While the officials decslined to sinus to appear and to be pube articles to remind the grieving tips in out-o -s ate oca 1ons.
iff’s detectives, on edge from ---i**”
three days of frantic tipecheck-
ing, racing to the scene. _
t Sheriff Harvey says Richard
Mulligan, 29-year-old odd-jobs
laborer, walked into A & A Self-
Service Laundry, 34 Dexter St.
in Milan, about 1 p.m. and
l approached 15-year-old Gale A.
Without a word, Mulligan, a
Monroe resident Working in
Milan, whipped out a knife,
placed his hand over the girl’s
mouth and stabbed her in the
back near an arm pit.
Then ‘Mulligan released the
_girl and ran out the door of the
laundry business, dropping the
knife as he f1ed,~ Harveysays.
Lessf than an hour later,
Milan village police officers,
led by Acting Police Chief John
Tramontin, apprehended Mull-
igan as he hitchhiked south on
US-23 about three miles south
of Milan. He offered no resis-
tance and was not armed, Chief
Tramontin said. ‘
The chief noted the self-ser-
vice laundry is located in the
Monroe County section of Milan
and the Steinman girl walked to
the business place shortly
before 1 p.m. from her home
across Dexter St.
She was reported in “good”
condition today at St. Joseph
Mercy Hospital. Mulligan was
arraigned today before Ypsilan-
ti District Court Judge Edward
D. Deake on a charge of
assault with intent to murder. He
demanded examination, which
was set for June l9.'Mulligan
failed to post $50,000 bond.
In an interview with Sheriff
Harvey and Chief Tramontin,
Mulligan said he didn’t “know
what makes 'me do these
things . _ .” ,
“He said he couldn’t remem-
ber going into the laundry,”
Harvey said later. “He’s mixed
up, Says he could never hold a
job, is divorced.” H
But as far as Mulligan’s possi-
ble connection with the six
murders, the sheriff called it
“next to impossible.”
“This is “a different thing
entirely,” Harvey said after
conferring with Chief Tramon-
tin. “We’re talking about a dif-
ferent ball game.” '
The stream of useless leads