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'Oh! Calutta!' Just Isn't Jimmy's Thing

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place in the theatre and moviu
for what he call~ ·tJle nudi
But tile tall. lanky actor who
Is in Ann Arbor to star with
Helen Hayes in "Haney·• gi,·cs
t~ impression he is oottoo
interested in the D<'W acting
"I ha\·en't seen 'Hair' or 'Oh!
laconic manner. •·J really haYe
no desire to see lhcm. ~·rom
what I have heard about them,
they are not something I un
find aD interest in &oing to
After packing them into a
sold-<1ut Lydia ~teudcl~hn
Theatre for 16 performances in
two wecoh, lndudlng a $100 a
seat fiut performance Monday
to raise money for equipment
for the new Power Performing
ArU Center. Stewart, Miss
Hayes and "Harvey" will move
to New York for a run through
"Harvey" is one of two plays
markicg the prem1ere of the
new Phoeni:t Theatre of :>lew
York, brought here by the
t:niv<'rsity's sun:essfut and
innovatii'C Prof~sionat Theatre
Miss Hayes. who pla}"S the
mother in '"Han·ey" and who
embraced by the theatre-gomg
publlc here before, thinks Stewartisfutinlcarninghislincs
"At the reheanals in New
York, he came on,"
she said. "He had locked
himself up in a room in Idaho
and learned the line~ while his
Stewart came throu;h with
one of his rare grins at this
piece of intcl!igcu~e.
"'l"m no quick study." he
said. "It's true I went to Sun
Valley with my wife Gloria aDd
the twins, Judy and KeUy. They
went skiing while I stayed
in~ide for two or three weeks.
Bull do nnt learn lines quickly.
I work very hard at getting the
lines down pat, and once a
play's O\·cr, they fly away very
quickly. :\o.l"mootwhatyou"d
Stewart. who will be 62 this
again "because this turned out
"You see, the twtns are 18
oow, lllld thU mean lhe chU·
dren are all grown up. so J
have the time," he explained.
"Gloria and 1 celebrated our
20th last year. We were rnarriedAug.
His wife ill accompanying th•
famous actor
"I always loved the play,""
St~wart says of "Hai"\'C}"." '"It"~
a good play, well constructed
and above all. il"s a sentimen
~pot for 'Harvey"."
Stewart has no immediat•
plans for making a ocw mo••ie.
but his latest picture wm be
rcleas~d in .\lay. It will bo
"Ch~v~nne SOcial Club" with
H~nry Fonda, a Wutcm whicll
h a~ its humorous aspeets,
according to Stewart.
01 all the pictures hehu
made, includina: "You Can·t
Take It with You,"' '"Mr. Smith
Goes to Washin\ilton,'"
"Winchester 73," '"The Great
est Show ou Earth," "'Stralegi1'
Air Command,'" GleM &Iiller
SWry."' "Spirit of St. Louis."'
"Vertigo," "Bell, Book and
Candle," "1\natomy of a Mur·
dcr" "How the West Was
Wou." Stewat"t picks "ll"s 1
Wonderful Life" as the picture
he liked making best.
toward. and it was the first pic·
ture 1 made following World
Warll.lthad a stnry that was
was entirely a motion picture.
1 conceived my role In the pictureandithadalotgoingl'tlr
it. including Lionel Ban-ymo~.
Donna Reed, Thomu Mitchell,
In an lnter••iewwhl le
rehearsing in New York, Slew·
art \Qld Auociated Press
Drama Critic William Glover,
"I'm not sure how, but my por·
trayal of Elwood P. Dowd is
going to be different than it
was 20ycan ago. I never liked
what I did much on stage or ill
the film"'
With another slight grin,
Stew•rd reveals here how his
rcvh-ed Dowdwillbedl.fferent.
•·rather time has had a lot to
do with the approach now." he
says. '"That's what I meant."
A graduate of Prlneeton
Lniversity, d~ss of 1932. Stewartisontbeboardof
of Princeton and abo Clare·
montOJllegc at Los Angeles.
One of the first ~tan to
volunteer in World War II as a
pri•·ate in the Army Air Force,
Stewart took part in 20 combat
missions. was decorated many
times •nd rose to the rank of
t,h, e Distinguished Service Med·
Winning the Academy Award
for "The Philadelphia Story,"
be was nominated for the
award five Urnes, including
"llarvev" and "It's a Wonder
T.ife."' 1"1c also has received two
New York Film Critic awards.
one Venlctl F II m Festival
award and France's "'Victolre"
lliss Hayes, who will be 70
this year, explailled why 1he
nminced ll r reii!'Tmen"1:
about twQ years ago and has
been asactiveueversln~e
"'llhought," she said. her
eyeslwinkling,"ifl made a big
splash about retiring, people
-..-ould forget I was around. I
tried to slip away ..• you
lmow, fade away like an old
soldier. But somehow it didn't
work out. l"U do aeything that
brings me money"'
This is ller first time in "Har\"
about everything el>e worth·
while in a long and illu!trious
llcr latest motion picture.
"·hich is w•itin&: releas~. is
"'Airport." in which sbe plays a
stowaway. When Jesse Wbitc,
who plays Duane Wilson in
"'Har.·ey," talked her into star·
ring in the ni'W producUon,
Mtss lla~es sleppl'd out of the
revi~al in New York of "The
~·root Page'". written by her
husband Cllarlcs }lac Arthur and
B<'n Hecht
White starred for four years,
1,775 performanCi!s in tlleori)!i
oal '"Haney." going on to
"Red Glo\·es"' with Charles
Boyer, followed by u year in
"llorn Yesterday."' numerous
movies. ~50 television shows.
including six ~asons on tile
Ann Sothern series " Private·"' and the Brl>adway
re\·i1·al of '"The ~'ront Page '
Daughter of a new-spaper circulation
manager in San Jo~e. Hailey has had l<'adinJ:
Mles in Broadway plays and
motion pirturesandhu
Jl>C Ponazecki. who has been
5ion and the movies received
his training at COlumbia
L"ni\·er:sity, whf're he studied
with both Robert C. Schnitzer
and "arce!Ja Cisney, directors