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Schoolkids Celebrates Birthday With Robyn Hitchcock Show

Schoolkids Celebrates Birthday With Robyn Hitchcock Show image
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Schoolkids celebrates birthday with Robyn Hitchcock show

Where can you find that cool record that you heard on the radio and, well, you can’t really remember the name, or who sang it, but it had a really strong bass line and you think maybe the band’s name began with an “R”?

Say something like that at a normal record store and you’ll probably get a blank stare and a suggestion that you buy the latest by Paula Abdul. But at School-^ kids Records, things would be different The clerk would listen to your feeble lead, pause, then show you several albums by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Voila.

The store is also one of the few stores left that plans to continue selling recordings on the quickly disappearing, but beloved, LP format. And they have a huge selection of any obscure release your little ears desire. If they don’t have it, they’ll order it.

It’s this sort of service that has made Schoolkids one of the top 20 album stores in the country -- as voted by “Oui” magazine.

On Saturday, Schoolkids will celebrate its 14th anniversary on the Ann Arbor scene with a party at the Blind Pig. For the occasion Schoolkids is flying Robyn Hitchcock from Britain to provide the evening’s entertainment. It was incorrectly reported here earlier that the Blind Pig is footing the bill.

And, while we’re on the subject of rumors, let’s dispel another one. It is also incorrect that Hitchcock will be making an instore appearance at Schoolkids — the only time to see him will be at the concert. This particular rumor was so prevalent, by the way, that even Hitchcock himself was planning on doing the instore. But, alas, he will be far away from Michigan during by time of this alleged appearance.

In addition to a performance by the ever-bizarre Hitchcock, there will also be two brief sets by local songsters Frank Allison (of the Odd Sox, of course) and Rob McKenzie (of Iodine Raincoats fame.) The Blind Pig is at 208 S. First St. Tickets are $15, and doors open at 9 p.m.