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The Pros Take Over

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The Pros Take Over

Everyone—from the just
plain concerned citizen to
the county's growing anti-
Sheriff Harvey faction—will
welcome the larger role of
the State Police and the
somewhat remote possibility
of the FBI entering the in-
vestigation of Washtenaw's
string of seven unsolved

The pros—for that's what
they are—are taking over.
The handling of the most
recent murder, with its
mixed-up lines of communi-
cation and bungled attempt
to capture a prime suspect,
was sort of the last straw.

Gov. Milliken took pains

to point out that asking for
the State Police and the
Feds did not indicate dis-
satisfaction with police work
locally, but he could have
spared himself that trouble.
The murders are a growing
regional emergency; as such,
the situation demands th
best in outside help and co

At the very least, State
Police Director Col. Fred-
rick Davids will command
better liaison between all in-
volved in the investigation.
That certainty alone is a
note of reassurance to a
shaken public.