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$3,814,733 Won By Milan Resident

$3,814,733 Won By Milan Resident  image
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$3,814,733 won by Milan resident


A Milan woman is one of two lucky players who shared the Nov. 21 Super Lotto Jackpot worth $7,629,466.

Brenda S. Jarvis, 38, will receive a total of $3,814,733 for picking the winning numbers in last Saturday’s drawing. Initial payments of $191,433 will be followed by annual installments of $190,700 through the year 2006, lottery officials said.

Jarvis said she wrote down the winning Super Lotto numbers as they were drawn Saturday evening and then checked them against her ticket. “I immediately got teary-eyed,” she said.

In disbelief, Jarvis called her husband. Gray, in from his home workshop and asked him to double check the numbers.

“She was so excited when she called," he said, “I thought the dog had died.”

The two told lottery officials they were “nervous” upon discovering their big win, and sat up talking and drinking coffee all night.

On Sunday, Jarvis and her husband bought a newspaper to verify the winning numbers. They went out for breakfast, then stopped by Falsetta’s Pittsfield Market in Ann Arbor to buy another ticket and casually ask how many winners there had been in the previous night's Super Lotto drawing.

Brenda Jarvis, who works as manager of administrative services for the engineering firm Ayres, Lewis, Norris and May in Ann Arbor, said the couple plans to seek financial counseling.