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Nuss Released From Jail

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Nuss released from jail

The man who spent more time in the county jail than any other inmate was released last week after the Michigan Supreme Court ruled he could not be prosecuted for two murders committed nearly 13 years ago.

Ralph C. Nuss. 40. had spent over four years in the county jail following his re-arrest in 1975 for two murders he confessed to in 1966.

Nuss never came to trial for the two killings, but was sent to an institution for the criminally insane under a then-existing state law that was later abolished.

County prosecutors wanted to try him for the slayings when he was released following the repeal of that law. For four years, the case dragged on through the courts, before the high court affirmed a lower court ruling that Nuss could not be charged with the slayings.

The way was paved for Nuss’ release late last week when local prosecutors decided not to pursue the legal issues involved in the supreme court’s ruling.