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45th Ann Arbor Film Festival Program

Ann Arbor Film Festival
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Ann Arbor Film Festival
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March 20-25th

at the

Michigan Theater
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Join SEE on Saturday, March 24th as we support the Ann Arbor Film Festival at our annual Film-Fabulous kick off party!
Enjoy swanky refreshments, special VIP savings and our resident DJ \"hile you reve: in philanthropy knm"ing 10% of your purchases go directly to support the Ann Arbor Film Festival!
308 S. state Street, Ann Arbor, (734) 622-8056
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Generous Gifted Homemade Quality Innovative Inquisitive Joyful Loving' "unny Disposition Supportive Wonderful Ambitious Beautiful I -;t)nate Soul Creative Dedicated Filmmaker Full of Color E.
"I could never be bored in life because there are so many films yet to be made."
she has been called the brightest light. a tireless saint, and a compassionate soul. Others have named her a loving wife, dedicated teacher, and caring mother. Inspiring every person around her, she was the playful artist, ambitious rebel, and a sparkling, subversive Southern Belle.
On January 4, 2007, Helen Hill was tragically murdered in New Orleans, louisiana; and the loss of this innovative. inquisitive and joyful friend has affected us all. Helen celebrated life with a genuine sunny disposition and was a compassionate soul who would always go out of her way to help someone in need. Always generous with her love, support and inspiration, Helen touched the lives of every person who knew her, making her passing unbelievably painful.
she had screened several films at the Ann Arbor Film Festival (including
The world 's Smallest Fair, Scratch [, Crow, Tunnel of Love and Mouseholes) , and was an honored juror at the 42,d Ann Arbor Film Festival. We consider her one of our own. and a member of the AAFF family.
Her animated films reflect her playful, innovative and inquisitive way of living life , and her caring and dedication to teaching show her value for the world around her. This wonderful person spent her brief time on earth joyfully and creatively. Helen leaves behind her husband Paul Gailiunas and their two-year old son, Francis Pop, her pet pig Rosie, and two cats.
In honor of the inspiration and memory that Helen has given all of us, we dedicate the 45 th Ann Arbor Film Festival to her beloved memory. We will never forget you, Helen, and will continue to love and be inspired by you.
please join us for a tribute and memorial on Wednesday, March 21St 5:00PM at the Firefly Club in Ann Arbor, where we will eat, drink and merrily celebrate the newly remastered collection of Helen Hill's 16mm films :
Mouseholes Tunnel of love Scratch and Crow vessel Film for Rosie Bohemian Town
Your New Pig Is Down the Road
Madame Winger Makes AFilm: ASurvivial Guide to the 21St Century
Wife PlayfulSparkl Caring Mother
of Color E. yful Sparkl ant Caring Mother
Color E. Movement Genuine Generous Sparkling Subversive Southern Belle Su
Mother Childlike Committed Teacher Co Generous Gifted Homemade Quality Inno .ern Belle Sunny Disposition Supportive W ph 734.764.0397

: in the Duderstadt Center
The University of Michigan School of Art & Design and the Digital Media Commons are proud to support the Ann Arbor Film Festival.

Espresso· Tortes· Cheesecakes
Smoothies •Juice Bar

Proudly sponsoring the 45th
Ann Arbor Film Festival

Just around the corner @
312 S. State St.
(734) 761-6000 •

Open daily until Midnight


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