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Action group tries to raise social awareness in new film series

Action group tries to raise social awareness in new film series image
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Action group tries to raise social awareness in new film series



According to Bea Hanson, one of
15 volunteers who run the Alterna-
tive Action Political Film Series,
"Students tend to get so wrapped
up in their studies and finding a job
after graduation that they com-
pletely forget about political is-
sues. There are a lot of important
questions that students just aren't
addressing themselves to."

To curb these tendencies. Alter-
native Action, in conjunction with
"War and Peace in the Nuclear
Age," a class taught in the Univer-
sity of Michigan Residential Col-
lege's Social Science program, is
presenting the "Films for a Fu-

lure^'ifestival. Every Wednesday
night at 8:30 p.m.. a free film about
the struggles ag rher nucle-
ar weapons or 1.1. i.iuid is being
shown in room 126 of East Quad.

The Alternative Action group
was founded five years ago to raise
funds for the Public Interest Group
in Michigan (PIRGIM) and the
Tenants Union.

eties active aUjhJELlInivgTrslty of
Michigan, fr 'five Action
group showf » i, diidard fare
as "Monty Python & The Holy
Grail" and "Casablanca." Since
then. Alternative Action has be-
come an autonomous unit. Al-
though it still presents commercial
films, the group has re-routed its

profits. They now go towards fi-
nancing the "Films for a Future"

The quality of the films present-
ed in this festival vary greatly,
fro' ^: t-time documentaries
(•"I -.t Epidemic") to PBS
specials (' 'South ngs To
Us") to full-leng.ii .__—e films
(Alain Resnais' "Hiroshima, Mon

Amour"). Nearly all of thr- fi'T-i--
have been rented from sm
order distributors and are thus dif-
ficult to come across by any other

On Wednesday, Oct. 20, the Al-
ternative Action Political Film Se-
ries will present "The Day After
Trinity," a PBS special which ana-
lyzes the career of J. Robert Op-

rKnheimer. Interspersed with the
graphy are interviews with
members of the Manhattan Pro-

ON OCT. 27, a first-time docu-
mentary entitled "Nick Mazzuco:

Biography of an Atomic Veteran"
will be shown. In it. Nick discusses
the 18 nuclear warhead tests he ex-
perienced during his • in the

U.S. Army.

On Nov. 3, Alternative Action
will show "You Have Struck A
Rock" and "South Africa Belongs
To Us," both which have recently
appeared on P.B.S. television.

For more information about the
organizat' ''m series it is
presenting. >699 or come to
room 4314 of the Michigan Union.