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Did the Movement Kill Itself?

Did the Movement Kill Itself? image Did the Movement Kill Itself? image
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” STAFF REPORTER ` = , ig _ _ / ~ “~~~ called the Jesse James Gang; , And Ayers, C01WiI1C€d in 1969 _
‘ Raised “Shaped fingers Hash From Portland, Ore., to M1am1; the movement andthe collective known to its'critics as “the gr- that he could beat the establish-
mg peace Signs Slowly curled into from Bango1f,Ma1neto L.A., lf not radical groups that give birth to it zies.” ' ment vanished. -Even his brother
ac1enchedfiSt0fdefiance_ _ _Sam the whole world at least the ent1re seemed destingi to splinter and Later they would bec0me A ‘says he does not know where the
`|tations of “do your Own thing, ~nat1o1} was wgtcplng as The Move- fa§t§on§gize as the revolutionary. Weathgrmen, radical extremists l`€V0ll1ti0nary who once ran for the
J ' ,, ' mentfof the Sixties fought not only Splflt ihat fostered; _, its rapid 'who ran throu 'h the streets of Chi- A1111 AI`b0I` b0HI‘d of education is »
rother soon became harsh , _ _ _ _ ‘_ . _ _ A _ _
Screams of “Off the\ Pigv, and with the system but wlthltself. I » grovYth_ey§;1tuallytore'1tasunder. cago 1n 1969 smashmg wmdows today. _< _
~Dm»mr #fp the Pemble!" ALMGST FROM 'its inception, Wlthm It 3 tm3eb0mb steadily during the “days of rage-" In 1970, ’ _ _ See Radicals, Page A-6

continued from Page A-1 , » _';;€1atieU;: Séwrity in ftnitsfgrbotf
- ' ' I ween e summers o an
I W;f;“1,.;”@s;2§”‘:‘;:.,;‘f§§ps:2;e° Wm weam--m-no
. ge - _ = _
blowing through the movement White and Blaclt Panthers under
The “dream of revolution around Survemence Claims he ape other
the corner crumbled. ggengs dad nlg oltlf Overtlme nm
| And Tom Hayden, Chicago 7' °m_ Ss oe eel y' _ _
‘ streetfighter outside the Demo-, ¢¢Had they remained peaceful,
,cratic National Convent1on‘who _ Wqprobably wouldnt have paid
_ then asserted that the corner was much attention to toem_ Bot when
about to be rounded in _this coun-_ they ‘ advocatede and plotted Vio_ _
_ try, was instrumental in the shift lence’ ~that»S when We W t' in to
. in New Left teeties' 1 stop them,” he contends. ee] ‘ `
' \ In 1972 he was supporting estab -i" ' i -_ _ ‘ _ ‘
lishment Edmund Muskie for THE FBI considered Ano Arbor
president and _pressuring C011-' afocal point in the clash between
€f@SS'=° “1<<=@r>¢h@ peeee” ' hate The Left and the government,
'Y f@V°1Hfi911Hfy b“t_ more incite' “Not so much in terms of violence,
ment to political participation, _ __ out to masterminding demooStra_
7 7' tions in other parts of the countryl
» LATER he was It was the radical’s command cen-
t running for the Senate. Ballots, trait” _ ‘ »
not bullets, would bring change, _ _ - ` _
he argued. ` ` e - Feiieral agents identified lead-
, ~ Hayden 1_°§‘1 the ,,t¢_1_¢Qti9!!,fi;,~ °f feeieai 9Vee‘%1?eti°¥?S and
_ this city _in January, 1977, to give b€f0I`€ they haPPeI1ed» he 1` eeailed-
A ' assurances that the shadow of But he could I10f Say with certainty/
‘ frustration was fading and a new “Wh€t1}BI‘ we PI'eV€Ili€d HHY'
movement underway, ' he was thing-f' ` A - _,_ `
F .greeted with sképneism as a fall- _ But he’s confidenttne FB; did
i en hero, Some jeered him as the manage to thwart themovements’
Y radical of the 60s who had become, _ €ff0I`tS. to -gain bI’03d°baSed SUP'
_ just another politician of the 70s. -Peril i F ‘_ ` ~
‘ LEADERS ANDf0l10W€1'S ef the “Violence was the death iknell
fn0VeInent_ frofn. Ann Arbor inter' for -the.rn0_vemént; _Shut Off
i -viewed Feeelltly by two Seeial tracting more supporters and
scientists researching the radical when they disappearedttso did the
I movement » (see story page `B-1) moyememy _ »
l - are still 'puzzling where they went Many who were in the move,
WI‘0I1g\t`Ul1Sl1I`e 110W mlleh ef their _ ment, however, are not so sure; ' _
»\1¥1d0iHS Was the result of their :Chroniclers of The Left believe
OWU aCti0l1S» Cifeumetanees Slieh f those" in the movement havenot
1, as the of Wal' Ol' disappeared or .surrendered ._.
the meddling of the FBI ` A » they’ve simply dug in for the dura-
.-Revelations of FBI infiltration, ' tion of the confrontation that be-
_ _harassment and excesses confirm- gan 10118 330- I
_ _ ed the suspicions of many of them, . ` v
when paranoia was part and par- ,Those of the movement who de-
cel of any activist, that the govern- cidedlto dig in and ,wait apparently
ment’s interference in the political are -still waiting and fighting in
_ ,process played a larger role than their own quiet way. V ~ '
, I they had imagined, - Those who were impatient are
One former FBI agent assigned gone.