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Reunited: 'Movement' Remembered by Former Campus Radicals

Reunited: 'Movement' Remembered by Former Campus Radicals image Reunited: 'Movement' Remembered by Former Campus Radicals image
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The young men and women of the leads whose passionate radical-
ism gave life to the Students for a Democratic Society and other as- '=- V
oects of “The Movement” came home to Michigan during the long tid i -=..,._
Label' Day Weekend to reminisce, Party, renew their oommitments H H "dl 1= f 7Iitlffflddffflel 'ltl H
tosocial justice and send amessage toanew generation of activists. ‘ i l‘?5s_ 3 ~'=. ' i-t" _-
Ithcgan Friday as 204 veterans ofthe movement, spouses and el1il~ __ _ S i
dren gathered around a birthday cake ateamp Tamarack, a bucolic Qt 1 llieea
retreat outside Ortonvilleinnorthern Gakland County- _,,, l’*§=Q’”§f l
The cake celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Port Huron State# _,_., .:3531l
ment, the 1962 SDS manifesto which set the values, strategies and -.._
tactics for the frequently bellicose opposition to the Vietnam war and *de* "“"‘l' t"e ' ° » ""' 5 "" ll _,=,, Q ~
the other great issues of the decade( _ ~ ~ ee A 'llll ~lll:l A _._....=
It ended this morning where the SDS was first conceived- atAnn
epidemic; the pervasiveness of feeling Of men on ego trips hogging addresses and then wrete the pee- Alan Haber eanne back to Ann Then he restated th ~
ly. We werent mto nit-picking the vi 1 in b th mt - I th h arti i t d _ e Central dl-
statements or pushing our own id_ o ence o ernationa and e s _ow . _ . men p he c pa 6 n ple they leeated Seeking more Arbor both to see his parents and to lemma which has dogged the New
_ ” personal spheres; the ravaging of freelymchild care without grump# names and addressee seek ideas, “because most of hu- Left since itsbe ' nin ~ “W d ’
i°SY“°rat1°ideaS~~ the natural ecolo ° the r lif r - in ” ' H ° ~ gm g' e °n t
_ EY, P 0 e a g~ t V » It snowballed into 800 or 900 mamty is pretty much stuck in yet know how to mobilize it in a po-
That unanimity Was a remark' tion of lethal nuclear reactors; the The retreat was the inspiration names,” Said ftahinewitz, whe net- place, and there is a desperate litical forum ”
7 ` e ' 0 » , - ' ‘
able COI1tI'aSt to the §0S When the outrageous waste of thepotential ot David liernstein, Paula Ra- ted that mere than half gf the 204 need now for another step for- But the reuni ' be
f h ni . on mem rs ended
New Le tt like C rlSt1a W dllrlrfg and spirit of our youth, and the cal- bmowitz, Ritchie Feldman, Robert/ whe returned were frgm ent gf ward.” their Statement on anu beatn t _
the Ref0r¥¥1ati0¥l» Spllntered agalrl 10118 disregard vf the Plight of the Hauert and Several other ADH Ar- state. “We have to look beyond the old “We are proud to be 3 part og ge
Q e s ' _
and again- The Weekend S eemillg elders.” bor-area activists who thought it .gg “Seme came begause they were forms, look at more than the vibrant global movement which is
fegether, fOr eXaII1Ple, featured Although the rhetoric remains WOL1ld be a I11Ce idea to assemblef” interested in partying, others te spasms and burnings of the past ” growing stronger and mere deter
, , V . .J . 7 '
Nth SDS °°'f<{“Hd<~>1’ Alan Hare? strident. the reunion parhclpants flwse whv played h1St°ri¢ b“*m°S¢~.e;.share what they were doing penti- he added. “We did learn that burn- mined to create humane and just
» » gg me ‘ _
Whe Says tv H118 day he §1eVer le fi - some of them baldmg or graying ly anonymous roles in The Move- ea11y_ Sqme were seekmg cennec- ing down our cities didn’t solve the societies. What' the drafters of the
the organization, and B111 Ayers, _ appear te have matured in ether ment” here from the late 1950s E3 tions between est entice and problem ” P rt -
wh t b . _ p p ' ' _ 0 Huron 111
I OSP rem e 0 eegrgle a ways, ifnot mellowed. _ _ through the early 1970s. their current lives as they enter Haber suggested there is a we still feel today.
eader of the Weathermen an en There was ne eempetrtrvenese They plowed through morgue middle age, Fgr many there was a “placeinthe heart where everyone “If we a ea t 1; t
s ent 11 ears as art of the so- d rin ° th k " ' diti f th M' h' D il th - 1 ’ pp ' ° See he “na”
P Y P u g e wee end, said Bar- e 0115 0 e le lgall a Y» en; longing for the movement, the um- Se@Sfhema1aiS@” °f °°“temP0rary tainable . _ _ then let it be known
Called Weather Ulldergrelllld- bara Haber. “It was very notice- U-M student newspaper, and U- brella under which we all ence society, and thus virtually every- that we do so to avoid the unima
. One statement on which they all able with the men. There was no alumni records seeking names an stood.” one isapotential radical, ginablef’