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SDS P.S. Former Radicals Reminisce About 'Movement' at 1960s Reunion

SDS P.S. Former Radicals Reminisce About 'Movement' at 1960s Reunion image SDS P.S. Former Radicals Reminisce About 'Movement' at 1960s Reunion image
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By STEPHEN CA|N Vey following a 1970 demgnstration
umssmr moms r ' _ _ against a General Electric Co. re-
--------a . t ‘They called the kinlgs~tagether_ 1 o . * » - r ac sm r osing a ive-
Alan Haber, who helped found at the place called In Hebrew year struggletomake an economic
the militant Students for a Demo- p , Success gut gf grganig fat-ming_
cratic Society; infl_A;1n Arbnr 2§ Arn1agedd°n;n____ Z 3 S
years ago, spo eo roman lCV1° ' ' , _ -:nf ie _ta
, . REVE|_A'|'|0N§ 16:16 Joe Tiboni, a part of New Mobe
sion at last week s reumon of 1960s _ _ 7" and the Human Rights Party in the
_ Lounge to host Sunday benefit con-
A Peet and eabirlefmakeh he has , certs for a myriad of issues he has
crafted a table of burnished cherry Mienaei Zweig, another activist teaches courses in Afro-American continued te suppqrt in the ’30e_
errtibedmgfthe iiraagés Ifff eeavelg with Students for a Democratic So- hisxfy an¢;;1i2¢3fi! nge? Str\;8§:e_ .
an ea wm 2 0 “Clan “ e' t (sus), t che eee - a ayne e mversl y an . <~= - _ 4
Ching” Book of Changes. Around _ le y now ea _S nom University of Toledo. mil; SIX age a f;°;Sfe;t1°g°fi:nh§
this tame, the kings of today would ws at the State Universlty of New Arm ‘fs “Sid W°tiv§ t f °SthY I t
meet and make Werid pea¢e_ York at _Stonybrook. He remams David Bernstein Saw Ann Ai.. _ 1950; “Sou ;°theS;ufi°m197§Saf'
A activfe With the UPN” °f. Radical bor’s Attic 'l'heatre and _later Per- h th gd t C ¥i. ~ k
_ Political Econufnlstse f N tw k eh°cles for W 0 ga er a _amp anlerac
He Www set the Peace fable amp intivtne, Uni ~ _,of A .°?m¢n}¢e, .JF 01' as V I . outside Ortonville m northern Oak-
-the 1 hilli atgMesiddo. 1-the ivii -Ot the P.°1i¢1°a| iandtcennty-last weekend to beth
where - in the apeealylltie Viaien g' y ° 1 and Swlal "'a1“°&*"’m¢h”led ‘mm X reminisce and renew their commit-
of St. John the Divine - the un- Martha Prescot Norman, active ir1t°SDS25YearSa80- ments to sneiai activism.
clean beast and the forces of the with SDS and the Student Non-vio-
false prophet gathered against the lent 'Coordinating Committee in Jim Kirk, who got his head
forces of God on the last day. Ann Arbor during the 1960s, now shaved by then-Sheriff Doug Har- See RAD|CA|_5' A7_
s _ land Airport; flights which hehe- l 7 ° ° _ an Ann Arbor School bus, which
RADICALS _ ,ievesnepmofawntmnngcn I wouldn t mmd golng back g,,,,,,,, enough money U, wb,
CONTINUED FROM A1 1 effort to re-supply the Nicaraguan 1 » and enough free time to work on
¢T{ Contras, or c0unter_revoluti0nar_ such as the AInerican_Soli_
ere’s a look at some of the ies. darity Committee and the Amistad
thoughtsofthesixand thedifferent “Hey, we’re still here,” said . a C0llSfrl1¢li0lll?r0ieelillNieara8lla-
ways each has sought to keep alive Haber. “We’re smarter and tough- Kirk spent nearly a year identi-
some of theideals of ‘The Move- er than we were in the ’60s. Let’s fyill. tracking down and Sending
mentz’ .ako-l-~ = la- at take the next step.” ` reunion invitations to some 800
"QQ ` 7 i I radicals who had been with few
s ALAN Hansen MICHAEL zwels if " M4 “ 0 o 1 exceptions, activeinAnn Arbor.
Last spring Haber visited the hill “The world is a nasty place,” /I “These were the people who set
sf Ms2i where an Is- who had been , . changed my life,” he said. He
».,. raell Kibbutz esersislns his __ nailed his reunion Organizing af-
°““i"a*°S *ns fallic alislll Martha Prescot Norman fnns “s°lllsllllll8 I ¢°l1l land Of what within aca- not wanttogo back and live there. didn’t have to face the life survival theminreturn.”.
ieie S an ératg gems f gl' 2 n “gif slislseisstilf th$v’6°S ‘liners llllllns “Ls <10 ss adults Same nf the O mo
v age prior e c a e s _ exc ing y e ec ve. e pu peop e ad become lawyers, but E Nl
the 1967 was “Why oooom- ooonot no won of raonl oooroo~ not oofoorot- lowyoro- They were noon. “foo ooyo no grow oo n
°"°"°°l°r law- lnnnlsratinn law. the 1960s as a
the ancient this? Let’s not. apartheid in the South did come civil rights law. ~ QQ; .," ,"‘i “fairly schizo-
'f°== = southeastern 2* "=2 it “It is not tumbling down, and the use of “In the 19608, there was the ques- Phrellie r0¢1<’n
ll/lllf':__ d _ Mediterra- FWUG enough for us widespread terrorism against tion of changing people’s con- roll head and
nean a e route between north Af- as individuals tobe good andmoral blacks was greatly curtailed. My sciousness, and the other was tak- Sometime Lib-
rica and Europe. Twenty cities persons. We mustact collectively children are growing up in a world ing power. We were more erfaI’iaI1,” was
were leveled and rebuilt there by to change the conditions which pre- very different from the world in successful in the former than the involved with
succeeding waves of conquerors sent us with intolerable moral di; _=whi~hI_.gewup. latter. If there is another move- the anti~war
§"n"§'g the 4’°°° years hem St' '°'§§TS`" It, I 'h “`¥;*lWi nnobviooororeoe. nent in the 1990s,we mu be stan- movement. rho
o . ~ onybroo , eteachesastan- but to me there’s nothing subtle ing out atamuch higher level.” Human Rights
It would, he says, be a suitable dard imdergraduate course in the about the racism which remains,” Bernstein, who had helped orga- if1*lie**li**fi@3?f’****fi*ifiii?*iff?f*?f7iii@@5¥@ Party, Ozone
site for his peace table. The table principles of economics plus three she said. “There is nothing subtle nize the retreat, leftAnn Arbor last UBDN' House, Drug
itself started out as eight cherry other courses which reflecthisval- about driving through Detroit to- Wednesday for Minneapolis, where Help and the Community /Center
boards which formed a square ues: Labor and industrial rela- day and seeing the economic stan- his wife has accepted a university Project during the following dec-
(earth) out of which a circle (heav- tions, China’s economy, and Marx- dard visited on the black communi- job. He is, for the moment, at loose ade.
en) was cut. The arcs of wood from ist economics. - ty.” ' ` ends. i But for the most part, his ener-
the square were used to make a Zweig is also studying liberation gies have been devoted to bartend-
base for the circular table top, theology as part of a quest to see DAVID BERNSTEIN ' JIM KIRK ing and music. He drives a cab
completing the wedding of heaven how ethical norms can be integrat- s “I was struck with the fact that “I went back to the family farm now, promotes musical events nn-
and earth. ed into economic institutions. the people at in Tuscola der the name of “Joe’s Star Lounge
he “Wi.§,,”°°" tf’ ff" §§'ab‘;°yS ,ff M the retreat, Counts' durlns in Exile” and oonlinneshis Search
reac ° 8 penn e, Sai rt W 0 ARTHA PRESCUT NURMAN whether or not the 1970s, try- for someone to lease him space to
_ believes in “revolution without ex- “I ,wouldn’t mind going back to explicitly po- ing tobe a seri- re-open the bar he lost two years
°°ll*l°ll” sllll llss llssll sssfsllills ... llls fll°"°ment “Wally saliva. °\ls <=°nlnlsl‘° 88° when his building was enbbled
{;§i0S°Hie*tl;lli8glieY°l;<:hfhf ¢°llfr°ll' asnanl °f the ~ .».l°dsY» 0 stll1f '¢iaal..nrsa_ni¢ llPbY_llle0lleN0rtll1VIaiDPr0ieCt.
na s a e es,o e 9603. _ f60s,’_3, said ""` ' _,__' it ,,_,, lheldto the val- ofariner C' but “Pvc always been a subscriber
“His M°2l this side of being spacey,” said lives in Detroit‘ ,~.' Movement ’ ~ financially,” ation have been crucial to a full
Ann Afb°l' ssllvlsf Belllla n°W and Dsl' W and sllll °X°. Kirk _ said. life. that pure simple abandon is
__ Kaimowitz. “His metaphor is im- ances the roles if "a">1 ""' "'“*' “ press them in “Moving back essential to mental health,” he
r°nanl-snnn°lssn=l1nr°nsn¢-” of oouogo °"""““’“ noe nvoo "“"‘ into Ann Arbor ooio-“rhorohow1so1-ve."
if Haber, who runs a movement teacher, com- they’ve chosen,” said Bernstein, was a conscious decision. With the Tiboni almost skipped the re-
_{; center called “The Long_Hau1” in munity activ- who believes that his work_in politi- election of Reagan, I realized that union. '
-Berkeley, Calif., still does such tra- ist, housewife cal and experimental theater also it is not enough to try to be morally “I feared greatly that it was go-
t ditional things as helping organize NORMAN and mother of was part of keeping the faith. pure and not hurt anybody.” ing to be ‘The Big Chill meets Wal-
’ demonstrations against Southern three. “It was a very exciting peri- “We are still around. We haven’t He also decided to stay out of the den H,’ but it wasn’t like that at all.
AirTransport flights from the Oak- od for me personally. But I would been disappeared. As students, we economic mainstream. He drives It was genuine.”