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24th Ann Arbor Film Festival Program

Ann Arbor Film Festival
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Ann Arbor Film Festival
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To encour age the wor k of t he i ndependent filmmaker and t o pr omot e the concept of the f i l m as art: The Ann Ar bor Film Festival , with the support of t he Cinema Gui l d of the Univer s ity of Mi chi gan and t he Dramatic Arts Cent er of Ann Ar bor , i s pl eased t o pr esent the THENTY-FOURTH ANN ARBOR FILM FESTIVAL .
The 24th Ann Arbor Film Festival is dedi cated to anybody who
di strusts if not downright opposes all the uncontrolled
building-growth nonsense (i.e. "development tl ) which is about
to t urn our home into a yuppie-haven of t he 1990s: we want
low-cost housing, not office space for star wars.
He also support Festival Founder Geor ge Manupelli and his efforts
on behalf of Ni caraguan artists.
And: we dedi cate the 24th Festival to the party we'll throw at the 25th.
~ I I I I I I I I I I I I •• The secret to meeting life's most frightening THE SELECTION COMMITTEE challenges lies in the . ..
Each f ilm submitted to the Fest ival was screened in its entirety by a Selection Committee composed of filmmakers and per sons knowledgable in the independent film. Their function was to progr am as many films as possible into the time allotted. Unfortunately, t he number of entries exceeded the time available and prefer ences had to be made. The Awards Jury, however, may consider any f ilm submitted to the Festi val for ",r.. ,ward. Members of the Selection
Committee were:

~ ~ Ruthie Bradl ey, Chris Coakl ey, Phil Hallman, Jeff Knorek,
r~7~\o:Annette A. Hilson
' ~~e;o I:iner ,
~~ \Oo~
I The funct ion of the Awards Jury is to 1) see all the Festival films
, that have been pr ogr ammed for public screening, and other s i f they
wi sh, and 2) distribute the awards money in Ann Arbor, and 3) make
up di fferent programs of award-winning films and highlights that
are shown on Sunday, and 4) select films to tour other insti tutions.

The Awards Jury is :

Mi chael Naimark, San Franci sco
Rock Ross, San Francisco
Andrea Weiss, New York


Screenings ar e hel d at t he Mi chigan Theatre: 7:00, 9:00 and 11:00 pm Tuesday through Friday. Saturday screenings are at 1:00, 7:00 and 9:00 pm. All pr ogr ams ar e di fferent and of substantially equal quality. Award winners and highlights are screened on Sunday March 16th at 7:00, 9:00 and
11:00 pm .

Singl e admi ssion is $3.00; dail y series $7.00 (not avail able Sunday); advanced sales beein at 6:00 pm for that day only, in the Box Office of t he Michigan Theatr e.
z BLACK HEAT Chuck Hudina 4. 5 silent
0 ELDON MOSS Kabir Mohanty 5

(J) BLOOD TEST Jay Rosenblatt 27 ,
HILLBROOK Gordon Ball 9
SPENT MOMENTS Jean Sousa 10 silent
m ELVIS: I LOVE YOU BECAUSE Robin Lawless 29

i 8 m ,

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