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49th Ann Arbor Film Festival Program

Ann Arbor Film Festival
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Ann Arbor Film Festival
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Ann Arbor Film Festival


The Michigan Theater

Supporting filmmakers and their art 365 days a year.
See you at the movies!

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Beyond the Festival . .................................................................... 11
Sponsors . ... 13
Opening Night Reception & Screening . ...................... 16
Wednesday Programs ................................................................................................................................................................ 20
Thursday Programs ......................................................................................................................................... ............................ 35
Friday Programs .............................................................................................................................................................................. 44
Saturday Programs ....................................................................................................................................................................... 54
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Calendar of Events

Opening Night Reception
6pm Michigan Theater Grand Foyer
Opening Night Screening Films in Competition
8:15 pm Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
Sava's 10 pm -2 am I FREE
Tap Room @ Arbor Brewing Co. 10 pm -1 am I FREE

Juror Presentation Vanessa Renwick

12:30 pm M ichigan Theater Screening Room
Student Film Showcase
3pm Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
Amplitude &Scale: Music Videos Films in Competition
5pm Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
Sonic Acts: Modulating the Human Sensory Apparatus Special Presentation
7pm Michigan Theater Screening Room
Love's Secret Domain Films in Competition
7:15 pm Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
Heaps, Layers, Curls Films in Competition
9:15 pm Michigan Theater Screening Room
The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye Feature in Competition
9:30 pm Michigan Theater Main Auditorium

SH\aut\ & \aut\BAR
10 pm -2 am I FREE


The Blind Pig
10 pm -2 am
Roommate/The Quavers/
Man the Hunter
$12/ $9 with Festival Pass

Juror Presentation
Stephen Connolly

12:30 pm Michigan Theater Screening Room
New Directions in Documentary
Panel One
3:15 pm Michigan Theater Screening Room
Penny W. Stamps Presents
Utopia in Four Movements
5pm M ichigan Theater Main Auditorium
Ben Rivers: Slow Action
Film in Competition

7pm Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
Out Night: LGBT Films
Films in Competition

7:15 pm Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
Always Elsewhere
Films in Competition

9:15 pm Michigan Theater Screening Room
Live Multimedia Performance

9:30 pm Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
327 Braun Court 10 pm -2 am DJs Sarah Gardiner and Mariah Cherem I FREE

Friday Saturday Sunday
Juror Presentation Rebecca Meyers
12:30 pm Michigan Theater Screening Room
Wang Bing Artist Talk 3pm UMMA Helmut Stern Auditorium
New Directions in Documentary Panel Two 5pm Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
Animated Feature 7pm Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
Vanishing (Remaining) Films in Competition
7:15 pm Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
Duke & Battersby Retrospective
9:15 pm Michigan Theater Screening Room
Animated Splendor Films in Competition
9:30 pm Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
Midnight Movie
11:59 pm State Theatre Safe As Milk (Ages 6+) Films in Competition
11:15 am Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
Radical Light: Found Footage Films
1978 -1998

Special Presentation 12 pm Michigan Theater Screening Room
Time and the Other Films in Competition 1pm Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
Disorder with The Sole of the Foot Films in Competition 2pm Michigan Theater Screening Room
Waves and Particles Films in Competition

3:30 pm Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
You Are Here
Feature in Competition

4:30 pm Michigan Theater Screening Room
Nostalgia for the Light

Feature Documentary 7pm Michigan Theater Screening Room
Hidden Inverse
Films in Competition

7:15 pm Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
Sam Green

9:15 pm Michigan Theater Screening Room
A Vessel Redreamt
Films in Competition

9:30 pm Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
Midnight Movie
11:59 pm
State Theatre

What the Hell Was That?
Screening & Discussion
12 pm
UMMA Helmut Stern Auditorium
Dream Unveiled Films in Competition 1pm Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
Psychohydrography with Sea Salt Flower Films in Competition
1pm Michigan Theater Screening Room
Foreign Parts
Feature in Competition 3pm Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
Strange Attractors
Films in Competition
3:30 pm Michigan Theater Screening Room
Awarded Film Program One 6pm Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
Awarded Film Program Two 8pm Michigan Theater Main Auditorium

From the Executive Director

Welcome to the 49th Ann Arbor Film Festival. This season we proudly present 188 films, videos and live media performances, with many artists in attendance from all around the world. The 49th AAFF will feature more than 30 U.S., North American and world premieres, exhibiting work from over 25 countries.
The AAFF continues to focus on the forefront of independent and experimental cinema. From Callum Cooper's 2-minute Victoria, George, Edward & Thatcher shot in London on an iPhone and screened on 35mm to Beijing-based Wang Bing's 14-hour video installation Crude Oil at the UM Work gallery, this year's program offers an especially broad range of artist-made work. Advances in technology enable fi lmmakers to bring us stunning new high definition videos, such as Peter Bo Rappmund's Psychohydrography, while other artists utilize traditional techniques with remarkable results, such as Keita Kurosaka's epic, hand-drawn animation Midori-Ko.
Important historic works are included in the 49th AAFF through our screening from the Radical Light series, curated by Kathy Geritz, Steve Anker and Steve Seid, and the Sonic Acts festival, presented by Lucas van der Velden and Gideon Kiers of Telcosystems. Our awards jurors¥Rebecca Meyers, Stephen Connolly and Vanessa Renwick -each present retrospective screenings of their esteemed work. We are additionally excited to have artists Emily Vey Duke & Cooper Battersby present a program of their videos. Duke & Battersby will also have their installation Reanimating the Universe with Basic Breathing Exercises on view adjacent to the screening room for the duration of the festival.
Live performance and audience interaction continues at the 49th, with Netherlands-based trio Telcosystems making their second U.S. visit for the Ann Arbor Film Festival. Sam Green, whose Academy-nominated Weather Underground screened at the AAFF, brings his Utopia in Four Movements "live documentary" to the Michigan Theater as a special Penny Stamps/AAFF program. More than 50 artists and filmmakers will present their works and discuss with our audiences. We are proud to call the historic Michigan Theater our home venue and appreciate their shared commitment to projecting each artists' work in its best exhibition format, including 16mm, dual-16mm, 35mm and myriad forms of high-quality digital video.

This year saw several exciting developments within the Ann Arbor Film Festival. After four years of working closely with David Dinnell, we welcomed him to Ann Arbor last fall as our full-time Program Director. David's extensive experience with film programming, coupled with his immense knowledge of independent and experimental cinema, significantly increased the AAFF's ability to build on its mission. This is reflected in our 49th season's ambitious programming and will enable the Festival to expand year round exhibition, as well as launch important projects for the AAFF's 50th anniversary.
As the AAFF celebrates independent, experimental and artist-made cinema in its 49th season, we are appreciative of the many supporters, volunteers and partners who have made our remarkable longevity possible. We thank you all for past, present and future involvement.
Thank you for being here, enjoy the Festival!

Donald Harrison
Executive Director

Award Jurors

Vanessa Renwick
Born 1961 in Chicago, Renwick is the "Founder and Janitor of the Oregon Department of Kick Ass", a "Daughter of the American Revolution", and an artist based in Portland, OR.
A filmmaker by nature, not by stress of research, she puts scholars to rout by solving through Nature's teaching problems that have fretted their trained minds. Her iconoclastic work reflects an interest in place, relationships between bodies and landscapes, and all sorts of borders. Working in experimental and poetic documentary forms, she produces films, videos and installations that explore the pos¥sibility of hope in contemporary society. She is a naturalist, born, not made: a true barefoot, cinematic rabblerouser, of grand physique, calm pulse and a magnetism that demands the most profound atten¥tion. Renwick's 30 films and 17 installations have been exhibited far and wide, her work is in the permanent collections of the Portland Art Museum, Stanford University, Evergreen State College, The University of British Columbia, among several others. Renwick is represented by PDX Contemporary Art.

Stephen Connolly
Born 1964 in Montreal, Canada, London based filmmaker Stephen Connolly worked with homeless and socially excluded people before studying Fine Art (film/video) at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (BA 1997, MA 2005). Connolly makes work to explore how the connection between the personal and political is manifest in landscape and the built environment. Inherent within the work is the notion that the act of its making implies a location in place, and in historical time. From this documentary impulse, the work proceeds to make meaning by the superimposition of disparate ideas and elements from different cultural and temporal registers. Archive images and sounds may be juxtaposed with their contemporary analogues. The work constructs a discourse in fragments, raising questions about the relationships between our belief systems, history and politics. Connolly's films have been exhibited at numerous international festivals and cinematheques, and he has been the subject of several one-person programs including the Institute of Contemporary Art (UK) and the National Theatre at the British Film Institute.

Rebecca Meyers
Rebecca Meyers was born in New York, spent several years in the Midwest, and has been living in Massachusetts since 2005. She has been making 16mm films since her graduate studies at the University of Iowa and has screened internationally at festivals and museums, most recently in the New York Film Festival's Views from the Avant-Garde and Festival Les Inattendus in Lyon, France. Meyers has been involved with nonprofit arts organizations since her days in Iowa City, when she became active as a programmer, for both the THAW Festival of Film, Video, and Digital Media and the monthly screening series Light Reading, which she founded. She served three years as Co-Programmer of Chicago's Onion City Experimental Film and Video Festival and has curated film programs for the Chicago Underground Film Festival, the Massachusetts College of Art Film Society, Brooklyn's Light Industry and the Harvard Film Archive, where she acted as Archive Coordinator. In 2009, Meyers was a Fellow at the Harvard Film Study Center where she began blue mantle. She is currently the Director of Film Programs for ArtsEmerson at Emerson College in Boston.

Filmmaker Awards

The Ann Arbor Film Festival is committed to providing direct support to filmmakers. Our awards
program presents over $20,000 to filmmakers. Winning an award at the AAFF not only means
prestige and financial support, but can also qualify filmmakers for Oscar¨ nomination by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in the short film category.
Ken Burns Award for Best of the Festival $3,000
Presented to the film of any genre or length that best rep¥resents t he artistic standards of excellence for the festival. This award is generously provided by influential docu¥mentary fi lmmaker Ken Burns, a graduate of Ann Arbor's Pioneer High School.
Jury Awards $2,250
These awards are distributed at the awards jurors' discretion as special recognition for films of distinction and artistic accomplishment.
Stan Brakhage Film at Wit's End Award $1,000
For a film artist whose work exemplifies the ideals of the individual creating, through deep personal necessity, a re¥vealing and thought-provoking visual expression of formal innovation and integrity.
Gus Van Sant Award for Best Experimental Film $1,000
Honoring the film that most successfully showcases the use of experimental processes, forms, and topics. Ac¥claimed director Gus Van Sant supports this award, as his early short experimenta l fi lms won awards at the Ann Arbor Film Festival in the 1980s.
Lawrence Kasdan Award for Best Narrative Film $1,000
The narrative film that best makes use of film's unique ability to convey striking and original stories will receive this distinction. A notable Hollywood filmmaker, Lawrence Kasdan got his start in Ann Arbor at the University of M ichigan and continues his connection through support of this festival award.
Michael Moore Award for Best Documentary Film $1 ,000
The best non-fiction film of the festival will receive this award from documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, who received inspiration from hundreds of fi lms he viewed over the years at the Ann Arbor Film Festival. Proceeds from his film Roger and Me fund this annual award.
Chris Frayne Award for Best Animated Film $1,000
Recognizing the animated film that delivers the best style, creativity, and content. This award is given in honor of the spirit of Chris Frayne, a key participant in the festival's early years, whose approach to life was reminiscent of his colorful cartoon characters. Special thanks to Ann Arbor's colorful Quack!Media for lead support of this award.
Tom Berman Award for Most Promising Filmmaker $1,000
This award is intended to support an emerging filmmaker whom the Award Jury expects will make a significant contribution to the art of film in the course of his/her filmmaking career. This award is endowed by the Berman family in honor of the memory of Tom Berman, who was a University of Michigan film student, an early festival supporter and close friend to many within the festiva l community.
The Barbara Aronofsky Latham Award for Emerging Experimental Video Artist $1,000
This award intends to provide support to the most prom¥ising video artist at the inception of her/his career. Distrib¥uted by the Video Data Bank, the award was conceived by the Aronofsky family to honor the late Barbara Aronofsky Latham, a Chicago-based experimental video artist who passed away in 1984.

Prix DeVarti for Funniest Film $1,000 Awarded to the film most likely to create the laughs in the festival. This prize honors the 40-year friendship between Dominick's pub and the Ann Arbor Film Festival, and hon¥ors the memory of Dominick and Alice DeVarti.
Kodak/Grace &Wild Award for Best Cinematography $3,000 [$1,500 of film plus $1,500 processing]
For the film that demonstrates the highest excellence and creativity in cinematography. The recipient of this award will receive $1,500 worth of 16mm or 35mm film stock from Kodak and film processing from The Lab at Grace & Wild Studios in Farmington, MI.
Art & Science Award $750
This award honors the filmmaker whose work best uses the art form of film and video to explore scientific concepts, research natural phenomena or embrace real world experi¥mentation. Provided by Gil Omenn who seeks to encourage a positive exchange between the arts and sciences.
George Manupelli Founder's Spirit Award $500
Provided to the filmmaker that best captures the bold and iconoclastic spirt of the founder of the Ann Arbor Film Festival, George Manupelli, whose vision for the festival continues to this day.
Peter Wilde Award for Most Technically Innovative Film $500
The film which showcases the most pioneering, cutting-edge technical innovations will receive this award. Peter Wilde was a long-time projectionist for the festival and master of special effects. This award honors his creativity and pursuit of new techniques.
\aut\FILM Award for Best LGBT Film $500
This award honors the film that best addresses and gives voice to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender (LGBT) issues. The \aut\BAR of Ann Arbor contributes this award to promote a diversity of voices that achieve excellence in filmmaking.
Ghostly Award for Best Sound Design
Given for excellence and originality in sound design, this award is provided by Ghostly International, a multi¥platform "cultural curator" founded (and still located) in Ann Arbor by University of Michigan alumni Sam Valenti IV.
The Eileen Maitland Award
This award is to be given to the film that best addresses .women's issues and gives precedence to female voices. It
was created to honor of the spirit and memory of Eileen
Maitland, a dear friend and long-time supporter of the
festival, as well as a patron and practitioner of the arts.
The No Violence Award
Provided to reward the film that best exemplifies themes and images of peace, whether addressing the topic directly or simply turning the mind toward gentleness (No depictions of weaponry or fighting, human or animal suffering, or destructive activities). Provided by Ann Arbor residents Matthew Graff and Leslie Lawther.
Award for Best International Film
Granted to the film produced outside of the United
States which most strongly wins over our Award Jury.
This award is provided by Tlos Mexican Cafe, serving
Ann Arbor since 1986.
Award for Best Music Video
Provided to recognize excellence in the art form of music
video, which serves as a unique collaborative relation¥
ship between musician and film/video maker. This award
is supported by Ann Arbor's beloved and independently
owned Wazoo Records and Underground Sounds.
Awards Screenings
Announcement Sunday, March 27 at 6 pm
When Sunday, March 27 at 6 pm and 8 pm
Where Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
Tickets $91 $7 Students/Seniors/AAFF Members
Award Key Members


Ken Burns
$1,000 -$1,500
Anonymous The DeVarti Family Gus Van Sant Judy Kazis Lawrence & Meg Kasdan Michael Moore Video Data Bank &
the Aronofsky family
$500 -$999
\aut\ Bar GilOmenn The LaBour Foundation for
Non-Institutional Living Matthew Graff & Leslie Lawther Quack!Media Susan Warner Tios Mexican Cafe Walt Spiller
$250 -$499
Dennis Hayes George Fisher & Kari Magill Ghostly International Lars Bjorn & Susan Wineberg Myrna Jean Rugg & Rick Cronin Constance Crump & Jay Simrod Piotr Michalowski & Deanna Relyea
$100 -$249
Dan Gunning & Vicky Engel Kitty & Steve Kahn John Caldwell & Susan Kalinowski Underground Sounds Wazoo Records

& Donors

$15,000 -$20,000

$10,000 -$14,999
Bruce Baker & Genie Wolfson Constance Crump & Jay Simrod Myrna Jean Rugg & Rick Cronn
$5,000 -$9,999

Alec & Judy Allen Ken Burns Steve Warrington &
Courtney Mandryk Warrington Tom Bray & Jeri Hollister Wendy Lawson
$2,500 -$4,999
The DeVarti Family Josh Pokempner Lawrence Kasdan
$1,000 -$2,499

630 Club Greg Merriman & Jill McDonough Heidi Kumao & Michael Flynn Martha Darling & Gil Omenn Matthew Graff & Leslie Lawther Russ Collins & Deb Polich Theodore Kennedy
$500 -$999

Dick Soble & Barbara Kessler Gavin Eadie & Barbara Murphy John & Jackie Farah Mark Evans Mary Cronin & John Johnson Matthew & Sonam Krichbaum Ron & Robin Sober Tamara Real
$250 -$499
Anthony Byram
Barry Miller
Deanna Morse
David Gilbertson
Deborah Greer
Gary Vartanoff
George Fisher & Kari Magill
Hubert & Ellen Cohen
Jay & Susan Sandweiss
Joanna Courteau
John Dryden & Diana Raimi
John WC Baird
Kelly Close
Lynne Friman
Matthew Turner
Michele Delia
Molly Kleinman & Pieter Kleymeer
Nancy LaTendresse
Rob Kirby
Ruth Bardenstein & Jim Roll
Susan Pol lay
Thomas & Lisa McKarns
Virginia Gordon
Vivek Palavali

Thank you for your involvement The Ann Arbor Film Festival is a 501c(3) non-profit and relies on the generous
and support! support of our local and international community to sustain our creative
efforts. Each filmmaker, member, donor, funder, sponsor, community partner,
volunteer and audience-goer contributes to the continuation of the AAFF and
the pursuit of our mission.

Festival Staff & Volunteers

Executive Director Screening Committee Interns
Donald Harrison Alexis Bravos Charlotte Lallier
Adrianne Finelli Chelsea Bromley
Program Director Brooke Dagnan Jourdan Sims
David Dinnell C. Jacqueline Wood Megan Amicucci
Operations Manager Maria Feldman Cory Snavely Erin Bratkovich Forest Juziuk Tiffany Hu Music Video Committee
Development Manager Becca Keating Jacob Mendel Jim Dwyer Jon Moodie Jeremy Peters Mariah Cherem Martin Thoburn
Technical Director Tom Bray Kat Hagedorn Matt Kelson Nicole Macdonald Out Night Programmer Carl Bogner
Graphic Designer Letterform Theodore Kennedy Screeners Volunteer Coordinator Katherine McMahan
Website Designer Elevated Works Board of Directors Bruce Baker (President) Matthew Krichbaum (Vice President) Matthew Graff (Treasurer) Myrna Jean Rugg (Secretary) Cynthia Nicely Heidi Kumao Larry Skiles Michael Huget Peter Howell Russ Collins Steve Warrington Theodore Kennedy Tom Bray Wendy Lawson Adrianne Finelli Alexis Bravos Arman Cole Bailey Rosser Brian Hunter Brooke Dagnan C. Jacqueline Wood Charles Burney Connor Buhagiar David Gilbertson Erin Bratkovich Esther Kirshenbaum Forest Juziuk Gary Schwartz Jenniler Proctor Jim Dwyer Jim Gilmore Jon Moodie Housing Coordinator Myrna Jean Rugg Filmmaker Liaison Erin Bratkovich Opening Night Reception Food Coordinator Paquetta A. Palmer Public Installations Coordinator Mary Thielels Green Room Coordinator C. Jacqueline Wood Information Assistant Elvira Feldman
Advisory Board Alison LaTendresse Bryan Konelsky Chris Gore Chris McNamara Deanna Morse Gary Schwartz George Manupelli Jonathan Berkowitz Ken Burns Lawrence Kasdan Leighton Pierce Kat Hagedorn Kaylan Mitchell Lisa Nichols Martin Thoburn Matt Kelson Morgan Daniels Myrna Jean Rugg Ryan Levin Scott Northtrup Sharad Patel Vanessa Sly Will Hossain Juror Liaison Chelsea Bromley Visiting Student/Faculty Coordinator Ba iley Rosser Festival Photographers Connie Huang Jes Rose
Leslie Raymond
Michael Moore
Morrie Warshawski

AAFF Promotional Videos Jodie Mack Luke Jaeger Sea n Patrick
Main lobby Installations
The Bang! Ayron Michael Nelson Chris "Box" Taylor Daniel Menzo Jason Gibner Jeremy Wheeler John Redmond Mike Taylor Steven Griffes
Pot & Box
Installation Artists
C. Jacqueline Wood Gary Schwartz Martin Thoburn Sean Patrick
Michigan Theater Projection and Stage Staff Dan Bruell Dan Morey Fank Uhle J Scott Clarke Jim Pyke Mitch Sickon Rick Berthelot Scott McWhinney Walter Bishop
Opening Night Catering Cafe Zola Cupcake Station eat catering & chef services Grange Kitchen & Bar Morgan & York Old Town Sava's Cafe Schakolad Seva Si lvio's Organic Pizza Sweet Heather Anne Tracklements Zingerman's Bakehouse Opening Night Drinks Arbor Brewing Arbor Teas Beam Global Everyday Wines Main Street Party Store Roos Roast

Judges' Meals Angelo's Cafe Habana Cafe Zola Pacific Rim

Filmmaker's Dinner Casa Dominick's
After Party Venues 327 Braun Court Arbor Brewing Company \aut\ BAR The Blind Pig Sava's
After Party Entertainment Forest Juziuk Man the Hunter Mariah Cherem Matt Kelson Roommate Sarah Gardiner The Quavers
In-Kind Partners PLAYgallery The Michigan Theater Foundation UM Digital Media Commons UM North Quad UM Museum of Art UM School of Art & Design Work: Ann Arbor
Granting Agencies & Organizations The Nation Endowment for the Arts The Michigan Council for Arts
and Cultural Affairs State Street Area Association Program Guide Text Becca Keating David Dinnell Donald Harrison Julie Murray filmmakers and distributors
Extra Thank Yous Amy Nesbitt, Andy Schwegler, Bailey Rosser, Ben Russell, Brooke Dagnan (EMU), Bruce Baker, Bryan Rogers (UM A&D), C. Jacqueline Wood, Charles Burney, Chrisstina Hamilton, (Penny W. Stamps), Colleen Sherman, Connor Buhagiar, Constance Crump, Dave DeVarti, Dylan Bawulski, Eric Bassey, Genie Wolfson, George Manupelli, Heidi Kumao, Jill McDonough, Jaime Lausch (UM North Quad), Jeff McCabe, Jes Rose, Julie Morelli, Julie Murray, Laurie Blakeney, Lisa Gottlieb, Lyn Weber, Mark Nielsen (UM Work Gallery), Marilyn Brakhage, Markus Nornes, Mike Hoolboom, Myrna Jean Rugg, Omari Rush, Peter Baker, Philip Hallman, Rich DeVarti, Ross Nugent (UWM Union Theatre), Russ Collins (Michigan Theater), Ruth Bardenstein, Steve Emshwiller, Tamara Real, Theodore Kennedy, Terri Sarris, Tom Bray, VGKids, Vicki Honeyman, Wendy Lawson, Zeynep GOrsel

Beyond the Festival
Festival Projectionists
The Ann Arbor Film Festival utilizes the skilled union projectionists of our 10caiiATSE chapter. They take great care in delivering the best possible audience experience, so please let them know if you like what you see!
The Traveling Tour
The 48th AAFF Tour visited more than 40 venues in the
U.S. and Canada with several programs of short films and videos from that year's festival. Tour screenings take place in museums, cinematheques, art house theaters, and universities. All filmmakers participating in the tour receive payment for each screening of their work.
The 48th AAFF Tour visited the following:

Kent,OH Chicago,IL Knoxville, TN Cleveland,OH Milwaukee, WI Pittsburgh, PA Providence, RI Montgomery, AL Albuquerque, NM Houston, TX Grand Rapids, MI Bowling Green, OH Farmington Hills, MI Marquette, MI Portland, OR Grosse Pointe, MI Brooklyn, NY Glen Arbor, MI Layfayette, LA Detroit,MI Claremont, CA Iowa City, IA Philadelphia, PA Portland, ME Los Angeles, CA Orlando, FL Buffalo, NY Madison, WI Boston, MA Chapel Hill, NC Midland, MI Montreal, Canada Jackson, MI Boston, MA Monroe, MI

49th AAFF DVD -Coming Fall 2011 AAFF DVD Collection Volume 3 was released last fall with nine short films from the 48th festival. Stay tuned for Volume 4 of short films from our 49th edition.


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Tuesday 8:15 pm Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
Opening Night Screening

A selection of short films, featuring innovative new works in animation, documentary,
experimental and independent cinema.

Ray's Birds
Deborah Stratman Chicago, IL I 2010 I 7 min I 16mm
Ray Lowden keeps seventy-two large birds of prey, five deer and some wallabies at his place in Northumberland, England. He's had ten days off in twelve years and loves what he does. The film is a little homage to his variously coy, imperious, curious, stubborn, and comic raptor menagerie. -DS
II Capo
Yuri Ancarani
Ravenna, Italy I 2010 I 14 min I 35mm In the striated and stark landscape of the marble quarries in Carrera, a precise language of signs, elegantly and subtly gestured in arm rolls and hand movements, guides a massive mechanical digger towards a cut in a wall of veined marble. Gently nudged and leaned on, enormous blocks finally give way and tips over intact in a slow cloud of white dust. This stone, still widely used today, is the same stone from which Michelangelo's David was carved in 1501.

Sleep (Schlaf)
Claudius Gentinetta & Frank Braun Zurich, Switzerland I 2010 I 4 min I 35mm US Premiere
Full breath ahead into the final sleep. A lullaby for a silent decline. -CG
House Bunny
Gina Kamentsky Somerville, MA I 2010 I 2 min I Video
"Is the night Blue", a cut and paste audio assemblage by The Tape-beatles and several hundred feet of cast off movie trailers, are the starting points for House Bunny. Drawn directly on film, House Bunny explores relationships between rhythm, surface and representation. -GK

Grandpa's Wet Dream
Chihiro Amemiya
New York, NY/Japan I 2010 I 16 min I Video A 75-year-old Japanese man, Shigeo Tokuda, has been acting in adult videos for 15 years without telling his fam¥ily. Competing with his senses of morals, shame, and guilt is his aspiration to mark his life as a unique existence. -CA

Opening Night Reception
Michigan Theater Grand Foyer 6pm-8pm
Sava's 216 South State Street 10 pm -2 am I FREE

Sharp Edge Blunt
Leighton Pierce Iowa City, IA I 2010 I 2 min I Video
A simple task executed with ambiguous intent. -LP
The Florestine Collection
Helen Hill, completed by Paul Gailiunas South Pasadena, CA I 2011 I 31 min I 16mm World Premiere
Experimental animator Helen Hill found more than 100 handmade dresses in a trash pile on one Mardi Gras Day in New Orleans. She set out to make a film about the dress¥maker, an African-American seamstress, who had recently passed away. The dresses and much of the film footage were later flood-damaged by Hurricane Katrina while Helen was still working on the film. Helen was murdered in a home invasion in New Orleans in 2007. Her husband Paul Gailiunas has completed the film, which includes Helen's original silhouette, cut-out, and puppet animation, as well as flood-damaged and restored home movies.
The Festival opens with a grand reception featuring DJ Forest Juziuk, open bar with wine, signature cocktails and Arbor Brewing Company beer, appetizers from local favorites Seva, Silvio's, eat catering, Schakolad, the Cupcake Station and more.
Continue the opening night celebration at Sava's with a complimentary champagne toast and all you can eat desserts from Schakolad, Sweet Heather Anne, The Cupcake Station and more.

Wednesday 12:30 pm I Michigan Theater Screening Room FREE SCREENING
Juror Presentation
Vanessa Renwick

Portland-based artist Renwick presents personal and experimental landscape documentaries which explore the U.S. Pacific Northwest.
Drawing upon a body of work comprising almost three decades of prolific filmmaking, artist and filmmaker Vanessa Renwick presents a program of her witty and deeply personal films where autobiographical portrayals keen ly engage with larger cu ltural currents.
From the energetic Toxic Shock, a fever-dream montage of "blood, fire, gas, needles, tampons, liquid power and cocktails of the burning sort", through her barefoot sojourn across the US, documented in Crowdog , to the lyrical and moving essay 9 is a Secret, and her recent video, The Woodswomon, Renwick's approach to portraiture squarely frames life as a luminous ecstasy with legs.

Renwick's home of Portland, OR and its surrounding environs are the subject of her landscape films, including an ongoing Portrait series of iconic structures and locations of the U.S. Pacific Northwest (Portrait #1: Cascadia Terminal and Portrait #2: Trojan) and her most recent work, Mighty Tacoma ; whi le her boundless curiosity about the unruly inspirations of others is warmly expressed in The Yodeling Lesson, the complex and celebratory Richart, and the haunting and otherworldly found film Britton, South Dakota.

For film descriptions, please see additional program notes available at the festival.
Toxic Shock
1983 I 3 min I 16mm
Britton, South Dakota
2003 I 9 min I Video
1984/1998 I 7 min I Video
The Yodeling Lesson
1998 I 3 min I Video

2001 I 23 min I Video
9 is a secret

2002 I 6 min I Video
Portrait #1: Cascadia Terminal
2005 I 6 min I Video
Portrait #2: Trojan
2006 I 5 min I Video
2010 I 10 min I Video
Mighty Tacoma
2011 I 9 mim I Video

Wednesday 3 pm I Michigan Theater Main Auditorium FREE SCREENING
Student Film Showcase

A selection of new regional short film and video work created by undergraduate students.

Protocol of a Person Walter Lowe III UM -Art & Design 2010 I 4 min I Video
An animated narrative exploring shifts in personality and the forces that shape our outward appearance.
Three Pilots

Phillip Leaman UM -Screen Arts & Cultures 2009 I 13 min I Video
A documentary about experimental flying based on the impressions and memories of three pilots.
Aaron Brown Bowling Green State University 2009 I 5 min I 16mm
A friendship deteriorates as two guys attempt to move a couch across town.

Feedback Jamie Surgener College for Creative Studies 2009 I 5 min I Video
A video signal looping from camera to monitor creating an overdrive of violent color, light and sound.
Motorcycles, Travel &Family
Jordan Zielke UM -Art & Design 2009 I 4 min I Video
Using family photos and animation, the film tells the story of two generations of family motorcycle exper iences.
Vismic Rhythm
Steve Smith College for Creative Studies 2010 I 3 min I Video
Where babies go to laugh...what happens when a dove flies straight into the heart of a smile.

Andrew Reaume Eastern Michigan University 2009 I 2 min I Video
By implementing digital type into eve¥ryday moments, the way we interpret them is altered/enhanced.

Chad Dougherty Wayne State University 2009 I 7 min I Video
A group of artists and friends find out why cleaning up your own mess is bet¥ter than cleaning up someone else's.
It Was Romance

Brian Carbine & Zachary Blosser Eastern Michigan University 2010 I 7 min I Video
A performance inspired by Miranda July's short story "It Was Romance"
Humane Society
Zeke Burhans Washtenaw Community College 2010 I 9 min I Video
A story that explores the pain and anguish of a Humane Society worker as he explains his duties of the job.
John Inwood Washtenaw Community College 2009 I 7 min I Video
Daryl Luke Wiggins shares his story about adapting to life after prison.
Eli Dayton
Stewart Smith Oakland Community College 2010 I 6 min I Video
Eli Dayton can do incredible tricks on a BMX bike. This short documentary captures the dynamics of his riding.

Wednesday 5 pm I Michigan Theater Main Auditorium MUSIC VIDEOS IN COMPETITION
Amplitude & Scale

Music videos are a distinct art form, providing filmmakers with the opportunity to visually interpret songs and collaborate with musicians in a "reverse soundtrack" role. Yet, most music vid¥eos are viewed only online or on television. This program provides a theatrical setting -with large scale and amplitude! -to experience the full impact of artist-made, independent music videos.
Lasted (Benoit Pioulard) Josh Lowman & Rinee Shah San Francisco, CA I 2010 I 3 min I Video
After World War III, humankind has moved underground. When a tormented prisoner falls in love with a beautiful woman from the past, he puts his life on the line to escape his captors. Based on Chris Marker's 1962 film, La jetee.
Michelle Latimer Canada I 2010 I 6 min I Video
Upon leaving his First Nations reserve, Jimmy encounters the lost souls of the city and is reminded that no matter how far you travel, you cannot escape who you are. -ML
Soundtrack is "Dark Night of the Soul" by Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse, with vocals by David Lynch.

Classically Trained (Clavius Crates ft. Silas Green)
Peter Dean Los Angeles, CA I 2009 I 4 min I Video
Classically Trained is a music video for hip-hop emcee and producer Clavi us Crates, featuring Silas Green. It is directed by Peter Dean, who shot it on black and white super 8 film, which he processed by hand, and combined with footage in the public domain.
Ah! (Oval)
Darko Dragicevic Berlin, Germany I 2010 I 3 min I Video
The video tells the story of two bodies at work: a contem¥porary dance piece and a musical structure. It features ballet dancer Isabelle Rune with choreography by Walter Bickmann.
Sponsored by: ann arbor's~'one I Community Partner: The Neutral Zone
~...-n.á-W ""

Bombay (EI Guincho)
Nicolas Mendez
Spain I 2010 I 6 min I Video Voyager's Golden Record recorded onto a Certron-brand cassette tape.
The Ghost Inside (Broken Bells)
Bryan Boyce & Matt McCormick Portland, OR/San Francisco, CA I 2010 I 3 min I Video
Broken Bells take a break from performing and let a soft rock time machine dialed to the 1980s do it for them.

We're Mostly Made of Water (Kid Sam)
Sherwin Akbarzadeh Australia I 2010 I 4 min I Video
A fanciful journey through Australian suburbia where a children's birthday party, neighborhood stoners, sad housewives, judo fighters, skateboarders and the off-duty ice cream man all have their place.
Kill Your Co-Workers (Flying Lotus)
Mike Winklemann Neenah, W I I 2010 I 3 min I Video US Premiere
A happy day in Pattern + Grid World turns deadly after an insult from a co-worker during a parade causes an army of robots to go on a bloody rampage. After the dust (and bloody heads) settle, the age old adage "kill them with kindness" proves to still be relevant. Set to a vibrant electronic track from Flying Lotus, this video has a humor and warmth all its own.

Red Ford Radio (U.S. Girls)
Jacqueline Castel & Preston Spurlock Brooklyn, NY I 2010 I 3 min I Video
This video for U.S. Girls was created entirely on the flatbed of a black and white photocopier, employing replacement animation and collage to create a hypnotic meditation on
the mythology of the American woman. -JC
ra I e e~

Wednesday 7 pm I Michigan Theater Screening Room SPECIAL PRESENTATION
Sonic Acts: Modulating the Human Sensory Apparatus
Co-presented by: UM Roman J. Witt Visiting Artist Residency Program
A closer look at how artists, over the last fifty years, have been using a broad range of cinematic techniques to investigate analog and electronically-induced play at the boundaries of perception. Ranging from strobo¥scopic patterns and psychoacoustic drones to visual chaos and pure silence, all of these techniques are used to tickle, hypnotize or physically assault the senses resulting in hallucinating trips, exercises in abstraction, and sublime audiovisual spectacles.
"Modulating the Human Sensory Apparatus" is guest curated by the Amsterdam-based Sonic Acts festival, and presented by Sonic Acts' co-founders and curators Lu cas van der Velden and Gideon Kiers. The bi¥annual Sonic Acts festival takes place in Amsterdam and consists of an international conference, numerous live performances, an extensive film program and an exhibition. Since 1994 Sonic Acts has developed a reputation as a progressive and pioneering international festival with a specific interest in contemporary and historic developments at the intersection of arts, technology, music and science.
For film descriptions, please see additional program notes available at the festival.
Bart Vegter

Netherlands I 1994 I 1 min
16mm I Silent

Pierre Hebert Canada I 1966 I 7 min I 16mm
Black & Light

Pierre Rovere France I 1974 I 8 min I 16mm
Razor Blades

Paul Sharits USA I 1965-68 I 25 min I Dual 16mm
Dresden Dynamo
lis Rhodes France I 1971 I 10 min I 16mm
Granular-Synthesis (Kurt Hentschlager & Ulf Langheinrich) Germany/Austria I 2005 I 6 min I Video
Parties visible et invisible d'un ensemble sous tension
(The Visible and Invisible of a Body Under Tension) Emmanuel LeFrant France I 2009 I 7 min I 35mm
Careless Reef Part 3
Gerard Holthuis Netherlands I 2006 I 9 min I 35mm
.~ r: ~*
IT'> (;7".
"; r,.~
~ ~:

The Roman J. Witt Residency Program, established with the generous support of UM School of Art & Design alumna Penny W. Stamps, is offered to bring a unique artistic experience to the A&D community.

Community Partner: MOCAD I Sponsored by: 25
~:;.=":"C_A.-.I4..,....... T_JD"''''

Wednesday 7:15 pm Michigan Theater Main Auditorium FILMS IN COMPETITION
Love's Secret Domain

Love and its truths revealed in argot and veiled signs.

Ryusuke Ito Sapporo, Japan I 2010 I 4 min I 16mm North American Premiere
Inspired by the film of a foreign movie preview I picked up while traveling, I created this work by adding collage, duplicated film, original images and coloration. A poetic attempt to revive a commonplace and forgotten commercial film as a personal visual experiment. -RI

Four Seasons
Keren Cytter Berlin, Germany I 2009 I 12 min I Video
Four Seasons is an absurdist, phony, low-fi mixture of a variety of film genres: film noir, thriller, soap opera, documentary and melodrama. The video opens with dramatic music; fake blood drips on bathroom tiles, snow¥flakes whirl through an apartment and a woman climbs a staircase. She introduces herself as Lucy and says she is complaining about the music -and then finds a naked, bleeding man rising out of a bath tub. The narrative be¥comes more complex and incoherent when the man starts calling the woman Stella -a reference to Tennessee Williams' 'A Streetcar Named Desire'. From that point, various story-lines are interwoven as more and more visual cliches and low-fi special effects are introduced.

Hand Soap
Kei Oyama Tokyo, Japan I 2009 I 16 min I 35mm
A calm yet sultry animation about a fami ly with a growing adolescent son. His insecurity, his obsession with his body and his ill-at-ease family are reflected in details and objects that occasionally lead a life of their own. -KO

Turkish Delight
Basma Alsharif Palestine I 2010 I 3 min I Video North American Premiere
Turkish Delight is a video composed of super 8mm foot¥age from the interiors of abandoned homes interwoven together over sound clips of a disjointed recipe.

Tears Cannot Restore Her: Therefore, I Weep
Jennifer Reeder Chicago, IL I 2011 I 10 min I Video World Premiere
Tears Cannot Restore Her: Therefore, I Weep depicts a female sign language interpreter who is translating a science class on electromagnetism for the deaf. It becomes clear early on that she is distressed over a lover who has left her. She begins to mistranslate the professor's factual articulation of scientific history into reflections on her own personal his¥tory of her failed relationship. -Andrew Rafacz Gallery Home Movie Braden King New York, NY I 2009 I 14 min I Video

Blurring the traditional boundaries between documentary and dramatic fiction, Home Movie revea ls an intimate and somber portrait of a woman at home with her two small children as they cope with the unexplained absence of their father.

These Hammers Don't Hurt Us
Michael Robinson West Danby, NY I 2010 I 13 min I Video
Tired of underworld and overworld alike, Isis escorts her favorite son on their final curtain call down the Nile, leaving a neon wake of shattered tombs and sparkling sarcophagi. -MR
Looking to a future beyond death, Michael Robinson's These Hammers Don't Hurt Us, one of the filmmaker's most sophisticated found footage concoctions yet, combined Michael Jackson's "Remember the Time" music video with footage of Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra and roughly a dozen other sources, creating for the late pop star a solemn passage into a bedazzled Egyptian afterlife ten¥derly ushered by his real-life confidante. -Genevieve Yue, Reverse Shot

(If I Can Sign a Song About) Ligatures
Abiga il Chi ld New York, NY I 5 min I 2009 I Video
Third in my series of Foreign Films exploring relations of text and image, how text turns the image. In (If I Can Sing A Song About) Ligatures, words taken from lines of Nada Gor¥don's unrequited love poems, whose sentences are taken, in their turn, from anonymous web poems, revea l a history of sexuality. Ligatures pronounces the poignancy of desire; its power and its vulnerability. The women are visions, girls, desirous, delicate, illusory. The illusionary nature is made manifest-transversing boundaries, expectations and physical limits-by the close. We in the audience, creating our own identities in the moments, remain trans-fixed. ¥AC
Sponsored by: ~Washtenaw

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Wednesday 9:30 pm Michigan Theater Main Auditorium FEATURE DOCUMENTARY
The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye
Marie Losier I Brooklyn, NY I 2011 I 75 min I Video
Director Marie Losier and Genesis P. Orridge in person.

An intimate, affecting portrait of the life and work of ground breaking performance artist and music pioneer Genesis Breyer P-Orridge (Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV) and his other half and collaborator, Lady Jaye, centered around the daring sexual transformations the pair underwent for their "Pandrogyne" project.
Genesis Breyer P-Orridge has been a key figure of the underground music scene for over 30 years. A cult artist in pre-punk and post-punk groups Throbbing Gristle (1975 to 1981) and Psychic TV (1981 to present), he is considered to be the father of industrial music and a pioneer of acid house and techno. Not content with breaking new ground in music, Genesis has also used his position at the limits of society to challenge the very fundamentals of biology.
Transformation is, indeed, central to his life. He became a she to resemble his beloved Lady Jaye, now deceased. With peroxide hair, full lips and gold teeth, Genesis does not go unnoticed. A unique life, modeled on his other, Lady Jaye, who remains an integral part of himself. Without subscribing to any movement but living life as the ultimate experiment, he has made his body a work of art.
A kaleidoscopic collection of moving surfaces, composed
of interviews (Orlan, Peaches, Peter Christopherson), role
plays, concerts and his day to day life, comes together to
paint a multi-faceted profile of this pioneer of industrial
music and in doing so, exposes the abundant, yet
inherently elusive, nature of his creativity.
Marie Losier was born in France in 7972, and now lives in New York City where she is a filmmaker and curator. She has made a number of film portraits on avant-garde directors, musicians and composers such as Mike and George I)uchar, Guy Maddin, Richard Foreman, Tony Conrad and Genesis P-Orridge. Whimsical, poetic, dreamlike and unconventional, her films explore the life and work of these artists.
Losier's work has been exhibited at New York's Museum of Modern Art-MOMA, The Whitney Biennial, PS7, La Cinematheque Fran~aise, La Fondation Cartier, The Bozar Museum, The Tate Modern. She currently serves on the board of directors at the Film-makers' Coop and The Flux Factory.
Community Partners: WCBN and Holt Lava I Sponsored by: THE CROFOOT 29
Wednesday 9:30 pm I Michigan Theater Screening Room FILMS IN COMPETITION
Heaps, Layers, Curls

Pictures of shadow, stone and effigy catalog the concrete, fleeting and the sublime.
Alexis Bravos Ann Arbor, MI I 2011 I 11 min I 16mm World Premiere
A portrait of the landscape in Cornwall, where the British sculptor Barbara Hepworth lived and worked. "Landscape is strong -it has bones and flesh and skin and hair. It has age and history and a principle behind its evolution." -Barbara Hepworth, 1966.
Original film score composed by Ash Bowie.

Place for Landing
Shambhavi Kaul Durham, NC I 2010 I 6 min I Video
A household landscape of mirrors. A child and its reflec¥tion are inscribed in a shadowy lunar patchwork. The camera switches its optical pursuit: the child disappears and a bird emerges. The surveying mirror implodes or ex¥plodes into space . Its mottled hallway glass both indicates and becomes a Place For Landing. After a series of clever misdirections by the mirror, all is redeemed by a fragment of song in this unsettling haptic illusion. -SK
Ghost Algebra Little Brother
Janie Geiser Callum Cooper
Los Angeles, CA I 2009 I 7 min I Video London, England I 2010 I 7 min I Video
Under erratic skies, a solitary figure navigates a landscape A teenage boy uses his hearing impairment to escape his
of constructed nature and broken bones. She peers through daily routine and the responsibi lity of looking after his
a decaying aperture, waiting and watching. The fragility of wheelchair-bound little brother.
the body is exposed for what it is: ephemeral, liquid, a bat¥
tlefield of nervous dreams. Using found and natural objects,
rephotographed video, medical illustrations, and other
collage elements, Ghost Algebra suggests one of the original
meanings of the word 'algebra': the science of restoring
what is missing, the reunion of broken parts. -JG

Cry When It Happens (Llora Cuando Te Pase)
Laida Lertxundi Los Angeles, CA I 2010 I 14 min I 16mm
Los Angeles City Hall is reflected onto the window of the Paradise Motel. It serves as an anchor for this traver¥sal through the natural expanse of California. Here, we discover a restrained psychodrama of play, loss, and the transformation of everyday habitats. Music appears across the interiors and exteriors and speaks of limitless¥ness and longing. -LL
Arbor Brewing Company Tap Room
114 East Washington Street
10 pm -1am I FREE

Afterparty Show
Yellow Barn
416 West Huron
10 pm -2 am I $5 @ door

Timoleon Wilkins Los Angeles, CA I 2010 I 26 min I 16mm I Silent
The suggestive ballad of a lone wanderer. Fourteen years in the making, Drifter is an atmospheric anthology of places, faces and the sublime gifts of Kodachrome and a Bolex camera. -TW

New Year Sun Jonathan Schwartz Brattleboro, VT I 2010 I 3 min I 16mm
For listening to the sound of ice thinning with its brightness that comes. -JS
Mingle with out-of-town filmmakers, long time festival¥goers and enjoy happy hour drink prices at local favorite Arbor Brewing Company's Tap Room. Feel good about having a second tasty micro brew knowing 10% of all bar sales come right back to the AAFFI
SF/NY duo Mi Ami (Thrill Jockey) return with a brand of mutant disco and melted vibes. Detroit's Terrible Twos and Skate Laws open with DJs R E L A X E R (Macho City) and Forest Juziuk on hand.
Sponsored by: arb & CUhUfO;;'S
l','''ááá.o,~á ,áfU"";pl>

¥ wCC's ¥.'¢




B.A. Film Production
> B.A. Film Studies
> B.A. Theatre
> BA.C. Theatre
> M.A. Theatre
> Ph.D. Theatre

Grantáin-Aid Scholarships available
To learn more, visit www.bgsu.edul departments/theatrefilm



, \

Thursday 12:30 pm Michigan Theater Screening Room FREE SCREENING
Juror Presentation
Stephen Connolly

London-based film artist Connolly presents a partial retrospective of his works, which investigate and expand upon the language of the documentary form .

the reading room
2002 I 3 min I 161T)m on Video
the reading room traces the movement of visitors to the British Museum reading room through an entire working day in under three minutes and in silence.The film is an exploration of the changing place of the archive. Using an elevated camera, a single 'master' shot film reveals the layout of the library as a panopticon, a structure envisaged as an ideal prison by Jeremy Bentham (1785). Bentham described his design as "a new mode of obtaining power of mind over mind, in a quantity hitherto without example."
Great American Desert
2007 I 16min I 16mm The camera of Great American Desert observes a scrubby Arizona desert, seasonally occupied by recreational vehicle dwellers. Other elements emerge in juxtaposition, including an account of the men who carried out the Hiro¥shima bombing and a spectacle staged shortly afterwards in celebration of this event.
Mas Se Perdi6 (we lost more)
2008 I 14 min I 16mm Mas Se Perdi6 (we lost more) explores a number of approaches to a depiction of contemporary Havana, Cuba. The camera moves between the spaces of the derelict National School of Ballet, documents young athletes at an outdoor stadium, and records a street scene with construction workers -the latter a quotation in homage to a similar sequence in Chris Marker's film
Letter from Siberia (1957).
All descriptions courtesy Stephen Connolly unless otherwise noted.

Film for Tom 2005 I 12 min I S16mm on Video
A lyrical homage to a friend and formative influence. Tom in voiceover is eloquent and effusive, yet finds no resolu¥tion to issues that haunt him. And to whom is he speaking -is the recording we hear a lecture? Near the conclusion of the film, a dramatic off screen event complicates our understanding of the images and spaces we have seen.
The Whale
2003 I 9 min I 16mm
'A deliberation on the state of nature and the nature of the State.... The Whale combines several disparate compo¥nents (including a parent-child dialogue on the relative threats posed by wi ld animals, an archival television in¥terview with notorious RAF operative Ulrike Meinhof and citations from Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan) to consider the need for a renewed communal sensibility in contemporary society.' -Jeremy Rigsby
Two Coronations
2011 I 17 min I 16mm on Video North American Premiere
Two Coronations reworks 16mm film from a family archive, temporally framed by the eponymous ceremonies of 1937 and 1953. From the archive, documents of the activity of 'the procession', which feature both public events and private occasions, were selected. Through montage, no¥tions of social collectivity are placed in question. A voice¥over constructs a poetic allegory of the ideas of value as channeled through the nation state, positioned as a final arbitrator of monetary value and exchange.
Thursday 3:15 pm I Michigan Theater Screening Room PANEL DISCUSSION
New Directions in Documentary: Panel One
Co-presented by: Institute for the Humanities
Discussion with visiting artists at the forefront of nonfiction filmmaking.
Moderated by UM Department of Anthropology professor Zeynep Devrim Gurse!.

This panel features a range of artists constructing non¥
fiction films in ways well beyond standard documentary conventions, including Robert Todd (whose film Rayning screens Friday night, and Arsenic on Saturday afternoon);
':L' t á A.R .M
Deborah Stratman, (Ray's Birds screening Tuesday, and ..
. .' .' ,or o. '.' ' .
These Blazeing Storrs screening Saturday afternoon); and Laura Kraning who will present the world premiere of Devif's Gate Saturday night.
.VRá.,Q .PE
.... By-.. La~.~ . .
Please note, part two of this panel series takes place Friday, March 25 at 5pm -see page 46
ácáááááMá:áááá:: "'T'á .
, áá
. f. \I ¥¥
" ". . .


Proud Sponsor of the
Ann Arbor Film Festival
through the support ofthe

Distinguished Speaker Series
Thursdays I 5:10pm I Michigan Theater I Free
Thursday 5:10 pm Michigan Theater Main Auditorium LIVE PERFORMANCE
Utopia En Kvar Movadoj

Utopia in Four Movements

Presented by Penny Stamps Speaker Series San Francisco, CA I 2010 I 75 min I Video

Director Sam Green performs a "live documentary" with musical score by Dave Cerf, The Quavers and special guest Brendan Canty of Fugazi.

Sam Green is a San Francisco-based documentary filmmaker. His feature The Weather Underground was nominated for an Academy Award ¨, broadcast nationally on PBS, and included in the 2004 Whitney Biennial. Dave Cerf is a filmmaker, musician, sound artist. and software designer. Brooklyn-band The Quavers are T. Griffin, Catherine McRae and Dennis Cronin, joined for this performance with special guest Brendan Canty of Fugazi.
A special retrospective of Sam Green's
short documentary work screens on
Saturday, March 26 at 9:15pm (pg. 67)

Tra la tuta historio de la homaro, homoj havis kapricajn revojn kaj nekredeblajn nociojn pri kio venos en la estonto. Nuntempe, la estonto i_as pli minaca 01 promesplena¥minacanta problemaro kiu _vebas super la horizonto. Per forta senco de poezio, Utopia en Kvar Movadoj uzas la kolektivan sperton de kinarto por esplori la frapitan staton de la utopia impulso je la krepusko de la 21-a jarcento.
En _i tiu "viva dokumentfilmo", la filmisto Sam Green montras bildojn kaj klarigas surloke, dum muzikisto Dave Cerf ludas akompana_on. IIi ekrakontas pri homfarita lingvo kreita por fini militojn kaj kulturajn konfliktojn. Poste iii da_rigas pri usona ekzilito lo_ante en Kubo kaj la ekonomia eksplodo en _inio. Finfine, oni ekscios pri la deziro fari dignan entombigon de postmilitaj cetera_oj en amasaj tomboj. Tiel Green kaj Cert trairas la historion de la utopia impulso kun spektantaroj kaj ser_as respond¥ojn pri maniero krei vizion de la estonto bazita sur la plej noblaj impulsoj de la homaro.
Throughout human history, people have had giddy dreams and fantastic notions about what the future would bring. Today the future has become more of a threat than a promise-a knot of intractable problems looming menacingly on the horizon. With a powerful sense of poetry, Utopia in Four Movements uses the collective experience of cinema to explore the battered state of the utopian impulse at the dawn of the twenty-first century.
In this "live documentary," filmmaker Sam Green cues images and narrates in person while musician Dave Cerf performs the soundtrack. From the establishment of a man-made language designed to end war and cultural conflict and the undying optimism of an American exile in Cuba, to the current economic boom in China and the desire to give the remains in mass graves a dignified burial, Green and Cerf sift through the history of the utopian impulse with audiences and search for insights about the way to build a vision of the future based on humankind's noblest impulses.
English to Esperanto translation by Chuck Smith.
The University of Michigan School of Art & Design's Penny Stamps Series presents public lectures by innovators from a broad spectrum of creative fields. It celebrates those who transcend tradition and set a progressive tone with their work. The series takes place on a regular weekly basis, Thursday evenings at the historic Michigan Theater and is offered to the general public free of charge.
Thursday 7 pm Michigan Theater Screening Room FILM IN COMPETITION
Ben Rivers: Slow Action

Ben Rivers, a filmmaker from Somerset who has been exploring the emptying hinterlands of England and Scotland with his camera for much of the last decade, recently completed a trilogy of 16mm cinemascope films which together draw compelling pictures of solitude, scale and acclimation in remote enclaves of the UK.
These films share a magnetic attraction to a certain kind of depopulated landscape, cozy habitations and curious utopic visions of distinctly dystopic environments. In these intensely and elegantly crafted works a sense of primary inquisitiveness is expressed through his instinctual motion, skilled camerawork and imagi¥native soundscapes. He traverses and fathoms inclement terrains, intentionally losing his way in a quest to
stay open to the world and its wildernesses.
I Know Where I'm Going 2009 I 30 min I 16mm anamorphic
Powell & Pressburger's heroine in their magical I Know Where I'm Going (1945) knows exactly where she's going, and she tries to get there with stoic pig-headed ness, but of course she never does. I decided to follow her lead and make my destination the same as hers, but with every intention of getting lost, following false leads, and trusting in the laws of serendipity, while winding my way through an almost abandoned, devastated Britain, to the Isle of Mull. My first stop was with Jan Zalasiewisz, a geologist who had been trying to imagine the Earth in hundred million years, which seemed like as good a start as any. -BR
Slow Action
2010 I 45 min I 16mm anamorphic North American Premiere
film in competition
Slow Action is a post-apocalyptic science fiction film which exists somewhere between documentary, ethnographic study and fiction. Slow Action applies the idea of island biogeography -the study of how species and ecosystems evolve differently when isolated and surrounded by unsuit¥able habitat -to a conception of the Earth in a few hundred years; the sea level rising to absurd heights, creating hyper¥bolic utopias that appear as possible future mini-societies.
Slow Action is filmed at different sites across the globe: Lanzarote -a strange, beautiful island known for its beach resorts, yet one of the driest places on the planet, full of dead volcanoes and strange architecture; Gunkanjima -an island off the coast of Nagasaki, Japan, a deserted city built on a rock, once home to thousands of families mining its rich coal reserves; Tuvalu -one of the smallest countries in the world, with tiny strips of land barely above sea level in the middle of the Pacific; and Somerset -an as-yet-to-be discovered island and its various clades. -BR

Ah, Liberty!
2008 I 20 min I 16min anamorphic
A family's place in the wilderness, outside of time; free-range animals and children, junk and nature, all within the most sublime landscape. The work aims at an idea of freedom, which is reflected in the hand-processed 'Scope format, but is undercut with a sense of foreboding. There's no particular story; just fragments of lives lived, rituals performed. -BR

Thursday 7:15 pm I Michigan Theater Main Auditorium FILMS IN COMPETITION
Out Night: LGBT Films

A program of independent and experimental short films exploring issues related to sexual
identity, gender, and queer politics. Guest curated by Carl Bogner, Director of the Milwaukee LGBT Film/Video Festival.

For the Lucky and the Strong
Kim Sheppard Canada I 2009 I 4 min I Video
A private act of testimony -singing alone, to yourself, in your bedroom -becomes an anthem of community as performed by this YouTube-corraled choir.
Last Address

Ira Sachs USA I 2010 I 8 min I Video
A haunting, meditative mapping of the last residences of an entire gen¥eration of New York's art community -lost to AIDS.
Fish Fillet
Hae Ran Kim USA I 2010 I 8 min I Video
Dani was born into an Evangelist family. Now she is questioning her sexuality in a dreamy battle against the key players of her life. This is her fantastic tale.

Olivia Friday's Child (Fredagsbarn) Figs in Motion
Sarah Louise Wilson Tom Kietz Trevor Anderson & aAron Munson
USA I 2009 I 8 min I Video Denmark I 2010 I 10 min I 35mm Canada I 2010 I 8 min I Video
Two girls, four strings and After having a fight with his dad, Rune Two men become six ballerinas and
a bathroom .. leaves to explore the docks nearby. several horses in a bestial, impromptu
He meets Benjamin, an older boy, who corps de ballet. A delightful riff on
is painting graffiti on an abandoned the imagery of Edgar Degas and
factory. Rune hazards a hello. Eadweard Muybridge.

Kaden Later
Harriet Storm USA I 2009 I 9 min I Video
A marriage of documentary and ani¥mation that follows Kaden, a transman now in his early thirties, as he and his girlfriend Monika plan their wedding.
The Armoire

Jamie Travis Canada I 2009 I 22 min I Video
Eleven-year-old Aaron plays a game of hide-and-seek in which his friend Tony is never found.
John Greyson Canada I 2009 I 15 min I Video
A notably urgent news bulletin and a richly layered -even antic -reflec¥tive essay on the violence that met the 2008 Queer Sarajevo Festival.

Community Partner: Jim Toy Community Center I Sponsored by: Google
Thursday 9:15 pm Michigan Theater Screening Room , FILMS IN COMPETITION
Always Elsewhere

Points on a wandering heart's compass describe a world ruled by borders, tithes and tides.
you can see the sun in late december
Sasha Waters Freyer Stockholm, Sweden / Iowa City, IA I 2010 I 7 min I Video
Beautiful emptiness, anguish and calm, absence ren¥dered visible and traces of presence in the winter light, all intensified by the damned (non) question of maternity. Filming every frigid day in the final month as a strategy for overcoming deflated motivation. -SWF
Immokalee, My Home
Kevin T. Allen & Jen Heuson Brooklyn, NY I 2009 I 16 min I Super 8 on Video
Scenes of carnivals, churches, tomato fields, and workers' homes draw a portrait of the bittersweet realities of migrant farm workers in Immokalee, Florida, in this personal film. The center of huge industrialized agriculture, Florida is also home to the largest population of migrant farm workers in the US, the whos substandard treatment is ardently protested and has not quelled a determined and persistent hope for a better life.
Castaic Lake
Brigid McCaffrey Los Angeles, CA I 2010 I 30 min I 16mm
Taking its course, the camera drifts in to the coves and surveys the shorelines of a multi-use reservoir to unearth fragments of its young history and consider a series of possible relationships to this artificial environment. -BM
Forsaken James Sansing San Rafael, CA I 2010 I 7 min I 16mm I Silent North American Premiere
An exploration of an abandoned juvenile detention center, Forsaken is both a portrait and an invocation. The physical decay of the building becomes a metaphor for the plight of the children once detained within its walls. Pages from water-damaged and discarded ledgers, written by coun¥selors who recorded daily observations of the children, are photographed in stop-motion technique revealing a startling anima within the Rorschach patterns that have naturally formed within the books.
While You Were Sleeping
Mary Helena Clark Chicago, IL I 2010 I 10 min I Video
This is your life. It rides like a dream. -MHC

Thursday 9:30 pm Michigan Theater Main Auditorium MULTIMEDIA PERFORMANCE
Co-presented by: UM Roman J. Witt Visiting Artist Residency Program
Live performance by the Amsterdam-based trio, creating an immersive auditory and visual experience that explores the limits of human senses.

Gideon Kiers, David Kiers and Lucas van der Velden are the founding members of the Netherlands collective Telcosystems. In their audiovisual works Telcosystems re¥search the relation between the behavior of programmed numerical logic and the human perception of this behav¥ior; they aim at an integration of human expression and programmed machine behavior. This becomes manifest in the immersive audiovisual installations they make, in films, videos, soundtracks, prints and in live performances. The software they write enables them to compose ever-evolv¥ing audiovisual worlds.
Telcosystems' installations and films focus on real-time, self-structuring, generative processes. In their live performances they focus on the interaction with these processes. Their work is the result of an ongoing search for language of non-referential image and sound, and is characterized by a lucid and restrained aesthetic, closely related to the technology they use. In interaction with ma¥chines, Telcosystems fuse the auditory and visual domains into one immersive spatial experience that explores the limits of the human sensory apparatus.
SH\aut\BAR & \aut\BAR
315 Braun Court
10 pm -2 am I FREE

2006 I 8 min I Video
Scape_Time is an audio-visual composition dealing with the multiplication and blending of different perspectives. It is the second in a series of works that focuses on new forms of spatiality in image and sound. All sounds and images used in Scape_Time are developed in close relation to each other, and generated and composed in 'real time' with self-written software.
2008 I 13 min I 35mm
LOUDTHINGS is an audiovisual account of an expedition into the inside world of the computer. Using a set of elementary instructions such as modulation, masking, and feedback, Telcosystems programmed a self¥organizing network of algorithmic processes for the creation of spatial image and sound. The result is a non¥referential world which strains the senses; an exploration along the borders of human perception, through worlds of multiplying and mushrooming clouds of light and sound, through worlds of mesmerizing spatiality and interfering landscapes.
Mortals Electric
2008-11 I 35 min I Live performance
Mortols Electric presents an epic audiovisual journey for a single-screen HD projection and surround sound. Slowly changing structures and stretched drone clusters create an introspective state for the audience. Pounding subsonic frequencies and high-speed shape¥shifting images transform the performance space in an audiovisual time-warp machine, exploring the limits of the human sensory apparatus.
Drinks, dancing and complementary light fare at SH\aut\BAR in Braun Court. It's the perfect way to round out, Out Night!
Community Partner: A2 Geeks I Sponsored by: I118tralimes 41
Department of Screen Arts & Cultures
New Era, New Digs, 6th Floor NQ Academic Building

Confucius Institute at the University of Michigan
The Confucius Institute at the University of Michigan is proud to support the Ann Arbor FiLm Festival.
Congratulations to aLL filmmakers
like Wang Bing who contribute
to intercultural exchanges through
artistry and determination.

Friday 12:30 pm Michigan Theater Screening Room FREE SCREENING
Juror Presentation Rebecca Meyers
Boston-based Meyers will present a partial retrospective of her intuitive and meditative 16mm film work, including her latest, blue mantle.
glow in the dark (january-june)
2002 I 6 min I 16mm
Radiators clang while spheres and cypridina
phosphoresce. A rubber ball held up to light becomes
a snowy crystal. Home science experiments and other
attempts to see with the camera in the dark.
things we want to see
2004 I 7 min I 16mm
An introspective work that obliquely measures the fragility of life against boundless forces of nature, such
as Alaskan ice floes, the Aurora Borealis and magnetic
storms. -Mark Webber, London Film Festiva l
lions and tigers and bears
2006 I 12 min I 16mm
lions and tigers and bears focuses on the urban wildlife,
both real and simulated, with which we share our cities. The most unlikely creatures somehow survive in a hostile
environment, while animals are also invoked in artworks, corporate logos and other icons. -Toronto International
Film Festival Program Notes
night side
2008 I 4 min I 16mm
A side of the universe turned away from the sun. -RM
blue mantle
2010 I 34 min I 16mm
Throughout a time when sea-going vessels were the pri¥mary means for "bringing man nearer unto man" a 40 mile stretch of the sea between Chatham and Provincetown, MA, came to be known as an ocean graveyard because so many ships had gone down in the area. The region is steeped in stolidly recorded New England history and awash with apocryphal tales immortalized in shanties that only grow more potent as the mists of time fold in on the details. blue mantfe is an elegantly composed work which combines these aspects with haunting cinematography, us¥ing historical account, literary texts, song and composition¥al fragments to form a film poem, a documentary of sorts, a soaked ship's log, its pages already running with ink.

Friday 3 pm UMMA Helmut Stern Auditorium ARTIST TALK
Wang Bing

Co-presented by: UM Center for Chinese Studies and Confucius Institute at the UM Conversation via Skype with Beijing-based Wang Bing, a leading artist of the new Chinese documentary movement, moderated by UM professor Markus Nornes with Guo-Juin Hong, a scholar of Chinese-language cinema from Duke University.

Crude Oil Wang Bing Beijing, China I 2010 I 14 hours I Video
UM Work gallery, 306 S. State St.
Tuesday -Saturday, noon -7 pm
March 11 -April 1, 2011
Filmmaker Wang Bing, visionary and pioneer in China's new documentary cinema, stretches the boundaries of the form in ways that challenge perceived notions of what a cinema of representation should be.
In 2008 Wang followed a team of workers attached to a drilling platform into China's remote Qinghai province, the results of which he forged into an extraordinary fourteen¥hour video document. Crude Oil is a patient observation of large and small details in the grinding daily routine of the men as they work on the rig in the harsh and near feature¥less landscape of Huatugou, a high plateau some 3,900 meters above sea level.
Presented in the Work Gallery as an installation in two seven-hour increments, Crude Oil subtly illuminates issues central to the question of cinema, object and representa¥tion. The camera divides its time between the repetitive labors on the noisy platform itself and the minimal interior of a dimly lit break room where much of what we discover about the worker's situation (and China in general) is revealed through intermittent and weary exchanges. -Julie Murray

Wang Bing was born in 1967 in Shaanxi, China, and is the founder of the production com¥pany which has produced most of his films to date. Wang's 9-hour epic documentary of industrial China, Tie Xi Qu (West of the Tracks) was con¥sidered a major success. Tie Xi Qu went on to win the Grand

Prix at the Marseille Festival of Documentary Film and was shown for the first time in Spain at the Punta de Vista Interna¥tional Documentary Film Festival. Wang's film, Fengming, a Chinese Memoir, premiered at both Cannes and Toronto in 2007. Crude Oil received its premiere at the 2008 Rotterdam Film Festival. Most recently, Jiabiangou (The Ditch), Wang's first narrative film, premiered at the 2010 Venice Film Festival.
Guo-Juin Hong is a scholar of Chinese film from Duke University, and author of Taiwan Cinema: A Contested
Nation on Screen.

Abe Mark Nornes is Professor of Asian Cinema at the University of Michigan, and author of Cinema Babel: Translating Global Cinema.
Friday 5 pm Michigan Theater Screening Room PANEL DISCUSSION
New Directions in Documentary: Panel Two
Co-presented by: Institute for the Humanities

Continued discussion with visiting artists at the forefront of nonfiction filmmaking. Moderated by UM Screen Arts & Cultures professor Terri Sarris.
Featuring different filmmakers, part two of this panel continues the discussion of new directions for documentary film. Panelists include Jeanne Liotta (Crosswalk showing Sunday afternoon); Sam Green (Utopia in Four Movements on Thursday afternoon and a retrospective program Saturday night) and Natasha Mendonca who will present the North American premiere of her film Jan Villa.
Please note, part one of this panel series takes place Thursday, March 24 at 3:15pm -see page 36

Founded in 1947, the University of Michigan's Center for Japanese Studies (CJS) is the oldest interdisciplinary center in the United States devoted exclusively to Japanese studies. CJS serves as home to graduate students, fac¥ulty from a variety of disciplines and professional schools, visiting artists and scholars, and community organiza¥tions. As part of its outreach mission to the university and the public, CJS offers weekly lectures during the aca¥demic year, conferences, and annual events.
Since 1975, CJS has been offering annual summer and fall Japanese film series that are free and open to the public. Over the years, CJS has presented film series featuring well-known Japanese directors (i.e., Kitano, Kuro¥sawa, Ozu) and special themes (i.e., anime, contemporary films, Japanese horror, post-war films).
In addition, CJS presents occasional film events where notable actors and directors and key people in film studies

Friday 7 pm Michigan Theater Screening Room ANIMATED FEATURE KEITA KUROSAKA

Co-presented by: UM Center for Japanese Studies Personal City I Japan I 1990 I 23 min I 16mm Midori-Ko I Japan I 2010 I 55 min I Video
Long recognized as an important figure in the world of
Japanese art animation, Keita Kurosaka differs from his
contemporaries in his commitment to a strongly avant
gardist understanding of the image and an often naughty
attraction to narrative perversions. This program will
feature Kurosaka's animated film Personal City, a techni¥
cally innovative and hallucinatory depiction of corporeal
existence amidst urban environs.
Kurosaka's long-awaited masterpiece feature film Midori-Ko, over ten years in the making, was completely hand-drawn in colored pencil and replete with Kurosaka's unique sense of style and color. Consisting of more than 20,000 lovingly crafted images of consumption, expul¥sion, mimicry, and love, Midori-Ko tells the story of a young woman, who, while working to develop a 'dream food' that will solve the city's hunger crisis, encounters a mysterious creature that transforms her life. Through a kinetic and surreal fantasy, Kurosaka asks a fundamental question of an ecologically-thinking society: at what point is eating immoral?
Born in 1956, Kurosaka Keita is active as an animator and as
Professor in the Department of Imaging Arts and Sciences at
Tokyo's Musashino Art University. Across his career, Kurosaka
has explored various methods of animation including drawing,
photography, and sculpture and has also produced video clips,
installation pieces, and comics. Kurosaka's films have screened
widely at international festivals, including Rotterdam, Berlin,
Annecy, and Hiroshima. He was also responsible for the 23rd
stanza of the 2003 animated film Winter Days, collaboratively
created from the individual contributions of 35 world-class
animators. Kurosaka also created the 2006 promotion video
Agitated Scream of Maggots for the internationally acclaimed
Japanese rock band Dir en grey. Kurosaka's major works
include Worm Story (1989), Personal City (1990), ATAMA
(1994), and Flying Daddy (1997.)
Guest curated by Jonathan M. Hall (Ph.D., University of California Santa Cruz, 2003), currently Assistant Professor of Media Studies at Pomona College in California.

Community Partner: Selma Cafe

Friday 7:15 pm Michigan Theater Main Auditorium FILMS IN COMPETITION
Vanishing (Remaining)

Traces linger on a palimpsest in films suggesting an archaeology of the recent past.
Anne Truitt, Working
Jem Cohen New York, NY I 2010 I 12 min I 16mm on Video
A short portrait of artist Anne Truitt (1921-2004). The film consists of an interview and 16mm footage made in and around her studio at the Yaddo artist colony, as well as footage from her home studio in Washington D.C.
Robert Todd Boston, MA I 2011 I 6 min I 16mm
Light rayns-rains-reigns across a dream of tranquility that thickens, darkens and evaporates. -RT
Broad Channel
Sarah J. Christman New York, NY I 2010 I 13 min I 16mm
Over the course of four seasons, nuances of everyday activity are examined along one narrow stretch of public shoreline on New York City's Broad Channel Island. Mo¥ments of recurrence and change cycle through an ecosys¥tem rooted in migration. -SC
Artifact #1
Doug Goodwin Los Angeles, CA I 2011 I 13 min I Video World Premiere
Artifact #1 reveals the ghostly movement of people and cars that gently disturb the landscape. Here we see a mov¥ing envelope of averaged time sweeping through a video of a famous car chase. Each frame is the optical average of many frames. The interruptions between each frame have been filled in with light which restores a more natural flow. This flow of light produces beautiful abstractions, which distract us from the business of speeding cars and the artifacts produced by film cameras following motion. -DG
Get Out of the Car
Thom Andersen Los Angeles, CA I 2010 I 34 min I 16mm
A response to his 2003 documentary Los Angeles Plays Itself, Thom Andersen's new film Get Out of the Car is a city symphony film composed from advertising signs, building facades, fragments of music and conversation, and un¥marked sites of vanished cultural landmarks. The film is an effort to discover how much of the ambience and history of Los Angeles can be revealed from these fragments.

48 Sponsored by: I Community Partner: Chelsea River Gallery

Friday 9:15 pm I Michigan Theater Screening Room RETROSPECTIVE ARTISTS IN PERSON
The Beauty is Relentless: Videos by Duke & Battersby
Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby will be in attendance to present a program of five of their
videos. Their installation Reanimating the Universe with Basic Breathing Exercises is adjacent to the
Screening Room for the duration of the 49th AAFF.
The contemporary fables of Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby propose that existence is
abject, farcical, and messy. In their richly textured videos, Duke and Battersby employ live action
footage, scavenged images, and simple animations to create episodic structures that evince a
simultaneously utopian and dystopian world view.

Being Fucked Up
2000 I 10 min I Video
Curious About Existence
2003 I 11 min I Video
Emily Vey Duke (born Halifax, Canada, 1972) and Cooper Battersby (born Penticton, Canada, 1971) currently reside in Syracuse, New York. Collaborators since 1994, their work has been exhibited in galleries and at festivals
Attention Public

nationally and internationally, including the Vancouver Art
2005 I 9 min I Video

Gallery (Vancouver) and the Images Festival (Toronto), as well as the Walker Center (Minneapolis), and the New York Video
Lesser Apes

Festival (NYC). Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby are
2011 I 18 min I Video

represented by Jessica Bradley Art + Projects, Toronto.
Community Partners: SPUR + Dirty Brothers I Sponsored by: ROOSROAST 49
Friday 9:30 pm I Michigan Theater Main Auditorium FILMS IN COMPETITION
Animated Splendor

Alternate realities of animation unwind in these kinetic, acerbic and coruscating short works.
Martin Thoburn & Matti Adoma Ypsilanti, MI/Tallinn, Estonia 2010 I 5 min I Video US Premiere
FRAMES is a short mixed media animation about a character who is thrust into different worlds after discovering the artificiality of his own world.
Coalition of the Willing
Knife Party (aka Simon Robson) Sydney, Australia I 2010 16 min I Video
Coalition of the Willing is an animated film about an online war against global warming in a post-Copenhagen world. Directed by Simon Robson (aka Knife Party) and written by Timothy Rayner the film is a collaboration involving 28 different filmmakers and independent animation produc¥tion studios.

The Undertaker &the Dog
Shin Hashimoto Kawasaki, Japan I 2010 4 min I Video US Premiere
Once upon a time, the undertaker met a pack of poor dogs. He handed them the bone that he had created ..
Bedtime Story

Ben Bruhmuller Toronto, Canada I 2010 8 min I Video US Premiere
Evocative visuals and melodies form a haunting, soothing lullaby in this stop¥motion animated/mixed-media film, as a deathbed dream becomes a con¥nection to the mysteries beyond. -BB
A Family Portrait
Joseph Pierce London, England I 2009 5 min I Video
A family portrait goes horribly wrong as jealousy and suspicion bubble to the surface under the photographer's relentless gaze. As the session reaches a disturbing conclusion, it's clear that this truly will be a day to remember.
The Eagleman Stag
Mikey Please London, England I 2010 9 min I Video
Peter's life has been spent in both fascination and fear of his quickening perception of time with age. As he nears the end of his days, his interest turns to obsession and he undertakes progressively more extreme measures to control and counter times increasing pace. Peter also discovers that if you repeat the word 'fly' for long enough it sounds like you're saying 'life'. This is of no real help to him. His answers lie in the brain of a beetle.

50 Sponsored by I Community Partner: Shadow Art Fair

Kelsey Stark Brooklyn, NY I 2010 I 5 min I Video
Suburbia numbs the mind, and rears death within us, I have injected LGFUAD with the eerie discomfort I find within myself, stemming from the obsession I have with the relentless¥ness and tension that pulses through suburban youth. It is a possession by certain intensities that manifest themselves within the body some¥where between extreme emotion and a complete lack thereof: void. -KS
=~.= = =
¥ ¥ I

Victoria, George, Edward & Thatcher
Callum Cooper London, England I 2010 2 min I 35mm
The faces of class, wealth, history and the tensions between individual¥ism and conformity in British society are explored in this visua l journey from East to West London. Consist¥ing of almost 3600 images of the city's residences taken in 2009 and 2010, the film records my daily jour¥ney from my home in Clapton (E5) to the Royal College of Art in Kensing¥ton (SW7). -CC

David OReilly Berlin, Germany I 2010 17 min I Video
A boy learns to play the piano.

Michael Langan Cambridge, MA I 2010 4 min I Video
Heliotropes offers a glance at how certain patterns repeat themselves at different levels of nature, whether we know it or not. Sunflower seeds and petals are known to follow the Fibonacci sequence, a mathematical formula that makes their structure maximally efficient--but they don't 'know' they're doing this. Likewise, humans go to such lengths to math¥ematically optimize flight patterns to maximize profit for airlines, but perhaps we don't realize that what we are doing, when one stands back and looks at that flight data statistically, is simply trying to stay in the light. -ML
Posthaste Perennial Pattern
Jodie Mack Lebanon, NH I 2010 3 min I 16mm
Rapid-fire florals and morning bird¥songs bridge interior and exterior, design and nature. -JM

The Wonder Hospital
Beomsik Shimbe Shim Los Angeles, CA I 2010 12 min I Video
The Wonder Hospital, a 3D and puppet animated film, is a surrea l journey of oddity and empty illusion. In a mysterious hospital, modification of physical beauty is not what you would expect. A girl's desire for superficial beauty leads her to chase after the luring 'After' images on a path of ad¥vertisements throughout the hospital. But in the end she finds something unimaginable and irreversible.

Friday Midnight I State Theatre MIDNIGHT MOVIE
Daft Punk's Electroma
Daft Punk I 2006 I 74 min I 35mm

Foll ows the history of two robots, the members of Daft Punk, on their quest to become human.

Brooklyn-based band The Quavers are joined by Chicago-based band Roommate and Ann Arbor's new hit sensation, Man the Hunter for a stellar AAFF after party performance at The Blind Pig.
$12/$9 with Film Fest pass or ticket stub
Community Partner: The Healing Center of Ann Arbor

Saturday 11:15 am I Michigan Theater Main Auditorium FILMS IN COMPETITION
Safe As Milk (Ages 6+)

Short films in competition exploring the sensory side of cinema and engaging audience-goers of all generations. Families encouraged.

Playtime The Death of an Insect (Eraan hyonteisen tuho)
Steven Woloshen Hannes Vartiainen & Pekka Veikkolainen Montreal, Canada I 2009 I 3 min I 35mm Helsinki, Finland I 2010 I 8 min I 35mm US Premiere
As a member of Canada's art collective Painters 11, the late Jock MacDonald painted in both worlds: figurative Combining a number of animation techniques from classic and the abstract. Playtime pays homage to his dedica¥stop-motion animation to animated 3D models of X-ray tion, spirit and wonderful subject matter -both real and CT-scanned insects, this piece is a visual symphony that imaginary. -SW celebrates the brief lives of insects.


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Lori Brown, DDS ¥ Santine Anderson, DDS ¥ John Farah, DDS, PhD

Sabiha S. Bunek, DDS ¥ Robert Stevenson, DDS (recently joined the Enspire Team)

3100 West Liberty Road, Suite A, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103 ¥ 734-663-6777 ¥'

Andy Kennedy Brooklyn, NY I 2010 I 5 min I Video
Natural and man-made objects on a spin cycle accumu¥late, disintegrate, and multiply. Created by stop motion animating clay on glass, this independent film is a medita¥tion on motion and the life cycle of matter.
Daniel Fickle Portland, OR I 2010 I 6 min I Video
Portland Cello Project's new music video features Pily, a lovable crustacean of mixed origin, who struggles to escape his underwater home when it becomes threatened by pollution.


The Mechanism of Spring
Atsushi Wada Tokyo, Japan I 2010 I 4 min I Video North American Premiere

An expression of the itchy feelings everyone experiences when spring comes. -AW

Norbert Shieh Los Angeles, CA I 2010 I 9 min I Video
A documentation of six different carwashes throughout Los Angeles. The familiar experience of cascading water, soap and wax, coalesces into the semi-abstract as shifting colors, textures, and light reflect across the windshield onscreen. -NS
Izabela Plucinska Warsaw, Poland I 2009 I 25 min I 35mm
A young bunny from the Esterhazy dynasty in Vienna is sent to Berlin in 1989 to find a bunny woman and save the family line. Esterhazy tells us about the historic events of the fall of the Berlin Wall from a very "bunny" point of view ....
Community Partners -Ann Arbor District Library + FestiFools I Sponsored by: ¨EN~IJ41t

container gardening
floral design
custom projects

220 felch street ¥ ann arbor, mi

Saturday 12 pm I Michigan Theater Screening Room SPECIAL PRESENTATION
Radical Light: Found Footage
Films 1978-1998

Pacific Film Archive's Radical Light: Alternative Film and Video in the San Francisco Bay Area project is both a cinema series and a new book exploring the history of Bay Area experimental media. This program presents a survey of found footage films, a style of making that has a long tradition in the area. Beginning with Bruce Conner's mind-altering 1958 A Movie, Bay Area film¥makers have appropriated a vast array of footage-including newsreels, educational footage, cartoons, and Hollywood melodramas-and twisted and turned the original meanings to their own, often subversive, ends. Conner's exquisite Valse Triste is, in part, an autobiographical evoca¥tion. Michael Wallin's Decodings and Greta Snider's Futility also use autobiographical overtones to reveal disturbing societal undertones. Julie Murray's Conscious and Scott Stark's Noema dis¥sect in-between moments, while David Sherman's dreamy Tuning the Sleeping Machine and Thad Pavey's Thine Inward Looking Eyes draw on the hypnotic power of cinema.
Radical Light: Alternative Film and Video in the San Francisco Bay Area Book, Film, and Video Tour was curated by Kathy Geritz and Steve Seid, Film and Video Curators at the University of California,
Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, and Steve Anker, Dean of the School of Film/Video at
California Institute of the Arts.

For film descriptions, please see additianal pragram notes available at the festival.
Valse Triste
Bruce Conner 1978 I 6 min I 16mm
Julie Murray 1993 I 10 min I 16mm I Silent

Greta Snider 1989 I 9 min I 16mm
Tuning the Sleeping Machine
David Sherman 1996 I l3 min I 16mm
Thine Inward Looking Eyes
Thad Povey 1993 I 2 min I 16mm
Scott Stark 1998 I 11 min I 16mm
Michael Wallin 1988 I 15 min I 16mm
The tour is made possible in part by the National Endowment for the Arts, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, and the William H. Donner Foundation.

Saturday 1 pm I Michigan Theater Main Auditorium FILMS IN COMPETITION
Time and the Other

Migration and memory recorded in the brazen ledgers of film and video. Tender itemized moments from life in the new economy.
Woman Waiting
Antoine Bourges Vancouver, Canada I 2010 I 15 min I 35mm
A middle-aged woman is faced with poverty. As she struggles to find help within the system, her only option is to wait.
Abraham Ravett Florence, MA I 2009 I 13 min I 16mm I Silent
Inspired by a recent article in the New York Times about the 1930s & 40s administrators at Columbia University, the following is a cinematic tribute, a portrait of another "non-Aryan." -AR

Richard Wiebe Iowa City, IA I 2010 I 5 min I Video
Lake Aliki, Cyprus. For centuries, flamingoes have win¥tered here from Iran. Rimbaud encountered them when he worked a quarry in Larnaca. 7th century Arab raiders de¥scribed them to mark the burial site of Umm Haram, Aunt of the Prophet Muhammad. It is said that Lazarus spent his days on the shores of this lake after his resurrection¥staring into the sun to shake off the darkness of the grave. The Greeks represented flamingoes in poetry, the Romans slaughtered them for their tongues. Today, a man sings:
Pharmacist, oh pharmacist, oh pharmacist,
I want medicine for myself, I want medicine for myself,
My heart, my heart, my heart is beating like this,
My heart is afflicted because of you.
Berlin Tracks 18hOO-20hOO
Shiloh Cinquemani Cambridge, MA I 2010 I 3 min I 16mm I Silent World Premiere
Berlin Tracks 18hOO-20hOO is a mesmerizing and rhythmic view of the railway tracks stretching out from under the Modersohnbrucke (Modersohn Bridge) towards Warshauer Str. S-Bahn Station in Berlin¥Friedrichshain, Germany.

Robert Todd Boston, MA I 2010 I 13 min I 16mm
This film is about the attempt to delay decay amid partial repeat and retreat, re-treated tracings to face the dissipat¥ing cyclone of the spirit. -RT
Compositions in Departure
Vincent Goudreau & Javier Martinez Haiku, HI I 2010 I 34 min I Video
North American Premiere
Compositions in Departure, shot in 16mln'ilm and video, weaves together three individuals from three different continents: one individual who has willingly departed, one facing the inability to leave, and another who never wanted to leave but was left virtually alone.
It explores displacement and the idea of home as a metaphor for finding one's place in this world, while using textiles, migration and imperialism as an analogy for patterns of human behavior.

Saturday 2 pm I Michigan Theater Screening Room FILMS IN COMPETITION
Disorder with The Sole of the Foot
Co-presented by: UM Center for Chinese Studies and Confucius Institute at the UM
Robert Fenz Vancouver, Canada I 2011 I 34 min I 16mm World Premiere
Borders (and all the politics attending the drawing of bor¥ders) exist to keep some people in (citizenship) and others out. This film is an attempt to capture the presence of people otherwise denied the political right to be at home in some place that is their home, where they have their roots, where they have their being .... (Palestinians and Israelis; North Africans in France, Cubans on the island of Cuba (their right to rule themselves denied by foreign powers). -RF Huang Weikai Guangzhou, China I 2009 I 58 min I Video
Huang Weikai's unique documentary captures, with remarkable freedom, the anarchy, violence, and seething anxiety an imating the breakneck pace of China's contem¥porary urbanization. A man dances in the middle of traffic while another tries to jump from a bridge before dozens of onlookers. Pigs scattering from an overturned truck run wild on a highway while dignitaries swim in a heavily pol¥luted river. These scenes, unshowable on China's strictly controlled television networks, reflect an emerging grass roots media, one that can capture at ground level the pal¥pable, vibrant and often dangerous upheavals taking place in China today.
Huang Weikai takes the footage collected from a dozen amateur videographers and expertly weaves it into a unique city symphony of accelerated urbanization almost overwhelmed by the speed of its own growth.

Saturday 3:30 pm M ichigan Theater Main Auditorium FILMS IN COMPETITION
Waves and Particles

Spacious heavens enlighten shape and form within these films and digital works. Kodachrome is over but the end is new again.

...These Blazeing Starrs! Deborah Stratman Chicago,IL I 2011 I 15 min I 16mm
Since comets have been recorded, they've augured disaster: catastrophe, messiahs, upheaval and end times. A short film about these meteoric ice-cored fireballs and their historic ties to divination that combines imagery of 15th-18th century European broadsides with NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory footage. -DS
Cosmic Alchemy Lawrence Jordan San Francisco, CA 2010 24min I 16mm
Jordan takes us on an ecstatic explora¥tion of the polar caps and a journey to the center of the Moon via the atlas of Harmonica Macrocosmica. In this kinetic collage of moving pictures, the figures are the strange citizens of a trembling zodiac with diamonds and buttons moving as planets would on an astrolabe. Miraculous flight is routine in a kaleidoscopic and care-worn heaven where birds buzz Saturn and bright parrots hang out on Capricorn. These magnificent visual harmonies are accompanied by the resonant and atmospheric music of John Davis.

t", {. I ¥¥ , " I ¥ t, I" ¥ ,!,' "
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, >II &i1ft I ~ .1,; ¥:I tá.f ~ .11;. nt . I .'
Votirexpetiencesmay..aiy_lfflitjdpov.'llf',-eom.. EdwardJones' MAKING SENSE OF INVESflNG
Member SIPC ClEdward Jones, 2010



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Center for (!llnesc SIuda". SUIt!: ,(,6('> S5\"B 1030 outil Urm erslt~ tel ~H 646203 f];>. ~)ll(" ,410 \,f'b,rtc \\\'n IIlllnIChf>llu\,.(,> blo.., iltlp molo,.: lib ulll1lh" rJlI (CS

Print Sources

Drifter Hepworth
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Last Address
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Compositions in Departure Javier Martinez
Compositions in Departure Vincent Goudreau & va¥
Covered John Greyson VTape
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Cry When It Happens Laida Lertxundi laidalertxu ndi .net
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Lungful Luster Red Ford Radio The Florestine Collection
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Frank Braun
Jessica Sarah Rinland Ah, Liberty! These Hammers Don't Hurt Us Cosmic Alchemy Snow Globe Michael Robinson Get Out of the Car
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Soon-Mi Yoo The Armoire
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Posthaste Perennial Pattern The Death of an Insect
Jodie Mack Hannes Vartiainen & While You Were Sleeping Vanessa Renwick Pekka Veikkolainen Mary Helena Clark Juror Program otto.suu
Protoparticies We're Mostly Made of Water
Chema Garcia Ibarra The Delian Mode Sherwin Akbarzadeh Stephen Connolly Kara Blake Juror Program
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Ray's Birds & You Are Here
...These Blazeing Starrs! The External World Daniel Cockburn
Deborah Stratman David O'Reilly
delta@pythagorasfilm .com You Can See the Sun in Late December
Sasha Waters Freyer


A. Michigan Theater D. University of Michigan G. SH\aut\ & \aut\Bar
603 E. Liberty St. Musuem of Art 315 Braun Ct.
525 S. State St.
B. State Theater H. The Blind Pig
233 s. State st. E. 327 Braun Ct. 208 S. 1st S t.
C. Work Gallery F. Arbor Brewing Company I. Sava's Cafe
306 S. State St. 114 E. Washington St. 216 S. State SI.

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