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28th Ann Arbor Film Festival Program

Ann Arbor Film Festival
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Ann Arbor Film Festival
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1241 C.R.

DISTRICT NO .. .....• PORT Of ....... _.._. __.___..... _..__.... _ .

DISTRICT DIRECTOR'. OF',CE•._.._...... __...._. __._ ...... __.........• "

I. .. ..................................~........... ............................................................._ ............................................. . certify
thll Ihe /lim imporled by .............._...._............................................................................. rrom ................................... .
In Ihe ........................................................................ on ......................... _ ...: ............. _ ................ 19 • under entry
No . .............................................................................................. , conllinl no obacene or immoral mIller, nor Iny

mIller IdvoCllln, or ur,ln,lrlUOn or Inlurrecllon l,aln'llhe United StIlet. or rorclble rtalal.nce \0 Iny law of Ihe United SI.le•• nor .ny IhrUllO Ihe life of or In mel bodily h.rm upon .ny perlon in Ihe Uniled Slllet.
Cu~loml Form 32111 ("'24-76)
oro "'.27'



As a showplace for independent and experimental 16mm cinema, to encourage
the work of the independent filmmaker and promote the concept of film as art, the " ~.
....... ...

Ann Arbor community is pleased to present the 28th Ann Arbor Film Festival.
This year's Festival is dedicated to the memory of our dear friend Peter Wilde who contributed so much to the Festival. Peter was a technical wizard and master of the .'
"4.,;' .
makeshift, and cared passionately about the projected image. We will miss his sense
of humor and his laugh. We are opening up the Festival with his 1971 film "Belt:
The Ann Arbor Film Festival supports the rise of freedom and honest ~
government in Eastern Europe and hopes that spirit will infect our country. \~

Each film submitted to the Festival is screened in its entirety by the Selection Committee.
Their function is to select as many films as time allows that reflect the goals of the Festival.
Because the number of entries exceeds the public screening time, not every film can be
programmed. Members of this year's Screening Committee are: Johnny Caligari, Cecille B.
DeVille, Formica Dinette, Firstname Lastname, Pixie Lated, Elspeth McWord and Projek T. Ng.

The function of the Awards Jury is to: (1) see all the Festival entries that have been programmed into
the public screenings, and others as time allows, (2) distribute the awards money, and (3) suggest the
program of awarded films and highlights for Sunday night winners screenings. This year's Awards Jury:

KAREN AQUA -Independent animation filmmaker and Instructor of Animation, Boston College.

BARBARA HAMMER -Feminist experimental filmmaker, San Francisco. Presently working on
a feature-length film critiquing the medical industry's means of perception, using archival x-rays.

RICHARD KERR -Canadian independent filmmaker and Curator,
Professor of Film, University of Regina, Saskatchewan.

All film screenings are held at the Michigan Theater. Showtimes are Tuesday 8:30 pm, Wednesday
through Saturday 7:00 & 9:30 pm, as well as a free screening on Saturday afternoon at 1 :00 pm.

Ticket Prices: $4 per show, $7 per night, (Wed-Sat), $25 Series Pass, good for the entire Festival.

Sunday night screenings of Festival winners are at 5:00, 7:00, & 9:00 pm. Tickets go
on sale 45 minutes before showtime. Awarded films will be announced at that time. • ... ' ..
Ticket prices: $4 per show, $7 for two shows, $10 for all three shows.

Wednesday, March 21 at 3:00 pm, Michigan Theater: ~./
"Sparkle & Light: Eco-Feminism," the films of Barbara Hammer. /",

Thursday, March 22 at 3:00 pm, Michigan Theater: The Complete Animated Works of Karen Aqua.

Thursday, March 22 at 4:00 pm, MLB Lecture Rm 2 (U of M): "One Bad Daughter -Women's
Contribution to Independent Film," video screening of Barbara Hammer's latest work.

Friday, March 23 at 3:00 pm, Michigan Theater: "The Canadian
Avant-Garde Looks at America," the films of Richard Kerr.

These shows are free to the public and not in competition with other films
screened at the Festival. The filmmakers will be present to discuss their works
after the screenings. Everyone is encouraged and welcome to attend.

Collector's Items: 28th Ann Arbor Film Festival T-shirts in the theater lobby-$12.
Ann Arbor Film Festival buttons-$1

Here's your chance! Go to the Special Table in the lobby and make your mark
on the clear leader. The finished film will be projected Saturday night at the

9:30 show. Clear leader is donated by Film Craft Lab in Detroit.
Relax and enjoy yourselves in our lovely lobby living room.
FESTIVAL OFFICERS ANN ARBOR FILM FESTIVAL TOUR Festival Director: Vicki Honeyman Following the Festival in Ann Arbor, we select Festival Coordinator: Jeff McCabe four hours of film to be programmed into the Assistant to the Director: M. Elizabeth Cox Ann Arbor Film Festival Tour. Each film on tour Tour Coordinator and Second Right-hand will receive $1.00 per minute per screening.
Woman: Cynthia Greig Tour stops at this date (additional tour dates Publicity Coordinator: Catherine Drake may be added after this printing): Screening Coordinator: Mike Foley Fundraising Coordinator: Anne Moray March 29 & 30 University of Iowa Art Coordinator: Lisa Gottlieb-Clark Dept. of Comm. Studies Postering Coordinator: Derek Demaree Iowa City, Iowa Reception Coordinators: Anne Moray, Contact: Leighton Pierce
Elizabeth Mayer April 5&6 Colby College House Manager: Joe Tiboni Department of Art Brochure & T-shirt Design: Kathy Hiraga Waterville, Maine
' Theater Decoration: Lisa Gottlieb-Clark Ticket & Slide Design: Dan Bruell
Contact: Abbott Meader \ Festival Projection Staff: Scott Clarke,
April 12 Kent State University {.f,~
Frank Uhle School of Art ,'I ' " ,Festival Eyes: Ken Bawcom, Elizabeth Cox, Kent, Ohio . ~' Mike Foley, Cynthia Greig, Vicki Honeyman, Contact: Richard Myers
Jeff McCabe, Richard Smith Board of Directors: Beth Hay, Barbara Kessler, April 20 Saginaw Valley State University Ira Konigsberg, Joan Risgin, Joe Tiboni Valley Film Society Volunteers: Shannon Berritt, Pete Castro, Saginaw, Michigan Jim Kruz, Dave Nelson, Sharon Peterson, Contact: John Jezierski Russ Pyne, Tony Stewart, Ben Thompson April 27 & 28
Grand Rapids Film Theater
Extra Special Thanks To: Liberty St. Post ~ Grand Rapids, Michigan Office, Andrews Anytime Catering, Arwulf, W Contact: Michael Packer OJ Anderson, Matt Bertoni, Precision
The Red Victorian Movie House Photographics, Charlie Brown, Don Gonyea, May 2 & 3 San Francisco, California Ann Delisi, Ken Garber, Community High Contact: Dan Eichler
School, Film Craft, Ed & Zoe Clark,
Larry Rehak, Susan & Lars, poster hangers May 8 Custa College
and usher and everyone else AND the School of Art
customers of Vicki's Wash & Wear Haircuts San Luis Obispo, California
for their patience. Contact: Marta Peluso

May 18-20 Tel Arts Theatre Master of Ceremonies for the Grande IN THE SPOTLIGHT
Detroit, Michigan Rec~ion: Mr. Bo ~IerS~eer
Contact: Carl Allison S~~ackBo presents his film
May 24 & 31 Utah Media Arts Center"Football of tlie Future."
(tentative) Salt Lake City, Utah Members of the Community High School Jazz
Contact: Alison Gregersen Band provide music during the opening reception: Rachel Williams, Ross Dunbar, &
Interested in booking the Festival tour? Eric Grostic.
Ple~se call (313) 995-5356.
John Lauter, Michigan Theater house organist, performs Tuesday-Friday evenings on the organ.
Arwulf Arwulf and Annemarie Stolls' "Bay City" performed by Pinkie & Willie, Friday, March 23 on stage before each show.
Toad perform "Talking It Out, A Guide to Effective Convnunication Problem Solving, by Joseph M. Strayhom, Jr." Saturday, March 24 on stage before each show.
Festival Party: Performance Network, Saturday midnight
~ I
AAFF PROMO FILM (not in competition) Dave Moenkhaus 3 BELT (not in competition) Peter Wilde & Kenn Beckman 4.5 DR. DED BUG Ethan Cohen-Sitt Encino 10 SALES IMAGES (DIRTY PICTURES)
Michel DeGagne/Michel Gelinas/Remi Bea Montreal 14 THE BIG KISS Whitney Ransick New York 29 ?CISSORS, P~PER, STONE Byron Grush Naperville, IL 3 ISUELTO! Chris Emmanouilides!Rebecca TaggarVTim Sexton
Philadelphia 14
Emeryville, CA 9
MY DINNER WITH ABBIE Nancy Cohen & Howard Katzman New York 57 ~

... .,
Minneapolis 8.5 LEFTHANDED MEMORIES Michele Fleming Atlanta 15 WATUNNA Stacey Steers Boulder 24 THE INCIDENT D. M. Kaufman & Greg Neri
Manhattan Beach, CA 18 JANE Mark Taylor San Francisco 8 HUMAN ON MY FAITHLESS ARM Valerie Tereszko
Vancouver, B.C. 20 MY ELECTRIC COLORING BOOK David Stoff Boston 4.5 McJEW MichaelJ. Young AnnArbor 23
WEDNESDAY 9:30 'fr
THE DOGS OF PARIS Chris Hume Los Angeles 6.5 ~
KITCHENER -BERLIN Philip Hoffman Toronto 38 f;' PORTRAIT OF A GIRL WITH FLOWERS Sharon Ashcraft Salt Lake City 3 ~~. '.' /
180: 1 Christopher Shambaugh Kent, OH 13 lit; i" ~ . BRUTE CHARM Emily Breer New York 25 MIA ZIA Nino Pezzella Chicago 1.5 PATCHWORK Jeanne Lusignan Los Angeles 16.5
BOYS;LIFE Phillip B. Roth New York 1 0 '.' ..
AT A LOOSE END? Alec Carlin Seattle 21 , ..
THURSDAY 7;00 ...... . .~
Heather Clary McAdams Chicago 33 OVER/UNDER CRANK Angelos Hatzitolios Toronto 6 JANUARY JOURNAL Mark Street San Francisco 10 PLAY BALL! Gail Noonan Vancouver, H C. 2 CURRENT EVENTS Ralph Arlyck Poughkeepsie,
THE RIVERBED James Miller W Los Angeles 8 THE HORSES. THEY CAME Harriette Yahr Miami, FL 4 FAINT ECHOS Paul Winkler Sydney, Australia 17 X Charlotte Pryce Chicago 6 GEOLOGIC TIME Skip Battaglia Rochester, NY 6 RUME'S Chris Sullivan Chicago 92 WALLS IN THE WOODS Sal Giammona San Francisco 8 SERVING TWO MASTERS Edward Lewis San Francisco 55 ANIMATED SELF-PORTRAITS 19 ASIFA Animators Earth 8
WINTERWHEAT Mark Street San Francisco 8 SKATEBOARDWISE Let Them Say No Productions Ann Arbor 9 HOWARD FINSTER: MAN OF VISIONS No Hands Productions
Los Angeles 19 ~\~~~T~)~~

U ,"'-., V~, ~. .
-:-; .f ~~ ---\; \

FRIDAY 9:30 . ,:;:.
San Francisco 11 TESTAMENT OF THE RABBIT Ted Lyman Richmond, VT 23 RED AND ROSY Frank Grow San Diego 16 SELF PORTRAIT NUMBER 9 Eric West Mueller Richfield, MN 11 ETERNITY Sheryl Sardina Sussex, WI 2 MOVING PICTURES Richard Myers Kent, OH 91

OREGON COUNTRY Kenneth O'Connell Eugene 4 GOING UP Gary Pollard New York 31 ENTANGLED KNITTING (VERSTRICKT) Ludmilla Kron &
Ruben Dellers Switzerland 6.5
WIND GRASS SONG: THE VOICE OF OUR GRANDMOTHERS Tori Breitling & Jana Birchum Austin 20 \.. .1 HONEY AND SALT Edgar A. Barens New York 14 +'$' 1#
MACHA'S CURSE Rose Bond Portland, OR 10 .
ELEGY Gary Popovich Toronto 21 .
UNDER THE SEA Paul Glabicki Pittsburgh 24
RESERECTION Bill Morrison New York 8

8. GOOlD
~ EE
WAKE Hal Marshall Chicago 8 100 NY, NY 1989 Kyle Kibbe New York 16 LES PLASTIQUES Michael Young Ann Arbor 2 PIECE TOUCHEE Martin Arnold San Francisco 17
ITCHY HAWAIIAN SPECIAL Stan Hughes Chicago 3.5 (l) JUST ME AND MARIO Greg Stitt New Zealand 56 -.
SATURDAY 9:30 ~ u.
Chicago 9 YOU TAKE CARE NOW Ann Marie Fleming Vancouver He. 11 -g ALMOST BEAT Peyton Reed LosAngeles 13 .8 CORPUSCULAIRE Yves LaFontaine Montreal 10.5 '" RIVER RAT James Cozza New York 19 :f SODOM BY THE SEA Harriet Hirshorn & Mary Patierno
New York 16
San Francisco 14
BIRTH OF THE SIXTIES Raoul Rosenberg Los Angeles 8
COMPILATION FILM Screening Committee 2.5
CLEAR LEADER FILM Festival Attendees 3


AWARDS 28th ANN ARBOR FILM FESTIVAL Remaining prize monies will be distributed at Shehan Agency 50 the judges' discretion. If they do not choose to
Precision Photographics 50 Steve Kuzma Photography 50

Best of the Festival Award $1500 award a prize in a particular category , the
Arbor Springs Passing Water Award 50

New this year, the Ann Arbor Film Festival judges are free to distribute the prize money
Law Offices of Robert B. Stevenson 50 established this award to recognize the as they see fit. WBSX 40
filmmaker the judges select as best of the Fest. Peter Bauland 30
Jessy Grizzle & Julie Wuu 30 Ann Arbor Film Coop 350 Fourth Ave. Birkenstock 30
Tom Berman Award $1250 •
Cinema Guild 300 Lee Berry 25
Most Promising Filmmaker
W.B. Doner Co. 250 Michele Shemiot 25
Tom Berman was a University of Michigan
Luna Pier Films 250 Bruce Sweet 25 film student and an early supporter and close _ _ _
Isabella Liddell Art Award 200 Agenda Publications 25 friend of the Festival. His brilliant early films I 156 25
The 630 Club Mark & Sue Paris won many awards. He was much loved here. ~ , Denny Hayes 150 Westside Book Shop 25 This annual award is given in Tom's memory. '1i-g , Uni Despair 100.63 Seva Restaurant 25 (J)Z Anonymous 100 Hart Productions 25

Dawn Treader Book Shop 100 , Le Minotaure Art Gallery 25
Marvin Felheim Award $500 £~
Jay Friedman 100 Rainbow Produc1ions 25
Best Local Filmmaker !:!l:!i
Harvey's Place, Inc. 100 Barry Bergin 25
Marvin Felheim was one of the founders of ,~~

Grace & Wild Studios 100 Arial Associates 25 the Ann Arbor Film Festival. As a film scholar : ~ill Afterwords 100 Cibachrome Specialists at the University of Michigan, his wisdom and .!l1;g John Nelson & Deborah Gaydos 100 Sue Gooding 25 strength guided the Festival for seventeen ~~
Bruce Freund 100 Studio B 25 laBour Foundation for Non-Institutional Living 100 Bob Foran Photography 25
years. Both benefactor and critic, Marvin was o~
Alan Blomquist 100 Joe Arcure 25
our friend. His contributions to the festival are z:t
Ira Konigsberg 100 Neighborly Rencraft Design 25 commemorated by this annual award. ~m
Dan Waldron 75 Gil Barco Feed & Grain 25 Keith Clark We Loved You 75 Art Enthusiast John & Ruth Kerr 25 Lawrence Kasdan Award $500 .
Entry 75 Never Been & Ain't Goin 20 Best Narrative Film Loose Tubes Video 75 Hill Street Cinema

The Festival is pleased to have the support Lawther/Graff No Violence Award 52 Dude of a filmmaker who got his start in Ann Arbor.
Suwanne Springs Leather 50 All prize money is raised within the community Frank Beaver 50
and goes directly to the filmmakers. If youJim Freudenberg 50 Mr. Kasdan .
This is an annual award endowed by would like to contribute to the prize fund for
Schoolkids Records 50 the 29th Ann Arbor Film Festival, to be held
Wazoo Used Records 50 Peter Wilde Award $500 PJ's Used Records 50 March 19-24,1991, send your tax-deductible Most Innovative Film Perry Innes 50 donation to: Ann Arbor Film Festival This new annual award honoring Diana Raim 50 P.O. Box 8232 Peter Wilde will go towards the film that most The Del Rio 50 Ann Arbor, MI 48107
respects the integrity of the proJ'ected im~age. Sammy Gottlieb 50
Sheldon Cohn 50 George Fisher 50
T H A N K Best Documentary Award $500 'G' Forrest Alter 50
~ Uberty Films 50 Best Experimental Award $500 Adrians Screenprint 50 Ellen Wilt 50
B:imation Award $500.,.,/':t • Glenn & Teresa.g 50 _

10-17-88 Ross Lipman 11 3-FOLD Stephen Mead 6 4942 COLLINS AVE. Destry Dorro 6 A BROKEN HORSE Michael Cahill 23 A DAY WITH SARAH Rebecca Foster 20 A FEMINIST FILM Anne Chamberlain 1 A METAMORPHOSIS IN LOGIC Brady Lewis 7.5 A PART HATE Millicent Shelton 7 A PIECE OF SKIN Katherine Enos 7 A STACK OF BLACK CATS Lynne Merrick 40 A WALK IN THE PARK Jon Lovis 5 : ABATOIR Whitney Ransick 8 ~.
ABOUT JOE Carol Davis 26 ADAGIO Tim Chu 30 ADRIAN AND THE TANGO TROLLS Mary K. Demmy 11 ALL THE DUCKS ARE ON THE POND • Greg McDonald 7 AN URBAN TRAGEDY Wendell Morris 9 APRIL THE 15th Harriette Yahr 5 ART MOVIE Mike Westphal 3.5 BALLYHOO BABY Paul Young , Jacqueline Stansbury 30 BARRIERS Scott Whitney 9 BEDROOM DRAWERS Jacqueline Garry 19 BEETHOVEN MACHINERY David Brody 5 BERTOLT Edwin James Lynch 16 BIRTHRIGHT Lynn Wegenka 60 BLIND SPOT Robert Palumbo 30 BOHOTZ: HIS FIRST ADVENTURE Maria Demeter 20 BROKEN WEEKEND Mike Walker 15 BUILDING BOMBS Mark Mori, Susan Robinson 55 BUNDLE OF JOY Chris Fay, JeH Pierson 11 . . . BUT WHATEVER HAPPENED TO EVE? Robert Daniel Flowers 11 CACOPHONY David Bertman 5 CAPTAIN RESOLUTION GODWORTH: ~ STORYTELLER JeHrey Domm 20 .' CLOWNING AROUND Craig Sanioti 14 ' , CREEP Danny Plotnick 3 CURED Keoni Waxman 11 DAMES ADRIFT Lisa Patten 18
ENDYMION & SELENE Trtela GarCia 6 ' EVERY DAY IS A BEAUTIFUL DAY Miguel Arteta 14 EXPUBADENCE Howard S. Nicoll 14 EYE REMEMBER Sarah W. Shanley 14 FINDER Scott H. Jones 10.5 FLUX Matthew Zacharias 3 FOR DANCERS Bridget A. Murnane 17 FOUR BEARS Michelle Madison 18 FRAGMENTS Paula Fairtield 7 FRIENDLY WITNESS Warren Sonbert 32 FRIENDS Yuii Oniki 7 FUTILITY Greta Snider 9 GAME POINT JeHrey Conlon 19 GHOST DANCE Anthony Venezia 6 GOD'S BONES Link Yaco 8 GREEN TEA & CHERRY RIPE Solrun Hoaas 56 GROWING UP IN AMERICA Morley Markson 81 HALCYON Daniel Goldberg 3.3 HAROLD AND HIROSHI Edward Askinazi 41 HIMMEL Kyle Bergersen 9 HUGE HUGE SALT SHIPMENT Sally Mendzela 19 HUNTERS IN THE SNOW Kevin Hanson 40 I SCREAM Mindy J. Cele 12 IN MEMORIAM Claud ia Looze 28 IN SOME PLACE NICE Ellen Goldwasser 16 IN-BETWEEN Michael J. Borman , Jr. 8.5 INHERITANCE Joseph M. Giegerich 20 INSIDE-OUT Chris Breitling 8 INSPIRATION Norberto Petrello 18 IT ALL COMES OUT IN THE WASH Tim Wessel, Chris Regan 8 J P SOMERSAULTER'S DOT TO DOT CARTOON
Ju~~i~r;.6·T~~~tsW~&E~0~e~~~~:;h lher 78 KINO TRIPTYCH Lisa Smith 7 KITSCH Irene Piazza 8.5 KONRAD LORENZ: GENESIS OF A GENIUS Bernd Loetsch 60 LAMB CHOPS Harriette Yahr 1 LANDSCAPES Francesca Talenti 38 LIFE COULD BE WORSE Ron Rosen 18
LIFTING Pamela Simon 12

MY SHADOW Gall Hayes Snedden 3 NARCISSUS Sheldon SchiHer 7.5 NEW AGE, NEW MAN Tobias Churton 56 NIGHT CREATURES Ted Piwowar 3 OH CHRISTMAS TREE Douglas Waller 8 ON A VERY VIOLET NIGHT IN THE APPARTEMENTS DAPHNE Joe Balass 20 ONE NIGHT Sheldon SchiHer 16 OPEN ALL NITE Stuart Gelzer 5.5 OUTRAGEOUS TAXI STORIES Joe Berlinger 25 PAR 3 Marsha Moore/Lilly Ann Boruszkowski 14 PAR KING George Spyros 24 PASSING THROUGH Mark LaFoy 27.5 PETITES Harriette Yahr 1.5 PHENOMENMALL Jill Shinefield 10 PHOTOPLAY Walter Pinkston 115 PICKLED HEARTS Doug Abel 17 POST-MODERN DAYDREAM Larry Kless 3 PRELUDE James Spione 28 PRIMARIES Linda Tadic 4 PRIVATE PROPERTY CONRAD/SCAF Films 6 PROGRESS BY SMALL STEPS Vilma Gregoropoulos 10 RE-ENTRY Carl E. Brown 68 READING BETWEEN THE LINES Martha Davis 36 RED, YELLOW AND BLUE Jurg Simon 1.5 REFLETIONS Martin Hudson 13 RELEASE Elan Milkes 18 REMBRANDT LAUGHING Jon Jost 100 REMEMBER WHEN Greg McDonald,
David Theverkan 8 ~ RESTLESS Damon Skinner 27 ~ \-I RHYTHMS OF THE HEART iii
RI~t5:7s~~reg~~~~C~ 43 t. ,.." RIVER Philip HoHman 15 I ~ L ROAST SUCKLING David Jacobson, K ~ ~. Wolfgang Held 23 ~: !+ ROPE OF BLOOD Gordon Dahlquist, :A Ii Gregg Osborn 76 ~ -~ ROUTED David Ulendorff 29 -4 , , SCHNURZ AND SCHORZ • ~. '"
Tassilo and Sebastian Dellers 4 =
SECOND SON Charles Evans, Jr. 29 IS';' SELECTED SCENES Suzanne Boucher 17 ,,~. SELF SERVE Daniel Simon 32

TARMAC WIND Frederic Cassidy 19 THANKSGIVING Michael Seth Wolfson 29 THE BIG GAME HUNTERS Dennis Przywara 3 THE BLACK VEIL Glenn Warner, Dan Murphy 15 THE BUG Sheila Smart 3 THE CLAPSTICK Greg McDonald 5 THE DISTRIBUTION OF LEAD Charles libin 83 THE DONOR Gregory Kiefer 16 THE FLORA FADDY FURRY DANCE DAY Richard Philpott 10 THE GHOST Sharon Ashcraft 8 THE HENRY SOLUTION Portia Iverson 19.5 THE HOUSEKEEPER Brett Thompson, Ian Gooding, Doug Walker 6 THE INTERVIEW Henry Stanny 19 THE LAST FIVE HOURS Donald Bull 27 THE LEOPARD FROG Paul Jantzen 4 THE LOST ARMY Susan Todd, ~ Ned Johnston 58 ('_ -111_.. THE OBELISK Melinda Garey 21 THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOON Mickey Lemle 87 THE PASSION OF GOOSE EGG TUFFY · Ted White 11 THE PATH OF SILENCE Celine Bissonnette 10 THE PICTURE FOUNTAIN Ernest Marrero 10 THE RED VASE Jackie Rubin 8.5 THE REEL CANDIDATE Scott Loughrey 16 THE SCIENTIFIC GIRL Kim Derko 18 THE SEMBLANT John P. Crossley 29 THE TRUTH Steve Bade 9 THE UNKNOWN MUSEUM Joseph Perl 13 THE VIOLENT GARDEN Ford Evanson 45 THE WATER MAN Robert Castle 29 THE YELLOW FILM Rosie Vanek 3 THERE, THAT, THEM Robert King 4 THIS LIFE James Boyd 18 THREAD THE NEEDLE Billy Kent 20 THRESHOLD Beth S. Morris 19 TOMORROWS IN OUR POCKET Phillip Albert 24 TRACKS Rupert Nadeau 22 TWO BONEHEADS Matthew Harrison 27 TWO SEASONS Peter Shushtari 11 TYPIST IN TROUBLE Matt Ratalsky 15 UNFINISHED BUSINESS Mike DeVito 29)UNICORN Bonnie Stark Easterbrook 7.5
DASTARDLY DEEDS AND INSOLUBLE ACTS Taka limura 16 SIC TRANSIT Hal Marshall 7 UNTITLED Greg Babiuk 15 Micheal Kaplan 11 MANIC DENIAL Hal Rucker 10.5 SISTER GROUCHO Susanne Franzel, UNTITLED 1987 Barry Hershey 6 DELTA DUSK Stev'nn Hall 32 MANY WONDER Craig Lowy 41 ~.•• Jochen Ehmann 29 UNTITLED #3 Kenny Krauss 3
• DESIRE'S EDGE Nick Diaz 14 MECHANICS Carl Wiedemann 9 SLIPPAGE Patti Bruck 35 VISIBLE MAN Jerome Cook 5 DIZZY HEART Malcolm Cecil and Sylvie Page 15 MEDITATIONS ON A SUICIDE SMILE DANTE Marc PaSillas, VISITOR'S GUIDE Diarmuid Cenway, DOORS AND DOORS THAT SLAM Stephen Jay Schwartz 24 Michael Saniat 14 Shannon McFarlane 21 Prunella Vulgaris 5 MISCONCEPTIONS Bob Leeburg 24 So' Lo Annette Goliti 10 WAS Mike Hoolboom 15 DRAGON LEVY Shay Schwarzman 19.5 MOTEL RANGER Dennis Frank 70 STONES OFF HOLLAND Richard Philpott 8.5 WATERLUST Miklos Holmes Wright 10 DREAM CITY Steven Siegel 25 MOZZARELLA Carey Rothman 24 STORY OF E Marilyn Kiang 20 WHISPERS OF DARKNESS Jurg Simon 4.5 DREAMS FROM CHINA Fred Marx 30 MR. GLENN W. TURNER STRAWBERRY WINE Scott Cellins 16 WILDWOOD NIGHTS Karin Kelly 29 EAT THE KIMONO Claire Hunt, Heather Clary McAdams 8 SUBMITIING Craig Schlattmann 18 WORDS KILL Dan McLaughlin 9 Kim Longinotto 60 MY FIELD OF FLOWERS Carlos Maria Bruno 27 SUMMER BIRDS Takeo Hon 18 WRESTUNG Elizabeth House 4 ELLEN BANKS Ar Gartield 6 MY NAME IS ANNA Ersi Danou 15 SWIMMING SONG Stacey Cele 2.5
The Ann Arbor Film Festival would like to thank
the following individuals and businesses whose generous
support has made this year's Festival possible.

Donations for Operations:

Department of Communications Film Projection Service Dayringer Bakery 4th Avenue Food Coop A&L Wine Shop #3 Andrew's Anytime Catering Environmental Research Institute Mindell's PharmaGY O&W Distributors Cheesecake, Inc. Big Market Kilwins Chocolate Russell Video Services
Program in Film and Video Studies
The Campus Inn Casey's Tavern Monahan's Fish Market Quality Bar
Say Cheese Cheesecakes
Angelo's Frog Holler

Wildflour Bakery Packard Food Coop
The Bagel Factory
Ascione Produce
Shady Tree Service
The Screening Committee would like to thank the following restaurants
for the best food in town:
, " ~ Geppetto's Pizza Red Hot Love;s ,

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