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HRP Told Signatures Not Enough

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HRP Told Signatures Not Enough

The Human Rights Party has failed in its efforts to place a proposition on the November general election ballot to institute a preferential system of voting for mayor in Ann Arbor.

City Clerk Harold Saunders has informed party officials they fell between 800 and 900 signatures short of the number needed to place the question on the ballot.

The HRP proposed the modification to handle the advent of the three party political system in Ann Arbor, and as an attempt to avoid allowing a mayoral candidate from being elected without a majority of the votes. It would have allowed voters to vote for their first and second choices for mayor. If the candidate whom a voter indicated was his first-choice for mayor finished third in the three-party field, then the second-choice votes of that candidate’s voters would have been counted instead of the first choice votes.

Saunders reported the party needed over 3,000 signatures to place the issue on the ballot. The petitions turned in contained slightly more than this, but they included about 900 signatures which were unreadable, or of persons not registered to vote here.

HRP officials are undecided about whether or not to attempt to start a new petition drive, but indications are this will be discussed.