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46th Ann Arbor Film Festival Program

Ann Arbor Film Festival
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Ann Arbor Film Festival
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The longest-running showcase of independent, experimental,
and artistically-inspired films in North America

CCS is a recognized leader in art + design education that prepares students to enter the new, global economy where creativity shapes better communities and societies.
Office of Admissions 201 E. Kirby Detroit, MI 48202 Tele: 313.664.7425 / 800.952.ARTS Email: Web:



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It's Time to Watch (~ft::
, ~~.~~til '-•

Please help us reduce waste and hold onto your program guide throughout the festival.

my privilege to welcome you to the 46th Ann Arbor Film Festival. As one of the longest•
running showcases in the world, this Festival highlights the most independent, avant-garde,
and artistically-inspired films.

By bringing these quality films to Ann Arbor, the Festival helps us enrich our lives by sharing
new ideas and highlighting the diversity of cultures through the art of storytelling. Whether
you laugh, or cry, or return home pondering the meaning of the powerful images you just
saw, I am confident you will leave a richer and more enlightened person because of it.

I w!nt to thank the dozens of sponsors who support this wonderful event. It is because of
your generosity that these talented filmmakers can continue to make their brilliant films.

'·~.",Cl'U, welcome, and please accept my very best wishes for an enjoyable festival. I encourage all to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.
~dEmrllI€!r M. Granholm
Welcome to the 46th edition of the Ann Arbor Film Festival, an international forum for some of the most thought-provoking, creative, and memorable cinema anywhere in the world. The City of Ann Arbor is renowned for its vibrant culture of innovation, hospitality, and colorful arts. The Festival is certainly an important reason for this reputation.
As the longest running film festival of its kind in North America, the Festival has long been a rich part of the fabric of Ann Arbor's community. Participation occurs year-round through hundreds of volunteers, student interns, local businesses, community leaders, supporters, and thousands of you who come out to create an incredible audience. Seeing a packed show of the Ann Arbor Film Festival at the majestic Michigan Theater is truly an unforgettable experience.
We are especially proud of the Festival this year for its local and national achievements: successfully challenging unconstitutional state arts funding restrictions, raising $75,000 to recover financially with a creative and community-driven fundraising campaign, and getting named by Variety magazine as one of their top ten favorite festivals in the world.
Thank you for being part of this one-of-a-kind event, the 46th Ann Arbor Film Festival.
Now it's time to watch and enjoy the show!
John Hieftje Mayor of the City of Ann Arbor
People sometimes forget what it means to experiment: testing theories, making discover•ies, learning from mistakes, venturing into the unknown. These words might be over•used, but their value cannot be overstated. Our progression as Homo sapiens depends on our abilities to experiment skillfully.
I believe that the mission of the Ann Arbor Film Festival is fundamental to the progres•sion of arts and cinema in our culture. We seek out filmmakers who are on the edges, not recklessly, but with purpose and vision. This festival stands up for their rights as artists to explore these limits, take risks and make new discoveries. Imagine our world if scien•tists did not experiment. Now imagine many of your favorite films or works of art, and consider the ways in which they stepped beyond conventions whether in technique, style, storytelling or special effects.
This film festival is a grand experiment. Entering our 46th year we are well aware of our rich legacy and traditions, yet with an eye to the future we push ahead with our own progression of ideas, theories and creative risks. We invite you to watch this year in the hopes that you will find inspiration to explore, make discoveries and celebrate cinema as an art form with limitless possibilities.
Enjoy the festival,
Christen McArdle Executive Director of the Ann Arbor Film Festival
The Ann Arbor Film Festival is committed to providing direct support to filmmakers. Our awards program presents more than $18,000 to filmmakers. Winning an award at the AAFF means not only prestige and financial support, but can also qualify fil~makers for Oscar®-nomination by the Academy of Motion Picture
Arts and Sciences.
. Ken Burns Award for Best of the Festival-$3,OOO
Presented to the film of any genre or length that best represents the artistic standards of excellence for the festival. This award is generously provided by influential documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, a graduate of Ann Arbor's Pioneer High School.
Gus Van Sant Award for Best
Experimental Film -$1 ,000
Honoring the film that most success•fully showcases the use of experimental .'~'Pl'OCI~sses, forms, and topics. Acclaimed director Gus Van Sant supports this award, as his early short experimen•tal films won awards at the Ann Arbor
Film Festival in the 1980s.
Lawrence Kasdan Award for
Best Narrative Film-$1,000
The narrative film that best makes use of film's unique ability to convey strik•ing and original stories will receive this award distinction. A notable Hollywood filmmaker, Lawrence Kasdan got his start in Ann Arbor frt the University of Michigan and continues his connection ilhrough support of this festival award.
Michael Moore Award for Best Documentary Film-$1,000
The best non-fiction film of the festival will receive this award from documen•tary filmmaker Michael Moore, who received inspiration from hundreds of films he viewed over the years at the Ann Arbor Film Festival. Proceeds from his film, Roger and Me, fund this annual award.
Chris Frayne Award for Best Animated Film-$1,000
Recognizing the animated film that delivers the best style, creativity, and content. This award is given in honor of the spirit of Chris Frayne, a key partici•pant in the festival's early years, whose approach to life was reminiscent of his colorful cartoon characters.
Tom Berman Award for Most Promising Filmmaker-$1,000
This award is intended to support an emerging filmmaker that the Award Jury expects will make a significant contribution to the art of film in the c,ourse of his/her filmmaking career. This award is endowed by the Berman family in honor of the memory of Tom Berman, who was a University of Mich•igan film student, an early festival sup•porter and close friend to many within the festival community.
The Barbara Aronofsky Latham Award for Emerging Experimental Video Artist-$1 ,000
A new addition to the Ann Arbor Film Festival in 2008, this award provides support to the most promising video artist at the inception of herlhis career. Distributed by the Video Data Bank, the award was conceived by the Aronof•sky family to honor the late Barbara Aronofsky Latham, a Chicago-based experimental video artist who passed away in 1984.
Sharon Aronofsky (Barbara's sister) • shared her thoughts, "Barbara would surely have approved of offering the prize (at the Ann Arbor Film Festival) in her memory partially as a symbolic gesture against art censorship; nothing would be more appropriate than boost•ing support for emerging video artists in this way."
The EMPA Work Life Award-$1,300
Granted to a film of any length or genre with excellent production values that best provides a witty and insightful look at issues pertaining to any of the follow•ing: careers, employment, coworkers, the workplace, job hunting, job responsi•bilities, or the impact of employment on the individual's personal life. Employee Motivation & Performance Assessment ( sponsors this award as part of its ongoing commit•ment to the simultaneous improvement of working conditions and profitability.
Prix DeVarti for Funniest Film-$1 ,000
Awarded to the film likely to create the most laughs in the festival. This prize honors the 40-year friendship between Dominick's pub and the Ann Arbor Film Festival, and honors the memory of Dominick and Alice De V arti.
Kodak/Filmcraft Imaging Award for Best Cinematography of film plus processing -$1 ,500
For the film that demonstrates the high•est excellence and creativity in cinema•tography. The recipient of this award will receive $1,500 worth of 16mm or 35mm film stock from Kodak and film processing from Filmcraft Imaging, the lab division of Grace & Wild of Farming•ton, MI.
Griot Editorial Award for Best Editing-$500
Presented to the film that demonstrates excellence in the art and craft of editing. This award is provided by Griot Edito•rial, the creative editorial boutique of Grace & Wild.
Ghostly Award for Best Sound Design-$500
Given for excellence and originality in sound design, this award is provided by Ghostly International, an Ann Arbor•based independent record label focusing on innovative electronic music. Founded by University of Michigan alumni, Sam Valenti IV, Ghostly is home to Matthew Dear and Dabrye among others.
Peter Wilde Award for Most Technically Innovative Film-$500
The film which showcases the most pioneering, cutting-edge technical in•novations will receive this award. Peter Wilde was a long-time projectionist for the festival and master of special effects. This award honors his creativity and pursuit of new techniques.
The VUE/DFC Award for Best Michigan Filmmaker-$750
This award recognizes excellence in a Michigan-produced film within any genre. Co-sponsored by Michigan VUE, a magazine dedicated to promoting Michigan's film, video, and multi-me•dia production industry and the Detroit Film Center, a non-profit resource and community center in downtown Detroit supporting independent filmmakers.
\aQt\FILM Award for Best LGBT Film-$500
This award honors the film that best ad•dresses and gives voice to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender (LGBT) issues. The \aut\BAR of Ann Arbor contrib•utes this award to promote a diversity of voices that achieve excellence in film•making.
The Eileen Maitland Award-$500
This award is to be given to the film best addresses women's issues and gives voice to female voices. It was created to honor of the spirit and memory of Eileen Maitland who was a dear friend and long-time supporter of the festival, as well as a patron and practitioner of the arts.
Award for Best International Film-$500
Granted to the film produced beyond the United States which most strongly wins over our Award Jury, this award is co•supported by Ann Arbor's Tios Mexican restaurant along with Ann-Arbor-based French tour guide and artist Sandy Schopbach.
Honorable Mentions-$1 ,050
Remaining prize monies are distributed at the jurors' discretion as honorable mentions to films of distinction and ar•tistic accomplishment.
Palmer Morrel-Samuels
Gus Van Sant lawrence & Meg Kasdan Michael Moore Video Data Bank & .
the Aronofsky family
Susan Warner Grace & Wild Studios Michigan VUE Magazine \aOt\Bar

Walter Spiller Tios Restaurant George Fisher & Kari Magill Lars Bjorn & Susan Wineberg Detroit Film Center The LaBour Foundation for
Non-Institutional Living

Dan Gunning & Vicki Engel Bill Kirchen Denny Hayes Sandy Schopbach Pitor Michalowski & Deanna Relyea John Caldwell & Susan Kalinowski George Frayne &Sue Casanova
Bill Plympton
One of the top independent animators in the world, Plympton has won international festival awards and
, I
multiple Oscar® nominations for his work. His self-financed and personally hand-drawn feature. ani•mation The Tune (featuring over 30,000 individual

/ ()
eels), won the 1991 Prix du Jury at the Cannes
Film Festival. Plympton has also produced anima•tion for MTV, Kanye West, "Weird Al" Yankovic, and the Trivial Pursuit board game. His cartoons have graced the pages of the NY Times, Vanity Fair, Vogue, & Rolling Stone magazine.
Her work ranges from lurid short narratives to hypnotic abstractions of light, rhythm, and sound. Silva has been cinematographer, editor and col•laborator on numerous film projects and digital restorations with world•renowned artists such as Bruce Conner, sound artist Otomo Yoshihide, and Bruce Baillie. Silva is currently serving her second term on the Board of Directors for avant-garde film distributor, Canyon Cinema, and work•ing on her miniature scale clashing of the Aztecs and Spaniards, a film
dedicated to the Kuchar brothers.
Bill Brown
A filmmaker from the "Paris of the Plains," Lubbock, Texas, Brown has made several short experimental documentaries about the dusty corners of the North American landscape. Along with filmmaker Tom Comerford, Brown created the Lo Fi Landscapes tour, traveling across country in 2002 and 2005 with a program of short films concerned with history and place. The Museum of Modern Art hosted a retrospective of Brown's work in 2003 as part of its MediaScope series.
..tor--$' 0,000 Josh Pokempner I=>eter Heydon Sam Raimi Steve Warrington &
Courntey Mandryk
Bruce Baker & Genie Wolfson

. $1,000-$2,499
Marl '-.t!i

Bruce Curtis & Sara Tucker Constance Crump & Jay Simrod Ruth Bardenstein & Jim Roll Tamara Real Anne Simonsen Danny Drysdale Diana Raimi & John Dryden Grady & Amy Burnett Lisa Granger Mary Cronin & John Johnson Matt Turner Matthew Krichbaum Peter Rosewig, Jr. Tom Bray Zingerman's Mail Order
Peter & Micki Drescher Nancy LaTendresse Dr. John W. Farah Gus Van Sant, Sr. Leighton Pierce Albert Fifield
~ ~
" ~
Barbara Brown
Barry Miller & Enid Wasserman
Dan Gunning & Vicki Engel
Frank & Gail Beaver
George Fisher & Kari Magill
Hubert I. Cohen
James A. Fajen & Tania G. Evans
Jeff Hauptman
Joan Brooker-Marks
Joan Lowenstein
John Baird
Joseph C. Tiboni
LeAnn & Joe Auer
Linda Dintenfass
Lindsay McCarthy
Marcy Garriott
N. Kathleen Kosobud Peter A. Davis Peter Howell Roland Neynaber Royal and Elizabeth Caswell, III Russ Collins & Deb Polich Susan Dise Steven Wild
brought to you exclusively by

proud sponsors of the Ann Arbor Film Festival
Executive Director
Christen McArdle
Director of Community & Development
Donald Harrison
Operations Manager
Chris Csont
Charles Burney
Graphic Design
Technical Supervisor
Tom Bray
Ruth Bardenstein Matthew Krichbaum LeAnn Auer Lindsay McCarthy Myrna Jean Rugg Heidi Kumao Tom Bray Michael Brown Peter Howell Tania McGee Larry Skiles Russ Collins Bruce Baker

Alison LaTendresse Bryan Konefsky Chris Gore Chris McNamara Deanna Morse Gary Schwartz Jonathan Berkowitz Ken Burns Lawrence Kasdan Leighton Pierce Michael Moore Morrie Warshawski Richard Kerr
Special Programming
David Dinnell
Out Night Programming
Debra Miller
Midnight Screening Programming
Doug Nicholas Geoff George
Filmmaker Liaison Programming Assistant
Becca Keating
Juror Liaison & Programming Associate
Brooke Keesling
Programming Associate
David Os it
Graphic Assistants
Emma Chan Josh Amir
Festival Photographers
Sean Dwyer Meredith Zielke
Print Traffic Coordinator
Maria Feldman
Volunteer Coordinator
Katie McMahan
Housing Coordinator
Myrna Jean Rugg
Transportation Coordinator
Rick Cronn
Green Room Coordinators
Kari Magill
Constance Crump
Film Jam Host
Donald Harrison
Dap Coordinator
Bill Spencer
AAFF Sponsor Trailers
Miho Iwata Emily Skaer Caitlin Dronen Peter Traylor
AAFF Commercial Animation
Martin Thoburn
AAFF Commerical Music
Steve Dannemiller
Main Lobby Installations
Esther Kirshenbaum Denise Heberle
Additional Installations
Dolores Wilbur Frank Pahl Rich Pell
Installation Coordinator for "Body of Evidence"
Cory Snavely
Screening Committee
Angel Vasquez
Becca Keating
Brooke Dagnan
Brooke Keesling
David Hashim
David Osit Gary Schwartz
Mandira Banerjee
Matt Kelson Sandy Schopbach Scott Northrup
Internship Advisor
U of M Film Screen Arts & Cultures
Terri Sarris
Student Interns
Katie McMahan
Micah Vanderhoof Sean Dwyer Bill Spencer
Emma Chan Whitney Wild
Noah Stahl Anamita Gall
Claire Barco Jordan Weinberg

Ann Damon
Beea Fried
Secca Keating
6'ropke Dagnan
Christine Driscoll
Dan Marano
pavid Hashim
David Osit
Denise Heberle
Devon Akmon
Donald Harrison
Ed Gardiner
LeAnn Auer
Lindsay McCarthy
Mandira Banerjee
Markus Nornes
Matt Kelson
Maureen Petrucci
Maz Moshgbar
Phill Hallman
Ron Hartikka
Sandy Schopbach . Stashu Kybartas TerrI' Sarris Willis
Granting Agencies & Organizations National Endowment
for the Arts State Street Area Association
Afterparty Venues \aQt\Bar Arbor Brewing Company Babs' Underground Lounge Melange Vinology
Afterparty Entertainment Charles & Alex of Station
Opening Night Catering Sava's Cafe
U.S. Wine Imports Schakolad Arbor Brewing Company Absolut Maker's Mark
Opening Night Music Los Gatos
Judges' Meals Angelo's Cafe Habana Cafe Zola Seva Zanzibar
Midnight Movie 35mm Prints MGM Robert O'Connor Tamara Reid Randolph Loganbill Finnish Film Foundation Aki Kaurismaki • Jenni Siitonen The Match Factory Brigitte Suarez Michael Weber Philipp Hoffman
Thank You For Your Support, Encouragement, and Inspiration ACLU Michigan AJ Steinberg Bivouac Bob Andersen Bob Bolak Brooks Thomas Bruce Baker Bryan Rogers Bside Entertainment Cheryl Elliot Chris Gore Chrisstina Hamilton Constance Crump Dan Marano Debra Miller Doug Nicholas Esther Kirshenbaum Genia Service &
Tom McMurtrie Geoff George George Manupelli Jay Nelson John Hieftje John Sayles Josh Pokempner Ken Burns Lawrence Kasdan Lou Glorie Lynn Yates Marcy Garriott Mark Waters Martha Darling Michael Saltzman Palmer Morrel-Samuels Peter and Rita Heydon Ron Reed Sam Raimi Tamara Real
Panda Hugs to Alison LaTendresse Amanda Strong Brooke Keesling Charlie Burney Courtney Mandryk Danny Drysdale Das Interns David Dinnell David Hashim David Meiklejohn David Osit Esther Kirshenbaum Forest Juziuk FVSA Gary Schwartz Joe Ferdon John Roos Jon Sajetowski Katherine Weider Ken Bawcom Kim Demick Marti Gukeisen Michael Cox Mom and Dad Myrna Jean Rugg Nicole MacDonald Paul and Lori Saginaw Raul Pen a Russ Collins Ruth Bardenstein Sava Lelcaj Steve Warrington Suzanne Gromofsky Vicki Honeyman Vincent Price

Through membership in the Ann Arbor Film Festival, you join an international community that strongly supports alternative, experimental, 'and artistically-inspired cinema. In addition to providing vital support to the Ann Arbor Film Festival, you also receive tangible benefits for joining as a member:

2 tickets to the Opening Night Gala and Screening

Festival t-shirt

Discounted ticket price to all AAFF screenings throughout the year

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A limited-edition DVD collection of short films from the 46th Ann Arbor Film Festival

FILM INOENUE-$250 ($125 is tax deductible)
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2nd festival pass for access to all screenings and panels during the festival

Name printed in festival program, listed on festival website, and on signage during festival in Michigan Theater lobby

FILM MOOUL-$500 ($300 is tax deductible)
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Invitation for you and a guest to the pre-Festival VIP Dinner (Filmmaker Party)

3rd festival pass for access to all screenings and panels during the festival

FILM LEOEND-$l,OOO ($650 is tax deductible)
All benefits of Film Mogul, plus:

Invitation for you and a guest to attend a Judges' Dinner during the festival

Invitation for you and a guest to all AAFF special events throughout the year

FILM LUMINARY-$5,OOO ($4,500 is tax deductible)
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VIP access to the filmmakers' Green Room with introductions to attending filmmakers

4th festival pass for access to all screenings and panels during the festival

To join, please complete the following with credit card information or mail with a check to:
Ann Arbor Film Festival, 308 Y2 S. State St., Suite 31, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

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Our Mission
The Ann Arbor Film Festival is committed to supporting vi•sionary filmmakers, promoting the art of film, and providing communities with remarkable cinematic experiences.

The Traveling Tour
Each year the Ann Arbor Film Festival visits more than 15 cities across the U.S. (and sometimes beyond) with a "best of' program of short films from that year's festival. Tour screenings range from 2 -4 hours and take place in museums, cinematheques, multi-plex theaters, and universities. All filmmakers participating on the tour receive payment for each screening of their work. To learn more about the AAFF traveling tour, please visit:

46th AAFF DVD-Coming Summer '08
After 46 years of waiting, it's finally arriving-your very own take-home edition of the festival! This sum•mer we'll be offering a limited-edition DVD containing some of the best short films from the 46th. Stayed tuned to our monthly eNewsletter Projections for forthcom•ing details. You can sign-up for our eNewsletter here:

Festival Projectionists
The Ann Arbor Film Festival utilizes the skilled union projectionists of our local IATSE chapter. They take great care in delivering the best possible audience experience, so please let them know if you like what you see!
A. Michigan Theater (603 E. Liberty St.)
B. State Theater (233 S. State St.)
C. WORK Gallery (306 S. State St.)
D. Neutral Zone (310 E. Washington St.)
E. Babs' Underground Lounge (213 S. Ashley St.)
F. Arbor Brewing Company (114 E. Washington St.)
G. \aut\Bar (315 Braun Ct.)
H. Melange Bistro Wine Bar (314 S. Main St.)
I. Vinology (110 S. Main St.)

Kick Out the Jams
1:OOpm I WORK Gallery I 306 S. State St.
Music outsider Gerry Fialka analyzes the sonic repercussions of experimental filmmaking. Rock out with rare clips of past AAFF participants like The Velvet Underground and Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen.
Fialka surveys those who have been featured in past AAFF films (with more rare clips) like Les Paul, Elvin Jones (John Coltrane's drummer), The Residents, Devo and the seminal Punking Out with The Ramones, Richard Hell & The Voidoids and The Dead Boys.

Multiplying Eyes:
Short Film Distribution Panel

3pm I WORK Gallery I 306 S. State St.
For all you filmmakers who want to get your work seen, this panel serves up richly knowledgeable experts in the world of film distribution, festivals and exhibition: Bob Alexander of IndiePix, Jonathan Berkowitz of B-Side, Mitch Levine of The Film Festival Group, and Brooke Keesling whose short animation Boobie Girl toured the world at over 70 film festivals and secured distribution.
With many more distribution opportunities available to filmmakers than ever before, there are also many more hazards to navigate. Pan•elists will highlight some of the most effective strategies out there and likely embark on some lively debate. The one-and-only Debra Miller will serve as our congenial instigator/moderator!
Wednesday 1:OOpm Screening Room
Bring your film to the Michigan Theater and see
it shown on the big screen.
Much like an open mic for
filmmakers, this guarantees
to be the most unpredictable
screening of the festival!
We will show up to
10 minutes per submission.
Formats accepted:
16mm, DVD, mini-DV,

Co-Presen'ted by The Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra
Modern music ensemble bLuE daHLia performs their origi•nal soundtrack live with the vintage Buster Keaton silent film Seven Chances. Don't expect melodramatic musical cli•che's-bLuE daHLia brings this film classic into the hearts of today's audiences by using modern, multi-stylistic music that helps connect the past with the present. The result is full of valuable cinematic history and unbridled enjoyment for audiences of all ages.
Seven Chances (1926) features Keaton as young James Shannon-a stockbroker down on his luck who suddenly learns that he will inherit the seven million dollars that will save his future-but only if he can marry by seven o'clock that same evening. When Shannon's steady girl turns him down, his business partner places an ad in the newspaper. The mayhem that ensues includes a bridal procession of epic proportions!
bLuE daHLia is Kalamazoo, Michigan. Their original sound is marked by multi-ethnic rhythms and lan•guages against a shifting tapestry of guitars, mandolin, flute, and saxo•phone. bLuE daHLia's collabora•tion with silent film began at The Sound of Silents Film Festival in 1996, and since then they have brought inspiration to more than a dozen silent film scores. The group also works with modern filmmakers and on commerical projects, in ad•dition to their own regular re•cording and performing.
Sponsored by

.. . . ....

Headlines: Hybrid Film Trilogy {Bhagdad Plan Is A Success}
Madison, WI 2007 3 min II Silent I B&W I 16mm I Experimental
The second film in this trilogy (for full description see "Bomb Parts")
Great American Desert
London, United Kingdom 2007 18 min I 16mm I Documentary
Second part of a trilogy of experimental films, called Afflicted States, made in response to the changed social and political envi•ronment in the West since 2001. The camera observes a scrubby Arizona Desert, season•ally occupied by recreational vehicle dwellers. Other elements emerge in jux•taposition, including contemporary recordings of military procedures and an account of the men who carried out the Hiroshima bombing.
Sunset Coda
Chicago, IL 2006 lilt_I:. 3.5 min I Digital Video Experimental
Through recorded audio from a vacation, Sunset Coda highlights a child•hood exchange between the filmmaker, his mother and brother about US citizenship
and World War Three.
Headlines: Hybrid Film Trilogy {Low Pay and Broken Promises}
Madison, WI 2007 3 min I Silent I B&W I 16mm Experimental The third film in this tril•ogy (for full description see
Boston, MA 2007
14 min I Silent 116mm I Experimental
Life half-lived to the fullest,
through light journeys within
and without The Office, in
3 movements.
Revisiting Solaris
Vilnius, Lithuania 2007
18 min I Digital Video I Experimental
More than forty years after Andrej Tarkovskij's Solaris, actor Donatas Banionis revisits his role as Chris Kelvin in a film based on the last chapter of Lems' original book, which was left out of Tarkovskij's version. In this chapter, Kelvin reflects on his brief visit to the "soil" of the planet Solaris shortly before his return from the space mission.
Co-Presented by The Michigan Psychoanalytic Society
Revolving around our values, beliefs and ideologies, films in this program explore the influences on our identities.
Family, religion, temptation, and sex are some of the main ingredients in this richly provocative program.

New York, NY 2007 .. 5 min I Digital Video I Animation
Using scans of an apocalyptic 15th•
century French manuscript mixed
with gas-guzzling, eco-destroying 21st•
century imagery, Martha Colburn blurs
history. Her point is that apocalypse then (floods, famines, plagues, earthquakes, fires) is much like apocalypse now. The difference is then they thought God unleashed the plagues, while now we know we're largely doing it ourselves.

Bozeman, MT 2007 15 min I Digital Video Documentary
Funny and frightening, Evilution! mixes archi•val footage and anima•tion with real creation•ist rhetoric to cultivate alarm about the growing threat to science education.

AAFF Innovators ~1:OOpm I WORK Gallery I 306 S. State St.
Join archivist Gerry Fialka as this interactive workshop cross references personal essay cinema, experimental film, art, .politics and popular culture. Filmmakers Jay Cassidy, Chick Strand, James Benning, Pat O'Neill, Caroline & Frank Mouris challenge our pre-existing concpetions of cinema's potentials as transcendental and/or oppositional experience. Fialka brings a rich knowl•edge of history and theory, along with kinetic enthusiasm for the topics. Deep discussion on the evolution of experiments will uncover the hidden effects.

Out Night-Queer Realities: Fact and Fiction!
"I am pleased to return to Ann Arbor Film Festival for my second tour as Curator for the LGBTQ (that's Lesbian, Gay, Bisex•
ual, Transgender, Queer to you!) program. Last year, if you remember, I thought that we all needed a good laugh, featuring
several comedy encounters of the third kind. This year, whilst a laugh is still needed (war, foreclosures, recession, another
year of BUSH), I am taking us on a journey to the edges of our *big fat gay world*. Yes; you might notice a preponderance
of films by women, but I am hopeful you boys will be challenged to see what stories your Lesbian sisters are telling. That in•

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