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Welfare Office Talks May Doom Mall

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Welfare Office Talks May Doom Mall


Business-Labor Reporter

State welfare officials are negotiat-
ing to moe the Washtenaw County
Department of Social Services into the
Old World Village Mall at the West
gate Shopping Center.
The pending relocation could dppm
efforts by about 50 merchants remain-
ing in the mini-mall to keep Old
World in bsuiness through the Christ-
mas shopping season, according
Michael Palmer.

Palmer markets seamless floors at ^urg of Lansing has fallen behind in
I-IM World thriini.-li hi-, Palp.n-r Sales his lease payments, according lo Ann

loter Alan H. Gins- ing shop space in the TO.OIIO-square-
foot former Rink's discount store thai

Other Old W. whose
leases run inli. .hiding

merely a pretext by Gin '•"• ••• ••• ••'••••

Palmer says Ann Ar
been reluctant to sign

SiD.OOO rent and SD.OOO utility costs


Hemaining merchants will si:

piicking up if no help arrives by Nir

Occupancy at Old World reached its
peak last spring with about 80 per

- .c foot in some

olh r Old World malls at Lansing and
Tinient un the fate of Old

vices Board has picked Old World as
the best of three sites considered for

al •I'Sa'a W. Stadium.

The other sites, studied were the .
Bechlei building on S. State and a va-