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40th Ann Arbor Film Festival Program

Ann Arbor Film Festival
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Ann Arbor Film Festival
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Congratulations to the Ann Arbor Film
Festival for showcasing independent
and experimental films for 40 years.

Remember, we're here to help the independant
filmmaker in any way that we can.

(Except money. We don't have any money.)

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As the oldest festival of experimental film in the United States, the Ann Arbor Film Festival is a showplace for independent and experimental 16mm film. Founded in 1963 at the University of Michigan School of Art by filmmaker/artist George Manupelli, the festival is now independent of the university, and continues to cater to independent works by film artists under the direction of Festival Director Vicki Honeyman As the premiere festival of 16mm independent & experimental film, the Ann Arbor Film Festival exists to provide a worldwide public forum for 16mm film screenings, to encourage and showcase independent & experimental film artists, to promote film as art, and to offer educational outreach. High-quality projection is also a priority. We appreciate the state-of-the-art facilities provided by the Michigan Theater and its staff.
The festival received a total of 440 films this year. Each film was viewed by a five-member Screening Committee, who selected the films being shown in the main auditorium and the screening room during festival week. Committee members are chosen for their respect for and knowledge of independent and experimental film, as well as for their commitment to the Ann Arbor Film Festival's goals. Members of this year's Screening Committee are Ken Bawcom, Ross Ewing, Vicki Honeyman, Linda Kendall, Peter Knox (& Abbie and Lucy).
Because the amount of film entered exceeds the available public screening time, not every film can be programmed into the festival week screening, though every film entered is in competition. Film entries arrived from all over the world: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, England, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, Scotland, Singapore, Slovenia, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and all around the United States. Films are chosen for the festival program based on their overall qualities of creativity, technical expertise, and artistic expression. The length of films programmed varies from one minute to two hours. Every show has a mix of every genre submitted, including experimental, animation, documentary, personal documentary, and narrative.
The festival also includes seminars, panel discussions, and additional screenings in the theater's screening room. Programs of films centered around themes are making it possible to include more entries into the schedule. Programs of other media are broadening the festival's inclusion of media artists (these programs are not in consideration for awards).

The Ann Arbor Film Festival is supported by kind and generous members of the Ann Arbor community who donate money, food, time, and in-kind assistance. Festival operations are funded by filmmaker entry fees, ticket sales, memberships, dollars contributed by local businesses and friends and supporters from around the U.S, as well as by grant and sponsorship funds. The Ann Arbor Film Festival is a non-profit organization that is organized by one full-time, one half-time, and an enormous staff of volunteers. A board of directors oversees activities.
This year's festival is dedicated to Founding Director George Manupelli and his vision, which we will honor throughout Festival week.

Festival Director Managing Assistant Director Board ofDirectors
Board ofAdvisors
Screening Committee
Webmaster Graphic Artist Ad/Sponsorship Sales Volunteer Coordinator Interns
Tech Director Box Office Manager House Manager Fimmaker Check-in Manager Theater Decorations/Installations Silent Auction Coordinator Gala Committee Marketing Assistant Screening Room Facilitator Judge's Brunch Coordinator Ticket & Slide Design Newsletter Editor Newsletter Graphic Designer Festival Handyman Michigan Theater Projection &Stage Staff
Extra Special Thanks
Extra Extra Special Thanks
Festival Poster Illustrations About the Poster Graphics Vicki Honeyman Chrisstina Hamilton Bruce Baker, Frank Beaver, Steve Bergman, Barbara Brown, David Gatten, Denny Hayes, Edie Herrold, Jim Kruz & Joe Tiboni Ken Burns, Bonny Dore, Lawrence Kasdan, Alison LaTendresse, Deanna Morse, Leighton Pierce & Jay Rosenblatt Ken Bawcom, Ross Ewing, Vicki Honeyman, Linda Kendall & Peter Knox Willie Northway Pamela Waxman! if the shoe fits ... graphic design Amy Grambeau Lisa Park Matt Anderson, Margeret Clevenstine, Jennifer Langel, Jeff Olson, Agnieszka Palarz, Sultan Sharrief, Erin Watkins, Kyle Wilamowski & Abbie Wisdom Dan Bruell Erika Weise Rob Fagerlund Bonnie Dede Esther Kirshenbaum, Leslie Raymond & Noel Stupek Barbara Brown Connie Crump, Monique Deschaine & Val Mangual Sue Wilts Keith Arnold Sue Webster Dan Bruell Barbara Brown Jocelyn Edin Mike Woodruff Rick Berthelot, Dan Bruell, Walter Bishop, Scott Clarke, Art McViccar, Scott McWhinney, Jim Pyke & Frank Uhle Bruce Baker, Ann Arbor Alarms (always happy to receive film deliveries), Carolyne "Ms. Mailperson", Paul "Mr. UPS" and Ken "Mr. Fed X", Dan Bruell, Susan Wineberg & Lars Bjorn, John Hilton, Firefly Club: Susan Chastain & as always, the customers of Vicki's Wash & Wear Haircuts for their understanding & patience. Gordon White for his many years stuck in the box office as Box Office Coordinator Suzie Kelsey/ if the shoe fits ... graphic design Self-portraits, 1996, by Suzie Kelsey, oil pastel on construction paper. Ms. Kelsey produced an unsparing series of self-portraits following a diagnosis ofleukemia in 1995. In the work, she drew particular attention to how her physical features had changed as a result of both the disease and its treatment. Suzie Kelsey died July, 2000, at the age of 28.
Posterers, Ushers, Box Office, Art &Happy Hospitality Volunteers
Barbara Annis, Scott Arnold, Bria Bergman, Christine Blaine, Dan Boujoulian, Alixandra Bums, Tony Diaz, Beth Doane, Pascalle Dugay, Jubilee Dugay, Jocelyn Edin, Leslie Field, Lauren Freedman, Lynn Freeland, Elise Freimuth, Elizabeth Gasper, Ariela Gitten, Sarah Grady, Ariela Green, Ariel Grosshuesch, Annie Hammel, Max Harris, Kim Hartman, Allie Hlazaty, Amanda Hoebemeyer, Jeanne Horvath, Larry Horvath, Bianca Houston, Helga Hover, Ryan Johnson, Kiarri Kershaw, Elizabeth King, Yael King, Andrea Krantz, Frannie Laks, Paul Lambert, John Lang, Amira Marion, Mavoumeen Marion, Tim Malik, Graham Mason, Kathy McGauley, Colin Miller, Jode Millman, Dax Monta, Ruchika Muchala, Zack Napier, Tom Newton, Roland Neynaber, Beth Parsons, Mauree Peabody, Nicole Pearce, Millie Piazza, Jennifer Reinhart, Jeff Richardson, Maggie Roltsch, Sarah Rubin, Lily Rushlow, Michelle Sauve, Carolyn Schilling, Ann Schultz, Pam Schwarzmann, Vonda Shadigian, Adam Steel, Phyllis Stillman, Dan Stratton, Birgit Swanson, Jessica Sysek, Ben Toby, Kathy Toby, Lindsay Trapnell, Patty Turpen, David Victor, Rose Wedal, Shannon White, Alyssa Wood, Stephanie Wooten, & Ryan Yingling

Bruce Baker
Frank Beaver Steve Bergman, Barbara Brown
David Gatten
Denny Hayes,
Edie Herrold

Jim Kruz Joe Tiboni
Ken Burns Bonny Dore Lawrence Kasdan Alison LaTendresse Deanna Morse Leighton Pierce Jay Rosenblatt
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The Board of Directors is delighted to welcome everyone to the 40th anniversary party being held to celebrate the films, the individuals who make them, the people who labor diligently to bring the party to all of us, the past directors who set the Festival in motion forty years ago and everyone who will be part of this, our 40th birthday. The Board especially thanks the director, her assistant and the welcome energy of many volunteers, performers, artists, contributors, sponsors and the Michigan Theater. All played parts in the production which will make this a Festival and party to remember.
The 40th Anniversary of the Ann Arbor Film Festival, or any milestone like it, owes debts to many who nurtured, cajoled or pushed it forward over the years. The past 15 years reflects the prodigious and relentless energy of our Director, Vicki Honeyman, whose efforts have made the Festival the film landmark event of its kind. We are also delighted to welcome the founder and the others directors of the Festival who have returned to celebrate the occasion with us.
The Board is also happy to welcome sponsors, new and old. This year's prizes include the first Ken Burns Award of $3,000 for Best of Festival. The award honors this Ann Arbor native who has generously committed to supporting the Festival's continuing pursuit of excellence in film and imagination. The Board is happy to welcome other award sponsors including Michael Moore who, besides continuing his award for Best Documentary, will be here to contribute his personal energy and effort to the celebration. As always, the Board is deeply appreciative of the sponsors of awards, the Festival sponsors, the generous grants from the NEA, Michigan Council of the Arts, the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences and others too numerous to mention individually whose contributions form the economic backbone around which the Festival is built. We are grateful to the noteworthy support of the De Varti family whose endowment this year highlights the depth of community support that nourishes the Festival. Thank you all.
This year's Festival promises to set a new standard for scope and breadth of its films and live performances. We'll have reviews of historic and seminal films from Andy Warhol and others and host a pre-release screening of Jodie Foster's new film, Dangerous Lives ofAltar Boys. Personal appearances by Oscar winner John Nelson and a rare return visit by performance artist Pat Oleszko in too many roles to mention will contribute to the celebration. The list goes on and we're proud to be part of it.
Finally, the 40th anniversary of the Festival reaffirms our commitment to filmmakers and their art in all its forms. We welcome the Festival's traditional contributors and supporters and as always, we extend its stage to their new, innovative, fresh contributions to film, fun and art.
The week promises much and will deliver more than promised. You'll see films that will engage you, enrage you maybe and entertain with their audacity, perception, humor and whimsy. There aren't enough adjectives to describe what you'll see and experience. Welcome to the party. Enjoy~
Ann Arbor Film Festival Board of Directors
For the past month I've been talking to filmmakers and film¥goers, with one specific message: this is the year to come to the Ann Arbor Film Festival!
Ten years ago, to celebrate the Festival's 30th anniversary, we held a 4-day conference, 30 Years and Beyond: A Celebration of Independent and Experimental Film. This year, in honor ofour 40th anniversary, we decided to spend an entire week celebrating our history and presence in the independent film community, as well as recognizing a few seminal and/or emerging artists.
How we're celebrating is as important as what we're showing. The work we're offering in the Sidebar Programs may not be available in this area for years ... or ever again. The programs Craig Baldwin, Alison laTendresse, and Lux Mundi have curated represent young artists who may be putting their current work in the closet as they continue to develop. Though Andy Warhol can't be here on the festival stage to repeat his 1966 premiere performance ofthe EPI, Warhol expert Branden Joseph joins us to discuss the piece and its importance in Warhol-and Ann Arbor Film Festival-history.
Chrisstina and I are both filled with pride to share with you the Festival's legacy. Since the end ofthe 39th Festival, we have labored to bring you an incredible assortment ofwork and talent for you to fill up on. We appreciate of all who've made it possible.
The really big deal for us is a woman who used to grace the festival stage in its early days ofthe 60s and early 70s -the queen of the festival, Pat Oleszko. Pat's being here is reason enough to throw a party and to celebrate the Festival's 40th year. It is such an honor to have Pat back on stage, as well as to have her judging entries all week long with filmmakers and friends ofthe Festival, Jay Rosenblatt and Chel White.
There are many other special people to note who have worked really hard to help organize the Festival. This year I feel even more indebted to those people who came through for me and for the Festival. I wish to point them out and thank them.
Chrisstina Hamilton, Managing Assistant Director ofthe Festival, operates on an energy level that would send most to the hospital for needed rest. Her love ofand commitment to the Festival equals mine. She has done a fabulous job since arriving on our scene, and deserves recognition for her stamina. Chrisstina is my star and, though we can't always work in the same room together, at the end ofthe day, preferably over martinis, our friendship remains strong.
Willie Northway, the Festival's Webmaster, deserves ten rounds of applause. Receiving no stipend or salary, Willie has devoted endless hours to improving, perfecting, and updating our webpage. I've learned that this is a full-time position, and Willie is all over it with a smile and a twinkle in his eye. Thank you so very much for creating what I feel has become a top-notch professional and useable webpage, complete with a shopping cart, thanks to Willie and our webhost Diamond Bullet.
More applause please for Pamela Waxman, who, like Willie, has devoted countless hours to creating the Festival's graphic images this year, with not one, but two designs for the 40th. Fabulous isn't a big enough word for Pamela's clever popcorn box gala invites -too too wonderful! Pamela, I apologize publicly for all those last minute, past deadline requests, but you did all of it so well and made it seem so effortless.
As you're reading this program book, please notice the display ads in the back and the list ofsponsors whose support has made this year's festival possible. Huge thanks and recognition go to Amy Grambeau, the Festival's Director ofSales, who managed that feat with amazing professionalism, and with a personality and charm that sponsors couldn't

What's a non-profit organization without its volunteers? No where. Volunteer Coordinator Lisa Park understands that, and with her energetic and contagious pitch, manages to excite over 100 people to volunteer. Lisa had to chose between escaping to California or sticking around to marshall the troops again this year. She chose the later because she loves the Festival, and because she's totally ace at the job. Thank you and thank you again!
Lots more people have given their talents and time to the Festival. I particularly appreciate the efforts ofthe members ofthe volunteer staff who have worked with me for many of my 15 years as director. The year-to-year consistency that you bring helps the show continue to run smoothly. Thanks for your devotion to the Festival and your eagerness to return: Mike Woodruff, Bruce Baker, Gari Stein, Rob Fagerlund, Bonnie Dede, Esther Kirshenbaum, Linda Kendall, Peter Knox, Dan Bruell, Barbara Brown, Sue Webster and especially Ken Bawcom for his sincere generosity and love ofthe festival.
Special thanks to Leslie Raymond for putting on her own festival within the Festival this year, Lux Mundi, which can be seen all around town this week with installations, film and video screenings, and even a fire-eating multi-media happening.
Thank you as well to my friend John Nelson for taking time from his busy production schedule to be a part ofthis year's celebration. John and I worked on the Festival together in the mid 70s. Each March I know he wishes he could be here in Ann Arbor for festival week. Welcome back, John, and kudos for succeeding in your goal to be awarded your own Oscar.
Deep gratitude and condolences to the DeVarti family, who knew their father Dominick would wish to bequeath an endowment to the Festival in hopes of maintaining the festival's financial security through the next 20 years. Dominick was a close friend of Festival folks in the 60s and 70s, when founding director George Manupelli and friends would hold fort at Casa Dominick's after-hours of Festival screenings. We appreciate the family's recognition ofthat special relationship.
Thank you to the NEA and Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs and to our many sponsors, donors, members, and friends who wish the Festival well by granting us funds and continuing to make donations to our event. We couldn't survive without you. Huge thanks also to University of Michigan interns Matt Anderson, Margaret Clevenstine, Jen Langel, Jeff Olson, Agneiszka Palarz, Sutlan Sharrief, Kyle Wilamowski and Abbie Wisdom who've worked with me in the office all year and made the day-to-day job a little less stressful. You are all angels and you know it!
Not taking any ofyou for granted, I thank all the filmmakers for continuing to produce works in 16mm and for caring so much for this festival. Your thank you notes always offer me a sweet reminder about why Ann Arbor is what it is, and why it must continue to cater to 16mm film artists. Thank you for entering this year and for making this our best year yet.
All ofyou who are with us this week, please know how fortunate you are to have this unique occasion to take in all this talent and important work that we've gathered together. I'm honored to have the opportunity to bring it to you.
Vicki Honeyman

A few years ago, my husband Dan and I were speaking with William Farley after a screening of one of his films at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. We complimented him on a previous film, "Citizen" and mentioned that we had seen it many years earlier at the Ann Arbor Film Festival. Surprised that we were familiar with his work, he asked us if we made films ourselves.
To date, the answer is no, but our attendance at the Ann Arbor Film Festival over the last 15-25 years has exposed us to the work of countless experimental and documentary filmmakers from all over the world. When we moved from Ann Arbor to San Francisco in 1988, we anticipated that we would see more of these types of films on a regular basis. Many of the films shown at Ann Arbor come out of the fertile film community in San Francisco.
True, there is a wealth of experimental and independent films made and shown in the Bay Area. But we still journey back to Michigan in March. The tradition of the Festival, its atmosphere, and the Ann Arbor community that embraces it -these ingredients make the experience truly unique.
The programming at the Ann Arbor Film Festival keeps the audience interested, and at times, guessing. A difficult subject may precede something light. Documentaries or narrative films are often programmed alongside of non¥narrative pieces. This could contribute to the fact that the Festival attracts an audience that goes beyond the filmmaking community itself. And over the years this audience has come to know the complete works of many talented filmmakers.
Thanks to the Festival I have grown to love the films of Leighton Pierce, Mike Hoolboom, Richard Myers, Claire Dannenbaum, Bill Brown, Martin Arnold, the late Warren Sonbert and so many others. I'll never forget the haunting "Where is Memory" by Chris Gallagher, or Jeff Scher's lyrical "Milk of Amnesia". Will I see any more work by Nancy Andrews, who's whimsical "Hedwig Page, Seaside Librarian" was shown in last year's 39th annual festival?
Only time will tell. The film festival and its audience have grown up together. In between shows, there are lively discussions in the aisles and in front ofthe theater. While opinions on individual films may differ, the audience shares an enthusiasm that keeps them coming back for more.
Looking back over my collection of festival programs, I have scribbled a word or two next to film titles in an effort to remember something about them, like "garment workers", "father dying" or "Ross McElwee-style". Sometimes I wrote down a single line from a film or made a note of music used in the soundtrack. Films that I found noteworthy are starred or highlighted. In 1992, I highlighted 85% of the films listed.
15 years ago, the Festival program was one legal-sized sheet of paper printed on both sides. In recent years it has become a 60-page book listing workshops, seminars, panel discussions, and a multitude of sponsors. The amazing growth that the Festival has enjoyed under the helm of Director Vicki Honeyman cannot be overlooked. In a climate where funding for the arts is continually threatened, I applaud Ms. Honeyman for her tireless efforts to broaden both financial and creative support for the film festival.
Regardless of the size of the program, come the second week of March you can find me seated in the darkened Michigan Theater making notes in the margins of mine.
Vicki Engel
The Awards Jury is composed of internationally recognized filmmakers, artists, and critics who are dedicated to
independent and experimental film as an art form. The juror's function is to view all entries programmed into the public
film screenings and to distribute the awards money. Decisions regarding awards and the distribution of prize monies are
the prerogative of the Awards Jury; its decisions are final. In addition, jurors present their own work or a curated program
on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 3:00 pm (see FILM PROGRAM 2002 for details).

Performantz and multi-media artist Pat Oleszko "wears" spectacles for better visions.
Known as the Ms Tricks of Dese Guise, she has a large body -of work -which
includes many unnatural acts. Utilizing elaborate costume and props, she has
created lithe performances, films, installations that a-dress trees, knees, elephants,
breasts, butts and index fingers, and assordid special events with the cast-off
thousands. She has worked from the popular artforms of the street, party, parade,
and burlesque house, to the Museum of Modern Art, from Sesame Street Magazine
to Ms, Playboy, and Artforum. For her efforts she has received four NEAs, three
NYFAs, two CAPS, a DAAD to live in Brrrrlin, a BESSIE for Sustained
Achievement, the Guggenheim, two TONY nominations and the occasional evening
in jail. Recently, she not only spent a glorious year in Italy as a recipient of the
prestigious Rome Prize, but was also awarded detention at the Vatican for posing as
the Nincompope, forever pursuing the las' laugh.
JAY ROSENBLATT Jay Rosenblatt has been working as an independent filmmaker since 1980 and has completed fourteen films and two videos. He is a recent recipient of a Guggenheim and a Rockefeller Fellowship. His films have won many awards and have screened throughout the world. Most recently his films showed for one week at the Film Forum in NY and in theaters in San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Boston and Cleveland. Articles about his work have appeared in the Sunday NY Times Arts & Leisure section, the LA Times, the NY Times, Filmmaker magazine, the Village Voice, and The Independent. Many of his films explore our emotional and psychological cores. He has taught filmmaking at the College of San Mateo and Stanford University. He is originally from Brooklyn and in a former life worked as a therapist.

Chel White began his film work in experimental animation, creating a series of films that explore the interplay of sound and image. These early works play with the juxtaposition of musical structure and visual rhythm, and are distinctly non¥narrative. In recent years Chel's films have gravitated towards narrative work that reveals his own off-center perspective. Consistently defying categorization, his work explores obsession, alienation, fetishism, transcendence, dreams, and childhood memories. In much of his work, White draws on the tension between modern industrial culture and the needs of the human soul. Yet many of his films, both old and new, are darkly humorous with a whimsical spirit. The South Carolina Arts Commission called Chel White's films, "unpredictable journeys through obsession and allegory, where the individual is at the center of his insights."
From Sundance to Berlin, the short films of Chel White have been shown in film
festivals all over the world, and recognized with many awards. Over the past 20
years, seven of his films have screened at Ann Arbor.

A total of $18,000 in cash prizes is awarded by the awards jurors, including the following annual named awards:

THE KEN BURNS AWARD FOR BEST OF FESTIVAL $3,000 This top festival award was established to recognize the filmmaker with the most outstanding entry.The award honors the film that best represents the artistic and creative standards ofthe FestivaL It is sponsored by documentary filmmaker Ken Bums, who graduated from Ann Arbor's Pioneer High School in 1971. The Ann Arbor community is proud to have reared this influential cultural figure and patron ofindependent film.
THE EMPA WORK LIFE AWARD $1,200 Granted to the film that best addresses issues that pertain to working conditions, careers, the workplace, or employees. Employee Motivation & Performance Assessment sponsors this award as part ofits ongoing commitment to the simultaneous improvement of working conditions and profitability.

TOM BERMAN AWARD FOR MOST PROMISING FILMMAKER $1,000 Tom Berman was a University ofMichigan film student, an early supporter and a close friend ofthe Festival. This award, endowed by the Berman family, is given in Tom's memory and is intended to support a young filmmaker who the Awards Jury feels will make a significant contribution to the art offilm in the course of hislher filmmaking career.
SCREENING COMMITTEE'S CHOICE FOR NARRATIVE INTEGRITY $1,000 Granted to one filmmaker by the screening committee to ensure that a deserving entry has the opportunity to win multiple awards. The recipient is announced following the awards jurors announcement ofwinners.

Gus VAN SANT AWARD FOR BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM $1,000 Gus Van Sant's film career began in the early 80s, when he was making short experimental films that were awarded at the Ann Arbor Film FestivaL Mr. Van Sant is endowing this award to honor the film that best represents the use ofexperimental processes, forms, and topics.
LAWRENCE KASDAN AWARD FOR BEST NARRATIVE FILM $1,000 Endowed by Mr. Kasdan, who began his film career in Ann Arbor studying film at the University of Michigan, the award recognizes works which make use ofthe medium's unique ability to convey striking and original stories.
MICHAEL MOORE AWARD FOR BEST DOCUMENTARY FILM $ 1,000 Michael Moore gives back to the Festival what he received in inspiration from the hundreds offilms he's viewed over the years at the Festival. Proceeds from Roger and Me fund the award.
CHRIS FRAYNE AWARD FOR BEST ANIMATED FILM $1,000 In memory ofChris Frayne, a key participant in the Festival's early years, whose spirit and approach to life was reminiscent of his cartoon characters. The award has been endowed with the hope that his spirit will continue through the prize.
PRIX DEVARTI $1,000 In honor ofthe 40 year friendship between Dominick's and the Ann Arbor Film Festival, this award is in memory ofDominick and Alice DeVarti. The prize is awarded to the funniest film in the Festival.

16MM FILM STOCK + PROCESSING This award is given to the film that demonstrates the highest excellence and creativityin cinematography. Itis

presented in honor ofthe many independent filmmakers who have contributed to the success ofGrace & Wild's laboratory division, Film Craft Lab, over the last 25 years. Film Craft Lab has generously donated the processing cost of Kodak's film stock contribution -4,000 ft. of 16mm Eastman EXR Color Negative Film.
GRIOT EDITORIAL BEST EDITING AWARD $500 Griot Editorial, Grace & Wild's creative editorial boutique, funds this annual award for excellence in the art of film editing. The awards jurors shall grant this prize to a single film that demonstrates outstanding creativity and technical excellence in the art of motion picture editing.
LIBERTY STREET VIDEO AWARD FOR BEST GAy/LESBIAN FILM $500 Sponsored by Ann Arbor's alternative video rental store that promotes diversity and excellence in filmmaking. This award honors the film that best deals with gay/lesbian issues.

MICHIGAN VUE MAGAZINE AWARD FOR BEST MICHIGAN FILMMAKER $500 This award is intended to support and encourage the local filmmaking community by rewarding excellence in a Michigan¥produced film within any genre. Sponsored by metro Detroit¥based Michigan Vue Magazine, which is dedicated to promoting Michigan's film, video, and multi-media production industry.
DETROIT FILMMAKERS COALITION AWARD The member-based non-profit Detroit media arts center provides production support to the local independent filmmaking community. The award, which is intended for a Southeastern Michigan-based filmmaker, provides the recipient up to $1500 in waived rental fees for use towards production and post-production equipment from the DFC.

AUDIO AWARD FOR BEST SOUND DESIGN $500 AudiovisiowAmazing Audio, Inc. is the premiere location sound and staging production company for film, video, broadcasts, teleconferences, and all live events. The award is intended for the film that exhibits the best use ofsound design to further the creative intentions ofthe film.

DOUG WANDREI AWARD FOR BEST LIGHTING DESIGN $500 Doug Wandrei spent 50 years working in the Detroit production industry, wearing the hat ofevery technical position possible. Based on his passion for lighting he eventually chose a career as lighting director. This memorial award recognizes the most creative use oflighting in a film in which mood and atmosphere ofthe environment are greatly enhanced through lighting design.
PETER WILDE AWARD FOR MOST TECHNICALLY INNOVATIVE FILM $500 In memory ofthe Festival's friend Peter Wilde, who cared passionately about the projected image and was a technical wizard and master ofthe makeshift. The award honors the film that most respects the integrity ofthe projected image.
MARVIN FELHEIM SPECIAL JURY AWARD $500 Marvin Felheim was a film scholar at the University of Michigan and one ofthe founders ofthe Festival. The prize is awarded to a work offilm art that extends the range ofsubject matter traditionally dealt with in the film medium, while at the same time transcending standard genre categorization.
TIOS HOT & SPICY AWARD $500 Ann Arbor's Tios Restaurant has been serving up the spiciest salsa around since 1987. Interpretation of "red hot & spicy" is left to the judges discretion in determining allocation ofthis award, which can be given to any film, based on form, content, orflavor1
ISABELLA LIDDELL ART AWARD $400 A memorial award for the film that best deals with women's issues, created by friends ofIsabella Liddell who was a dear friend and long-time supporter ofthe Festival and practitioner ofthe arts.
HONORABLE MENTIONS $2,400 Remaining prize monies that are distributed at the awards jurors' discretion as honorable mentions to filmmakers deserving of recognition, support, and encouragement.

The Ann Arbor Film Festival is proud to acknowledge that this year's festival was made possible with grant support from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs and the National Endowment for the Arts. We also offer very special thanks to the corporations, businesses, organizations, and friends of the Festival listed below for their very generous
sponsorship and donations .

..micbiggn rormolfor


,"".,uI",1""..1 uffi,in

Qualltv Books al uncommonly Io\Irt prices

idea c~


1be Jarsest. mootároad weekly in metro Detroit






Detroit Public Radio

Ann Arbor Obstrutr

I} ¥

T-SH liT '11 NT E IIY

A total of$18,000 will be awarded in prize money at this year's festival. Prize donations go directly to filmmakers in the form of cash awards. Any remaining prize funds are applied to future festival awards. Our thanks to the individuals, organizations, and businesses listed below for generously donating to the prize fund. Our apologies to the people and
businesses who contributed prize donations after this program went to press.
Ken BurnsiFlorentine Films


Judy Kazis & Berman Family,
Lawrence & Mary Ellen Kasdan,
Michael Moore, Gus Van Sant,
Bruce Baker, and De Varti family

Mid America Cine Support,
Liberty Street Video,

Michigan Vue Magazine,
Tios Restaurant, Amazing Audio Inc., 630 Club, and Griot Editorial $400 Daniel Moerman
$300 LaBour Foundation for Non¥Institutional Living
$250 Denny Hayes, Arbor Springs Passing WaterAward, and Matt & Elizabeth Fedorchuk
$200 Frank & Gail Beaver, Kitty & Steven Kahn ,HGS Corporation, Tom Baird, Mark Hardin, and Harold Borkin & Adrienne Kaplan
$199-101 Mike Kuniavsky, Barry M. Miller, Walter Spiller, and George Fisher & Kari Magill $100 Roger Lane, Lars Bjorn & Susan Wineberg, John Caldwell & Susan Kalinowski, Peter Michalowski & Deanna Relyea, Jim Freudenberg, and Don & Kathryn Van Leeuwen
$50-25 PJ's Used Records, Fred LaBour, Steve & Heidi Herrell, Michigan Psychoanalytic Society of Ann Arbor
Others Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program, George & Katherine Frayne, Susan Warner & Wilde Family, Grace & Wild Studios, Detroit Filmmakers Coalition, and Kodak

Our BIG BIG thanks to the following businesses and individuals for supporting this year's festival by donating their goods, services, and expertise. We encourage our festival patrons to thank them by patronizing their businesses. Tell them you're
there because they support the Festival you love!
Russell Video Services Foto 1 John Lauter Action Rental Kolossos Printing Ann Arbor News Greenstreet Tree Care Adrian's Screenprint Bill Husted Access Productions Erin & David Watkins Goetzcraft Printers Robot Printing
Zanzibar Seva Restaurant BD's Mongolian Barbecue The Blue Nile Del Rio Bar
Peter Honeyman Sheila Jeffrey Ferguson & Widmayer, PC
Casa Dominick's
Monahan's Seafood Market Zingerman's Delicatessen Zingerman's Bakehouse Say Cheese Cheesecake Bakery Jefferson Market
Jeffrey Von Wald & Michael Levy Denny Hayes Bruce Baker Edie Herrold Alfonso Alvarez
Lisa Lemble Charlie Remsen
CART HOST Diamond Bullet
Big Ten Party Store!fommy York
o & W Distributing/Jim Wanty Leone Imports Silver Foam Distributing Company
Fabulous Foods
Del Rio Bar Zingerman's KenFood Bruce Baker
Michael Woodruff/Zone 5 Design

Jeff Charney Rick & Silvia Gans John Johnson Michael Lee Parsons Dave Greene

Ken Burns -Florentine Films State St. Area Association Lawrence & Meg Kasdan Bruce Baker City of Ann Arbor
Community Events Fund WADL-TV38 The Fox Kids Affiliate Josh Pokempner & Gretchen Gardner

The Ann Arbor Film Festival is a grass roots organization dedicated for the past 40 years to screening the very best in independent and experimental16mm film. One of the strengths of the Festival has always been the generous financial support it has received from its boosters. The festival's formal membership campaign serves as a way to recognize and acknowledge much appreciated, tax-deductible contributions. Putting on the Ann Arbor Film Festival is a year-round effort. The support is greatly appreciated.
Film Producers ($500+)
Jill McDonough & Greg Merriman
Myrna Jean Rugg &Richard Cronn
Film Celebrities ($250+)
Ruth Bardensteinl Burns Park Consulting Fred & Jeannie Birkhill Peter Drescher Gavin Eadie Jules Engel Adam Forslund & Eric Rasmussen Nancy LaTendresse
Film Heroes and Heroines ($100+)
Alfonso Alvarez
John Baird
Olga Bilakos
Clark Charnetski
Bowdy Copeland
Jill Donovan
John Dryden &Diana Raimi
Vicki Engel
Lou Glorie
Matt Graff
Mark & Terri Fisher
P.A. Hughes
Kutz, Inc.
Sandrine Martin
Rita Mitchell & Ed Steinman
Kostas Pappas
Diane Piepol
Martin Shackelford
Peter Sparling & John Gutoskey
Victor R. Volkman
Pam Schwarzmann
Gordon & Cheryl White
Ellen Wilt
Film Connoisseurs ($50+)
Alan Blomquist
Cary Cox
Robert Droppleman & Julie Weatherbee
Mark Hodeshl Downtown Home and Garden Hannah & Max Honeyman
Jan Krawitz
Susan Moiseev
Deanna Morse
Drusilla Scott
Robert &Elaine Sims
Mark Street & Lynne Sachs
Film Lovers ($25+) Fran Cowen Adler Peter Bauland Sam & Michelle Belin Joan Binkow Peter Brown Tony Buba Carrie Downes Jim Duesing East Lansing Film Festival Relah Eckstein Christie Gilchrist Zita Gillis Helen M. Graves Shelly Grifka George Kargilis Barbara Klutinis Evelyn &Albert Lerman David Lundin Norman T. Medley, Jr. Doug Mullkoff Anne & Fred Remley Molly Reno Ruth Reynolds Mary Rios Judy Schwartz Michelle Schwenkner Shirley Honeyman Sklar Jenny & Karl Smith-Davids Manohar Varakantham Joe Walters Erika Wease Phyllis Wright
Film Cameos ($10+ )
Rebecca M. Alvin
Barbara Hammer As an additional means of raising funds, the Ann Arbor Film Festival holds a benefit silent auction of donated art works and services during festival week. The silent auction is well-received by our patrons and enhances the Festival's tradition of artistic collaboration.

The auction begins Sunday, March 10 and ends at 9:00 pm on Sunday, March 17. It takes place in the upper lobby of the Michigan Theater. Bid cards are placed by each piece. Opening bids are 25 percent of the donated value of the artwork or service (as indicated on each bid card). To place a bid, write on the card your name, address, and phone numbers, and your bidding amount. Bids are to be raised in $10 minimum increments. Any bid over the donated value is tax¥deductible. Return to the Festival Sunday, March 17 at 9:00 pm to see if you are the winning bidder, at which time we would like you to make payment and pick up the piece. If you can't pick it up by Sunday, other arrangements can be made. However, the deadline to pick up and pay for the piece is March 31, at which point you will forfeit your bid to the next highest bidder, whom we will contact.
We appreciate the generosity of the following artists, businesses, and community members who have donated their art work and services for this auction. Other items may have come in after the program was printed, thus their names won't be listed here.
Valerie Mangual Ann Arbor Lisa Marra Ann Arbor Robin Mendenhall Ann Arbor Michigan Theater Ann Arbor Ken Mikolowski Ann Arbor Jim Mimnaugh Ann Arbor Denny &Monique Deschaine Al Dente Pasta Ann Arbor Anne Moray Ann Arbor Renee Mueller, Voila Ann ArborCharles Aimone Taylor MI Marge Pacer Ann ArborChris Roberts-Antieu Manchester MI Lisa Powers Ann ArborLeland Austin Ann Arbor Terri Sarris Ann ArborJulie Bedore Ann Arbor Greg Sobran Ann ArborBarbara Brown Ann Arbor Lisa Steichmann Ann ArborJean Buescher Ann Arbor Claudette Stern Ann ArborHelen Bunch Ann Arbor Debbie Thompson Ann ArborLori Burkall Ann Arbor True Gems Ann ArborCathy &Gary Catania, Vesuvius Art Gallery Glenn MI Richard & Raven Tuttle, Saguaro Rare Plant Nursery Ann ArborMartha Claus Ann Arbor Robin Vincent Ann ArborLynda Cole Ann Arbor Graceann Warn Ann ArborNancy & Brad Cross, Harmony Hollow Ann Arbor Margo West Ann ArborJill Damon, 16 Hands Ann Arbor Ellie White Ann ArborCynthia Davis Ann Arbor Ann Whitney Ann ArborTrish DeBoer, Deboer Gallery Ann Arbor Philip Wilson Grand Rapids MIScott Douglas, Mudman Studios Ann Arbor
Sue Wilts South Lyon MI

Marie Gaston Ann Arbor Michael Wolfe Ann ArborDorothy Gottlieb Ann Arbor Nancy Wolfe Ann ArborRichard Hackel Ann Arbor Michael Woodruff Ann ArborAnne Hermann Dexter MI Sharon Wysocki Ann ArborTom & Cindy Hollander, Hollander's Ann Arbor Kay Yourist, Yourist Pottery Studio Ann ArborSue Iott Ann Arbor Richard Kooyman Kaleva MI Dennis Laemmel Manchester MI Esther Kirshenbaum Ann Arbor Harriet Kozyn Ann Arbor Rebecca Lambers Manchester MI Steven & Katherine Lesse, Abracadabra Ann Arbor

Following the Festival in Ann Arbor, a four-hour program of awarded and highlighted films are selected to represent the Festival on the Ann Arbor Film Festival Tour. The tour will be on the road from the end of March through mid-December. Each filmmaker on tour will receive $2.00 per minute per tour stop for use of their film. More stops will be added throughout the spring, summer, and fall. Please check the Festival webpage at for those updates.
March 29 &30 Reed College Portland OR
AprilS, 6 & 7 Fine Arts Cinema BerkeleyCA
April 9 & 10 Colby College Waterville ME
April 12 & 13 University of Tennessee Knoxville TN
April 18 & 19 Kent State University KentOH
April 26 &27 Memorial Union Art Gallery UCDavis DavisCA
May 6 Detroit Film Theater Detroit Institute of the Arts DetroitMI
May II & 12 Foothill College Los Altos Hills CA May 29 Cincinnati Film Society Cincinnati OH
June 14 & IS Northwest Film Center Portland OR
August 3 Capri Theatre Montgomery Ai
August 10 & II Aurora Picture Show Houston TX
September IS, 16 & 17 Cornell Cinema Ithaca NY
September 27 & 28 Webster University Film Series St. Louis, MO
October 4 &5 Pittsburgh Filmmakers Pittsburgh PA
October 9 Rhode Island School of Design Providence RI October 17 & 18 Central Michigan University Park Library Auditorium Mt. Pleasant MI

October 24 & 25 Amherst College AmherstMA
November 14 Alternative Film Festival EdinboroPA
November 25 & 26 Ithaca College Ithaca NY
December 6 & 7 Southwest Film Center Albuquerque NM
Dates to be announced later at aafilmfest.orgltour:
Union Theater University of Wisconsin Milwaukee WI
UW Cinematheque University of Wisconsin Madison WI
Cleveland Cinematheque Cleveland OH

The Gala kicks offa celebration ofan entire week honoring the Festival's 40 years.
Outdoor Sculpture Garden The Air's Apparent is an installation ofa number of Pat Oleszko's outrageous and cartoonlike pneumatic sculptures that will be placed in the street for the Gala Opening ofthe Film Festival as a looney sculpture garden. Featured prominently on opening night will be the 40th anniversary 25" tall inflated birthday pastry, The Angel Fool Cake. Also seen will be Airhead, the Androgynuts Bows, and the Quantum Leaper.

Tribute to Vicki Honeyman
TOnight we're celebrating 15 years ofVicki Honeyman's reign as Festival Director. We'd tell you what we have planned, but we want it to be a surprise, and ifwe printed it, well ... then Vicki would know.

A 25 year veteran of Hollywood special effects design for such films as Anaconda, City ofAngels, and Terminator 2, Festival alumni John Nelson will show clips and speak about the his experiences creating his Academy Award winning visual effects for Gladiator.

Roamin Holiday: A Vzew From A Broad presents a series ofclothes calls and cunning stunts deployed amidst the pope and circus¥stance ofthe Patican and the Wholly Roaming Empire. Picaresque investigations into the modem dazed saints are presented from the rather refreshing standpoint ofa sinner. Included among the Patpourri offunctioning unctionaries are St. Sebastian as a yuppie schlockbroker from hell, the Glad-He-Ate-Her, a living-large Pasta Madonna and the mighty mien ofthe Nincompope. A new pizza from Pat Oleszko with everything on it: outland-, S cott Miller, sound..: Dale Sophiea Installations & Performances by:
Alfonso Alvaraz Stephen Rife

Keith Arnold Dale Sophi .. Locations indude:

U of M School of Art & Design
Matthew Ballom Jason Stevens

1. Michigan theater Terrence Campagna NoelStupek
Ann Arbor FilmFest

2. Border's Books 5. Sweetwaters Cafe
U of M Film(Video program
Craig Baldwin Unde Art

3_Firefly Club b. Matrix GalleryMelarue Curne Naia Venturi
4. Downtown Home & Garden 7-Art Oasis

These events take place in the Michigan Theater's Screening Room unless otherwise noted.


SCREENING ROOM SEMINARS / PANELS (free and open to the public)
Facilitated by Keith Arnold, a film projection artist living in Berkeley, California. He operates and programs Fine
Arts Cinema in Berkeley, a venerable single screen movie theatre that specializes in conceptual double features, silent
movies, foreign films, experimental, and short subject programming.

Film Jams Visiting filmmakers are invited to bring other film and video works not included in the program to share in intimate screenings. Q& A and discussions with the filmmakers follow the screenings.
Seminar: AVID Avid Technology makes the industry's most powerful portable video editing solution with more than 100 customizable real-time effects and multiple simultaneous streams in an affordable DV editing studio for both Windows and Macintosh platforms. The seminar offers a free demonstration of Avid's brand new Xpress DV v 3 editing equipment and will discuss how digital media is shared, stored and distributed. A buffet lunch presented by Avid precedes the seminar, in the Screening Room lobby at noon.
Panel: "What the Hell Was That?"
A panel discussion of works screened in the competitive program of films (some films will be rescreened before discussion)
Friday's Panel: Alison LaTendresse, Dan Gunning, George Manupelli, Leslie Raymond, Mark Wojahn
Saturday's Panel: David Gatten, Jan Schuijren, Deanna Morse, Jeremy Rigsby, Steven Rife

Discussion: Festival Wrap Up


The Old Guard: Moving Pictures; Richard Myers, 91 minutes, 1989 BEST NARRATIVE FILM & MOST INNOVATIVE FILM AWARDS, 28TH ANN ARBOR FILM FESTIVAL, 1990 "Most of [Myers'] movies are surrealistic works based on his dreams. Moving Pictures is a formal tour-de-force in which
everything is captured in slow, horizontal tracking shots. It is a quiet, elegant, meditative work. The film is also like carnivals of the unconscious with midway attractions that range from collage imagery to free associations. The viewer swoons as he takes in all the sights and sounds on hand -the lights and shadows, the striking compositions, the tantalizing fragments of speech and music, the catchy rhythms, the varied visual textures." -John Ewing, Cleveland Cinematheque
MONDAY, MARCH ", 10 PM The Old Guard: 11 x 14; James Benning, 83 minutes, 1976 James Hoberman choose 11 X 14 as one of the top ten films of the 70s (Film Comment, Jan. 1980). The film is a
meditation on America, using minimal narrative threads to present a formalist view. The story is pushed to the background and the frame, color, sound, movement, and duration become the plot. John Greyson wrote: "Some sort of visual narrative was being played out, involving suburban cowboys, lesbians, a farming couple, a middle-aged man. They move through America driving, getting in and out of cars, lying on motel beds, fighting obliquely on the street corners, yet they were nothing more than symptoms in the landscape, decorations involved in meaningless progressions. Benning's wry humor begins to come through and bite back.È
TUESDAY, MARCH 12,8 PM To War Or Not To War: Selective Service System; Warren Haack, 13 minutes, 1970 BEST DOCUMENTARY, 9TH ANN ARBOR FILM FESTIVAL, 1971 The U.S. commitment to a ground war in Asia led to an increasing involvement in that area of the world, despite growing
dissatisfaction here at home. To implement this country's mobilization, the draft system was stepped up. This system made virtually no exemptions for those who felt this war was immoral and unjust. These young men either had to serve in a war in which they did not believe, or face the bleak alternatives to service. Some chose prison. Some sought refuge in other countries. This film documents another alternative. There was no attempt to alter the proceedings that took place.
The Good War and Those Who Refused To Fight It; Judith Ehrlich & Rick Tejada-Flores, 60 minutes, 2001 The dramatic story of the conscientious objectors who refused to fight in World War II. As noncombatant medics under fire, medical guinea pigs, fire fighters, attendants in mental institutions and workers in Civilian Public Service camps, 37,000 COs performed alternative service during the war. 7,000 war resisters spent those years in prison and used hunger strikes to racially integrate the federal prison system. Their experiences prepared a generation of nonviolent activists to change American society in way that we are only now beginning to appreciate. Note: this film is in competition.
TUESDAY, MARCH 12, 10 PM New Faces in the Crowd: Alien Anomalies Out Of Other Cinema; curated by Craig Baldwin A super-duper Experimental Film program of the best work in the venue from the past three years, curated by the grand
master of found footage filmmaking Craig Baldwin. Excerpts from his feature length psychotronic pseudo-pseudo¥documentary Tribulation 99: Alien Anomalies Under America will be included in the program. Q & A with Craig follows.
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13,8 PM Other Media: Bridge the Gap Videoworks from Montevideo; Netherlands Media Art Institute Curated by Jan Schuijren The program presents emerging and internationally established artists whose videoworks show an example of recent
tendencies in contemporary video art. They explore the boundaries of image and sound, present contemporary interpretations of video performance, give new visions on classical video poetry, and address crossovers between video, photography, and cinematography. Individual film descriptions are available in a separate handout.
TST04 Bas van Koolwijk NL 2000,4:26 Dhyn Ftejli Bart Dijkman NL 2001, 6 min She Did See... Pieter-Paul Mortier B 1999, 18 min

Sketch for Angels Pia Wergius S 2000, 2:40 PD. O.A (Public Display ofAffection) Guillaume Graux B 2000, 24 min Hangen (Hanging) Nicky Zwaan NL 2000, 2: 18 Gemini Andreas Gedin S 2000, 7:09 Trembling Time Yael Bartana ISR NL 2001,6:20 File Kurt d'Haeseleer B 2000, 25 min Belchic QE reMI NNL, 2000, 3:52
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13, 10 PM New Faces in the Crowd: Cinema Connection Lux Mundi The screening showcases linear film &lor single-channel video works by installation &
performance artists who have contributed to Lux Mundi SuperCinematic Events. Individual film descriptions are available in a separate handout.
My Good Eye; Alfonso Alvarez, San Francisco CA, 16mm, 4 min, 1995 The Twelve Labors of Hercules; Jason Stevens & Julian Stark, Ann Arbor MI & NY, miniDV, 14 min, 2002 Principles of Communication; Chris McNamara, Windsor ONT, miniDV, 7 min, 2001 Channel Zero; Matthew Bakkom, New York NY, vhs, 2:20, 2001 Aqua Vitae; Stephen Rife, St Paul MN miniDV, 5 min, 2002 Pick Up On My Street; Matthew Bakkom, New York NY, vhs, 1 min, 2001 Twa Corbies Potter-Belmar Labs, Ann Arbor MI, vhs, 6 min, 2000 09-08-2001; Matthew Bakkom, New York NY vhs, 10 min, 2001 Rife wiFire; Leslie Raymond, Ann Arbor MI, 16mm, 8 min, 1996 What America Needs, An Interior Expedition; New Kinomatoagraphic Union, USA, vhs,15 min, 1995 This is only a test; Naia Venturi, Ypsilanti MI, miniDV, 4:30, 2001 An Impression Step off a ten foot platform with your clothes on; Scott Miller, Minneapolis MN, 16mm, 7 min, 1990
Firefly Club, 207 S. Ashley St. ($3 + one drink minimum, age 18 and over only)
Press Play to Agitate: Pirates, Parodists, & the Prank-Documentary, Cult-Jam salon presented by Craig Baldwin
and DJ Bob Moir, spinning prankster ersatz electronica ...
An informal video salon presenting a variety of approaches to prank news and serious media redistribution. These

subversive tapes offer a selection from the American "culture-jamming" scene, appropriating the rhetorical devices of
news, documentaries, "informercials,' surveillance footage and technical reports ... they playfully satirize the graphics and
style of the mass media while providing new critical perspectives with surprise, humor, and the thrill of transgression.

THURSDAY, MARCH 14,8 PM The Old Guard: Mind Split Open: Andy Warhol's Exploding Plastic Inevitable
Presented by Branden Joseph
Joseph's talk will focus on Andy Warhol's Exploding Plastic Inevitable, or EPI, an overwhelming, expanded cinema
production to which the artist dedicated himself from 1966 to 1967. The first, fully-developed performance of the EPI
took place at the 4th Ann Arbor Film Festival in 1966. At its height, the EPI consisted of up to five film projectors;
multicolored slides that swept the theater; multiple strobe, spot, and flashing pistol lights; two mirror balls; speakers that

blared several pop records at the same time; and performances by Lou Reed and John Cale's group, the Velvet
Underground, along with Nico.
Drawing on the contemporary insights of the 1960s underground press, William S. Burroughs, the multimedia deSigners,

Charles and Ray Eames, and Marshall McLuhan, the talk presents Warhol's EPI as a pivotal phase in the development of
the electronic technologies of imaging and information that have become prevalent today.

Following Joseph's talk, he will introduce a screening of Warhol's The Velvet Underground and Nico (1966), a film that was
produced especially for use in Warhol's Exploding Plastic Inevitable performances.

THURSDAY, MARCH 14, 10 PM Other Media: Bridging the Gap: Montevideo
See Wednesday, March 13, Spm
FRIDAY, MARCH 15,8 PM New Faces in the Crowd: Underground Zero

Filmmakers Jay Rosenblatt and Caveh Zahedi have developed a collaborative film project intended to express diverse thoughts and feelings about the attacks and the events of September 11. Underground Zero is a compilation of one-to-ten minute personal shorts by various experimental and documentary filmmakers intended to counter mainstream media's narrow representation of events by giving voice to diverse responses within the independent film community -cutting across race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, and religion -to present a collective response more powerful and effective than isolated individual responses. Individual film descriptions are available in a separate handout.
The End ofSummer Frazer Bradshaw China Diary (91 J) Eva Brzeski Scene from an Endless War Norman Cowie The World is a Classroom Caveh Zahedi A Strange Mourning David Driver Awake Greg Watkins My Cat, My Garden and 9/1 Anne Robertson Brief Encounter with Tibetan Monks Paul Harrill 21 Laura Plotkin Unfurling Martha Gorzycki Fear Itself Dan Weir Innocence and Despair Phil Solomon Carefully Taught Valerie Soe The World As We Know It John Haptas and Kristine Samuelson Merciful and Compassionate? Rock Ross Prayer Jay Rosenblatt Untitled Ira Sachs

FRIDAY, MARCH 15, 10 PM New Faces in the Crowd: Decasia; Bill Morrison, so min, 2002 Created from restored nitrate footage re-photographed onto 35mm, the experimental feature uses decaying found footage
from the early days of film to investigate the human desire to transcend the limitations of earthbound existence. The
abstract scenario follows the course of a life-cycle, beginning with 1927 footage by Sergei Eisenstein of a cesarean section
and live birth. The score for Decasia was composed by Bang On A Can co-founder Michael Gordon, and the work was
initially screened with live accompaniment by the Basel Sinfonietta in November 2001.

Advisory Board Presentation: Alison laTendresse, Lost and Found: Recent Videoworks on Mourning and Loss
This program brings together some recent video works that incorporate states of mourning or loss into their structure.

What draws them together is an obsession with memorializing, either through images, text, or ritual. Each of these pieces
works in its own way to understand how images and words can reckon with the fundamentally ineffable experience of
grief. Some investigate words and images themselves as sites or objects of loss. Not all of these videos are sad or mournful,
however. Often times playful, and occasionally strange, these works move from microcosms of personal grief for a lost
loved one out to considerations of the way grief and memorial function in institutions and the culture at large.
Individual film descriptions are available in a separate handout.

Bessie Cohen, Survivor of 1911 Shirtwaist Fire; Hope Tucker, The Obituary Project,3 min, 2000 Everyday Problems of the Living -a serial...; K. High, 15 min (excerpts), 2001 Lolo Ferrari; Hope Tucker, The Obituary Projec, 1 :30., 2001 After Celilo Falls; Michael Annus, 19 min, 2000

The Two Boys; Jason Livingston, 8:30, 1999
Schlafbau; Helen Mirra, 14:30, 1995
Big Star; Hope Tucker, The Obituary Project, 3 min, 2001
Saul Steinberg; Hope Tucker, The Obituary Project, 30 sec, 2001
Shifting Positions; K. High, 28 min, 1999
New Faces in the Crowd: Underground Zero II Individual film descriptions are available in a separate handout.
See Friday, March 15, 8 pm
Both Towers Have Fallen Cathy Cook
Brooklyn Promenade Mark Street
The Voice of the Prophet Robert Edwards
Isaiah's Rap Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman
Ashes to Ashes: the Art of Rebecca Haseltine Barbara Klutinis
New York Chel White
Parthenogenesis Marina Zurkow
Language Lessons Jeanne Finley and John Muse
Meal Cathy Crane and Sarah Lewison
Collateral Damage Marcia Jarmel
Twins Barbara Hammer
Fight or Flight Dolissa Medina
Veiled Red Leighton Pierce
End ofan Era Lucas Sabean Wake Abigail Severance and Julia Ines Gandolinas
9:11 Matthew Langdon Weiss Tornado Lynne Sachs Drink from the River Thad Povey and The Scratch Film Junkies No News Bushra Azzouz Vale of Tears Nancy D. Kates

Out Night: Gay/Lesbian Documentary Films, Greeting From Washington DC Rob Epstein, Frances
Reid, Greta Schiller, & Lucy Winer, 28 min, 1981
A kaleidoscope of music, dance, stories and laughter shared at the first gay and lesbian rights march on Washington.
Note: not in competition
Steers and Queers, Paula Gauthier, 30 min, 2000
An inside look at one of the most unique and exciting events in queer culture: the gay rodeo~ Part social gathering, part
sporting event, the rodeo is a place where contestants come together to celebrate the incongruous worlds of gay and
western life. Note: this film is in competition.

Out Night: Barbara Hammer in Person~ Still Point, 9 minutes, 1989
This early Hammer film whirls around a point of centered ness as four screens of home and homeless ness, travel and
weather, architecture and sports signify the constant movement and haste of late twentieth century life.


Tender Fictions, 58 minutes, 1995 An innovative, funny, and historic autobiographical exploration of the search for and meaning of gay community. From a childhood spent being groomed as the next Shirley Temple to her current work as an activist and maker of over 70 films and videos, groundbreaking filmmaker Barbara Hammer casts a wry eye on her life and changing world. In a rich montage of home movies, experimental films, news footage, and personal photographs, she charts her growth from 1950s child star "wannabe" to 1960s straight earth mother to 1990s lesbian artist and activist. Documenting how Hammer's personal and artistic development grew out of and became a part of the feminist, gay, and AIDS activist movements, the film is both the story of an extraordinary filmmaker and a compelling portrait of the changes wrought by a generation of women.
Advisory Board Member Presentation: Deanna Morse
Creating a DVD ofAnimation & Experimental Films
Deanna Morse, Professor at Grand Valley State University, will show clips from her new DVD "move-click-move", and give an overview of the production process for creating this dynamic interactive DVD collection of animation and experimental films. Sound Designers Edie Herrold and Joe McCargar (River City Studios, Grand Rapids) will describe working with digital audio and discuss their collaboration on this project.
The Old Guard: George Manupelli's Rarely Seen Filmworks, 1965-1981
Become an Artist, San Francisco, 1981
With: Fr. Guido Sarducci, Written: Don Novello, Directed: William Farley, Produced: Melinda Tucker, Conceived &

Photographed: George Manupelli. Made for a cost of $100, Become an Artist won a Clio Award in the Public Service
Announcement category, internationally.
Gerard Malanga as Baron Manfred Von Richtohfen, Ann Arbor, 3 min, 1967

Made and shown during the screening week of the 1967 AAFF, along with a companion film by French film critic Henri
Chapier, both filmmakers using Gerard Malanga as the subject and exercising competing styles: Manupelli the comic,
Chapier the homoerotic. Poet Malanga was in Ann Arbor as part of the Warhol, Nico and Velvet Underground
performance piece at the '67 festival. Performers include: Henri Chapier, Ann Wehrer, and Michigan Architecture and
Design students of the 60s.

Five Short Films, Ann Arbor, 1965
An animated film made by softening sections of black leader with water, then scraping the softened emulsion with a wood
chisel, using a steel straightedge as a guide. The soundtrack features electronic music works by avant-garde composers,
Robert Ashley and Gordon Mumma, founders of the ONCE Festival of Contemporary Music, Ann Arbor.

Portraits, Self-Portraits and Still Lives, Ann Arbor, 70 min, 1969
Soundtrack: Robert Ashley with organ instrumental by Rober Sheff, AKA Blue Gene Tyranny; actors are A&D students
and Ann Arbor women of the period. "Portraits is a difficult film to view. It is long, sustained, even relentless." -

The Old Guard: Andy Warhol Haircut (No. 1), 24 min, 1963 A faSCinating example ofWarhol's early minimalist film style. Unlike some of his other early films (Eat, Blow Job, Empire) which consist of identical uninterrupted takes, this film is shot from a number of different angles, each of which is
exquisitely composed and lit. This is one of at least three different films in which he restaged Billy Names' famous haircutting parties. This version is a slow motion haircut transformed into an enigmatic, homoerotic performance. Vinyl, 66 min, 1965
Based on a script by Ronald Tavel, which was based in turn on Anthony Burgess' novel, A Clockwork Orange. The
misbehavior and reconditioning of the young hoodlum Victor, played by Gerard Malanga, is acted out in a desultory ~manner in a claustrophobic setting crammed with cast members and S&M practitioners. The action is accompanied by the LJ,repeated playing of M,rth, ,nd the V,ndella', Nawlrere " Run.

Vick's Picks Retrospective
SUNDAY, 8 & 10 PM
Winners' Shows
In addition, Awards Jury members screen their own programs of work at 3 pm on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. These programs are free and open to the public.
Awarded films are announced at 5 pm on Sunday, March 17. A selection of awarded films will be screened on Sunday at two different shows.
All festival screenings take place at the Michigan Theater.

Helen Hill New Orleans, LA 9.5 experimental animation
Madame Winger wants to inspire you to make a film about something you love. Watch her examples
of inexpensive and easy types of filmmaking, from drawing and scratching directly onto film, to
hand-processing it in your bathtub.

THE TASSELED LOAFERS Jim Blashfield Portland, OR 11 experimental narrative
A tale of a handyman who, compelled to watch four hours of test footage while waiting for his pipe
sealant to dry, becomes fascinated with the tasseled loafers of a dead man in a nearby bathroom stall.

FISHERS OF DAR Lina Fruzzetti, Akos Ostor, Steven Ross Providence, RI 38 documentary
A portrayal of life in an urban fishing town, the many hands through which fish pass in Dar es Salaam's Harbor Market, a
bustle of people, boats and auctions. In cinema verite style, the traditional ways Tanzania's vast metropolis is supplied with
fish is witnessed.

BREATHE Hannah Gal Beckenham, ENGLAND 4 experimental
A story ofa drowning woman struggling for air. Visually rich and despite the sad subject matter the film is aesthetically pleasant
to watch.

TRACING A VEIN Danielle Wilmouth Chicago,IL 14 experimental
A contemporary ceremonial dance between performers and camera, the film uses choreography influenced by Japanese
Butoh dance to chart an individual's journey through the cycle of life.

TECHNICAL AIDS Kasumi Cleveland, OH 4 experimental
This experimental film is a montage of original artwork, paint-on-film, computer generated images, visual samples,
original music and sound, digital video, and the direct result of pure association only subconscious logic can produce.

VESSEL WRESTLING Lisa Yu Los Angeles, CA 13 animation
A woman serves dinner. She waits. Stuff happens.

SUPPLICATION Chryss Terry Hollywood, CA 9.5 experimental narrative A Princess' desire brings out the animal in her Prince Charming in this gothic fairy tale that confesses the secrets and strangeness of a love in which the dormant bed becomes a self-imposed prison.
FILM (DZAMA) Deco Dawson Winnipeg, MB, CANADA 23 experimental An attempt to rekindle the lost form of surrealist cinema made popular in the 1920s by DalilBunuel and Man Ray.

WATER FROM THE MOON Jenny McCracken Jamaica Plain, MA 9 animation
Live-action marionettes play the characters in this story of a lonely washerwoman who discovers a winged man in her

TRANSFIXED Jason Britski Prince Albert, SK, CANADA 2 experimental
A meditative film that celebrates the beauty found within the small details of existence.

SISTER DAUGHTER MOTHER WIFE Betsy Weiss New Orleans, LA 11 documentary
A tribute to women working in developing countries in Asia, the film uses layered imagery and sound to reflect the
women's multicolored lives. It is also about the filmmaker's search for connection with women she met traveling alone in
Asia and her exploration of the shifting boundaries of insider/outsider relationships. Various moments in the film reveal
the bond between daily life and spirituality, such as a woman cleaning clothes on the shore of a lake and other women
making offerings to Vishnu.

MEASURE Gaelen & Dayna Hanson Seattle, WA 6.5 experimental
An abstract dance film that takes place exclusively within the decaying walls of a constricted, 4-foot-wide corridor in an
unrestored turn-of-the-century boarding school.

IF YOU LIVED HERE, YOU'D BE HOME BYNOW DianeBonder Brooklyn,NY 14.5experimentaldocumentary A film about the divisiveness over land and the relationship of public and private space in small town America, and the concept of home. Landscape stills are juxtaposed to stories 'ripped from the headlines' of a small-town newspaper. The struggle over public space described in the stories reflect universal concepts of space, privacy, and property ownership everywhere.
RADIO ACTIVE SPIDER Devon Damonte South Boston, MA 6.5 experimental animation A spider's fate has given a starring, but brief, role to play in the drama we call life. The film is made entirely by hand without cameras, using direct animation techniques on film leader. Images are made by heat iron transfer of ink from printed plastic Spiderman tablecloth, direct tape collage of same material and textured scratch on black leader.
THE SUBCONSCIOUS ARTOF GRAFFITI REMOVAL Matt McCormick Portland, OR 16 exp.documentary It is no coincidence that funding for 'anti-graffiti' campaigns often outweighs funding for the arts. Graffiti removal has subverted the common obstacles blocking creative expression and become one of the more intriguing and important art movements of our time. Emerging from the human psyche and showing characteristics of abstract expressionism, minimalism and Russian constructivism, graffiti removal has secured its place in the history of modern art while being created by artists unconscious of their artistic achievements.
AZUL Angel Vasquez Daly City CA 1 experimental This is a visual film that explores color, pattern, texture, and mood using hand-processed Super-8 footage optically reproduced on a 16mm optical printer.
TWO IF BYSEA George F. Davis & Brian Dean Richmond Murrysville, PA 8 experimental This film was originally presented as an installation at an art gallery in Pittsburgh, PA. Dissolving slide projectors and 16mm films were combined and rephotographed to create an animated boat drifting at sea. Sounds of creaking floors and cymbals being bowed were digitally enhanced and added to create a sounds cape that gives a feeling of distance and
uncertainty. This film uses a wide variety of formats and technologies to create a hypnotic journey to a far away place.
I MY BIKE Ken Paul Rosenthal Singapore 5.5 experimental A cinepoem that addresses the conflict between urban space and the body by tracing a child's compulsion to stare into the sun and an adult's obsession with dying and moving towards the light. The past and present collide within a round portal containing fleeting images of vintage Market Street, San Francisco over a dense sea of modern day bicyclists.
PULSE Patrick Halm Los Angeles, CA 5 experimental
How to explain television to a dead hare.

THE BREATHERS-IN Ben Russell Chicago, IL 29.5 experimental narrative
A melancholy tale of loss and alienation in which two sisters trade the comforts of a maritime life for the hidden terrors of
the everyday.

DESPEPITANDOSE PORIYEARNING FOR. .. Cecilia Mendez Ann Arbor, MI 2 animation
A bilingual exploration that speaks to the need to seek, retrieve, understand, and express words and meanings across two languages.

BE LIKE THEM Thad Povey San Francisco, CA 4 experimental
In the volume of alien voices, sending out their messages of consumption and conformity as gross multi-national products.

A WOMAN A MIRROR Roger Beebe & Sara L. Smith Gainesville, FL 15 experimental
Portrait of a girl, abstracted and containing moments of reflection on the relationship betwáeen woman and air
transport. The film is a meditation on the complex relation of technology and the performance of gender.

ERASED Jay Rosenstein Urbana, IL 4 documentary
A poignant and poetic look at the aging process of the filmmaker's mother.

SHARKIE Francien van Everdingen The Hague, THE NETHERLANDS 4 experimental
A gentle confrontation of two worlds, a floating flubbery intimate colorful underwater world and the outside world,
while a human being, a silly spectator, and a quasi-scientist are gazing at it.

ANEXAMINATION OF EXHIBITS A (1) THRU E (5) Gibbs Chapman San Francisco, CA 19 experimental
VIA its 5 departments, the scientific, the academic, the romantic, the psychological, and the critical, a surgery mounts the
evidence submitted that remains of our culture. A quest influenced by its subject, this regurgitation realizes that people,
places and things are interesting only when one does not have enough information about them.

DAUME Ben Russell Chicago,IL 6.5 experimental
The characters come and go as ifthey're primitives posing for the camera, obeying or fighting an
ethnographer's controlling eye.

LEZENVISIB Korbett Matthews Montreal, QUE, CANADA 7.5 experimental
Set to an insightful poem by emigre writer Felix Morisseau-Lero, the film is a thunderous
journey across the sunburnt landscape of Haiti that reveals the negative impact of the
tourist's camera.

WITH ME Kerstin Cmelka Vienna, AUSTRIA 3 experimental A woman is lying on a bed. Her double is stretched out next to her, and she slowly turns to caress it, to kiss and lick it before the two cuddle up to each other and the scene darkens.
DEADPAN Rick Raxlen Victoria, BC CANADA 6 experimental animation Using a combination of animation techniques and intertitles, I try to recreate the ambient vertigo and discombobulation growing up, having to eat tongue and other traumatized meat. It was a nervous time. It was an irrational time.
HAND EYE COORDINATION Naomi Uman Newhall, CA 11 experimental animation
This film investigates the visual manifestation of the manual, mechanical manipulation of film upon the cinematic screen.

BLUE EYE WATCHING ME Blanca Lista Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 18.5 experimental
This hand-processed film is a self reflective love memory seen through the eyes of the male narrator.

BARTOLA Luis Camilo New York, NY 14 experimental
The life and struggles of Latinos in New York and a few stories about Latinos and their feelings towards their homeland.

FLOATING Lin Li Castaic, CA 3 experimental
This experimental film is about a woman who experiences a floating moment in meditation.

SHE WANTS TO TALK TO YOU Anita Chang San Francisco, CA 29.5 experimental documentary
Three 13-year old Nepali girls bravely took the unique opportunity to share with the filmmaker their ideas on being girls
in Nepal, marriage, friendship, love, their dreams, and God. These recordings provide a complex and poignant framework
for these women living in the U.S. to reflect on their own struggle, exile and quest for liberation.

BATTLE STATIONS -A NAVEL ADVENTURE Dominic Angerame San Francisco, CA 5.5 experimental
One filmmaker, radioactive toxic materials, top secret activity and belly dancing. A complete package.

GOING TO THE OCEAN Matt McCormick Portland, OR 8 experimental A textured mood swing and a trip to the beach -what does it mean to be sea worthy? Answers questions in a slow-motion memory lapse. Night-vision security camera video and found kodachrome film with an improvised soundtrack.
CARPENTER Michael B. Robinson Ithaca, NY 3.5 experimental Designed as a get well card, this experimental film was completed just two months before leukemia took my father's life. Through use of the optical printer I pull him back to an easier time.

NUCLEAR FAMILY Dana Plays Los Angeles, CA 21.5 experimental This experimental film explores institutional and personal representations of memory and behavior through a complex interweaving of scientific documentation, animal behavior experiments and vintage pre-school footage.
TIMMY'S WISH Patrick Cannon Los Angeles, CA 9.5 narrative After he is sent to his room for refusing to eat his vegetables, an angry Timmy prays to God to deliver him from his cruel parents. Much to his surprise, his prayers are answered big time. Now it is up to Timmy to clean up the mess.
Awards Juror Screening: Pat Oleszko Featured in this judge's expose will be bits and pieces from Oleszko's assordid Pats over a long period of time. This compilation video Pats (Master) Piece will include selections from multifarious performantzes and films including highlights from Nora's Art:Pat Too, Bluebeard's Hassle: The Writhes of the VVives, Foots~ Where Fools Russian, and The Clown lewells amongst many others. It will also premier the as yet unfinished film installation entitled Kneepoleon, complete with the inflated Marquee du Pat and the Patio City Music Hall.

IN MY CAR Mike Hoolboom Toronto,ONT CANADA 5.5 experimental Dad is so broke I have to live in the family car.
THE VEL VET TIGRESS Jen Sachs Los Angeles, CA 11 animation An animated documentary which chronicles the media coverage of the 1931 Winnie Ruth Judd 'Trunk Murders' trial. It's a story of murder, sex, drugs, betrayal, jealousy, political corruption, and above all sentimentalism.
GOING BACK HOME Louise Bourque Malden, MA 1 experimental
This experimental film portrays the turmoil of unsheltered childhood: the dwelling as self.
MEDITATIONS ON REVOLUTION PART III: SOLEDAD Robert Fenz Newhall, CA 14.5 experimental
Part three in a series of short, silent, B&W films that explore the definition of the word 'revolution'. Shot in Mexico City,
San Cristobal de las Casas, and New York City, the film presents Mexico in a timeless fashion and evokes a sense of various
periods of time: past, future, and present. A space is created where the tradition of revolution in Mexico is contemplated.

TSIPA & VOLF Daniel Gamburg San Francisco, CA 19 documentary
The sustainability of human relations and love not erased by time and illness is portrayed, capturing the tragic and comic
nature of a 50-year relationship that is based on survival and commitment. Two elderly Jewish emigres from Latvia, now
living in San Francisco, reminisce about a rich community lost to the horrors of World War II.

INTERRUPTED Emily F. Cohn Huntington Woods, MI 3 experimental
An exploration of images that the mind creates following an intense period of emotional stress. This film was made in the
year following a major emotional crisis in my life and is a reflection of the emotions I felt, but mostly I hope people will
view it and allow their minds to relax.

LEMON IS LEMON Konstantin Bojanov & Ivaylo Simidchiev Brooklyn, NY 23 documentary
Five guys gather in an abandoned building, cook up and shoot up dope. Later they chat. One of them is Vikicha ...

SILENCE Vanessa O'Neill Brooklyn, NY 13 experimental
An idea of white.

2nd GRADE Aimee Jennings Glendale, CA 2 narrative
This narrative film is the dramatic retelling of an actual event in the filmmakers life. It questions existence and being in its
purest forms. Who we are, who we were and who we want to be, collide in this short story about a girl and herself.

SONGS OF YOUTH Konstantin Sevezen Toronto, ONT, Canada 55 experimental documentary The filmmaker's journey in search of things past takes an unexpected turn when he meets Kostia Bediik, a blind man 'who sees more than most'.
METROPOLEN DES LEICHTSINNS Thomas Draschan & Ulrich Wiesner Frankfurt, GERMANY 11 experimental A modern classic, starting with a journey into film itself, followed by lovemaking, birth, raising the question about 'how to spend one's life,' followed by suicide and other opportunities, which leads to no significant result whatsoever.
PALINDROME Rebecca Reynolds Chicago, IL 11 experimental The circular has collapsed itself into a straight line. Surreal images created extemporaneously within a structure of in-camera effects and editing suggest the workings of a mechanism. This is a film about the mechanism of desire and the desire to become formless.
NIGHT LIGHT AND LEAPING Rebecca Meyers Chicago, IL 22 experimental A portrait of a space that is altered by sunlight, darkness, and the weather. An investigation, motivated by a cat's vigilance, reconsiders the spaces we inhabit together and frames the cat within its surroundings. An exercise in careful looking.
TAKE ME HOME Matt Hulse Edinburgh Midlothian, SCOTLAND 6.5 experimental animation First Prize at the Transmediale, Berlin 1999 for its 'naked grainy digital dirtiness'. Comic, unsettling, surreal-a man rushes and gyrates through spaces with measured movements, through levels of film emulsion and absurd thoughts that rattle in and around him. Try this at home -unsupervised!
DARK DARK Abigail Child New York, NY 16 experimental documentary narrative A voyage behind the scenes which reviews and 'unmutes' anonymous crews and actors.

Awards Juror Screening: Chel White New York 2002 5:30 video Metal Dogs of India 1985 3:30 16mm Machine Song 1987 3:30 16mm Choreography for Copy Machine 1991 3:30 16mm Capital 1996 2 min video Dirt 1998 4 min 35mm The Making of 'Dirt' 1998 2:30 video Artifice 1999 2:30 video Soulmate 2000 14 min 16mm Passage 2001 11 min 35mm The Beats, the Bomb & the 1950s 6:00 video (a video trailer for a work-in-progress)

THE LESTER FILM Heather McAdams & Chris Ligon Milford, DE 14 experimental documentary An experimental documentary about Chicago artist Lester Brodzik (aka Lestuskha + Leslie 2000). Working as an art therapist at a mental institution by day and hitting the clubs at night, Lester has gained notoriety for his interesting fashion sense. We especially wanted to capture him on film in the little German girl outfit since no one else would.
FOREIGNERS Peter Barrickman, Brent Goodsell, Didier & Xavier Leplae Milwaukee, WI 49:30 narrative Shot mostly in Turkey, and partly in Milwaukee, the film is unique in that it was written, directed and edited equally by four different filmmakers. The unconventional narrative follows the lives of six foreigners in the Turkish town of Goreme.

STRANGE NEWS FROM ANOTHER STAR Jason Nielsen Regina Sask CANADA 8:30 experimental
An experimental space odyssey that contrasts everyday images with archival space photography to reflect on the
paradoxical nature of desire.

SKATE Cade Bursell San Francisco, CA 5:30 experimental
This experimental film's images were produced through a process of painting liquid emulsion sand paper, clear leader,
contact printing, then hand-processing.

CONTRAFACTA Roberto Ariganello & Chris Gehman Toronto, ON CANADA 16 animation
Using images taken from medieval visual art, quotations from the writings of mystics and poets, and snatches of period
music, the film creates a web of related images and events without a simple connecting narrative. The film takes its place
in a tradition that stretches from Melies through the Surrealists.

Oakland, CA 10 experimental
Here is a story of Jack and Diane. Two American kids growing up in the heartland. Jack wants to be a football star. Diane is
the debutante backseat of Jackie's car. Oh yeah life goes on. Long after the thrill of living is gone.

A CONVERSATION WITH HARIS Sheila Sofian Pasadena, CA 6 animation
A young boy's experiences in war-torn Bosnia are illustrated by painting-on-glass animation.

RIGHTROAD LOST Victoria Gamburg San Francisco, CA 11 documentary
All Phil Rios ever wanted to be was an artist. His life, however, took another direction. This documentary tells the story of
one man's attempt to cope with the memory of an unspeakable military operation, committed in the name of freedom.

VVHAT THESE ASHES WANTED Philip Hoffman Mount Forest, ONT, CANADA 57 experimental
This film places flesh on the poet Anne Carson's words, 'death lines every moment of ordinary times.' The filmmaker
resides in an acutely intimate time: a daily practice of loss lived precariously between the terror of psychic disintegration
and the provisional solace taken through public rituals of mourning. The film is not a
story of surviving death, but rather, of living death through a heightening of the quotidian
moments of everyday experience.

UNTITLED Frazer Bradshaw San Francisco, CA 4 experimental
I found the bad in people, and my 8-year old cousin found the good in them. As a
filmmaker, I thought it interesting to see what she might figuratively see in what I literally
saw with the camera.

MOTHER'S BLOOD Myra Sito Velasquez New York, NY 17 narrative
A story, told through the eyes of an unborn daughter, of a young Chinese American woman
struggling to break the bonds of her family's emotional legacy before they break her.

VARM TIONS ON VVHAT CANNOT BE HEARD Robyn Moore Jamaica Plain, MA 11 experimental The filmmaker's struggle with temporality and love of the ephemeral and her desire for complete stillness, and unfathomable realization that the people she loves will one day pass out of her life and into memory.

SNOW COVERED PATHS Asim Nuraney Burnaby, BC, CANADA 10 experimental A childhood passport is used to recall a journey to a new country in this poetic meditation on migration, and identity.
THE AMERICANEGYPT Jesse Lerner Claremont, CA 58 experimental documentary This experimental documentary revisits the first socialist government of the Americas, the Mexican Revolution on the Yucatan peninsula -one resembling
the early days of the Soviet Union.


HWA-SHAN-DISTINCT, TAIPEI Bernard Schreiner Vienna, AUSTRIA 11:30 experimental documentary A portrayal of the part of the town Taipei that was situated in the centre, Hwa-Shan, a wasteland of industry ruins, disused underground trains, overgrown buildings which no one except dogs call their home. The filmmaker uses a rich repertoire of expressive techniques: rhythmic change of focus, fast shutter speeds, aperture variations, in

SITUATION LEADING TO A STORY Matthew Buckingham New York NY 20 experimental If private life can be defined as the time or space in which people are not 'images' or 'objects,' then this film examines amateur filmmaking's awkward attempt to create an image of privacy.
THE ENJOYMENT OF READING (LOST & FOUND) David Gatten Ithaca, NY 14 experimental Combining an ink and emulsion transfer processes, live-action micro-photography and optical printing techniques, the film is an investigation into the division of knowledge into discreet
categories and the impulse to understand the world by creating an intellectual identity through the accumulation and
cataloging of natural and metaphysical phenomena.
VIEWS FROM A GAS MASK Mark F. Tattenbaum New York, NY 3 experimental
This experimental film deals with the threat of biological warfare and its effects on relationships and everyday life. It is
based upon conversations between the artist and his wife.

HER GLACIAL SPEED Eve Heller Buffalo, NY 5 experimental
The world as seen in a teardrop of milk. A film about how unwitting constellations of meaning rise to a surface of
understanding at a pace out of worldly time. abstract.

Awards Juror Screening: Jay Rosenblatt
Nine Lives (The Eternal Moment ofNow) 2001 1 min
Worm, co-directed with Caveh Zahedi 2001 2 min
King of the Jews 2000 18 min
Restricted 1999 1 min
A Pregnant Moment, co-directed with Jennifer Frame 1999 24 min
Human Remains 1998 30 min
Short OfBreath 1990 10 min
Brain In The Desert, co-directed with Jennifer Frame 1990 5 min

SUNDOG VERGA MATRIX Simon Tarr Ithaca, NY 4 experimental
Misusing 3D glasses in cruel new ways, this found internet footage film is the synthesis of simulacrum and solar max. This
film is the follow up to Burning Contour Matrix, which screened at the 38th Ann Arbor Film Festival.

THAT SPECIAL MONKEY Sean McBride Blue Bell, PA 5 animation
Steve is searching for love, a true love, a lasting love, that kind of love that can only be shared between a dragon and a
monkey. In this whimsical story, Steve's friend helps him through his bizarre journey to find that special monkey.

MAY YOU BLOSSOM ALL AROUND Kent Long Oakland, CA 7 experimental
One may never fully realize one's own self, only glimpses captured in moments of public and private performance.

ATTEMPT? Jessica Weinberg Ann Arbor, MI 14 narrative
This film is the experimental and tragicomic tale of a girl whose best reason for getting out of bed in the morning is
because she has to pee. In this cold, modern world, she does not understand appropriate personal marketing techniques.

TOWARDS GROUND ZERO! (ONE MONTH LATER) Karl Staven Philadelphia, PA 2 animation
A journey down Broadway Street in New York City to the remains of the World Trade Center.

LUSTMORD Gwynne Fulton Vancouver, BC, CANADA 10:30 experimental
A psycho-horror about a deranged hospital maid's nightmarish vision of her repressed fantasies. A carnival of the perverse
where sexual paranoia triggers fears of infection and sickness as punishment for moral and sexual transgression.

CALLING ALL CARS Alfonso Alvarez Berkeley, CA 4 experimental
An existing day in the life of a rookie lawman. He has never had to fire his weapon, respects his superiors, and is always
ready for any emergency, day or night.

SILENTSONG Elida Schogt Toronto, ONT, CANADA 6 experimental documentary
The third part in the filmmaker's deeply personal trilogy on family history and holocaust memory. Zyklon Portrait (1999)
and The Walnut Tree (2000), the first two in the trilogy, and this third segment, have all dealt with different aspects of the
Holocaust and its effects on the filmmaker and her family.

AUSTRIA 05 2000 Frederick Baker Vienna, AUSTRIA 5 experimental documentary
The story of the anti-right wing protest movement in Vienna. It has tattooed its protest against right winger Joerg Haider,
literally to the walls of Vienna in the form of graffiti. One of the symbols used is the 05, the symbol of the Austrian 2nd
World War anti-Nazi resistance group. Every Thursday night for two years now, the protest takes to
the streets.

HATCHING BEAUTY Amy Hicks San Francisco, CA 10 experimental animation
Picture a time in the not-so-distant future, when survival meets the worst of the profit-driven bio-tech
industry. Eve Monsant is driven by low wages and the despair of deferred dreams to consider selling
her ovum.

BREEDING SPACE Laurens van Charante New York, NY 17 narrative
Richard discovers a group of mating snails in his kitchen. He becomes enthralled by the passion they
display in their nonstop lovemaking. He saves them from their fate as an appetizer, and begins to
breed in his study.

THE FLOATING WORLD Brian E. F. Oakes Los Angeles, CA 1 experimental animation
This experimental film is about a woman who experiences a floating moment in meditation.

FOR OUR MAN Kazuo Ohno New York, NY 25 narrative Alone in a room, in the mid of night, an old scribbler begins work on a story. It should not be much of a problem. Then again, memories have this way of intruding...
PIE FIGHT '69 Sam Green & Christian Bruno San Francisco, CA 8 documentary This documentary tells the hilarious story of a pie-fight protest that marred the opening night on the 1969 San Francisco International Film Festival. Two dozen costumed radicals Call independent filmmakers) descended on the black ties, fox furs and red carpet with one fully-laden pie truck and six cameras to record their action. Using the long-lost film footage, the film restores this collision of guerrilla filmmaking and spirited protest to its rightful place in underground film history.
THE HUNGER ARTIST Tom Gibbons Oakland, CA 16 animation
Locked in an empty cage on a deserted street, abandoned by his manager, and forgotten by his audience,
only the memories of his earlier fame to break the monotony. Here he will make his greatest performance.
Here he will become the greatest hunger artist ever.

BUFFALO COMMON Bill Brown Lubbock, TX 22 experimental
With the end of the Cold War, North Dakota's last reliable cash crop, its stockpile of Minutemen 3
intercontinental ballistic missiles, went bust. As the former missile silos are blown up, peace activists,
retired wheat farmers, air force officers, and demolition derby drivers all stake claim to the state's wide
screen landscape and the story that it tells.

FOSSIL FUEL Jacob Borshard Plano, TX 4:30 animation An old flathead Ford is on a dreamlike ride. The car finds a strange land of little dinosaurs, more fragile than they appear.
ANODYNE Sheri Wills Providence, RI 4 experimental A film composed of optically printed photograms. 'The whole atmosphere ...seems to be on some extreme precipice of human existence, either within the womb or at the first moments after one's death.' (Virgil Wong, PaperVeins Museum).
EXPOSED Siegfried Frunauf Vienna, AUSTRIA 9 experimental
Using one scene from a feature film as raw material (a man observing a dancing woman through a keyhole), the scene is re-exposed by passing the perforations of a strip of film in front of the projector so that they resemble a moving sieve.
DRAIN BABY Diane Cheklich Royal Oak, MI 4 narrative
Sex in the shower plus nutrient rich shampoo equals a new breed of love child.
JON'S DAY Peter Ko Simi Valley, CA 2:30 animation A day of skateboarding in the life of IS-year old Jon finds him running into trouble and learning lessons the hard way.
RITA ON THE ROPES Tom Palazzolo Oak Park, IL 9 exp documentary narrative A young woman wanders the streets and back waters of the city while musing about her misfortunes.

Massapequa, NY 15 animation
A clay/puppet animated story about Death, a Sheep, and four Pirates and how their lives coexist and intersect.

JAPAN: KESEl LINE SINGLE TAKE Ian Toews Regina, SK, CANADA 4:30 experimental
Part of a series and a visual poem, the imagery is at times like that ofAbstract Expressionist painting. This entire film is
comprised of one take. There are no cuts, no camera moves, no exposure, focus or shutter adjustments.

INVESTIGATION OF A FLAME Lynne Sachs Brooklyn, NY 44 exp documentary On May 17, 1968 nine Vietnam War protesters, including a nurse, an artist, and three priests, walked into a Catonsville, Maryland draft board office, grabbed hundreds of selective service records and burned them with homemade napalm. This film is an intimate portrait of the Catonsville Nine, this disparate band of resisters who chose to break the law in a defiant, poetic act of civil disobedience.
ABLUTION Eric Patrick Austin, TX 12:30 experimental
A film in three acts that traces a character's dissociative journey through an archetypal cleansing.
Metaphorically, the cinematic structures of the three vignettes leave trap doors and secret passageways
throughout the film for interpretation.

$0$ Reed 0' Beirne Seattle, WA 3 experimental The Seattle Kingdome was imploded on a cheery Sunday morning in March 2000 causing a magnitude 2.3 earthquake. The destruction was the result of Referendum 48, a ballot initiative backed by $5 million in advertising (the most expensive ballot initiative campaign in WA state history.) The theme for this ad campaign was "Save Our Seahawks" from which came the name for the film.
LAFFTRAK Karl Staven Philadelphia, PA 2:30 animation
Images of the filmmaker collected over time are moved to give voice to a soundtrack constructed from laughter.

CLAM UP Robert Todd Jamaica Plain, MA 3 experimental
One man's search to discover the secret inner life of a clam leads to an astonishing conclusion.

WEE THREE Matt Hulse Edinburgh Midlothian, SCOTLAND 6:30 narrative
Combining live action with stop-frame animation, the film examines the excruciating conflict between the natural
commands of the body and the unreal demands of the adult world.

SURFACE NOISE Abigail Child New York, NY 18 experimental documentary narrative
The film explores themes of fascism of gender limits and the ways people exist in public and private places.

Pat Oleszko: Rubble Without a Pause
Rubble Without Pause, a work-in-progress, was created from the cataclysmic and reflective journey from September 11 at
Ground Zero thru the dazed following as a citizen under siege, a rescue worker and, as an artist finding another courage.
To be followed by an open discussion.

Retrospective Screening: Vick's Picks
Ten years ago I put together a retrospective of awarded films from the Festival's past 29 years. The screenings were part of
the 30 Years and Beyond conference and 30th Festival anniversary. I decided to show at least two films from each year ¥films that both the audience and I would want to see again. The evening was a big hit.

At 4:00 in the morning, as the crowd was leaving the theater after the 11 :00 show, many bleary-eyed but smiling festival¥
goers thanked me for the great programs ... and for showing films until 4am~ I confess that while setting the program I
hadn't paid attention to running times. So, the 7:00 show ended close to 10 ... the 9:00 show started somewhere around
midnight... and the 11 :00 got underway around 2 am. But no one complained. I packed in some great work that night.

This year I opted to be a responsible festival director. After all, we have a party to get to by midnight tonight~ For all you
film gluttons ... I'm sorry, buuuuut... instead of putting together films from the past 39 years, I bring you works from the
past 9 years, since our last anniversary. I found a wonderful selection of films the audience will love to see again. Of course
I'm frustrated that I couldn't include all the titles deserving of recognition and replay on our screen. Hopefully, though,
you'll be so delighted with the films you'll see tonight that you won't be disappointed by the gaps.
(note -these film are not in competition).

THE MATCH THAT STARTED MY FIRE Cathy Cook 18:30, 1991 BEST OF THE FESTNAL, 30TH ANN ARBOR FILM FESTNAL The telephone rings and the girl-talk begins: secrets emerge and confessions build. A comedy in which the joy of sexual pleasure is discovered and experienced by women
in their childhood and early teens. Climbing a rope, descending a slide, being stung by insects... a host of women tell their hilarious anecdotes of "the match that started their fire".
GRACE Lorelei Pepi 6:30, 1999 HONORABLE MENTION, 38TH ANN ARBOR FILM FESTNAL A lovely film constructed utilizing multi-media techniques to create a layered and flowing poem of visual metaphor. Exploring flesh and soul spirituality and sensuality the incandescent body in space transforms as it reclaims itself.
ROSWELL Bill Brown 19:30, 1994 BEST FIRST FILM AWARD, 34TH ANN ARBOR FILM FESTNAL The film takes a fanciful, humorous look at the supposed crash of a flying saucer near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, an 'event' UFO-types cite to this day as evidence of a massive government cover-up.

MILK OFAMNESIA Jeffrey Noyes Scher 6 min 1992 AWARD OF EXCELLENCE, 31sT ANN ARBOR FILM FESTIVAL A tango through the labyrinth of memory. An animated montage as a lyrical, non-linear approximation of the way the brain
catalogs the stuff of every day life.
CRITIZEN Michael La Haie 18 min 1994 HONORABLE MENTION, 33RD ANN ARBOR FILM FESTIVAL San Francisco. The early '90s. During this dark period before the internet and Willie Brown saved the day, life in the Bay Area was bleak.Rampant poverty, homeless ness, and Mayor Frank Jordan's oppressive war against freedom had crushed the populace. What was a young man to do?
SUPERHERO Emily Breer 10 min 1995 BEST ANIMATION, 34TH ANN ARBOR FILM FESTIVAL Live-action, hand-drawn and computer graphic animation drive this high-speed fractured narrative about a Dionysian-like superhero who sometimes has to punch out Batman for being too goody-goody.

JIGSAW VENUS Dean Kapsalis 10:30 2000 ISABELLA LIDDELL AWARD, 39TH ANN ARBOR FILM FESTIVAL Love may be a small piece in life's puzzle but to Madeline the picture without its contribution looks incredibly suspended and ready to collapse. This much desired little piece seems to pass her right by until one magical night she realizes that it was by her all the time. Life is so simple and sweet at times.
MY FAVORITE THINGS THAT I LOVE Janet Perlman 4 min 1994
J IGSAW VENUS ISABELLA LIDDELL ART AWARD, 33RD ANN ARBOR FILM FESTIVAL Don't look for any raindrops on roses, but there are whiskers on kittens, lipstick-wearing dogs, sad clowns, flying unicorns, and many more wacky and tacky creations in this oddly engaging little film that features several animation styles.
ALONE LIFE WASTES ANDYHARDY Martin Arnold 15 min 1998 CHRIS FRAYNE BEST ANIMATED FILM AWARD, 37TH ANN ARBOR FILM FESTIVAL The filmmaker's process of deconstructing classic Hollywood films with brilliant editing links in with his other two films, Piece Touchie and Passage d L'acte. The family scenes, which in the original last only seconds and are not particularly notable, are surgically sectioned into single frames. Using repetition of these 'single cells' and a new rhythm, Arnold then creates an
inflated doppelganger of the original cuts lasting many minutes. The hidden message of sex and violence is turned inside out to the point where it simply crackles. ¥
OUT THE FIRE Luke Jaeger 4 min 1999 38TH ANN ARBOR FILM FESTIVAL TOUR An animated romp set to a 1946 calypso tune about the New York Fire Department. Firefighting bulldogs, flaming subways, rocket-powered fire extinguishers, and sexy skeletons cavort through this retro music video in the tradition of classic Betty Boop singalongs.
THE SMELL OF BURNING ANTS Jay Rosenblatt 21 :301994
BEST OF THE FESTIVAL AWARD, 32ND ANN ARBOR FILM FESTIVAL A haunting account of the pains and trauma of growing up male. The inner and outer cruelties that boys perpetrate and endure are evocatively presented. Rather than glorifying and romanticizing boyhood, this film opens up wounds to let the poisons out.
24 GIRLS Eva Ilona Brzeski 30 min 1998 TOM BERMAN AWARD FOR MOST PROMISING FILMMAKER, 36TH ANN ARBOR FILM FESTIVAL Set on the borderland between childhood and adolescence, between dream and reality, the film presents fleeting glimpses of girls on the threshold of maturity and the concomitant loss of innocence. One by one, pre-adolescent girls take the stage to announce and execute their chosen performances, from dancing to singing, poetry reading to storytelling, simultaneously revealing both unhindered childlike freedom and dawning self-consciousness. Carefully juxtaposed with these auditions is Brzeski's rumination on the short life of one girl who never had the chance to cross over into womanhood.

2000 BIKE RIDE Tom Schroeder 6:30 2001 HONORABLE MENTION, 39TH ANN ARBOR FILM FESTIVAL James Peterson tells the story of riding his bike 50 miles to see his girlfriend getting dumped and riding home. Jazz drummer Dave King improvises to this story. Tom Schroeder in turn draws animation to an analysis of both audio tracks. The film is the record of their free-associative collaboration.
~THE LOST CIVILIZATION Dylan Mc Neil 18:30 1997 MICHAEL MOORE AWARD FOR BEST DOCUMENTARY, 35TH ANN ARBOR FILM FESTIVAL The anthropological study of NY (pronounced "neeh"), a city built on smoke. In this strange city, garbage bags become dangerous objects, society ladies form street gangs, and a single word -fuck -is used as subject, object and verb.
SID Jeff Scher 3:30 1999 37TH ANN ARBOR FILM FESTIVAL TOUR There's no such thing as too much for the flying dog. Filmed with a Beaulieu r 16 and a Century 9mm lens on Shelter Island last summer. Music by Ween. Stay tuned for SID II -Balloon Orgy. Principle photography this summer.

WILL RUN MARCH 11 .. 16, 2003.


Nicolas Alvarez VIOLETA Buenos Aires ARGENTINA 27 Steve Alves TOGETHER IN TIME Westmoreland NH 27 Ryan Amaro DESPERATION San Frandsco CA 3 Omid Amjadi THE KISS Berkeley CA 5 Jeyi An SWEAT San Francisco CA 30 Ananda Pictures Circuit OORUKKU NOORUPER (A HUNDRED VOICES FOR A CAUSE) Chennai INDIA Kelly Anderson & Tami Gold MAKING A KILLING: PHILIP MORRIS, KRAFT AND GLOBAL TOBACCO ADDICTION Boston MA30 Jenny Andrews THE "BATHROOM" AGREEMENT Los Angeles CA 21 Nancy Andrews THE REACH OF AN ARM Seal Harbor ME 32 Alisa F. Anglesey THE GOOD SAMARITAN Ogden, UT2 Vojko Anzewe THE LAST SUPPER Wubloana SLOVENIA 94 Reymonde April TOUT EMBRASSER Montreal, Quebec CANADA 58 Roberto Ariganello SHELTER Toronto, Ontario CANADA 8 Nurshen Bakir PARTISANS San Francisco, CA 10 Michael Ball LEGALIZED AMERICA Brookline MA 25 Mitchell Bard MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS Bayside NY 90 Bill Basquin THE LAST DAY OF NOVEMBER San Francisco CA 4 Sarah Bassine EIGHT New York NY 19 Mercedes Bauer I'M SCREWED Pacifica CA 12 Signe Baumane & Josh Rechnitz NATASHA New York NY 10 Alex Beckstead TRAILER PARK BLUES Mountain View CA 57 Brian BecVar WHERE SECRETS LIE Los Angeles CA 13 Ruth Behar ADIO KERIDA Ann Arbor MI 89 Jennifer E. Beineke THE BOOK AND THE ROSE Springfield MA 29 Dianne Bellino SLiTCH Baltimore MD 23 Adam Scott Bellow ADDICTION MenickNY 16 Jim Berry SEMMELWEIS New York NY 19 Merlyn M. Bilas A LONGER JOURNEY Foster City CA 6 Miro Bilbrough BARTLE BY Lilyfield NSW AUSTRALIA 28 Anna Biller A VISIT FROM THE INCUBUS Los Angeles CA 26 Randall Blair THE DEAD FILMMAKERS SOCIETY Chevy Chase MD 28 Doug Bollinger JUST LOVERS Asbury Park NJ 99 Fabienne S. Bouville THE LONELINESS OF ANIMALS New York NY 20:30 Laurie Jay Boylan TESTIMONY OF TRIUMPH Laguna Beach CA 29 Dietmar Brehm MIX-3 Valley Cottage NY 14 Dietmar Brehm MIX-4 Valley Cottage NY 21 Sarah Brenia BREAD & BUTTER Chicago IL 7:30 Jason Britski MOVING VIOLATION Prince Albert SK CANADA 5:30 Kathryn L. Bucher BURIED Encino CA 57
Jim Burer SON OF MAN Chattanooga TN 22 Carey Burtt MIND CONTROL MADE EASY OR HOW TO BECOME A CULT LEADER New York NY 13 Damien Caldwell LINCOLN & 31ST Los Angeles CA II :30 Will Canon & Douglas Simon DOCTOR MUFFINS Arlington TX 18 Kurush Canteenwala ONE HUNDRED FEET OF YESTERDAY AND TOMORROW Carbondale IL 3
N. Barry Carver ROMEO & JULIET REVISITED Los Angeles CA 26 Cori Chavez UNKNOWN NAME, UNKNOWN NUMBER Boulder CO 5 Ya-nan Chou SILHOUEITE Culver City CA 4 Amanda Christie LEARNING TO DROWN Chicago IL 33:30 Wally Chung A PLACE BEITER THAN OURS New York NY 2:30 Hugo & Ann Cimmelli A TOWN OF FRIENDLY PEOPLE Pearl River NY 30 Cybele Clark-Mendes CORKY SAY CRACK Kalamazoo MI 6 Jason W. Clarke JESUS WAS A CAPRICORN Vancouver BC CANADA 10 Cluis Cloutier STREET DREAMS New York NY 23 Kerstin Cmelka ET IN ARCADIA EGO Valley Cottage NY 3 Thomas Comerford ILLA CAMERA OBSCVRA Chicago IL 12:30 Brooke Connolly, Chantelle Janelle, Kate Karbowniczek, & Nichole Semones A SONG OF ASCENTS Cayce SC 12 Sandra ContrerasTHE BLESSING La; Angeles CA 8 TArthurCcttamBEERGOGGLESLa;AngelesCA6 T Arthur Cottam BETWEEN US La; Angeles CA 8
B. Coughenour THIS FILM HAS NO TITLE Southfield MI 90 Bruce Coughran MY FRIEND'S LOVE AFFAlR Los Angeles CA 25 Christiane Covington & James A. Ellis LEGACIES Bonita CA30 Laura Jean Cronin BLOCK PARTY Seattle WA 24 Hanelle M. Culpepper THE WEDDING DRESS Los Angeles CA 18 Isaiah Curry CLIMBING DEEPER San Jose CA 9 Marlin Darrah BUTTERFLYMAN Portland OR 101 Paolo Davanzo PICININ Irvine CA 6 Liesel de Boor CAT LADY New York NY 9:30 Marcelo T. Meolo THE BEAUTY AND THE BIRDS Sao Paulo SP BRAZIL 8 Manuel De Seixas Correa SUICIDE INC. Brooklyn NY 10 Connie DiCicco THE PENNY GAME Tallahassee FL 17:30 Amy Dillon llITI.EANGELS MinneajX)lis MN 8 Brandon Doherty THE SHORTEST DISTANCE Chicago IL 8 Brandon Doherty DRAWING ON HORSEBACK Chicago IL 3 Brandon Doherty PRESENCE OF ABSENCE ChicagoIL6 Fritz Donnelly BLUE LOBSTER NewYork NY 70 Katrina Hart Drabkin SEEKING FELICITY Oakland CA 13:30

Alyssa Dressman ORCHARD'S REPOSE Los Angeles CA 8 Jubilee Dugay BETRAYAL Harper Woods MIS Harvey Lawrence Edwards THE RABBI'S DILEMMA Eagle Bridge NY 17 Amber Edwards GEORGE SEGAL: AMERICAN STILL LIFE Newtown CT 57 Talia Eisen SOMEBODY ELSE'S SHOES Los Angeles CA 22 Denis Eleonsky KARLSON HAS RETURNED St. Peters berg RUSSIA 23 Bonnie Elliott & Anna Fraser MOTEL Marrickville NSW AUSTRALIA 6 David Ellsworth HUSLES VIDEO DUB Hills IA 10 Verena Endtner DON'T FORGET GAUGUIN Vancouver BC CANADA Gita Farid THE WAYFARER'S JOURNEY Chandler AZ 6 Jennifer Fenza MATERNAL INSTINCTS Jamaica Plain MA 51 Claudio Fernandes THE GIFT OF SISYPHUS San Francisco CA 9 Douglas Finelli GROWNUPS Lincoln Park NJ 86 David Fishel H-POL (THE MOTION PICTURE) Iowa City IA 11 Thorsten Fleisch SUPERBITMAPPING Bonn GERMANY 3 Nick Fletcher SUPER CHOCOLATEY FUDGE Vancouver BC CANADA 8:30 Susy Foreman THE EDGE OF THE MIDWAY Los Angeles CA 25 Corrie Francis ASH SUNDAY Moraga CA 5:30 Mark M. Franks THE ALEXIS DREAM Chicago IL 15 Claudia Frantzen THE REKINDLING NYC 18 Melissa Pearl Friedling MERCEDES, HERE LIES THE HEART Syracuse NY 30 Siegfried Fruhauf MOUNTAlN TRIP Valley Cottage NY 3:30 Francesca Galesi BORIS Los Angeles CA 26 Julia Inez Gandelsonas LAST TAKE Los Angeles CA 3 Geretta/Geretta SWEETIECAKES Wintwrthur SWITZERLAND 87 Kyle Gilman CAMERA NOISE Cambridge MA 30 Britta Gordon DAY JOB Brooklyn NY 7 Ryan Gould UNTITLED New York NY 22 Rylend J. Grant THE RIDE OF THE VALKYRIES Ann Arbor MI 18 Rylend J. Grant DRIVE Ann Arbor MI 29 Cindy Greene UPSIDE RIGHT NY NY 25 Paul Greenhouse RISE 'N SHINE Brooklyn NY 28 Sabine Gruffat PART I & PART 2 Chicago IL 5:30 Philip-Jon Haarsma DEVIOUS BEINGS Los Angeles CA 98 Tanya Haden THE VISIT Los Angeles CA 4 Dallas Richard Hallam THE MOVIE ABOUT: LOVE, HISTORY, MEMORY, SECRET Iowa City IA 9 Patrick Halm SUBMERSED BUT FOR THE SAKE OF THE SEA Los Angeles CA 7 Patrick Halm AUTOGENIC THRESHOLD

Los Angeles CA 9 Sarah Hamady EZEKiEL Los Angeles CA 11 Dave Hanagan JACK STRANGE, LITERARY HERO Seatle WA 30 Christopher Harris STILUHERE Orlando FL. 60 Benjamin Hershleder THE BRONX BOYS Burbank CA 45 Carol Ho MASQUERADE MY MESS Valencia CA 15:30 Robert Saiz Holguine MEXICAN STANDOFF New York NY 85 Eva Honegger STAR TIGER Carbondale IL 8 Monica Nordhaus ECCENTRIC CAKES New York NY 12 Ann Howell THE FAILURE OF PAMELA SALT Durham NC 23 Ralph Hoy WORSE THAN TERRIBLE Studio City CA 28 Diana Hu I SEE Seattle WA 5 Diana Hu DON'T LOCK ME OUT
Â¥ Seattle WA 5 Katrin Huckfeldt MOMENTS OUT OF CONTROL Berlin GERMANY 47 Annie Rae Huston PORCELAIN Vancouver BC CANADA 7 James Hutcheson BETWEEN CERTAINTY & OBLIVION Richmond VA 9 Yeo Han Hwee PASSAGES Singapore SINGAPORE 5:30 Hirotsugu Ikeda SILENCE Sunnyside NY 34 Maria Iliou ALEXANDIA Athens GREECE 115 Annemarie Jacir THE SATELLITE SHOOTERS New York NY 15 Scott Jacobs TRUE LIFE Chicago IL Yongchae Jeung SECRET SONG San Francisco CA 5 Alex R. Johnson THANKSGIVING Brooklyn NY 17 Christophe Joly HALFWAY THERE
Los Angeles CA 20 Eric Juhola SIZE MATTERS New York NY 21 Dikran Janus Kadagian A CRISIS OF FAITH I THE AMERICAN DILEMMA Ridgefield CT 49 Matthew Kalish SYNAPSE Muttontown NY 10 Shiho Kano ROCKiNG CHAIR Tokyo JAPAN 13 Yasmin P. Karim ZARRA Burnaby BC Canada 3 Dan Kay WAY OFF BROADWAY NY NY 84 Sarah Kernochan THOTH New York NY 42 Joanne Kerrigan SLUG Halifax NS CANADA 10 Rebecca Kerster JADA GREEN + RED Vancouver BC CANADA Rebecca Kerster STARLIGHT, STARBRIGHT Vancouver BC CANADA Maryam Keshavarz SANCTUARY Oakland CA 17:30 Ingrid Kirkland MELTING ICE Pound Ridge NY 26 Cedrick Kluyskens GEKY Vancouver BC CANADA Tara Knight HOW TO NAME THE BIGGER LIGHT Poultney VT 8:30
Michael Kowalski DONALD AND DOT CLOCK FOUND DEAD IN THEIR HOME Los Angeles CA 76 Robert E. Kreipke NOCTURNAL EVOLUTION Dearborn Heights MI 7 Shawn Ku THE BUTCHER Los Angeles CA 6 Robbie Land OIL DERRIC Tampa FL 6 Andrew Landauro I'VE BEEN THINKiNG ABOUT NOT COMING DOWN BostonMA 19 John M. Landsberg THESE FEW WEAPONS AGAINST DEATH Santa Barbara CA 26:30 Roxana Lara SHADE OF ATONEMENT San Francisco CA 12 David Michael Latt JANE WHITE IS SICK & TWISTED Simi Valley CA 84 Matthew Leary THE STORYTELLER St. Paul MN 8:30 Mickey Lemle RAM DASS FIERCE GRACE New York NY 93 Joe Leonard BULLETIN BOARD NY NY 10 Eric Leven ANTI-SUNSET Berkeley CA 2 Lin Li SYDNEY COAL LOADER Castaic CA 6 Eleftheria Lialios IF I PROFANE Chicago IL 6 Eleftheria Lialios AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A GREEK WOMAN PART 2 Chicago IL 8 David Liban ONE LAST CIGARETTE Washington DC 17:30 Rachel Libert KOOL BREEZE San Francisco CA 6:30 Jack Lilburn THE ANYTOWN USA CHRONICLES: CRACKSHOT STU NYC 9:30 Marc. A Littler WILD TURKEY Rodgau Hessen GERMANY 9:30 Yong Liu THIRTEEN Daly City CA 12 Alison Lonesome CROSSING JORDAN Chicago IL 13 Christopher Loucks ARC-EN-CL Greenwood Village CO 7:30 John Lundin GOTHIC 2000 Hollywood FL 36 Wendra Lynne ONE FAMILY Vashon Island WA 1 James MacSwain THE ALPHA EXPEDITION Halifax NS CANADA 17 Nate Mahoney POPCORN Carmichael CA 5 Nate Mahoney & Yui Takamatsu REGENERATION Carmichael CA 8 Matthew Majewski A BETTER REALITY Cedarburg WI 12 Bob Makara FEUD FOR THOUGHT Grosse Pointe Farms MI 30 Nick Marciano AMERICAN SLAVES Woodbridge ON CANADA 25 Helvecio Marins Jr. 2 MEN -"2 HOMENS" Belo Horizonte BRAZIL 5 Josh Marston VOICE OF AN ANGEL Brooklyn NY 15 Paul Martell THE RITE OF SPRING Hollywood CA 8.3 Eric Mattimore WHEN IT WILL NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE FOR MAN Springfield OH 6 Will May FOOL Charlottesville VA 7 Chris Maybury DIRTY BOOTS Vancouver BC CANADA 7

N. Hollywood CA 8 Kate McCabe DAS NEUE MONSTER
N. Hollywood CA 8 Denise McCarthy JOEY PETRONE: TV COP Los Angeles CA 12 Moebius McCartney Simmons ONE Ithaca NY 6 Alan McIntyre PERSEPHONE South Bend IN 21 Chris McKay ONE STOP SHOPPING Toronto ONT CANADA 4 Drew Mclean ASTRONOMY Winston-Salem NC 20 Bernadine Mellis BORN Philadelphia PA 6 Cecilia Mendez MOLADORA MOLIENDO/GRINDER GRINDING Ann Arbor MI 2 Hilda Mercado A PIECE OF EARTH/UN PEDASP DE TIERRA Los Angeles CA 22 Daniel Merkle .. .1 LIKE IT FINE Chicago IL 12 Gayle Metz REFLECTIONS Regina SK CANADA 3 Terri Miller MY FEMME LADY Santa Monica CA 23 Ken Miller THE MIRE Brooklyn NY 9 Douglas H. Monson CASSIE IN THE PARK HoltMI4 Danielle Montalbano DRNER Brooklyn NY 15 Terry Montlick TELEPHONE 19 Kikuko Morimoto LUNA New York NY 21 Arlene Muller IN DARKNESS La Jolla CA 12 Matthew Mumper THE HELPER San Francisco CA 26 Rusty Nails GRETHEL & HANSEL Chicago IL 13 Mayu Nakamura FAMILY ALBUM NY NY15 Kirthi Nath THE TO DO LIST CONFESSIONS San Francisco CA 15:30 Ben Nedivi THE LOVE SONG OF HENRY MILKJerseyCityNJ 12 Dan Ness STILL LIFE Portland OR 5 Gabriele Neudecker FREAKY Koestendorf AUSTRIA 27 Chirs Newberry AGORA Wayzata MN 8 Jeff Nichols NOBLE CHROME PIRATES Winston-Salem NC 19 Joan Nidzyn 36-365 Brighton MA 10 Frances Nkara UNDER THE INFLUENCE San Ramon CA II Jeffrey Noune BYNARY LOVE Ann Arbor MI 5 Rusty Nye THE PLATFORM San Antonio TX 47 Patrick O'Connor DEAR JOHN NY NY 19 Jason O'Hara FAITH Rochester NY Jon O'Neal TANGO PARA DOS Los Angeles CA 5 Johnny O'Reilly THE TERMS Dublin IRELAND 11:30 Brandon Ogborn & Matt Medendorp SARA'S STORY Muskegon MI 10 Dianne Ouellette SIGH Regina SK CANADA 8 Pepe Ozan GANGA MA -A PILGRIMAGE TO THE SOURCE San Francisco CA 58 JL Packard BERGEN ST Brooklyn NY 5

John Palmer MAN! San Francisco CA 5 Tony Papa ICE BEYOND COOL Vancouver BC CANADA 33 Tony Papa TRAVELLER Vancouver BC CANADA 55 Sachin Parekh BOMBAY RAJ Viila Park CA 24 Sanghee Park HOME]ART II San Francisco CA 6 Helen Pau SHUDDER San Francisco CA 28 Michael Pavlic THE TRANSITIVE PROPERTY Boston MA 19 Scott Allen Perry SIDE EFFECTS Los Angeles CA 18 Linda Planigiani FASCINATION Castellina Scalo-Siena ITALY 4:30 Erin Ploss-Campoamor LA AMERICANITA VeniceCA 20 Tyler Polhemus OFF Astoria NY 16 Janet Polli GIRL TRAP Chicago IL 8:30 Arie Posin OVER MY DEAD BODY Los Angeles CA 14 Jimena Puente-Trevino THE PILL BOX Darlington NSW AUSTRALIA 8 Andrew Putschoegl COLD CALL Los Angeles CA 14 Zhong Qiang METAMORPHOSIS Beijing China 82 Dale L. Radomski DAMIEN IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF CHRIST Honolulu HI 48 Pola Rapaport FAMILY SECRET Hapton Bays NY 58 Ryan Redford THE UNSTRUNG EAR Aurora ONT CANADA 12:30 John Reynolds GARAGE SALE Jacksonboro SC 18 Troy Rhoades COLORLESS GREEN IDEAS SLEEP FURIOUSLY Edmonton AB CANADA 3 Troy Rhoades BABELANGUE Edmonton AB CANADA 7 Trevor Ristow SATELLITE New York NY 18 Regina Robbins IN THE EYE New York NY 15 John Paul Roche DA CAPO Los Angeles CA 6 Bryony Rogers JOURNEYS HOME Lancaster UK 14 Fatimah Tobing Rony EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN Los Angeles CA 26 Manlio Roseano IL TERZO LEONE (THE THIRD LION) Udine ITALY 65 Demetria Royals BROTHER MEN Brooklyn NY 56 Lynne Sachs PHOTOGRAPH OF WIND Brooklyn NY 3 Marie-Josee Saint-Pierre SELECTION NATURELLE Montreal QC CANADA 7:30 Kitao Sakurai & Andrew Spirk CODA Cleveland OH 10:30 Wayne Salvatore & Matt Azzarto THE DAY BEFORE TOMORROW Hoboken NJ 30 David Samuels THE DANGERS OF TOBACCO New York NY 5 Fredeswinda Z. Santos A HAUNTING Oakland CA 15 Hank Saroyan 5 CARD STUD
N. Hollywood CA 96 Chris Sautter THE KING OF STEELTOWN
Washington DC 75 Joel Schlemowitz REVERIE Brooklyn NY 7:30 Joel Schlemowitz & Jon Beherns ALL SAINTS DAY Brooklyn NY 6 Lee Anne Schmitt NIGHTINGALE Los Angeles CA 14:30 Ben Scholle POTTERSVILLE Dallas TX 22 Michael Schuh PROGRAMMED St. Louis MO 9:30 Alexa Schulz BURNING HEART Berlin GERMANY 18 Brooke Sebold & Patrick O'Conner PASTORAL SYMPHONY Tucson AZ 6 Ben-hur Sepehr LONG ROAD TO PARADISE Reseda CA39 Tony Shaff GET OUTTA HERE Winston-Salem NC 20 Robbin Shahani THE PERFECT BABYSITTER Salt Lake City UT 6:30 David Sherman THE SILVER RETURNS San Francisco CA 9 Kang Shin I WISH ... Los Angeles CA 17 Richard Shpuntoff MORNING DANCE Bronx NY 6 Kia Simon IN PUBLIC SPACE San Francisco CA 14 Brent A. Sims BECOMING VEX Baton Rouge LA 79 Emily Singer FINAL SALE 15 Alan Snitow & Deborah Kaufman SECRETS OF SILICON VALLEY Berkeley CA 60 Alessandro Soares & Vicky Mourer Zabriskie SAUDADE Tallahassee FL 21 Laleh Soomekh DEAR JUDGE Oakland CA 27 Eric Southworth OFFSIDES Somerset MA 24 Gerald Sprayregen ECONOMICS 10l Boca Raton FL 70 Thea St. Orner A TOUCH OF TUTELAGE Bronx NY 14 Thea St. Orner LOVE IN AN ELEVATOR Bronx NY 17 Karl Staven COMPOSITION IN BLUE & GREEN Philadelphia PA 3:30 Daniel Stedman CELEBRATION Wellesley MA 5 Laura Steinhoff CUTTING A VIEW: A DAUGHTER'S LOOK PAST THE CAMOUFLAGE Los Angeles CA 13 Matthew Stenerson HEARTS BREAKJNG IN SLOW MOTION Minneapolis MN 4 Cindy Stillwell THE FIRST STORY Bozeman MT 11 Jon P. Straface SAY IT AIN'T SO, JOANNE Vancouver BC CANADA 10 Deborah Stratman UNTIED Chicago IL 3 Tony Strong THE HUNGER Howell MI 5 Oana Suteu M FOR MOTION Montreal QC CANADA 7 Tommy Taylor BETTY AND VERONICA Vancouver BC CANADA Lysanne Thibodeau ELOGE DER RETOUR / ODE TO A JOURNEY HOME Montreal QC CANADA 43 Robert Todd CLIP (4000F.) Jamaica Plain MA
3:30 Tamara Tracz TIMEPIECE Newhall CA 6 Fiona Trigg LOVE BIRDS St Kilda Vic AUSTRALIA 3:30 Glen Trotiner OVERNIGHT SENSATION New York City New York 90 Hope Tucker STOKOE Iowa City IA Renato Umali MS. LAKE MICHIGAN 1952 Milwaukee WI 9:30 Cheryl van Grunsven VAN Brooklyn NY 12 Adolfo Vargas INFIDEL New York NY 9 Peter Veverka REMOTE CONTROL Los Angeles CA 24 Marc Vogler COW-BOY San Francisco CA 11 Peter J. Vogt & Mark Van-S NUTS & BOLTS Seattle WA 27 Jason Wade GOLDEN AFTERNOON Minneapolis MN 7 Jeff Wadlow KILGORE CANYON
W. Hollywood CA 9 Michelle Wagner MEET THE PATERSONS West Hollywood CA 12 Jonathan Wald LIVES OF THE PHARAOHS San Francisco CA 16 Siobahn Walshe LUCID Brooklyn NY 27 Tricia Ward SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST New York NY 6 John Warren SUMMER INTO FALL
BostonMA 10 Bob Watson MATCHES Redmond WA 5 Anita Weber THE LITTLE RED TOILET Brooklyn MI 6 Catherine Webster SPILLWAY N. Liberty IA 4 Lucy Weismann IN THE RED NY NY 4 Matthew Weiss MEAN PEOPLE SUCK Langhorne PA 9 Kennedy Wheatley IRON LADIES Los Angeles CA 30 Brian Whitley CONVERSATIONS WITH MYSELF North Hollywood CA 23 Stephen Williams GO TELL MAMA Chesapeake VA 22 Kate T. Williamson WOOD ISLAND Wyomissing PA 20 Jessica Joy Wise THIRST Montreal QC CANADA 16 Liza Wong PAR AVION Causeway Bay HONG KONG 28
S. Caspar Wong SHIRTS & SKINS Toshiharu Yaegashi PULSATION NY NY 16 Koorosh Yaraghi MEN IN PATIENCE New York NY 11:30 Abigail Zealey Bess CAUGHT IN TIME New York NY 7

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Long before the term "independent film" was a part of everyday conversa¥tion, the Ann Arbor Film Festival was celebrating cinematic independence in its purest and most exciting form. All of us who love movies owe you our gratitude.
The Detroit Film Theatre of the Detroit Institute of Arts is proud to host the 40th Ann Arbor Film Festival Tour on Monday, May 6th, 2002.
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Take your project anywhere and output seamlessly from any Avid system.
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More than 100 real-time effects.

For over ten years one of America's top effects houses, hiding right here in Detroit.
Rivet Films, Inc.
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3smm film thru digital finish
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Congratulations on 40 Years!

The choice for NPR news, jazz, and blues
Proud sponsor of the Ann Arbor Film Festival

The Academy extends congratulations to the Ann Arbor Film Festival on the occasion of its 40th annual celebration of motion pictures.
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¥ Complete printing & finishing serviees all under one roof. *ltems may he ordered 8 I. ~.rI:e or as ¥ prix fixe.
All items served with large smiles ~ and ;enerous portions of Imowledll,e from our staff. ~

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"FILMMAKER keeps me in touch with virtually every strand of filmmaking that makes up the independent world today -from emerging student filmmakers to masters from abroad. I learn so much from each issue, and each issue inspires me to learn more."
James Schamus, screenwriter/producer, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

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The people at the Ann Arbor News believe in supporting the community we serve. It's our job to encourage education, social endeavors and the arts through sponsorships, contributions, volunteer work and news coverage. We depend on our community and we want you to depend on us.
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Proud Sponsor ofthe Ann Arbor Film Festival

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The State Street Area Association
Welcomes you to the Ann Arbor Film Festival and invites you to visit our members and to shop and dine in the State Street area.
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Located on the west side ofMain Street, just south of William Street, in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor, Ashley Mews offers a peerless collection ofmagnificent penthouses, sophisticated brownstones and cozy lofts. Rendered in brick with fine copper and limestone detailing, these remarkable condominium residences capture the essence of urban living in grand style and . abundant comfort.
Exquisite, two-story penthouses with wrap-around terraces for panoramic views, custom designed and built to their owners'preferences.

Distinctive brownstones and lofts, artistically designed to provide the ultimate in-town retreat.

Parking located underground enhances the charming courtyard, walkways and open space.

( 734) 761-6700
Ashley Mews 414 South Main Street Suite 100
$yndeco R_1ty
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Agent for Ashley Mews, LLC

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