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Housewife 14th Juror-- At Least For Awhile

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Housewife 14th Juror --At Least For Awhile

A young Ann Arbor housewife was tentatively seated at noon today as the 14th juror in the John Norman Collins murder trial. The woman, who said her husband “likes Sheriff Harvey a lot” was admitted to the jury after intensive questioning by defense counsel Neil H. Fink.

Chief defense counsel Joseph W. Louisell and Prosecutor William F. Delhey were scheduled to use peremptory challenges on the jury this afternoon.

Louisell has eight peremptory challenges left to him and Delhey has nine.

Earlier, two more prospective jurors were excused for “cause” this morning.

An Ann Arbor nurse, who said the fact that Collins has been in jail for a year

indicates there is “some evidence” against him was the first prospective juror to be excused today.

She said she has “associated” the 23-year-old defendant with the series of murders in the Ann Arbor area. “Just because a patient is on the seriously ill list we aren’t going to let him die,” she said as she compared Collins’ situation with a patient under her care.

The second prospective juror excused this morning was an Ann Arbor housewife who said that she would vote Collins guilty if a vote was required immediately. “From what I have read in the papers, I feel he is guilty,” she said.