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43rd Ann Arbor Film Festival Program

Ann Arbor Film Festival
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Ann Arbor Film Festival
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:>.dies Schakolad Chocol.,e Factory
t, AShley's ¥ Susan chaf'iain
of M School of Art & DeSign Selu Shevel Gall~
Aut Bar Barry Checko\1ay
Village Cor~er ..

Cot1;age Inn , Jack C~in
Voila! B~utique

IralrUJIi Ac.n01.. ¥¥Tios Restaurant
Washtenaw Woodwr.ight!l.

:ity of Ann Arbor
¥ David ell a: Oon~osna lichigan Council for Arts Whole FjlfS ~arket ~ áCaroline Eis~r
e.9nM.r~:~e-t Q.1Te~Y'
lDd Cultural Affairs W+lken~ Lugiage Sh~
~bor s 107.1 .. Mindy Faber rational Endowments for. the Arts
Â¥ Karl Faderhofer ...
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~arget Corporation .IA:-. 'Z á , Bambi Haggi.ns . ~
Afternoon Delight ~


..:.. Luther a: Jose.phine "Iriiiiilton Ill! np:t Sl'0n.ooh1" Angelots Restaurant " ' . ./ ¥ WKAR .. .". .... Bill 3il.1á
Einstein Bros. Bagels
lut Bar ..... ... Jo Horn
Expresso Royale Cafe
:ommon Language Bookstore Ben Johnson
Jefferson Market !reofsUl'l'cfr-t
'irebrand Books Kim Kemner
h~ny a: Associates (ww. gregj ohns onrealestate'. corll Amy Klinke
" ........~fI~Gil Ste;d~g

IARC (HIV/AIDS Resource Center) Aric Knuth
Â¥ Willi..,. wa~er..a

'odd Mundt George Kuchar itrategic Computer Solutions Leni, Lucy a: Zelda
~Ol~&III ~k....r-t1¥¥:.
'rillium Real Estate Antonio Lopez
A~or ~ing, Co. ¥
IRAP -Washtenaw Rainbow Action projec: _~ George Manupelli
-~Ann Arbor Roger Mayer

~J:1J:I4 lIonor. ..... Karl Mehrer
Med1a .drian' s Sc~nprintin, Bob Moir
urnt_st lim ,rbor Brewi"Compa-ny Helena Marano

lIet'roltt I'il.genter . ¥¥¥
livouac Terri Alarra
Â¥ ' Dogma Catmantoo lurnt Toast Inn Cara Mertes
¥ Dr~m On Futon .--¥¥¥

lowntown Development Authority Anthony Morrison
Grizzly re Recordings
luphoria Oxygen Bar Neil Mueller
KatheriQe' ing, Inc. ker Magazine'irst Street Gard-il/, Inn Danni Niemeyer
¥ Kav's.lafe ' ¥ Footprints
irace a: Wild Stud"'" Sarah Okuyama
Peop~s Food tI-op HDStudios
~reens'e.t Tree Care Patricia Olynyk
Romano's Macaron~ Grill Hudson a: MUma IDStudios -*: Dan Price
Say Cheese Cheesecake Bakery Images Festival
:olossos Prin~g Joanna Priestly
Schakolad Chocolate Factory K2 Imaging, Inc.
[eidi KUmao Scott Randolph
Soup du Jour Larry Skiles / Ed.,ard Jones
letro Times Leslie Raymond
Whole -Foods Market IIledia Power
lichig´ Radio Cory Reynolds
Michigan Radio

'ay Nelson -' Lorri Roddy
.u-terhour. salO..' Nutella
'eople's Food Co-op Bryan Rogers
Firefly Club Relaxation Station
~ogow a: Loney, P.C. Bruce a: Nanc y Romant
Boob Moir /-. Rogow a: Loney, P.C.
lush Street Swanna Saltiel
Maker's Mark Distillery Saturn of Ann Arbor :aturn of Ann Arbor Danny Schecter
School Kids in Exile

ikyy Vodka Jason Silverman
Soup duJour

Lobby EJI-t.r-ta1Jlaen-t
~el Systems Vince Swain
Starbucks ~oledo City Paper Sam ValentiCombo Sanfona
Verizon Wireless

Ro'al Garden Trio
I of M School of Art j: Igor Vamos
Tabor Hill Ie sign IT Dept . .. Alarie Van Tubbergen
Tel Systems Seth Warschausky


The Ann Arbor Film Festival is a grass roots organization dedicated for the past 43 years to screening the very best in independent and experimental film. The generous financial support the Festival receives from its boosters
has always been one of its strengths, and our membership campaign serves as a way to recognize these tax¥deductible contributions. Putting on the Ann Arbor Film Festival is a year-round effort. Your support and the support of the following people is deeply appreciated.
Film Legends $1000 and up Clark Charnetski David Ericksen John Dryden Romant
630 Club"
Mark & Terri Fisher

Philip Hughes
Film Producers Film Lovers

Jill McDonough & Greg
$500 and up $25 and up

Daniel Moerman
Ronald & Jill Donoyan Maio

Bud Niemeyer Fran Cowen Adler
Kostas Pappas Jack Cronin Film Celebri'ty Robert Holman $250 and up Anne & Fred Remley
Mary Rios
Peter Drescher

Patricia Smith
Film Heroes &Heroines

Film Cameo$100 and up $20 and up
John Baird

Relah Eckstein Ruth Bardenstein & Jim Roll Kathy & Steve Bergman "Thank you to Pfizer Alan Blomquist
their matching gift fund .
Come visit the Ann Moray opening Tuesday
Sue 1. Ott

upper lobby of t proceeds for to Performance Network Film Festival.
Dan Price

Fill out a card to Rick Raxlan bid. Opening bids the donated item'
Relaxation Station
are raised in a

Sally Ryanincrements. Bids excee~~ng~~ item's donated value are Yanda Shadigian deductible.
John Shultz Photography John Shultz
Winners are announced imme
Claudette Stern
following the close of the
auction on Sunday March 20
S'i.'ank IUartini Co .

9pm. Winners then make paymen and retrieve their items. Tabor Hill Arrangements can be made for
Randa Trella

those who are unable to pick up items at this time, however martha Claus True Gem Co . all must be claimed by March Ester Kirshenbaum Judy Gottsedhalk
Coffee Express Co. Ann Klevgard
31st . Runner-up bidders will be
Greg Upshur
contacted in the event that an

Marie Cronin Marie Krull item goes unclaimed. James Van Coppenolle Jeff Donatto Pamela LeBlanc Ellie White
We appreciate the generosity of

Dovmt own Home &:: Garden Lucky Monkey
the following artists, businesses Tattoo Parlour Susan Winebergand community members who have Dream on Futon donated artvlork and services for
hlain Street Ventures !.like Wolfe Victoria Hayes Engling
the auction, as well as those

hlarrabella Nancy Wolfe
whose nameS were received after Euphoria Oxygen Bar Lisa hlarra this program went to print. Leslie Wolfe
Eve Motor CityMusic Conference Sharon Wysocki
Speoial ~hank8 ~o Xri8~en Carol Furtado
War,elin for all her effo~
and hard work in or,ania1n, Gandy Dancer

Vanessa Lako
pg 8 ~he auo~ion.
prize donors
$',000 $500 $200
Ken Burns/Florentine Films Between The Lines Frank & Gail Beaver Griot Editorial George Fisher $1,500 Mid America Cine Suppor t & Kari Magill 630 club'" Michigan Vue Magazine Kitty & St even Kahn
Tios Restaurant Walter Spiller
$1,200 Susan Warner
$150 $'50 Mark Hardin Dennis Hayes ~ . arti Family $100 :~wrence & Mary Ellen Kasdan $'00 John Caldwell Judy Kazis/ LaBour Foundation f or & Susan Kalinowski Award, Inc. Non-Institutional Living Jim Freudenberg Cynthia Greig
Foundat ion $250 & Richard Smith Arbor Springs Passing Wat er Award Vicki Engel Lars Bjorn & Susan Wineberg Dan Gunning Piotr Michalowski & Deanna Relyea Richard Hackel
Ken Kiesler

university of michigan school of art & design ANNARB~~NEWS Filmcraft


Avid. 000



The ~rnamJ, choco/at) hll:l:elnuf 5prtad"


in the Ouderstadt Center OF ANN ARBOR

9 TARGET ver'ZOnwireless

$25 Philip S. Wilson
Other Dan & Fred Bourgoise Detroit Film Center Ea stman Kodak Motion Film Division Grace & Wild Studios Griot Editorial Film Craft Lab
"'Thank you to Pfizer for their matching gift f und.

wkbigflll rounci!for
(l1'if (mel CfllmmL l1Jilirr


pg 9

Jonathan Caouette
avvards ¥ ¥
The name of Jonathan Caouette


was everywhere last year due to his ground-breaking
The awards j~r_s
composed of
internationally which screened at last year's
recognized festival, has received
ftlmmakers, artists

international critical praise
and critics who
since premiering at the New York
are dedicated to Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.
independent and experimental ftlm as With a budget of less than $300, an art form. The the ftlm was made using 20 years jurors' function is
worth of personal footage and
to view all entries
assembled using iMovie. His
programmed in the
88-minute ftlm is an evocative

public screenings of ftlms-in-competition autobiography shot ,vith the tone and to distribute of dark humor and love that the awards money.
has sustained him through his
Decisions regarding
complex existence to this very
awards and the
day. Along with being screened
distribution of
prize monies are the at Sundance Film Festival and

prerogative of the Cannes, TARNATION was awarded
Awards Jury and its

much recognition, including
decisions are ftnal.
the Best Non-Fiction Film by the National Society of Film
Jurors will presen~
~he1r own work Critics, USA and the Sutherland

in proirams on Trophy at the London Film
JeclJ1esday, Thursday Festival. Join Jonathan for a
and friday at :5 PlI " ' "

in ~he main ~hea~er. "á free screen~ng of h~s work on See ~he ElOhedul:á;~~,~' Friday, March 18 at 3pm in the details. ....~."",.... main theater.
pg 10

Katt M:cCorm1ck
Matt McCormick is a Portland, Oregon based :filmmaker whose work blurs the line between documentary and experimental. His :films combine found and original sounds and images to fashion abstract and witty observations of contemporary culture and current issues. Matt has had three :films screen at the Sundance Film Festival, and has received awards including Best Short Film from the San Francisco International Film Festival, Best Experimental from the New York Underground Film Festival, and Grand Prize from the Media City Film Festival. Matt has also had several works screened at the Ann Arbor Film Festival, including THE VYROTONIN DECISION, SINCERELY, JOE
P. BEAR, GOING TO THE OCEAN, and THE SUBCONSCIOUS ART OF GRAFFITI REMOVAL, which was the winner of the EMPA Work Life Award at the 40th Ann Arbor Film Festival and named as one of the 'Top 10 Films of 2002' by both The Village Voice and Art Forum magazine. Join Matt for a free screening of his work on Thursday , March 17 at 3pm in the main theater.
Shelly Silver

Shelly Silve a New York-based artist utiliz,~.-". photography . Her :x:k, which spans

a wide range of subj genres, explores the relations that connect us; the tortuous routes of p e sur~ and desire; the stories that a . told about us and the stories we ' construct about ourselves. She has been exhibited throughout the US, Europe and Asia at venues such as MoMA, NYC, MoCA, LA, The Pompidou Center, Paris, The Kyoto Museum, Japan, The ICA London, The London Film Festival, and The Singapore Film Festival. Additionally , she has won awards at The Leipzig International Documentary Festival, The Australian Int'l Film & Video Festival, and The Houston Int'l Film Festival. She currently teaches at The Cooper Union and the MFA Department of Photography and Related Media, The School of Visual Arts. Join Shelly f or a free screening of her work on Wednesday, March 16 at 3pm in the' main theater.
George J4anupelli Judge Emeritus
As the Founding Director of the Ann Arbor Film Festival, George Manupelli managed to balance a career as both an organizer and prolLftc artist/ftlmmaker. His ftlms range f rom portraits and ambient narratives to outright slapstick comedies. His movies are overlooked treasures in the history of both
erimental ftlm and the burgeoning dent f eature ftlm movement of t te 60s and early 70s.
., s a member of the Once Group, an nfluential 60s intermedia arts collective based in Ann Arbor. The annual Once Festival attracted the most influential avant-garde artists f rom the worlds of art, ftlm and music of that time, and their legacy has directly influenced subsequent generations. As an educator, Manupelli held many positions including prof essor

at the University of Michigan
School of Art, as Dean of the
San Francisco Art Institute, and
Â¥as a longtime prof e ssor at York
University. Living today in New Hampshire as a refugee from the ftlm scene, Manupelli remains active as a poet and collagist.
pg 11
Â¥ ~ 1:
000 1-."\},~O~S'
~)..~, ~s J \
..r ill ..r~ . ",,"\},e..).. o~e.)o e.'i~e..)o ~.\.>

'\,~e 'i~1..~Û> e. The ICen Burns Award for
'o"';f ):0)..)..0 Bes"t of !'es"tiva1 $,,000

'\,~e This top f estival award was established to recognize the :filmmaker with the most outstanding entry. The award honors the :film that best represents the artistic and creative standards of the f estival. It is sponsored by documentary :filmmaker Ken Burns, who graduated from Ann Arbor's Pioneer High School in 1971. The Ann Arbor community is proud to have reared this influential cultural :figure and patron of independent :film.
The EMPA Work Life Award $1,200
Granted to the :film that best provides
a witty and insightful look at issues
pertaining to careers, employment, co¥
workers, the workplace, job hunting,
job responsibilities, or the impact
of employment on the individual's
personal lif e. The :film must be no
more than 25 minutes long. Employee
Motivation & Perf ormance Assessment ( sponsors this
award as part of its ongoing commitment
to the simultaneous improvement of
working conditions and pro:fitability.
Gus Van San"t Award for Bes"t Experimen"ta1 !'i1m $1,000

Gus V~n Sant's :film career began in the
early 80's, when he was making short
experiD,ental :films that were awarded at
the Ann Arbor Film Festival. Mr. Van
endowing this award to honor that best represents the use imental processes, f orms, and
Tom Berman Award for Mos"t Promising !'i1mmaker $1,000
Tom Berman was a University of Michigan :film student, an early supporter and
a close friend of the Festival. This
award, endowed by the Berman family,
is given in Tom's memory and is
intended to support a young :filmmaker who the Awards Jury f eel s will make a
signi:ficant contribution to the art of :film in the course of his/her :filmmaking

Prix DeVar"ti $1,000
In honor of the 40-year f riendship between Dominick's and the Ann Arbor Fil m Festival, this award i s in memory of Dominick and Alice DeVarti. The prize is awarded to the funniest :film in the f estival.
Michael Moore Award for Bes"t Documen"tary !'i1m $1,000
Michael Moore gives back to the
f estival what he r eceived in
inspiration f rom the hundreds of :films he's viewed over the years at the
festival. Proceeds from Roger and Me
f und the award.
Lawrence ICasdan Award for Bes"t Karra"tive !'i1m $1,000
Endowed by Mr. Kasdan, who began his :film career in Ann Arbor studying :film at the University of Michigan, the award
recognizes works which make use of the medium's unique ability to convey
striking and original stories .
pg 12
Kodak/Film Craft Lab Award for Best Cinematosraphy $1500 Value
$1500 worth of 16mm or 35mm film stock donated by Kodak, and the processing donated by Film Craft Lab. For the film that demonstrates the highest excellence and creativity in cinematography. Presented in honor of the many independent filmmakers who have contributed to the success of Grace & Wild's lab division, Film Craft Lab, over the last 25 years.
Detroit Film Center Award $1500 Value
For the past decade, The Detroit Film Center has provided a vital center for the media arts through educational courses, screenings, events, and low¥cost equipment rentals. DFC members receive deep discounts on courses and ~creenings, information on festivals and events, access to film and multimedia equipment and much more. The award, which is intended for a Southeastern Michigan-based filmmaker, provides the recipient $1500 in waived equipment rental fees and educational courses and workshops.
Chris Frayne Award for Best Animated Film $500
In memory of Chris Frayne, a key participant in the festival's early years, whose spirit and approach to life was reminiscent of his cartoon characters. The award has been endowed with the hope that his spirit will continue through the prize.

Griot EdUorial Best Editins Award $500
Griot Editorial, Grace & Wild's creative editorial boutique, funds this annual award for excellence in the art of film editing. The awards jurors shall grant this prize to a single film that demonstrates outstanding creativity and technical excellence in the art of motion picture editing.
Between The Lines Award for Best Gay/Lesbian Film $500
Sponsored by Michigan's weekl y
newspaper for the lesbian, gay , bisexual and transgendered communit y
and their friends. This award honors
the film that best deals with gay/
lesbian issues.
Michigan Vue Magazine Award for Best Michigan Filmmaker $500
This award is intended to support and encourage the local filmmaking
community by rewarding excellence in a Michigan-produced film within any genre. Sponsored by metro Detroit¥based Michigan Vue Magazine, which
is dedicated to promoting Michigan's film, video, and multi-media production
Vicki Honeyman Award for Best 16mm Film $500
During her 15 years as Festival Director, Vicki Honeyman remained
devoted to 16mm film. This award honors her years of dedication and carries forward the legacy of 16mm.
The award is intended for the 16mm film that best embodies the spirit of the films that rock her world: technically
challenging, innovative, quirky and unique, with a strong respect and passion for film as an art form.
Doug Wandrei Award for Best Lighting Design $500
Doug Wandrei spent 50 years working
in the Detroit production industry , wearing the hat of every technical position possible. Based on his passion for lighting he eventually chose a career as lighting director. This memorial award recognizes the most creative use of lighting in a film in which mood and atmosphere of the environment are greatly enhanced through lighting design.
Peter Wilde Award for Most Technically Innovative Film $500
In memory of the festival's friend
Peter Wilde, who cared passionately
about the projected image and was a
technical wizard and master of the
makeshift. The award honors the film
that most respects the integrity of
the projected image.
Marvin Felheim SpecialJury Award $500
Marvin Felheim was a film scholar at
the University of Michigan and one
of the founders of the festival. The
prize is awarded to a work of film art
that extends the range of subject
matter traditionally dealt with in
the film medium, while at the same
time transcending standard genre
Tios Hot & Spicy Award $500
Ann Arbor's Tios Restaurant has been
serving up the spiciest salsa around
since 1987. Interpretation of "red hot & spicy" is left to the judges
discretion in determining allocation
of this award, which can be given to any film, based on form, content, or flavor!
Isabella Liddell Art Award $450
A memorial award for the film that best deals with women's issues, created by friends of Isabella Liddell who was a dear friend and long-time supporter of the festival and practitioner of the arts.
Honorable Mentions $2,250
Remaining prize monies that are distributed at the awards jurors'
discretion as honorable mentions to filmmakers deserving of recognition,
support and encouragement.
pg 13

festival tour
Following the Festival in Ann Arbor, a four-hour program of awarded and highlighted ftlms and
videos are selected to represent the Festival on the Ann Arbor Film Festival Tour. The tour will be on the road through mid¥December, 2005. Each ftlmmaker on tour receives $1.50 per minute per tour stop for the use of their ftlm. More stops will be added throughout the spring, summer and fall -check the Festival website for updates!
April 8 & 9
Reed College
"portland, OR

"1 15 & 16
college of the
Harbor, ME

Ear ¥
April 22 & 23 "ld Cinema
The Gu l-

May 6 & 7 of california, university DaviS Davis, CA
June 11 -14

" Film
Cincinna 1.
t" OH
Cincinna 1.,
June 11 & 12 thill College
San FranciscO,

pg 14

-~AUgust 20 & 21 Aurora "picture Show Houston, TX
September 16 & 17 Delta Film Works Monroe, LA

!our Dates to be

City Club C"
" ~nema
M~nneapolis, MN
Cleveland I "
C" nst~tute
of' Art

Cleveland, OR
Detroit Film

DetrOit, MI -DIA Ithaca COllege
September 23 & 24
Pittsburgh Filmmakers
pittsburgh, PA

September 28 & 29
University of Tennessee,
Knoxville, TN

October 11 & 12
",.union Theater
Mihvaukee, WI

October 16 -18
Cornell Cinema
Ithaca, NY

October 21 & 22
The Film Theatre at
U.I.C.A. Urban Institute
for Contemporary Arts
Grand Rapids, MI

November 10 & 11 Central Michigan University Mt. Pleasant, MI
November 28 Rhode Island School of Design
Providence, RI


The tradition of decorating the lobby f or the film festival has evolved from hallway posters at the A and D Building, to the large scale installations that you now see throughout the theater. Installations that take weeks to construct, are installed in 7 hours, and dismantled in a single hour. The artists who participate donate their time and energy to celebrate the creative spirit of the filmmakers and the viewers. Special thanks go to the Film Festival Director Dan hlarano, hlichigan Theater staff , and all of the volunteers .

Direo~or Of ID8talla~ion ~
Esther Kirshenbaum

~ia~a for main lobby,
Beili 'Liu Esther Kirshenbaum
Lynda Cole

!ilmmakera' loun,e (baok lobby).
Lou Glorie Christine hliner
Ina~alla~ion ~eohnioiana
Alan Pagliere Claus Theile

Speoial !banka ~o
Barbara Brown Dance Gallery People Dancing Stephanie Shapiro

Tuesday March 15th

main theater

Tuesday March 15th
~main ~hea~er ~oompe~i~ion aoreenin,
Opening Performancea bLue daHLia presents Buster Keaton's THE SOAREOROW
The Scarecrow (1920), one of Keaton's earliest independent
shorts, is a brilliant, fast-moving gag-fest. This is perhaps Keaton's first foray into mechanical gags
involving elaborate devices and
contraptions for making daily life
easier. The plot focuses on a
love-triangle involving a farmer's
daughter (Sybil Seely). The farmer
is played by Keaton's father,
Joe Keaton. The film follows the
familiar Keaton theme where Buster
struggles against all odds to get the girl. A film that is PURE KEATON

Kalamazoo's bLuE daHLia brings this classic into the hearts
of today 's audiences by using modern, multi-stylistic music that connects past and present. The players in the group include: Leslie Boughton on vocals/sound effects, Carolyn Koebel on percussion, Derek Menchinger
guitars, and Levi Strickland
bLuE daHLia has been
Â¥ To learn more,

Yuri A, Zuerich,
5 min. 2004. Experimental. Five people state their definition of art:
a Swiss without any relation to art
is speechless, a body builder shows his muscles and makes a short attempt to explain art, and a blind ~rtist finally bursts out laughing as he
realizes that art only exist~ as a
definition and that this film ,os al~o
art. o~

~~~Conner, San Francisco, ":1.'"
DVD, 22 min. 2004. Experimental Documentary . LUKE is a poetic film document created entirely by Bruce Conner in 1967 during one day of the production of 'Cool Hand Luke' on a ¥ location near Stockton, California on

pg 16

., t".

John and Henry Ford, Austria. DVD, 3 min. 2004. Experimental. ~he film is a computer-generated video based on artifacts occurring during compression procedures.
Bill Morrison, liew York , NY. 35mm, 8 min. 2004. Experimental. A deteriorating scene from James Young's "The Bells" (1926) was optically reprinted and edited to Michael Gordon's 7 minute composition. A meditation on the fleeting nature of life and love, as seen through the roiling emulsion of an ancient film.
r.:::-__ M:.;Sc ow, Russian
'5mm, 14.5 min. 2002.

~~~~--~i~e peop e's
á craShes

destinies like slices of meat in a meat-chopper. But people don't want to be just flesh. They wanna love and feel.

Tuesday March 15th

Â¥ ,



Emily Richardson, London, Un~ted John Cannizzero, Tarzana, CA. BetaSP,
Kingdom. 16mm, 8.5 min. 2004. 3 min. 2004. Animation. A concise,
Experimental. Aspect is filmed in a sarcastic, Violent, and surreal stop¥
f orest over the period of a year. motion history of the United States of
Using photographic techniques, such America, all in under 5 minutes.
as time-lapse and long exposures on
single film frames, he forest year is

condensed into a few minutes. Light,
color and shadow travel across its Richard Pell, Ann Arbor, MI. DVD, 29
surf'ace and the film shifts betwee 2004. Documentary. Landsberry
seeing the trees as trees and seeing min. Why
can't get his mail.
the movement of light and shadow abstracting the real e vironment.

Laura Margulies, New York, NY. 16mm, 5 min. 2004. Animati~n. Mixing animation and live-action ~ootage, "Rolling Down Like Pele" explores the wor of traditional Hula and chant. Lus ~l ¥

paintings, wat~r colors, and pencil drawings illuminate sections of three Hawaiian dances in a unique way.
pg 17

main theater

Wednesday, March 16th
~mau 'theater
~~uror preaen'ta't1on


Shelly Silver will show a variety of short work dealing with storytelling, image-making and the ever-changing divide between the public and the private. Works include:
Wha't I'm Looking For BetaSP,
2004, 15:00. A woman sets out to photograph moments of int acy. On an
Internet dating site she vrites: 'I'm
looking f or people who would like to be photographed in ~ublic revealing something of themselves ¥¥¥ ' What I'm Looking For, a 15-minute high definition video, documents this adventure; the connections f ormed at this intersection between virtual and actual public space. The video is a rumination on the nature of photography and the persistence of vision. It is a short tale of desire and control.
1 BetaSP, 2001, 3:12. A group of cops laugh and talk, while scanning the street f or suspicious activity. An extreme close-up of a sensuously exposed neck; a soft pink fleshy ear turns to reveal an inquisitive hostile eye ¥¥¥¥ l is a sho tape about longing, threat, power and seduction, with the camera functioning in turn, as aggressor, mediator and confessor. The split¥screen image as well as the eerie sound track , made up of t wo versions of the same Miles Davis
pg 18 song run simultaneously, underline
Silver's ambivalent take on the controversial subject matter, as well as calling the work 's title into question.
Roos'ter BetaSP, 2001, 8:00. ROOSTER uses as its starting point an 18th century Jewish tale by Rabbi Nachman about a Prince who decides that he is a rooster, spending his time sitting naked under the dining room table eating stray corn that falls to the floor. All attempts to cure the prince are in vain, until a wise man appears, suggesting a different logic to him: to function as a rooster who acts like a prince ¥¥¥¥ Images of animated poultry, humans and everyday objects mingle to restage Rabbi Nachman's strange story. Scenes of magic, optimism and naive beauty mix with those of danger, subliminally alluding to both the thrill of changing into somebody complete~ different, as well as the ¥ destabilization, insanity and loss that such a change might engender. Shelly Silver uses this haunting f olktale of a prince caught in an unreal reality to reflect on the fragility and vulnerability of ftxed identities.
small lies, Big Tru'th BetaSP, 1999, 18:48. In turn funny, disturbing and glisteningly sensual, SMALL LIES, BIG TRUTH is a video about love, relationships and the joys and banality of sex in the late 20th century. It also touches on such issues as morality, voyeurism, nature vs. culture and power, as eight people are heard readins. in the first person, from 'the testimony of Monica S. Lew1nsky and William Jeffer$on Clinton as published in the Starr Report.

We BetaSP, 1990, 4:00. A short, graphically dynamic work contrasting contradictory views of perception and interpretation, by way of society's assumptions vis a vis phallocentrism and fetishism.
;JIIIIII mau 'theater
~oompe't1't1on aoreen1nl
Carol Beecher and Kevin D. A. Kurytnik, Calgary, Alberta. 35mm,
17 min. 2004. Animation. It's a film about the uneasy coexistence between life and Mr. Death.
Clive Holden, Winnipeg, Manitoba. BetaSP, 17 min. 2004. (Segment number 13, from TRAINS OF WINNIPEG-14 FILM POEMS, 89 MIN.) Experimental. An epic audiovisual poem, trains as kinetic sculpture and kitsch, f ound sound art, a film-maker's fetish, or a Romantic's wet dream. 0 tak"e.",. to far away places, the rhy~ in our plastic hearts, as we are also mach1nes. Torture. cello, the scrapins wheel, old cameras, ftlm and rail ~pa~llel tracks thru the remnants o~ the industrial age. 'Trai~ of Winnipeg' uses multiple ftlm gauges and digital formats in a coll&&e of colliding and looping van'tage points on this brief, ever-moving, moment in history. Analog, digital, and whatever comes next. Music by Emily Goodden. This film i s part of a feature length film cycle.

T. S. H.
Jesse Lerner, Los Angeles, CA. 16mm, 6.5 min. 2004. Experimental.
T.S.H. is a short experimental ftlm based on a 1924 poem by Kyn Taniya
(a.k.a. Luis Quintanilla), a member of the short-lived radical group known as the Estridentisa movement. The ftlm is a celebration of a poorly tuned radio and a search for transcendence in the ether.
Chel White, Portland, OR. 35mm
5.5 min. 2004. Animation. A ftrst
love is corrupted as a man recalls
his affair with a beautiful circus
contortionist in the stop-motion
animation of wooden manikins.

Johanna Hibbard, Portland, Oregon.
DVD, 5 min. 2005. Experimental
Animation. Self-portrait With
Johnny is a short animated ftlm
Â¥ about a displaced person who gets lost in the 'Johnny' movies of the 1950's. Told from the point of view of his new wife, Self-portrait With Johnny is a tiny glimpse into the life of a post WWII European immigrant on the West Coast.

Leeanne Williams, Somers, CT. BetaSP, 4.5 min. 2004. Animation. A pause to breathe.
Andaleeb Firdosy, LA, CA. 16mm, 16 min. 2004. Experimental Documentary. The documentation of a lineage of women interpreting the story of a flood and the rescue of a sewing machine. Each voice¥contradictory or consistent, is
related through the imagery and woven into an intricate pattern of metaphor and document.
Robert Todd, Boston, MA. 16mm, 25 min. 2004. Documentary. Three men who have been running their long-standing businesses in Rye, NY (a suburb of NYC) for most of their lives have found it increasingly difftcult to continue as the nature of the town's and the world's economy has changed over the years.

Gail Noonan, Mayne Island, British Columbia. 35mm, 2 min. 2003. Animation. Deep in the wilds of a noisy bar a man at a piano sings his heart out and plays with the unctuous grace of the true lounge performer.

TEARS LilL, aohsiung-,

TAIWAN. BetaSP, 14.5 min. 2005.
Experimental Narrative. A heartbroken girl collects her tears to recall the memories and sensations of the past of a happier time. It is a cathartic
journey into the girl's inner self to ftnd release and peace.
Ken Paul Rosenthal, San Francisco, CA. DVCam, 4.5 min. 2004. Experimental. A pregnant woman imagines the loss of her

Wednesday, March 16th
unborn child before a molten and
turbulent sea, then embarks on an
obsessive quest to reconnect with
her elusive, fleeting spectre.

Trish Van Huesen, Prescott,
Ontario. 16mm, 7 min. 2004.
Experimental. Inspired by musical ' and psychological deftnitions,
Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Buzz Miller, Pittsburgh, PA. DVD, 3 min. 2004. Experimental. Inspired by vintage toaster technology, this video required a loaf of white bread and alternating current. Special thanks to the Sysyn's for the use of their toasters.
ROBOTS ~OR 11'0 REAS01l' AT .ALL I1I' 0
Cathy Karol, Santa Monica, CA. 35mm, 3 min. 2004. Animation. Robotic ftgures enjoy a whimsical dance through an abstract cityscape to the strains of classic jazz.

Wednesday March16th ICOSllOS Thorsten Fleisch, Berlin, Germany. 16mm, 5 min. 2004. Experimental. The mystery of the crystals under closer examination. What is it that makes them possess magic powers as claimed by mystics of all ages? Through growing crystals directly on film their mystical qualities shine straight to the screen. Unfiltered, only aided by light which gracefully breaks its rays into rich visual textures.
Alexander Stewart, Chicago, IL. 16mm, 7.5 min. 2004. Experimental Animation. This is an animation created by copying copies of a blank sheet of paper. This amplifies the visual noise that is a byproduct of 8 reproduction. Each of the several thousand copies made serve as one frame of animation. The result is a marvelously abstract sequence produced by machines that bear resemblance to cloud f ormations, ocean swells and other natural phenomena.
Kurtis Hough, Almont, MI. DVD, 6 min. 2004. Animation. An organic, dreamlike journey spiraling from life to death.

Kyja Krist jansson-Nelson, Milwaukee , WI. DVD, 4 min. 2004. Experimental Documentary. Four years after living and studying Reykjavik, Iceland, I returned and traveled through the land from which my great-grandparents
pg 20 came. Landslag explores the gesture of natural f orces, memory and nostalgia that physically and metaphysically shape the Skagafjordur region of Iceland.
haunted and jarring fiction, HIGHWAY 403, MILE 39 draws on the autobiographical as it explores one mother's struggle to piece together disparate memories of the lost moment before a tragic car accident.
Elida Schogt, Toronto, Ontario. 35mm, 51 min. 2004. Experimental Documentary. More than a film about the number that is not, ZERO : THE INSIDE STORY, is a commentary on the ways in which humans have come to perceive and fe ar voids, and reveals how by facing our own sense of emptiness-and its hidden secrets-we can experience insight, hope and ultimately transcendence.

Wednesday, llarch 16th
After Show Imase and Sound
Pirefly Club, 207 S. Ashley $5 cover f or non-pass holders

Having hoarded ~mages all year long, Fes)ival Favorite Sons, Mike WOlfdruif and Alfonso Alvarez return to the Firefly Club for yet another evening of films from around the block and around the world! Come share the flickery goodness of multi-projection 16mm, 8mm and super 8mm! Watch as they crack open film cans from the secret vaults of the West Coast Hand Processing Plant, Travelogue home movies scavenged from underground yard sales, finished works by Scott Miller, Saundra Gibson, and Thad Povey and much, much more. Come and witness the
ring circus of the fUmmaker in action. Secret Special DJ to the tunes and set the mood for
a lovely night of watching, chatting
and drinking.

Alfonso Alvares ¥ Kike Woodruff
screening room
Wednesday March16th

~soreenins room
FILll JAll
V~siting filmmakers are invited
to bring film and video works not
included in the program to share
in an intimate, inf ormal setting.
Filmmakers are avail able for
questions following the screenings .
Free and open to the public.

~soreeniDS room
~.".. -~

1" ¥

qpm to ~he \aut\ Bar for a
rece-ption f ollowing tonight's
screenings! \ aut\ is located at 315
Braun Court, across from Kerrytown
on Fourth Street .



scs ~
lfuJlz/l'1 Uti rffptJu/lJh ,
Firebran l
'1'01)1) )HJNI)'('
REAL ESTATE '&I1ttMb?! H"i!4f@

Craig Highberger, Cincinnati, OH. 35mm, 95 min. 2004. Documentary. This ftlm examines the lif e and legend of Warhol transvestite superstar Jackie Curtis who was a poet, playwright, perf ormer, and one of the great personalities of his time. Jackie lived and perf ormed in New York-sometimes as a man, sometimes as a woman. He died tragically of a drug overdose under bizarre circumstances when he was only
38. The ftlm features on-camera interviews with actor Harvey Fierstein who played Jackie's mother in AMERICKA CLEOPATRA when he was 18, Ellen Stewart, founder of LaMama Experimental Theater Club, John Vaccaro, founder of the Playhouse of the Ridiculous, Paul Morrissey , Director of the Andy Warhol ftlms, and surviving superstars Holly Woodlawn and Joe Dallesandro, plus 24 other friends and cOlleagues of Jackie's.
The ftlm includes
ore-seen video and ftlm c Jackie perf orming in stage plays including Glamour, Glory, an Gold and cabarets. The music of
jazz musician and composer Paul
Serrato i s f eatured, as i s the
photography of Jack Mitchell who
took more photographs of

and the Warhol crowd than any
othe~ professional.
nterviews with media rsonalities , writers and (litors put the work and life
Jackie Curtis in historical perspective. It i s directed by Craig Highberger and narrated by Lily Tomlin. It won Best Documentary at Toronto Film Festival in June 2004, screened at the Smithsonian Fi As Art program at the Hirshho Museum in November 2004. Highberger's book of the same name, which will include of the ftlm, will be rellia'sed by Penguin books in summer 2005.

Wednesday March16th
bodily destruction? OPERATION INVERT compares the different regulations mediating botox¥related plastic surgery and gender reassignment "sex change." Historical medical assessments of the invert (homosexual and transsexual) "condition" reveal seemingly outdated absurdities about outsider deviance. Nonetheless, current institutional loopholes governing gender re-assignment surgery suggest a fresh resurgence of loony pathology and diagnosis.
Diego Costa, Milwaukee, WI. 16mm,
9.5 min. 2003. Experimental narrative. When one-half of a couple harbours deep-seated insecurities and self-hatred, can
--t~e any real relationship? In this mournful piece, a man reflects on the unfathomable . distance he feels between himself and his boyfriend.

oOlllpe't1't1oD ,

Jere Van Syoc, Chicago, IL.
DVD, 20 min. 2003 Documentary.
Jere Van Syoc takes the viewer"

. on her trip into the xpansive 60's &.70's when art' was free
Katherine~Leggett Stanford, CA. BetaSP, 7.5 min. 2004. Experimental/Docu~ -tary. A

main theater
Thursday March 17th
ma1J1 thea'hr
~uror presentation

16mm, 1999, 4 min. Appropriated news clips from the 1960's combine with hand-painted film to tackle the momentous issue of how polar bears cope with heartbreak and rejection.
16mm, 1999, 7 min. A postmodern disaster epic featuring appropriated segments of 36 television commercials f rom 1971.
16mm, 2001, 16 min. A short
documentary that proves it is no _ coincidence that f unding f or
'anti-graffiti' campaigns of ten outweigh f unding for the arts. Narrated by Miranda July.
pg 22
BetaSP, 2003, 5 min.
A music video f or The Shins.

BetaSP, 2003, 11 min. Nutria are a large, odd looking rodent from Argentina, that 60 years after their introduction to North America, appear to be on track to eating the entire continent. Narrated by Calvin Johnson, original music by The Postal
BetaSP, 2004, 5:00 MIN.A portrait of heavy industry and urban wildlife.
BetaSP, 2004, 22:00 min. An experimental documentary about tugboats (or perhaps a children's movie made for adults). Features original music by James Mercer of The Shins
Â¥ ma1J1 thea10er
Free and open to the public.
Presented 1J1 partnership with the Sohool of ~6 Desian_
Shelly Silver will give an
overview of her work as a media
tist. Some of the works that
11 be discussed include:

id. BetaSP, 2003, 70:00. .uloid. is a feature-length :!l.~tion of a woman's voyage through the malls, airports and train stations of Asia, Europe and Central America, chronicling her fiercely hopeful and desperate search for a reason to continue living. Shot to resemble a personal diary film, and starring Silver herself as the fictional filmmaker heroine, suioide is edgy, dark and funny; an audacious act of flirting with the revelatory autobiographical. '7 Stories ~bout Leav1nc Home (in Japanese & English) BetaSP, 1996,
52:00. In this award winning
documentary, Shelly Silver presents an intimate portrait of a group of Japanese women ranging in age from 15 to 82, talking about their lives, families and society. Mixing childhood memories, frank statements, epic events and quotidian details; the film bears witness to the strength of these women and the difficulty of their choices , as they navigate between personal needs and familial and societal pressures. The interviews are framed by a traditional Japanese folktale; a magical and somewhat shocking narrative of a mother's search for her abducted daughter, kidnapped by a monster on the eve of her we dding. !ormer East/!ormer West (in German & English) BetaSP, 1994, 62:00. Made up of hundreds of street interviews done in Berlin t wo years after the Reunification, !ormer East/!ormer West is a vital, surprisingly open, and at times disturbing documentary about what it means to be German at this particular moment in history. Keet the People BetaSP, 1986, 16:32 Blurring the line between documentary and fiction, truth and artifice, Keet the People
.\resents fourteen 'characters' who face the camera in talking head close-ups and speak about their lives and dreams. The intimacy and honesty of their f ragmented, 'autobiographical' storytelling is illusory; the credits reveal that these people are professional actors, playing fictional roles, reading a script.
~main theater
~~1J1 oompetition

Bill Daniel, Portland, OR. BetaSP, 7 min. 2004. Documentary. In 1970, a student at San Francisco State College devis ed a scenario for a short film, "Selective Service System," that would simultaneously make a statement against the Vietnam War and secure his own physical deferment f rom the draft. Three decades later, Bill Daniel interviewe d director and subject Dan Lovejoy and cameraman Warren
Haack about the violence of those times and the violence manifested in their uncompromisingly honest and brutal protest ftlm. (Originally produced for John Pierson's Spilt Screen series.)
Lila Place, Stanford, CA. BetaSP, 7 min. 2004. Documentary. Jason "Compa" Treas was recently released from solitary conftnement in a maximum-security prison after spending over half of his life incarcerated. Jason now works with youth in crisis doing mural projects in the hope of preventing them from following in his path. EACH ONE TEACH ONE is a ftlm about art, self-redemption and the meaning of freedom.
Paper Tiger TV, New York, NY. DVD, 11 min. 2004. Documentary. Ondas Indigenas (Indigenous Waves), shot on location in Bolivia, documents the indigenous community radio movement in the high plains surrounding La Paz. Featuring interviews with directors, listeners, and producers from four different radio stations, ONDAS INDIGENAS provides an overview of the importance of community radio and the difftculty in preserving Aymaran culture. ONDAS INDIGENAS was produced in collaboration with SECRAD (Servicio de Capacitacion en Radio y Audiovisuales para el Desarrollo or Radio and Audiovisual Training Service f or Development). Shot in Spanish and Aymara with English subtitles.
Luke Jaeger, Northampton, MA. DVD, 4 min. 2004. Animation. Requiem for the numberless laborers who died building our physical and cultural environment. A haunting, minor¥key "Carolina Shout" recorded on a 78 rpm in the 1930s accompanies the imagery of hard labor and death in the subterranean spaces and skyscraper steelwork of New York.
Gary McKendry, Los Angeles, CA. 5mm, 20 min. 2004. Narrative. erry, N. Ireland -1985.
teenage girl must choose between allegiance to her Catholic father and gratitude to the British soldiers who saved the family horse. In this ftlmed version of Colum McCann's critically acclaimed short story, we look beyond religion and nationality to see ordinary people struggling to live ordinary lives under the crushing weight of history.
Dolores Wilber, Chicago, IL. D~,

2.5 min. 2004. Experimental. Chest bashing. Two headless men bash their chests together. OV~i and over. .e
David Gatten, Ithaca, NY. 16mm, 39 min. 2004. Experimental. The latest work in a series of nine ftlms about the Byrd f amily of Virginia. It combines an investigation of the Byrd family library with the words and images of Leonardo da Vinci, 17th century polymath Athanasius Kircher, and the 19th century scientist and photographer Jules¥Etienne Marey. --Melissa Gattine via www
Thursday March 17th

!BE GRJU.! AR! OJ' Donn
maill theater
~in competition

Ben Lipkin & Elliot Bergman, Ann Arbor, MI. DVD, 5 min. 2004. Experimental. A warm interplay of light, environment, and rapturous timbres express the romantic nuances of a tandem bike .
Avi Mograbi, Tel Aviv, Israel. DVD, 8 min. 2004. Documentary. An armored vehicle, a cloud of dust, a bleeding woman, a megaphone, an ambulance, a woman with t wo children, another ambulance, a we eping girl, a man with white

hai´, a gust of wind, a reporter, a~ armored vehicle, a detail of a bigger picture.
Shau~ Williams, Ann Arbor, MI.
DV1J,' 1 min. 2004. Animation.
Lifesavors Homeland Security
Flavors TM is a satirical
advertisement f or a rather
innocuous product endorsed by the
new US Department of Homeland
Security. Prompted by a recent
wartime trend in which government
and military have played a larger
role in retail consumption (ie.
"D.H.S. -The Series", ABC's
"Threat Matrix"), this piece
ponders a ridiculous but not
impossible alliance.
pg 23

Thursday March 17th

Wah Hei Au, San Francisco, CA. DVD, 2 min. 2004. Experimental. Between evolution and extinction, a moment passes by too fast.
Sheri Wills, Providence, RI. DVD,
14.5 min. 2004. Experimental. A piece about rising and f alling, aspiring to reach beyond one's own grasp and the conftnement of the mundane.


pg 24
Jay Rosenblatt, San Francisco, CA. BetaSP, 28 min. 2005. Documentary. The death of a child triggers this collection of personal reflections on grief and
Lilly Czarnecki, Milwaukee, WI. DVD, 3.5 min. 2004. Experimental Animation. A celebration of polka dots and family.

main 'thea'ter
SEX WORKERS' ART SHOW A special late night performance! Expanding the AAFF performance art tradition, The Sex Workers' Art Show brings audiences a mesmerizing cabaret-style event featuring music, spoken word, Q burlesque, video, drag, and ot~r performance art; as we 11 as a 'U' visual art display that travels ¥with the show. The show include_~ people from all areas of the seC~ industry: strippers, prostituye~,~ dommes, ftlm stars, phone sex operators, internet model$, etc. It smashes traditional J stereotypes and moves beyond "positive" and "negative" into a fuller articulation of the complicated ways sex workers



screening room Thursday March 17th
gB aoreen1l:li room
Richard Myers, Munroe Falls, OH. 16mm. 100 min. 1984. "JUNGLE GIRL is experimental ftlm master Richard Myers' intensely personal tribute to Frances Gifford, star of the Republic Pictures serial of the 1940s. A gent Ie dream/memory work of haunting visual beauty ¥¥¥ and as original as Cocteau.
It helps to know Myers' stock company, mostly family members, but even if you don't, this homage to the brave Frances Gifford is absorbing as much f or its backstage look at Hollywood as f or its brilliant dream sequences." -Sheila Benson, The Los Angeles Times "Richard Myers has always lived in Massillon, and Kent, Ohio. Since 1960 his films have synthesized his own dream world with that of America's collective unconscious, creating films that, while deeply personal and 'site-specific,' nevertheless resonate within the larger American landscape.
"Myers' films often times depict journeys to places that seem close by, but that virtually explore vast distances within the terrain of dreams and fantasies. His films are like reconnaissance tours through middle America, melancholic searches for something -an object, an idea, a person, a feeling. And the milieu of his films is often that of the carnival, the medicine show, or the movie theater.
"Few American filmmakers equal Myers in breadth of work and perseverance of vision, built upon self-examination and a deep love of cinema. In articulating his own reality, his own dreams, Myers has created a body of work that constitutes one of the outstanding achievements in American filmmaking."
-Ruth Bradley, Director Athens Film and Video Festival & former AAFF Director.

"Richard Myers has, through his films, given us the ONLY consistently creative variable to dream-thinking All
Myers' work is rooted in what he doesn't know about, just exactly what he knows -his own home grounds mid¥America, and, like D.W. Griffith he takes the great risk of being Native to his art, attending it on it's home-grown-grounds/his¥Unowned-dreams."
-Stan Brakhage, Filmmaker

Thursday March 17th

8oreen1J:lc room
Reynold Reynolds and Patrick Jolley, New York, NY, 35mm. 80 Min. 2004. Starring: Samara Golden. Music: Jim Thin/ell (Manorexia)
A young woman rents a shabby one room apartment and finds it filled with the belongings of the previous tenant, "Anthony". It is Anthony's home, but he appears to have vanished mysteriously leaving everything behind. She comes to perceive that Anthony is below the :floor watching her every move. She experiences uncanny occurrences, visions, nightmares, memories, and revenge.
SUGAR is a tale of the increasing mental collapse of its main character and a metaphoric visualization of psychosis. The film re:flects the history of both film and psychoanalysis, and examines the moments in which the disciplines meet. "Formally stunning and compositionally complex, Sugar, Reynold Reynolds and Patrick JOlley's first feature, is a striking postnarrative, gothic horror masterpiece ¥¥¥ Samara Golden gives a brilliantly unsettling performance; with no one to talk to, her sanity is eroded by a confrontation with her own body ¥¥¥ Terror haunts her sweaty-summer mind as she ritualistically cleans the room ¥¥¥ SUGAR is a terrifying, intoxicating cockroach-eye view into the sweet surrender of hysteria and comforts of urban claustrophobia that will have you crawling out of your skin." -Larin Sullivan
pg 25
main theater Friday, March 18th
~au ~~uror preaen~.~ion

35mm, 2004, 88 min At the age of eleven, TARNATION director Jonathan Caouette borrowed a neighbor's video camera and began documenting his daily life, interrogating his family members and making short ftlms to escape the drama of his everyday existence. Caouette utilized six different cameras over the years , including Super-8, Betamax, VHS, Hi-8 and Mini-DV, with which he shot the bulk of the f ootage that appears in TARNATION. In addition, he compiled still photographs, archived answering machine messages and audiocassette diaries -all of which documented the details of his tumultuous life. As a self¥proclaimed pack rat, Caouette saved what turned out to be 160 hours of personal recorded materials in a wide range of different video and audio f ormat s , spanning over 20 years . Almost 20 years af ter shooting his ftrst f ootage, Caouette began using the editing software Hlovie while working on his short ftlm "The Hospital." The program came bundled with his boyfriend' s Apple computer and was "as easy to learn as riding a bike," according to Caouette.
TARNATION begins in 2003 as
Caouette learns of his mother's
lithium overdose in his native Texas . Faced with the haunting
remnants of his past, including a family legacy of mental illness, abuse, and neglect,
Caouette returns home to aid in his mother's recovery. Slipping back into the archives of his youth, we watch Caouette grow up on camera, seeking escape f rom family trauma through musical theater, grade-B horror flicks and the f orging of his identity through popular culture.
A special feature exhibited on digital video at the 42nd AAFF, TARNATION is being presented this year as a new 35mm print.

;JIII!III au ~~in oompe~i~ion
Sean Stewart, Ann Arbor, MI. BetaSP, 2 min. 2004. Experimental. RELISH is an experimental short aroused by my experience as a teenager diagnosed with obsessive¥compulsive disorder. It is an exploration into a world of hand washing, strange eating habits, ¥ and excessive sexual desires.
Scott Coleman Mille~, M1nneapol1¤~ MN. BetaSP 22 min. 2004. Narrative. When an experimental ftlmmaker comes to the town of Uso Justo to shoot
his latest ftlm the res idents are at ftrst enthusiastic but this soon turns to confusion and uncertainty.
Leighton Pierce, Iowa City, IA. DVD, 11.5 min. 2004. Experimental. I am trying to evoke a small f raction of the emotional complexities of life . Among other things, I am working with the question of absence and what of a person remains in the memory and imagination when that person is absent. Constructed in three parts, VISCERA is meant to shift the perceptual stance of the viewer.
Nora Malone Philadelphia,
PA. Be~aSP. 28.5 min. 2004.
Experimenta from interviews with Servian emigre Aleksandra Petrovic, DREAMS OF JAGODINA merges experimental, dreamlike visuals and documentary storytelling to intimately explore the mother¥daughter relationship as it functions within the context of domestic violence. Using the motif of Aleksandra's vivid, recurring nightmares, events in her household unfold through the voiceover narration as she attempts to understand her mother's compliance with domestic violence.




pg 26
Richard R. Reeves, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 35mm, 4.5 min. 2004. Animation. A cameraless animation ftlm inspired by the elements of nature on a journey through light, form and optical sound.
Andy & Amy Collen, Portland, OR. 35mm, 6 min. 2004. Animation. It's the late 1800's rural countryside in the dead of winter. A little girl lives with her ailing mother and their scruffy dog in a large Gothic-style mansion. This gentle drama reminds us that during hardships, human nature will rise to the strength that is asked of us all.
Miranda Pennell, London, United Kingdom. DVD, 8.5 min.
2003. Experimental. Adolescent
rituals are played out in the wintry landscapes of Northern Finland. A teenage girl skates on a frozen lake, while a teenage boy poses with a guitar in his room. Moving between the city and the wilderness, MAGNETIC NORTH, entirely shot in the Oulu region of Finland, weaves a pattern of imagined 'calls and answerings' between its characters, across distances, through sound and movement.
E. J. Barnes, Amherst, MA. 16mm,
2.5 min. 2000-01. Animation. Gouache-on-paper animation of the traditional Appalachian ftlk ballad. The bats and birds complain and rejoice over their love lives, night and day, day and night.
Herb E. Smith, Whitesburg, KY. BetaSP, 26 min. 2004.Documentary. THOUGHTS IN THE PRESENCE OF FEAR is based on Wendell Berry's essay in response to the terrorist attacks of September 11/2001. Director Herb E. Smith uses images of rural Kentucky to illustrate Berry's case for a localized, "peaceable economy." -the.-ter

:lUlU 1Ji ooapeU-t1oll
Julia Ostertag, Isernhagen, Germany. DVD, 25 min. 2004. Documentary. An autobiographical experimental road movie about my four week trip to the US for various screenings of my previous film "sexjunkie". The desperate
search for the American Dream
¥ increasingly turns into a race against time to get at least one good fááá in New York. A
video diary composed of personal
impreSSions, interViews, found
footage, and music.

Friday, March 18th BALLS
Stefan Wolner, Vienna,
Austria. BetaSP, 6 min. 2004.
Experimental. A man and his
unusual love f or a large red
Ronnie Cramer, Denver, CO. BetaSP, 7.5 min. 2004. Experimental. Originally a sound-art work created for the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver by musician/artist Ronnie Cramer, who scanned the covers and inSide pages of a number of lurid, vintage paperbacks, then ran the collected image and text data through a variety of synthesizers. The resulting sound
;lUes were then processed and
remixed into the soundtrack for
PILLOW GIRL; the visual portion
of the ftlm makes use of the l50
covers, with one illustrated ftgure morphing into the next
every t wo seconds.
Sasha Waters, Iowa City, IA. 16mm, 17.5 min. 2005. Experimental Documentary. A first-person experimental dooumentary exploration of deSire, conception, and the long waiting time of gestation; a study of a year in my body at age 35, becoming a mother f or the first time. The film is a feminist attempt to address and articulate the question of maternal subjectivity -the experience of motherhood f or the mother herself .
pg 27

Friday, March 18th PROFILAXIS

set with a chair in the middle. Full lights on. Pedro Perez, 34, has a confession to make.

Ariana Gerstein, Barton, NY. 16 min. 2004. Experimental. The sound of a woman speaki about her desire a~~ produce childre~p ~red with a found Photo~r:;ti of a young girl. Despi e-~~dence of distance and youth in the photo, the sound seems to win out, fusing the character of the girl with the deep voice of the mature woman into a ftctional presence.

Ann Course and Paul Clark, London, United Kingdom. DVD, 2.5 min. 2004. Experimental. Your nuts, my hole.
Inger Lise Hansen, Oslo, Norway. 35mm, 8.5 min. 2004. Animation. ADRIFT is shot on the arctic island of Spitzbergen and in Norway. It combines time-lapse photography with stop-motion animation of the landscape. Through camera-angles and framing the ftlm gradually dislocates the viewer from a stable base, to a point where one will lose the sense of scale and grounding.
Jonas Bagger, Copenhagen Frederiksberg, Denmark. DVD, 23
n. 2004. Documentary. This is poetic story of an old fashion modern human being who has chosen
life full of contrasts; elk hunters in the Swedish wilderness and dancing ballerinas in Miami.

Anna Abrahams and Jan Frederik, Groot, Netherlands. DVD, 1.5 min. 2003. Experimental. Animation of a rower, shot with a home-made pin-hole ftlm camera.

Salon~ BrazilElectroSalon with DJ Bob Moir & vjFutureWorkerGirl Friday March 18, 10pm
Firefly Club $5 cover for non-pass holders
Presenting DJ Bob MOir's fresh

new set of Brazillian techno, sambatronic originals, and Rio remixes. vjFutureWorkerGirl provides visual accompaniment, weaving her hypnotic textures into samplings from ftlms about BraZil.

pg 28

screening room
Friday March 18th
~aoreen1n& room

],ILJl JAll
Visiting ftlmmakers are invited to bring ftlm and video works not included in the program to share in an intimate, informal setting. Filmmakers are available for questions following the screenings . Free and open to the public.
&I¤b! aoreen1n& room
Screening curated by Anita Monga.
Curt McDowell. l6mm, 10 min. 1970. In one of his earliest works McDowell uses simple home-movie footage to brilliant effect , counterposing wholesome mid-Western scenes with an oddly insinuating voiceover that preftgures the darkly funny world of BLUE VELVET by 25 years.
Curt McDowell. l6mm, 17 min. 1974. Billed as "A Musical for the whole Familyá, Boggy Depot skewers the romantic musical melodrama while simultaneously paying homage. McDowell and collaborator Mark Ellinger's ballads are spot on. Starring George Kuchar and Ainslie Pryor.

J'LY lIE TO THE )(0011'
Curt McDowell. l6mm, 7 min. 1975. McDowell's muse, the beautiful Ainslie Pryor, plays starlet to McDowell's director, capturing ta
certain kind of showbiz elan.
Curt McDowell. l6mm, 30 min. 1975 This beautiful work is composed of a series of portraits of McDowell's
closest friendS including George and Mike Kuchar, Ainslie Pryor and
Barbara Linkevitch. The vignettes are as varied as the people themselves, and the ftlm is at turns
funny and and deeply affecting-all ftltered through McDowell's generous
erotic sensibility.

George Kuchar. l6mm, 30 min. 1976. Curt McDowell stars in George Kuchar's masterpiece. Exquisitely shot in central Oklahoma against a backdrop of wild metrological drama and San FranciSCO, where hope and f og are commingled, A REASON TO LIVE also features the incredible Marian Eaton, star of McDowell's feature THUNDERCRACK!
Friday, March 18th

A !r1bu1:e !o OUR! JloDO'OLL
In one of those happy coincidences of time and geography, Curt McDowell moved from his native Indiana to attend the San Francisco Art Institute in 1966 to study

~ inting, and started a Masters of Arts in Film at about the same t legendary underground orge Kuchar moved from
ccept a teaching position. Kuc became McDowell's teacher and ment ¥ McDowell took to ftlmmaking with a soon making a name
f or the Ann Arbor Film Festiv the "bad boy of underground His work was characterized by humor, unrestrained eroticism prof ound respect f or his subjects. McDowell died of AIDS in 1987 at the age of 42. David Ehrenstein wrote in his obituary, "McDowell was a singular ftgure in American avant-garde ftlmmaking ¥¥¥ While the movement has drif ted increasingly toward academia, producing works of pea-pod similarity and parched aestheticism, McDowell moved elsewhere-toward audiences rather than away from them. He was one of the few experimental ftlmmakers to keep faith with the loose¥limbed avant-garde practices of an earlier era-the ftlms of Ron Rice, Ken Jacobs and Jack Smith. Like those ftlm artists, McDowell is unique and irreplaceable." Programmer Anita Monga has selected ftve short ftlms from the archives that illustrate the breadth of McDowell's extraordinary talent.
pg 29

Friday, March 18th
,Ct)!LW 8oreen1n& room

George Manupelli, 16mm, 60 min. 1979. Unquestionably the best lesbian samurai musical ever made, ALMOST CRYING is an hours worth of fe y , avant garde high jinks. This is a tongue-in¥cheek experimental film by George Manupelli, founding director of the Ann Arbor Film Festival. The film pot rays a love triangle between a wandering 16th Century samurai (Harvey Chao), and t wo 20th Century lesbian lovers
(Frances Leeming and Jacqueline Humbert). The samurai comes upon the pair a forest cabin and puts them to the test of the One Hundred Kisses. Original songs are performed by Humbert and David Charles Rosenbloom.


t ¥¥¥¥¥¥
.+ ¥¥¥¥¥

GEORGE KAlUPlLLI has had a long and distinguished career in the arts as a teacher, administrator and filmmaker. In 1956 he made his first feature film, SPRING IN THE CITY, and has made over 30 films since. In addition, he was the cinematographer on feature films for John Lennon (TEN FOR TWO), and the Rolling Stones (LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE ROLLING STONES). Manupelli's versatility as an artist also takes in songwriting, performance (with the Fluxus-like Once Group in Ann Arbor and Maple Sugar in Toronto), and the writing of criticism on film and art history. In 1963 he founded the Ann Arbor Film Festival and was its Director for twenty years . Manupelli also served as Dean of the San Francisco Art Institute ¥
pg 30

main theater
Saturday March 19th
__ lII&in theahr ~~in oompetition
Mike Hoolboom, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. BetaSP, 74 min. 2001. Experimental Documentary, An "experimental" feature-length documentary made almost entirely of found footage. This is cinema as deja vu, or deja voodoo, many moments will feel all too familiar, though they've been projected now onto the surface
of a life to make up this most unusual of biographies.
Jason Livingston, Providence, RI. 16mm, 35 min. 2004. Experimental Documentary. Local citizens, The Friends of Hickory Hill Park, work to protect nearly 200 acres of unique urban parkland in Iowa City, Iowa. Systems of knowing nature sometimes run parallel, sometimes collide or drift: this is an encounter with open space.
~lII&in theahr
~~in oompetition
Benjamin B. Kinsley, Cleveland, OH. DVD, 2.5 min. 2004. Experimental. Titled with the German word for "face mUSiC," this is a video music piece set to a music composition composed entirely of sounds created by the artist's face.

Jim Trainor, Chicago, IL. 16mm, 11.5 min. 2004. Animation. A male God bestows upon animals the gift of self-awareness, which they promptly use to express guilt for their behavior. This moral breakthrough is somewhat undermined by the appearance of humans, whose invention of magical belief systems degrades the whole of nature.
Simon Goulet, Montreal,
Quebec, Canada. BetaSP,
8.5 min. 2004. Experimental Animation. Cinepainting is a truly unique experience where liquid paint and the cinematographic medium come together to create a painting in motion: a cinepainting! Jets of paint catapulted into the air become perceptible to the human eye through high-speed camera and computer.

Kristen Nutile, Brooklyn, NY. BetaSP, 4 min. 2004. Documentary. An experimental documentary short that proftles two different socio¥economic neighborhoods in the San Francisco Bay Area through their police blotters.
Greg King, Brooklyn, NY. DVD, 2 min. 2004. Experimental. An experimental ftlm portrait of New York City where t wo sequences representing the east and west sides of Manhattan form a visual diptych. For each sequence, one stationary camera shot was made at the intersection of every city block, starting from the farthest point north on the east side (135th Street and Madison), and an equivalent point on the west Side (128th Street and Amsterdam), and concluding at Battery Park, the southernmost point of the island.

Jan Verbeek, Bonn, Germany. DVD,
5.5 min. 2004. Documentary. Tokyo, train station Shibuya, Ilpm. People entering a train. Shot in one take the video communicates the inevitable up to the edge of the unbearable.
Keith Bearden, New York, NY.
'5", 7.5 OO~.
Two oy s slle-n a summe trying to fl.gure out the secret of their favorite oddball comic book hero.

!BE lUl'!IId'S lU.ZOR
pg 31

Saturday March 19th
Kate McCabe, Van Nuys , CA. 16mm,
16.5 min. 2004. Experimental. A meditation on solitude set in Southern Calif ornia's most famous valley--the San Fernando.
Marcus Manoogian, Sylvan Lake , MI. DVD, 4.5 min. 2004. Experimental. A story about a girl, her late
f ather's vacuum and what it means to her. The imagery and prose are portrayed by a seri es of microfilm
BRITTO., S. DAKOTA Vanessa Renwick , Portland, OR.
BetaSP, 9.5min. 2003. Experimental. A mesmerizing film constructed s ~1'
of haunting portraits of child;~~
I~ ~ ,

filmed standing in the stre,e~~al: ~~~~ '->
~ r~ ~ .~ ~#: ~'?

a desolate town in 1938.,~~J~.q~\J' f ootage, obtained f re' ~t:: ~ n\ftg~r Archive s, was ShO,t-" 1:
of the t o'wn' s mo;;.i~~l
~~ 0 be
--..--#>~ i?

screened bef ore th~fr.
promotional gimmick ~ bring in the

local folks. Seventy years later,
the sometimes smiling, sometimes

tortured faces of these children
seem to tell everything that has
happened since that windy, sunny day

in South Dakota. The film is made all
the more melodramatic by Portland
artist Johnee Eschleman's emotive


David Goodrich, Providence, RI. BetaSP, 8.5min. 2003. Animation. DESCENT follows the path of a man and his angel. Once the angel feels true l ove f or the rust time!;~
2003) I
US filming these super maximum security prison buildings the spring and summer af ter the World Trade Center bombing. I knev; that counties within various states had been frantically outbidding each other to get these high-tech gUlags to replace manufacturing and f arming jobs that have been lost over the last 25 years. The timing seemed right to remind everyone what we have been doing with our public f unding and to draw parallels with the neoliberal economic policies espoused with variations by the Reagan, Clinton and both Bush administrations. The audio tracks are mixed f rom correctional training videos, science fiction films , a radio call-in show, and the building of the St. Louis Gateway Arch, a public works project from the sixties.

Nadine Takvorian, Foster City, CA. BetaSP, 2.5 min. 2004. Animation. An elderly man plays wit!J. his marionettes, making them as if to dance, and reminisces about a lost love.

;JIiIII!IIII ma1l1 theahr
u.w :IUms 1m oompetition

Opening Performancel
Po~~er-Belmar Labs
Potter-Belmar Labs are known for spinning cinematic yarns
in s ounds and images in
real time. An assortment
of characters will be presented in this main stage performance, "Characters," part of the dUo' s current
exploration of f amiliar narrative element s . Be sure to l ook f or their series,
" Settings" on view in the Matrix Gallery storefront all
pg 32
Jonathan Nix, Sydney,
Australia. 35mm, 6.5 min.
2003. Animation. In a
digital world, can analog find true love? It is the \"lise old Gramophone that
has the answer f or a
lovesick loner.
Courtney Egan, New
Orleans, LA. DVD, 3 min.
2003. Experimental. The morphology of a basic human
implement is explored in this experiment in editing popular culture images appropriated from American film and t elevision. BIG
SCHTICK showcases the ever¥changing utilization of "the stick," making the case that "the stick is the shtick".
Tony Gault, Englewood, CO. DVD,
5.5 min. 2004. Experimental Documentary, A lesson in grooming from a formally homeless "Backpack Jack."
Elizabeth Murray, Vancouver, BC, Canada. 35mm, 5 min. Experimental. An up close examination of the magn~cent fly and its body movement, a sympathetic observation of something so utterly common that it is often overlooked.
Rick Raxlen, Victoria, BC, Canada. DVD, 11 min. 2004. Animation. Using both archival f ootage and his own nuanced brand

visits Europe, Raxlen alone, of the 300 campers is annexed with, cannot swim.
Saturday March 19th AIIJIAL TRAGIC
Tim Macmillan, London, United Kingdom. DVD, 6 min. 2004. Experimental Documentary. An unsettling take on the 'natural history ' of our contemporary urban environment, recreating three reported incidents where humans and 'friendly ' animals
interact badly-a postman kills a dog, a dog attacks a child, a horse kills a cyclist.
Roger Deutsch, Berkeley, CA. BetaSP, 12.5 m1n. 2004. aTra~e. A retarded man learns how to use a movie camera.
Liam Dalzell, Oakland, CA. BetaSP, 20 min. 2004. Documentary. Since 9/11, turban¥
ssment and violence
mistaken for
Middle Eastern
i Cab' looks at

Francisco Bay Area taxi drivers working under this threat. We learn how their experience of abuse is tempered by faith, compassion, and pride in their culture.
pg 33

Saturday March 19th

lII&1J:I ~hea~er Alms 1J:I oompe~1~1oD
Christoph Girardet/ Matthias Mueller, Bieleteld, Germany. 35mm, 7.5 min. 2003. Experimental. A woman, a man, guests at an evening party. Settings, which are gradually abandoned; the remains of an event, gazes that have lost their object. In MIRROR, frozen tableaux are animated by light alone, which creates connections but also isolates the figures and separates them f rom the surrounding space. Like the axis of a mirror, a tear runs through the centre of the image, separating the t wo halves but uniting them into a single motif at the same time. MIRROR creates an atmospheric image of the 'in between', the nameless sphere between belonging and isolation.

Crispin Hellion Glover, Los Angeles, CA. 35mm, 72min. 2005.
A Dadaist deconstruction of the hero's journey as well as a hallucinogenic trip deep into the
mind of its bizarre creator. The :film (which contains graphic
sexuality) flows between
controversial imagery and story
lines. It is a thoroughly
challenging visual experience as well as a compelling allegory for society and its outcasts. As the visual absurdity of the film rides along at a fever pitch, Glover's
innate humanism injects the
seemingly inhuman scenario with a deep pathos that captures the viewers' attention and
consideration. Even the most
jaded viewers will be intrigued.

WB.l! IS If'

-'":":~~~::::: :~= laj\lrW.part~ is;.e t:.or : ::~:FJis'=i",Vpas6 An .others ::-Jm\l~ :llr-gi>.e-Irt t'he FeStival issued invitation (available at the box office and t-shirt table) in addition to a $8 cover charge. SPONSORED BY:
university of michigan school of art &design
Saturday, March 19th

After the screenings join us at 01 (210 S. Fifth) for the Saturday Night Bash! Featuring Ghostly International with Special Guest DVJ Kriel
Ghostly International was formed in 1999, setting the tone for a new generation of o.t'~~inal, experimental musiciant: .~~~y,
(j 0 Jo.ln-:Q.,

Ghostly Int ernationa;J.jjl! 'q~e.~ . of the foremost channef s for premiering innovative music, from abstract electronic to avant-pop.
Dubbed the "club CUlture's first superstar VJ" by The Times (UK), DVJ Kriel melds the expression of experimental film with the driving beats of popular dance clubs. He has exhibited and performed at the Venice Biennial, Tate Britain, Royal Opera House and the ICA. Currently, DVJ Kriel is revolutionizing the dance scene with his original vision of projected art within dance clubs.
DVJ Kriel's performance is brought to this year's Festival through the University of Michigan, School of Art and Design. This evening's party is sponsored in part by Larry Skiles of Edward Jones.


pg 34
screening room
Saturday March 19th

"'~iAiii wha~ ~he he11 was ~ha~?
Panelists: Bryan Konefsky
George Manupelli
Anita Monga

Moderator: Mark Wojahn
A filmmaker-led discussion of works
screened in the festival program,
some of which will be rescreened
prior t'o the discussion. Free and

IDlU.SfttJO!lmE __ , l111ia@Umich. edu

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