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Live radio show makes waves in Ann Arbor

Live radio show makes waves in Ann Arbor image Live radio show makes waves in Ann Arbor image
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Live radio show makes waves in Ann Arbor<br><br>ION HORWEDEI.THE ANN ARBOR NEWS<br><br>"Whad'Ya Know" host Michael Feldman greets the crowd Saturday at Hill Auditorium. The public-radio program broadcast live from Ann Arbor to an estimated 1 million listeners.<br><br>'Whad'Ya Know'amuses a million from Hill<br><br>BY ROGER LELIEVRE<br><br>News Arts Writer<br><br>Who’da thunk creating a live radio show like “Whad’Ya Know” would look so simple?The prevailing calm Saturday was amazing, given that the two-hour public-radio quiz show - broadcast live to more than 1 million listeners from Ann Arbor’s Hill Auditorium - threatened at one point to degenerate into a food free-for-all.<br><br>Isn’t it funny how a loaf of rye resembles a football?<br><br>And did you ever notice how hard it is for a talk-show host to do an interview with his mouth full?<br><br>Work on the show began weeks ago, with staff lining up the guests and arranging transportation and lodging. Local preparations started Thursday with the arrival of a<br><br>five-member technical crew plus nine or 10 cases of equipment, including a 700-pound audio mixing board, trucked in from the show’s Madison, Wis., home base.<br><br>On-air talent, including host Michael Feldman and the Whad’Ya Know Trio jazz band, arrived Friday. Saturday saw the delivery of food, flowers and programs before the 11 a.m. start.<br><br>Chaos would have been understood and forgiven. But as the minutes before air time evaporated, no one looked the slightest bit overwhelmed.<br><br>“I’m like a duck - calm on the outside but paddling like mad beneath the surface,” said on-site production manager Doug Edwards.<br><br>Setting up the electronics to mix the sound, screen callers and send the signal (via ISDN<br><br>SEE SHOW, All