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Drug Probe Details Revealed

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Drug probe details revealed
BOOTH NEWS SERVICE DETROIT – An Internal Revenue Service agent told a federal jury here Tuesday that a special Detroit-based grand jury probe involves a nation-wide investigation into the import and distribution of large amounts of marijuana.
The agent, James Delehant. told a jury hearing an obstruction of justice charge against Frank Reynolds, an Ann Arbor area man, that special agents from the IRS, Drug Enforcement Administration and U.S. Customs Service are working throughout the nation investigating the ring. Delehant said that 26 agents are working in Detroit alone assisting the grand jury.
Delehant said, under cross-examination by Reynolds' attorney, that there are 17 persons directly under investigation. Other law enforcement observers believe that the number may be as high as 68.
A reputed target of the investigation, Bernard 0. Price, was shot and killed Sept. 11 near Flint after he allegedly tried to run down a federal agent with his car.
Delehant's testimony about the secret grand jury proceedings was necessary to help the federal government build its case against Reynolds, who once lived in northern Livingston County.
Reynolds is charged with threatening his brother, Gregory Reynolds, after he and his wife testified before the grand jury about Frank Reynolds' alleged involvement in drug distribution operations.
Frank Reynolds allegedly assaulted and threatened his brother Aug. 26 at Video Warehouse, 4930 Washtenaw Ave., in Pittsfield Township. Gregory Reynolds, 28, is a co-owner of that firm.
The two then went outside, where Gregory Reynolds said his brother then demanded $10,000 because of the problems that Gregory Reynolds and his wife, Elizabeth, caused by testifying before the grand jury.
Under cross-examination, Gregory Reynolds admitted that a statement he made Monday, that Frank Reynolds demanded the $10,000 because of the problems caused by his and his wife's testimony, was an assumption.