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Businessman killed near Port Huron

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Businessman killed near Port Huron

An Ann Arbor businessman, on a fishing trip with a friend, was killed this morning when his car was hit broadside by a pickup truck in St. Clair County south of Port Huron.

Claude Stoll, 76, vice president of the Kiddie Korner children’s shop at 564 S. Main Street, was making a U-turn on M-29 about a mile north of Marine City when the accident happened shortly after 9 a. m., State Police Trooper Robert Manning of the St. Clair post said.

STOLL, WHO lived at 3025 Brockman Boulevard on Ann Arbor’s east side, was driving a late-model car and was pulling a boat when the fatal crash occurred, Manning said. The merchant had left Ann Arbor about 6 a.m. today with Robert Ferri, 52, of 1012 W. Washington St., for a boating and fishing trip on the St. Clair River, investigators said.

Ferri told Manning that Stoll had parked the car and boat at the side of M-29 after they had attempted to obtain fishing information from a bait shop nearby. When they found the shop was closed Stoll began pulling out into the roadway and then started a U-turn, officers said.

A pickup truck operated by Larry Aspenleiter, 29, of Marine City, headed north on M-29 crashed into the driver’s door at an estimated speed of 35 to 45 miles an hour, the investigating trooper said. Aspenleiter said the Stoll car was at the side of the road when he first saw it and the vehicle unexpectedly pulled out and began the U-turn. The truck driver said he slammed on his brakes and swerved to the left but was unable to avoid the collision.

BOTH STOLL and Ferri remained inside the car after the collision. Stoll was pronounced dead at River District Hospital in St.Clair at 9:42 a. m. Ferri received back injuries and Aspenleiter was hospitalized with leg and possible head injuries. An investigation of the accident is continuing.