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Lecture: Urban Planning Consultant Robert Gibbs Discusses Retail Economics and Downtown Ann Arbor

When: September 8, 2005 at the Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

Mr. Gibbs, considered a leading urban planning consultant by many mayors, architects and shopping center developers, will discuss how downtown businesses can adopt some of the same business principles that have made malls so successful. This is the second of five public lectures by leaders in the modern movement to revitalize American cities. The series is cosponsored by the Ann Arbor Downtown Development Strategy Steering Committee.Robert Gibbs, of Gibbs Planning Group in Birmingham, MI, has been profiled in such publications as Atlantic Monthly, Consumers Reports, the New York Times, Urban Land Institute and the Wall Street Journal. He has devoted the last twenty years to developing innovative, yet practical, methods for applying current trends in residential and commercial development to more than 300 town centers and historic cities across North America, the Pacific Rim, and the Caribbean.For more information about this series, or for community visioning project updates, visit

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September 8, 2005 at the Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room

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