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55th Ann Arbor Film Festival Program

Ann Arbor Film Festival
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Ann Arbor Film Festival
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Stamps Gallery
The Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design at the University of
Michigan is proud to announce a new gallery space in downtown
Ann Arbor in the first floor of the McKinley Towne Centre at 201
S. Division Street, Ann Arbor MI 48104.
With nearly 8,000 square feet of exhibition space, the Stamps
Gallery will house rotating exhibitions of contemporary art and
design, including work by Stamps students, faculty, and alums.
Table of Contents
Calendar of Events 2
Letter from the Executive Director 4
Letter of Support 5
Jurors 7
Filmmaker Awards 8
Academy Support 10
Award Donors 11
Members and Donors 12
Staff, Volunteers, and Acknowledgements 13
Thank You 15
Partners and Sponsors 16
Beyond the Fest: DVD 18
Beyond the Fest: Tour 19
Off The Screen!
Off The Screen! Installations 20
Off The Screen! Receptions, Intermedia Salons, and Performances 27
Afterparties 30
Afterparty Performances: Off The Screen! 30
Tuesday 32
Wednesday 36
Thursday 52
Friday 70
Saturday 84
Sunday 108
Winners Night 114
From Our Sponsors 116
Title Index 142
Map 144
TUE 3/21
2 – 4pm | Free Off The Screen! Reception North Quad Space 2435
5:30 – 7pm Opening Night Fundraiser Michigan Theater Main Stage
6:30 – 8pm Opening Night Reception Michigan Theater Grand Foyer
8:15pm Opening Night Screening Films in Competition 1 Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
10pm – 12am | Free Afterparty Sava’s
WED 3/22
10am – 12pm | Free Off The Screen! 16mm Etching and Digital Manipulation Workshop 1 North Quad Space 2435
1pm Mary Magsamen Juror Presentation Michigan Theater Screening Room
3 – 5pm | Free Off The Screen! Liminal Luminal North Quad Space 2435
5pm New Voices: Post-Internet & the Moving Image Michigan Theater Screening Room
5:15pm Films in Competition 2 Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
Calendar of Events
5pm Films in Competition 3
Films in Competition 4:
Modern Jungle Michigan Theater
Out Night
Feature in Competition Main Auditorium
Michigan Theater
Michigan Theater Screening Room
Screening Room 7:30pm Socrates of Kamchatka
7pm Feature in Competition
100 YE Я S OF DADA: Dada
Films in Competition 6 Michigan Theater
in Dialogue with the Present
+ performace Screening Room
Michigan Theater
by Pat Oleszko Main Auditorium
Michigan Theater 9:15pm
Main Auditorium The Pink Egg
9:15pm Feature in Competition
Deux Femmes
9:00pm Michigan Theater
Feature in Competition
A Prerequisite Screening Room
Michigan Theater
for Rebellion Screening Room
Michigan Theater 9:30pm
Screening Room Page of Madness
9:30pm Michigan Theater
Films in Competition 5
9:30pm Main Auditorium
Michigan Theater
Films in Competition 7: Main Auditorium
Animation 11pm – 2am
Michigan Theater Afterparty
11pm – 2am
Main Auditorium The Ravens Club
Afterparty \aut\ Bar
10pm – 2am THU 3/23
FRI 3/24 10am – 12pm | Free
Afterparty Drone Ann Arbor Distilling Company
Off The Screen!
10am – 12pm | Free 16mm Etching and Digital
Off The Screen!
SAT 3/25 Manipulation Workshop 2
Fracking (with) North Quad Space 2435
Postmodernism, or
11am There’s a Lil’ Dr.
Films in Competition 8: 1pm
Frankenstein In All of Us
Almost All Ages Ruth Bradley
North Quad Space 2435
Michigan Theater Juror Presentation
Main Auditorium Michigan Theater
10am – 12pm | Free Screening Room
Off The Screen!
11:30am – 12:30pm That which fades away
Off The Screen! 3 – 5pm | Free
continues forever (2 H.B.)
AAFF v. State of Michigan: Off The Screen!
North Quad Space 2435
Ten Years Later with Film Art Forum
Christen Lien North Quad Space 2435
North Quad Space 2435 Jay Rosenblatt 5:10pm | Free
Juror Presentation
12:30pm New Negress Film Society:
Michigan Theater
Screening Room
Feature in Competition of Noteworthy Talent
Michigan Theater Michigan Theater
3 – 5pm | Free
Screening Room Main Auditorium
Off The Screen! Reception Ann Arbor Art Center
12:45pm Films in Competition 9 Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
1 – 3pm | Free Off The Screen! Lindsay McCaw North Quad Space 2435
2:45pm Video Bureau Michigan Theater Screening Room
3:00pm Films in Competition 10 Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
5pm Kuro Feature in Competition Michigan Theater Screening Room
5:15pm Following Seas Feature in Competition Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
7pm Films in Competition 11: Music Videos Lorch Hall
7:30pm Films in Competition 12 Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
9:15pm Axes of Dwelling: the Video Art of Yuan Goangming Michigan Theater Screening Room
9:30pm Films in Competition 13 + expanded cinema performance by Simon Tarr Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
10pm – 2am Afterparty Matilda Techno Collective Club Above
SUN 3/26
11am – 12pm Off The Screen! Young Filmmakers Exploring Cultural and Social Communities North Quad Space 2435
12pm Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present Feature in Competition Michigan Theater Screening Room
12:15pm Hotel Dallas Feature in Competition Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
2pm Emelina Feature in Competition Michigan Theater Screening Room
2:15pm Furusato Feature in Competition Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
5:00pm Award Program 1 Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
7:00pm Award Program 2 Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
9:30pm – 11:30pm Afterparty Triø Ann Arbor Distilling Company
Letters Overview
Letter from Executive Director Leslie Raymond
Now, more than ever, let us exercise our right to declare who we are, to profess how we are, to articulate what we desire, and to describe the ways that we are both different and the same as others.
Is this our inalienable right? Or are we better off conforming to sameness, where our only choice is which product to buy or country club to join?
For 55 years the Ann Arbor Film Festival has been a home for free speech. We hold a space to relay a wide range of stories about ourselves and our human-ness—and to talk freely about it with each other. AAFF was born of a counterculture that championed the human capacity for tolerance and inclusion for every individual. Our artist-founder George Manupelli espoused these values as he created the Festival, with respect for the full variety of human experience.
His embrace of the body, sex and nudity—as intimated in his poster design sensibility—was an endorsement of freedom of expression. Is authority over one’s own physical body a right or a privilege? Either way, it requires a tacit agreement of respect, maturity and discipline. The growing prison industrial complex and pressure to revoke women’s right to choose are examples of constraints upon this ideal.
We hold these truths to be self evident. Or are they? Aren’t we created equal and don’t we share certain inalienable rights? Many people on the planet (America included) do not share these rights to a small or large degree. Let us not take our freedom for granted. And if it is in peril, let us exercise it while we are still able. Let us celebrate our right to say and be who we are.
Mortal existence is nuanced, complex, messy and glorious. At the AAFF, we share movies of all kinds from reports of onerous truths and accounts of imagined new worlds to tales that simply envelop us in aesthetic experience and carry us off into the land of poetic abstraction.
Are these expressions ours to share? We invite you to celebrate and cherish with us the freedom that we do have, in these uncertain times, and to question whether we should maintain this value upon which our Film Festival—and our nation—was founded.
Leslie Raymond
Letter from former Executive Director Christen Lien
Dear AAFF family,
It has been a decade since I was the director of the AAFF and led this organization through the historic First Amendment lawsuit against the State of Michigan.
As I witness all of the changes happening to our nation, I am increasingly seeing that our successful story about how we stood up to government attack has tremendous value. As a united community, we pulled together our resources, wisdom, humor, and enthusiasm, and won a fight that most doubted we could win and counseled us against fighting. But we fought back. And we won.
I will always be proud of what we accomplished together. Come join our partners at the ACLU and me on Saturday, March 25th as we recount this story and discuss the importance of the AAFF’s First Amendment win in today’s America.
Christen Lien
The New Negress Film Society (NNFS) is a collective of five filmmakers who are dedicated to exhibiting, supporting, and raising consciousness around work by marginalized filmmakers.
With over 4,000 designs in production — ranging from high-end Pepsi bottles to the facade of New York high-rises — Rashid’s creativity finds form in a myriad of medias.
april 23 march 30 march 6 NEW NEGRESS FILM SOCIETY
black women filmmakers collective industrial designer
information artist & bio hacker SERIES PRESENTING PARTNERS:


603 E. Liberty, Ann Arbor, MI
Dewey-Hagborg’s controversial biopolitical art practice includes the project Stranger Visions, in which she created portrait sculptures from analyses of genetic material collected in public places.
Jurors Overview
Mary Magsamen Mary Magsamen has been the curator of the Aurora Picture Show, a recognized center for film and video art in Houston, Texas, for the past eight years. Magsamen focuses on the points where art, film, and community unite through collaboration and experimentation. She has curated over 200 programs including film screenings, live cinema performances, and installations. Magsamen also maintains a collaborative interdisciplinary art practice with her husband as Hillerbrand+Magsamen, and exhibits internationally. She received her BFA from the University of Denver and MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art.
Ruth Bradley Ruth Bradley was the director of Ohio University’s Athens Center for Film and Video, executive director of the Athena Cinema, and director of Athens International Film and Video Festival for 28 years. Bradley was the director of the Ann Arbor Film Festival from 1982 to 1988, where she incorporated the festival as a non-profit (1983). Prior to this, Bradley was actively involved with the AAFF for many years. In 1985, she completed her dissertation, The Ann Arbor Film Festival, 1963-1982: A History of Illustrating the Genres of American Avant-Garde Cinema, earning her doctoral degree in American Culture through the University of Michigan.
Jay Rosenblatt Jay Rosenblatt is an inter- nationally recognized artist who has been working as an independent filmmaker since 1980. His work explores our emotional and psychological cores. The films are personal in their content, yet often universal in their appeal. Rosenblatt’s films have received over 100 awards and screened at theaters around the world, including Film Forum, MoMA, and Sundance Film Festival. Articles about his work have appeared in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Filmmaker Magazine and the Village Voice. Rosenblatt is a recipient of Guggenheim, USA Artists, and Rockefeller Fellowships. Originally from New York, Rosenblatt has lived in San Francisco for many years. He is currently the program director of the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival. He has a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and, in a former life, worked as a therapist.
Filmmaker Overview
The Ann Arbor Film Festival provides direct support to filmmakers. Our 2017 awards competition presents $19,000 to filmmakers through cash and in-kind awards that include camera equipment and digital scanning services. Winning an award at the AAFF means not only prestige and financial support, but can also qualify filmmakers for Oscar® nomination by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in the short film category. Qualifying awards are Best of Festival, Best Experimental Film, Best Animation, and Best Narrative.
Ken Burns Award for Best of the Festival $3,000 Presented to the film of any genre or length that best represents the artistic standards of excellence for the Festival. This award is generously provided by influential documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, a graduate of Ann Arbor’s Pioneer High School.
Tom Berman Award for Most Promising Filmmaker $2,000 Supports an emerging filmmaker expected, by the jury, to make a significant contribution to the art of film. Contributed by the Berman family in honor of the memory of Tom Berman, who was a student of AAFF founder George Manupelli at the University of Michigan. Tom was an early Festival supporter and close friend to many within the Festival community.
Michael Moore Award for Best Documentary Film $1,000 The best non-fiction film of the Festival will receive this award from documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, who received inspiration
from hundreds of films he
Best Experimental Film viewed over the years at
$1,000 the Ann Arbor Film Festival.
Celebrates the film that most Proceeds from his film
successfully showcases the Roger and Me fund this
use of experimental processes, annual award.
forms, and topics. This award is supported by Ann Arbor Lawrence Kasdan Award
residents Ron & Robin Sober. for Best Narrative Film $1,000
Gil Omenn Art & Science The narrative film that best
Award $1000 makes use of film’s unique
This award honors the filmmaker ability to convey striking
whose work best uses the art and original stories will
form of film and video to explore receive this award distinction.
scientific concepts, research A notable Hollywood
natural phenomena, or embrace filmmaker, Lawrence Kasdan
real world experimentation. got his start in Ann Arbor at
Provided by Gil Omenn, who the University of Michigan
seeks to encourage a positive and continues his connection
exchange between the arts through support of this
and sciences. Festival award.
Prix DeVarti for Funniest Chris Frayne Award for
Film $1,000 Best Animated Film
Awarded to the film likely to $1,000
create the most laughs in the In recognition of the animated
Festival. This prize recognizes film that delivers the best
the 55-year friendship between style, creativity, and content.
Dominick’s pub and the Ann This award is given in
Arbor Film Festival, and honors honor of the spirit of Chris
the memory of Dominick and Frayne, a key participant in
Alice DeVarti. Supported by an the Festival’s early years,
Endowment Fund established whose approach to life was
by the DeVarti Family. reminiscent of his colorful cartoon characters. Special
RingSide Creative Archival thanks to Ann Arbor’s colorful
Film Award $1000 in film Q+M marketing solutions
scanning services agency for lead support of
For the best film of the Festival this award.
using a significant amount of archival film footage, including home movies and found
footage. The recipient of this award will receive $1000 in 16mm and 35mm film scanning services from RingSide Creative, a SE Michigan integrated media studio.
PROCAM Best Regional Filmmaker Award $750 This award supports our top Michigan talent. The winner will receive $750 of store credit from PROCAM, a family owned and operated company based in the Metro Detroit Area.
The Eileen Maitland Award $600 This award is given to the film that best addresses women’s issues and elevates female voices. It was created to honor the spirit and memory of Eileen Maitland who was a dear friend and long-time supporter of the Festival, as well as a patron and practitioner of the arts.
The No Violence Award $512 In a culture that relies on images of violence to entertain, this prize is awarded to the film which engages or informs, explores or celebrates life while also rising to the narrative challenge of “No Violence Depicted”. Provided by Ann Arbor residents Matthew Graff and Leslie Lawther.
Leon Speakers Award for Best Sound Design $500 Given for excellence and originality in sound design.
This award is provided by Leon Speakers, custom building high-fidelity home theater speakers in Ann Arbor since 1995.
George Manupelli Founder’s Spirit Award $500 Provided to the filmmaker that best captures the bold and iconoclastic spirit of the founder of the Ann Arbor Film Festival, George Manupelli, whose vision for the Festival continues to this day. Supported by Dave & Rich DeVarti.
Tios Award for Best International Film $500 Granted to the film produced outside of the United States which most strongly wins over our Award Jury. This award is provided by Tios Mexican Cafe, serving Ann Arbor since 1986.
Peter Wilde Award for Most Technically Innovative Film $500 The film which displays the most pioneering, cutting-edge technical innovations will receive this award. Peter Wilde was a long-time projectionist for the Festival and master of special effects. This award honors his creativity and pursuit of new techniques. We thank our generous donors for their contributions to the Peter Wilde Award Endowment Fund, which is currently being established: Constance Crump & Jay Simrod, John Nelson & Deb Gaydos, Woody Sempliner, Robert Ziebell & Elizabeth Ward,
The LaBour Foundation for Non-Institutional Living, Glenda Pittman, Bill Davis, and IATSE Local 395.
Audience Award $500 Awarded to the highest-rated audience selected film in competition at this year’s Festival. Provided by an anonymous friend of the Festival.
\aut\FILM Award for Best LGBTQ Film $300 This award honors the film that best addresses and gives voice to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or Queer (LGBTQ) issues. The \aut\BAR of Ann Arbor contributes this award to promote a diversity of voices that achieve excellence in filmmaking.
Overture/Wazoo Award for Best Music Video $300 Provided to recognize excellence in the art form of music video, which serves as a unique collaborative relationship between musician and film/ video maker. This award is supported by Ann Arbor’s beloved and independently owned Wazoo Records and Overture Audio.
Jury Awards $2,038 Remaining prize monies that are distributed at the awards jurors’ discretion as special recognition for films of distinction and artistic accomplishment. Provided by a number of friends of the Festival.
Academy Overview
The Ann Arbor Film Festival is recognized as a qualifying film festival for the short film category of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. A short film that wins one of the following awards at the AAFF is eligible: Best of Festival, Best Experimental, Best Narrative, and Best Animation.
There are currently two dozen qualifying festivals in the U.S. for Academy Awards consideration. A short film that is not more than 40 minutes in running time (including all credits) and which falls into the animated (cel animations, computer animation, stop-motion, clay animation, puppets, pixilation, cutouts, pins, camera multiple pass imagery, kaleidoscopic effects, and drawing on the film frame itself for example) or live-action film categories can qualify in one of two ways:
1. The film must have been publicly exhibited for paid admission
in a commercial motion picture theater in Los Angeles County for a run of at least three consecutive days with at least two screenings a day prior to public exhibition or distribution by any nontheatrical means or
2. The film must have won a qualifying award at a competitive
film festival, as specified in the Short Film Qualifying Festival List, regardless of any prior public exhibition or distribution by nontheatrical means.
All eligible motion pictures must be publicly exhibited using 35mm or 70mm film, or in a 24- or 48-frame progressive scan Digital Cinema format in English or English subtitles. Television or internet exhibition anywhere does not disqualify a film, provided such exhibition occurs after its Los Angeles theatrical release, or after receiving its festival award. Documentaries, previews, trailers, or advertising films are excluded.
Please see for a complete outline of rules and eligibility.
Award Donors
$3000 Ken Burns
$1000 – $2000 Anonymous Richard Berman Gil Omenn & Martha Darling Bill Davis Dave & Rich DeVarti IATSE Local 395 Lawrence & Meg Kasdan Michael Moore Ron & Robin Sober Alan C. Wilde
$500 – $999 Anonymous Eagle Harbor Social Aid and Pleasure Club Kari Magill & George Fisher Leslie Lawther
& Matthew Graff Mary Ellen Rounsifer & Dennis Hayes Deb Gaydos & John Nelson Claywood Sempliner Leon Speakers Q+M Tios Jim & Susan Warner
$250 – $499 \aut\ Bar Vicki Engel & Dan Gunning Deanna Relyea
& Piotr Michalowski Lars Bjorn
& Susan Wineberg
$100 – $249 Susan Kalinowski Overture Audio Rick Cronn & Myrna Rugg Wazoo Records
In-Kind PROCAM RingSide Creative
$5,000 – $9,999 Ken Burns Deborah Greer Cynthia Nicely
$2,500 – $4,900 Jay Simrod
& Constance Crump Ellen Rabinowitz
& Dave DeVarti Robin & Ron Sober
$1,000 – $2,499 Richard Berman Gil Omen & Martha Darling Bill Davis Susan Dise Leslie Lawther & Matthew
Graff Michael & Lesa Huget IATSE 395 Imagine Fitness & Yoga Lawrence & Meg Kasdan Susan & Michael Landauer Wendy Lawson Justin Bonfiglio & Morgan
McCormick Michael Moore Alan C. Wilde
$500 – $999 Anonymous Jean Buscher & Tom Bartlett Jean & Frederick Birkhill Commercial Exchange Barbara Murphy & Gavin Eadie Exchange Capital Management Jeffrey Ferguson Kari Magill & George Fisher Nan & Kip Godwin Mary Ellen Rouncifer & Denny Hayes Christopher Huth Mary Cronin & John Johnson Dick Soble & Barbara Kessler Leon Speakers Amy Moore Jason Jay Stevens
& Leslie Raymond Rick Cronn & Myrna Rugg Barbara Twist Deborah Bayer
& Jonathan Tyman Susan & James Warner
Members and Donors
$250 – $499 Alec & Judy Allen Jennifer and John Baird Jim Roll & Ruth Bardenstein Mark Evans & Ruth
Bradstreet Janice McManns
& Anthony Buba Dennis Carter Marilene Deritis & Jim Dwyer Derek Ellis Anne Cutsinger
& David Gilbertson Vicki Engel & Dan Gunning InfoReady Corporation Noah Kaplan Annette Pantall
& Barry Miller Deanna Morse John Dryden & Diana Raimi Piotr Michaelowski
& Deanna Relyea Jennifer Conlin
& Daniel Rivkin Nicholas Roumel Pamela & Michael Smith The Club Above Lars Bjorn
& Susan Wineberg
$150 – $249 Joan Binkow Gary Boren Jasper Capwell Dennis Carter Clark Charnetski Katherine
& Thomas Chivens Hugh & Ellen Cohen Joanna Corteau Jerry Duba Mark Einfeldt Robert Einfeldt Sacha Feirstein Philip Hughes Sharon & Jack Kalbfleisch Bill Kennard Sean Kenny Peter & Carolyn Mertz Kostas & Mijo Pappas Chris Peters Genia Service John Sloat Helder Sun
$20 to $149 Phoebe Adams Lisa Ann Adkins Mark Anzicek Nancy Brucken Gary & Shelly Bruder William Burgard Judith Calhoun Patricia & John Carver Douglas Shapiro
& Jeannette Duane Relah Eckstein Martin Fischoff Katrina Hagedorn Susan Kalinowski Nancy Keough Lawrence LaFountain Marie Woo & Harvey Levine Alan Levy & Susan Pollan Ted Lyman Terri Marra Bob Moir Susan Nenadic Barbara & Ralph Neri Bob & Sharon Ongaro Robert Park Lisa Powers Amanda Schott Judtih Schwartz Ingrid & Clifford Sheldon Pam Kisch & Paul Sher Jonathan Skidmore Heather & Sam Smith Ken Anderson & Patti Smith Ellen Spiller Danielle Stewart Paul Sutherland Christine Tabacza Graham Teall Vanessa & Martin Thoburn Joseph Walters Leon Wyszewianski
Membership / Support Experience all the Ann Arbor Film Festival has to offer by becoming an AAFF member! For more information visit
Staff, Volunteers, and Acknowledgements
Executive Director Leslie Raymond
Associate Director of Programs Katie McGowan
Operations Manager Allison Buck
Technical Director R. Thomas Bray
Assistant to the ED Kyle Stefek
Guest Services Coordinator Sarah Escalante
Volunteer Coordinator Lizzie Olenzek
Juror Liaison Elizabeth Wight
Opening Night Reception Food Coordinator Paquetta A. Palmer
Graphic Design goodgood
Copy Editing Greg Baise
Festival Photographer Doug Coombe
Festival Videographer Jonathan Tyman
Lobby Decorations Jason Jay Stevens
Music Video Program Greg Baise
Opening Night Entertainment Jeremy Wheeler
Board of Directors
Nominating Committee Constance Crump
Constance Crump President
Susan Landauer Jonathan Tyman
Vice President
Screening Advisors Cynthia Nicely
Ken Bawcom Treasurer
Jeff Economy Robin Sober
Hannah Frank Secretary
Linda Knox David DeVarti
Peter Knox Susan Dise
David Oscar Harvey Deborah Greer
Andrew Ritchey Michael Huget Susan Landauer Daniel Rivkin Krissa Rumsey Barbara Twist
Screening Cadre Phoebe Adams Luciana Aenasoaie Juanita Anderson Ken Anderson Advisory Board
Razvan Andrei Lordache Ken Burns
Amy Bank Chrisstina Hamilton
Shelby Behrman Heidi Kumao
Alexa Borromeo Bryan Konefsky
Page Brady Lawrence Kasdan
Allison Buck Ralph McKay
Ryan Buck Chris McNamara
Maurice Collins Michael Moore
Daniel Coutino Deanna Morse
Constance Crump Rashaad Newsome
Sue Dise Scott Northrup
Joel Duncan Terri Sarris
Sarah Escalante David Gazdowicz Development Committee
Lou Glorie Krissa Rumsey, chair
Matt Goddard Tom Bartlett
Lloyd Goldsmith Wendy Lawson
Mark Hardin Jill McDonough
Pam Hayes Cinda Hocking Green Room Committee
Vicki Honeyman Robin Sober, chair
Brian Hunter Eric Furlong
Esther Kirshenbaum Lou Glorie
Mary Koneiczny Deborah Greer
Heidi Kumao
Finance Committee Constance Crump Cynthia Nicely
Angela Lenhardt Emily Martin John Massier Christian McDaniel
Membership Committee David DeVarti, chair Zach Damon Susan Dise Deborah Greer Leo LeBron David Wolber
Amy Neeser Cynthia Nicely Lizzie Olenzek Chris Peters Julia Reardin Daniel Rivkin Monica Ross
Staff, Overview
Volunteers, and Acknowledgements
Myrna Rugg Patti Smith Robin Sober Ron Sober Steve Stanchfield Jason Jay Stevens Garrett Sralnic Sarah Thiefels Barbara Twist Sarah Wagner Elizabeth Wight Joan Wind Gary Wise
Operations Assistant Page Brady
Development Assistant Courtney Carroll
Hospitality Assistant Eric Furlong
Graphic Design Assistant Xinyi Liu
Special Exhibitions Assistant Cheyanne Martin
Programming Assistant Emily Martin
Marketing Assistant Ali Shuart
Education Program Assistant Joan Wind
Video Production Assistant Shudi Zheng
Festival Assistants Benjamin Loveland Samantha Steele
Off The Screen!
Fundraiser Bar On The Street
Ann Arbor Distilling Company Tom Bartlett Mary Hourani
Opening Night Drinks Cheyanne Martin
Ann Arbor Distilling Company Arbor Brewing Company Michigan Theater
The Corner Brewery Projection & Stage Staff
TeaHaus Rick Berthelot
Unity Vibrations Walter Bishop Dan Bruell
Green Room Catering J Scott Clarke
AAFF Board Michelle Lang
Arbor Brewing Company Scott McWhinney
Babo Dan Morey
Comet Coffee Jim Pyke
El Harissa Market Cafe Frank Uhle
Grange Kitchen & Bar Jared Van Eck
Lou & Francis Glorie Gary Woodworth
Lucky’s Market Palio Technical Assistants
Pieology Pizzeria Jacob Barreras
Potbelly Sandwich Shop Camilo Gonzales
Robin & Ron Sober Mark Murrell
Zingerman’s Tish Stringer
Sneak Preview Caterers Print Traffic
Tavolina Brian Hunter
TeaHaus Shudi Zheng
Special Event Refreshments Granting Agencies and
Arbor Brewing Company Organizations
Jerusalem Garden Andy Warhol Foundation
The People’s Food Co-Op for the Visual Arts
Savco Hospitality The Michigan Council
White Lotus Farms for Arts and Cultural Affairs The National Endowment
Filmmaker Dinner for the Arts
Casa Dominick’s Washtenaw County Office
of Community & Economic Development
Afterparty Venues \aut\BAR Ann Arbor Distilling Company The Club Above The Ravens Club Sava’s
Fundraiser Catering Bona Sera Café
Thank Overview
Additional thanks to: Jason Jay Stevens, Lalena Stevens, the Ann Arbor Film Festival Board of Directors, Chrisstina Hamilton, Bryan Konefsky, Heidi Kumao, Ralph McKay, Chris McNamara, Scott Northrup, Terri Sarris, Nicholas Roumel, Paul Saginaw, Lily McNulty, Grahame Weinbren, Tom Bartlett, Amy Moore, Ken Bawcom, Pat Oleszko, Vicki Honeyman, Woody Sempliner, Ruth Bradley, John Nelson, Judy Schwartz, Mark Hardin, Vicki Engel, Dana Fair, Fred & Jeanie Birkhill, Marie Woo & Harvey Levine.
Russ Collins and the entire Michigan Theater team; IATSE Local 395; Johannes von Moltke, Markus Nornes, Mary Lou Chlipala (University of Michigan Screen Arts & Cultures); Gunalan Nadarajan, Stephanie Rowden (Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design); John Canciani (Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur).
Marie Klopf, Megan Winkel, Omari Rush, Angela Lenhardt (Ann Arbor Art Center); Josie Parker, Eli Neiburger, Tim Grimes (Ann Arbor District Library); Deb Polich (Arts Alliance); Rich DeVarti (Casa Dominick’s); Noah & Ethan Kaplan (Leon Speakers, Leon Loft); Alvin Hill (University of Michigan North Quad Programming); Zack Zavisa (The Ravens Club); Cedric Richner, Helen Starman, Dan Jenuwine (Richner & Richner); Kelly Luck (KSL Consulting, LLC); Joe Dougherty (Didaktikos).
The Ann Arbor Film Festival relies on a large cadre of volunteer screeners. This year our Super Screener Award, for the person who reviewed the most films, goes to Ken Bawcom.
Special thanks to Ken for his time and expertise!
Overview Partners and Foundation Support
Contributing Sponsors
Key Sponsors Core Sponsors
DVD Overview
Volumes 1 – 9 are on sale at the merchandise table in the Michigan Theater lobby during the Festival and on our website:
Volumes 4 – 9 Feature beautiful design work from our friends at Letterform, and one of a kind screen-printed cases from VGKids.
Coming Soon: Volume 10! A compilation of award-winning and select short films from this year’s 55th festival.
Beyond the Fest Tour
The 54th Ann Arbor Film Festival Traveling Tour visited more than a dozen cities in the United States and abroad with award-winning and select short films from the 2016 festival. All filmmakers participating in the tour receive income for each screening of their work, providing direct support to independent artists. To learn more about the AAFF Traveling Tour please visit:
Houston, TX Rice University October 14th and 15th
South Hadley, MA Mt. Holyoke College October 27th
Providence, RI Rhode Island School of Design December 4th
London, Ontario, Canada BealArt January 11th
Grosse Pointe, MI Grosse Pointe Public Library January 18th
Detroit, MI Detroit Film Theater January 21st
Columbia, SC Nickelodeon Theatre January 24th
Cincinnati, OH Mini Microcinema January 26th
Bloomfield Hills, MI Cranbrook Academy of Art January 28th
Ann Arbor, MI Ann Arbor District Library February 2nd
Louisville, KY Speed Art Museum February 2nd & 5th
Seattle, WA Grand Illusion Theatre February 7th & 11th
Ormskirk, England Edge Hill University February 9th
Marquette, MI Northern Michigan University February 21st
Nashville, TN Vanderbilt University February 23rd
Dallas, TX Texas Theatre February 23rd
Chicago, IL Columbia College March 7th
Memphis, TN Indie Memphis Film Fest March 8th
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Open City Cinema March 19
Off Overview
The Screen! Intermedia Salons, Workshops, Performances, and Installations
Space 2435 North Quad 10am – 6pm, 105 S. State St, Free & Open to the Public
Lasting Synergies Space 2435 North Quad The history of the Ann Arbor Film Festival is inextricably linked with the history of the University of Michigan. With support from the UM Bicentennial Committee and working with designer Melissa Gomis, students in Terri Sarris’s Screen Arts course (SAC 304) used ephemera from the Festival archives at UM’s Bentley Historical Library to create an exhibition exploring aspects of the Festival’s history. UM faculty and former student work exhibited at past fests will loop on monitors in the gallery.
Pop-Up Projection Pavilion (PUPP) Space 2435 North Quad The Pop-Up Projection Pavilion, conceived by Peter Sparling and designed by Robert Adams, provides the screen artist and viewer with multiple perspectives, visual counterpoint, and an immersive viewing experience. The PUPP allows for various degrees of opacity, such that bodies shot against greenscreen and floated in black appear at different depths or angles while sharing the same “artificial darkness.” The Third Century Screens Project invites screen artists to make works for the PUPP. Visit
Out There Space 2435 North Quad Out There is the first Michigan women’s animation competition held by the Women’s Caucus for Art, Michigan, and the Ann Arbor Film Festival. It features works from promising Michigan artists, including Layla Abdul-Jabbar, Sarah McNamara, and Collin Leix.
Also featured on this reel is Animals Are People II. Since 2015, the Ann Arbor Film Festival has endowed the George Manupelli Award at the Ypsi 24-Hour Film Shootout, given to the participant who demonstrates the most creativity and experimental prowess. The 2016 Manupelli Award winner is Animals Are People II, by Bryan Susalla, Matt Wilken, and Jeremy Liesen.
Pop-Up Projection Pavilion (PUPP)
Photo: PUPP: Synecdoche/Lisa Sauve & Adam Smith
Out There
In Passing Robert Ziebell Space 2435 North Quad In Passing uses a large woven tapestry to cover a large video monitor. The short video can only be watched by pulling away the tapestry curtain and holding it open to view. As if challenging you to reveal what is behind the tapestry itself is a woven image of the Dutch war ship William Rex, Cornelis Moesman that sailed the seas in the late 17th century. Underneath the tapestry the video reveals the horizon of Lake Superior at dusk. A
buoy is in the foreground bobbing in the waves. Two separate merchant ships, an old sailing vessel, and a large freighter enter on the horizon line, stage left and stage right, and eventually cross paths. When they intersect, ghost like images appear in the waves. They are of an older gentleman being shaved and an older woman having her hair cut and styled. Unaware of each other, they gaze at the viewer as they are being
primped and prepped. Other images of children are laced in as well, and we assume we are watching a life in full. In addition to the sounds of the water and buoy the soundtrack has a poem being recited about loss and the passing of life. Much like the image in the museum that the velvet curtain is protecting, the tapestry is a veil covering a metaphor of loss and time spent that in the end is fleeting and now stolen.
Off Overview
The Screen! Intermedia Salons, Workshops, Performances, and Installations
of the soul—a serious charge
high powered light beams at the time of the Inquisition.
Morse code in the opposite In response Copia Sullam
direction. The coded message penned the Manifesto which
contains a core passage from was published and survives
Sara Copia Sullam’s Manifesto: to this day. Copiousness of
“To eliminate any uncertainty Learning has two components
about my Own opinion in this that extend in opposite
regard, it ought to be enough directions. The first is a video
that I remained a Jew. Had I projection, which places into
[not] believed, as you say, in dialog passages from the
the happiness of the other Copia Sullam Manifesto and
life and were I not afraid of quotes from cognitive scientist
forfeiting it, there would have Donald D. Hoffman’s work on
been no lack of opportunities the nature of consciousness.
for me to improve my state by Text is contrasted by animated
changing my law, a thing known navigational maps and a
to persons of much authority, typology of 3D ships from
who have insistently striven and Venice. While the video loops,
attempted to do so.” a microprocessor-controlled
Peephole Cinema Brenda L. Burmeister
Laurie O’Brien Michigan Theater Lobby
Michigan Theater Lobby and “Pitching a tent in a public campground is a performance of
in the Encore Records storefront demarcating privacy in the hopes of engendering personal, family
“Nearly two hundred years before the invention of cinema, bonding away from the distractions of the virtual world. As such,
the peepshow was a live show, a closed box with one a family camping trip in itself is a constructed intimacy which is
peephole revealing a hidden ‘view.’ It was a form of both visual paralleled by my design of an intimate audience experience within
entertainment and optical experimentation. In the 1800s Edison’s the video tent. However, intimacy and concentration are broken
invention of the Kinetoscope gave way to peephole viewing when the spectators enter, aligning artist and audience in our act
parlors. My cinema uses modern equipment like media players of intrusion. The implications of my attempts to document families
but keeps the one-on-one cinema viewing experience. As a free at public camping sites trespassed and interrupted the family’s
public art venue it offers a place to explore our sense of curiosity bonding experience. By choosing to enter and engage in the act
while playing on age-old tensions between public and private, of being an audience or documentarian, we splinter images of the
authorized viewing and voyeurism, seeing and being seen. Sarah families’ collaborative efforts towards privacy.” (BB)
Klein is a guest programmer.” (LO’B)
Copiousness of Learning Mat Rappaport Beam light, Morse code, 3D animation and video projection on architecture Michigan Theater alley Copiousness of Learning was created and exhibited in 2016 as part of the events marking the 500 Year Anniversary of the Jewish Ghetto in Venice, Italy. The work takes its name from a passage in the Italian and Jewish poet Sara Copia Sullam’s Manifesto. Sara Copia Sullam was an important female poet and writer who lived in Venice in the late 16th and early 17th centuries, a time when Venice was a European center of Jewish culture and the printing industry. In 1671 she was accused of heresy by Baldassarre Bonifacio who had written that Copia Sullam denied the existence
Michigan Installations Theater Installations
Michigan Theater and Encore Records
Off Overview
The Screen! Intermedia Salons, Workshops, Performances, and Installations
Expanded Cinema from the Ann Arbor Film Festival is a group exhibition with work by Jonathan Rattner and Ayse Gül Süter, Yuan Goangming, and Simon Alexander-Adams and Isaac Levine.
Indication Yuan Goangming Taiwan | 2014 | 6 minute loop | 3-channel video “Yuan Goangming’s signature
work in still photography digitally extracts the human from spaces that are typically teaming with people. For example, his uncanny City Disqualified—Ximen (2002) shows the busiest street corner in Taipei devoid of passersby; likewise, Landscape of Energy—Stillness (2014) features a beach crowded with parasols, but no people. Indication inverts this structure—filling non-space
with a line of people. They emerge from a deep, dark background to address the spectators—themselves bathed in darkness—lifting their arms to point, indicate... what? To the unknown or unnoticed? To the future? Or
is the point an accusation? The answer surely depends on the specific time and place—here, now, America in 2017.” – Markus Nornes, Professor of Asian Cinema, University of Michigan
Ann Arbor Art Center Expanded Cinema from the Ann Arbor Film Festival AAAC Reception | 3 – 5pm, 117 W Liberty St.
Moiré Pool Simon Alexander-Adams and Isaac Levine 2017 | interactive multimedia installation Moiré Pool is an interactive installation featuring real-time generative sound and visuals that react to the movement of viewers in the space. The focal point of the installation is a circular projection surface, raised a few feet from the floor. The projections consist of iterative patterns that create visual effects similar to moiré patterns—a form of visual interference that often results in mesmerizing visual beat frequencies. The interaction is akin to waiting for a small pond to clear after one has skipped a stone. If viewers stay still, they will see the settling of the original imagery. If they move about, the visuals will ripple and distort based on their motions. Thus, before one has had a chance to fully observe the pattern, it has been altered. The intention is to create a space that rewards stillness and meditative observation, along with action and play.
Wheatfields and the Sea or: How to feel deprived of sensation is part of a six-month collaborative exchange project between Turkish animator and media artist Ayse Gül Süter and American film artist Jonathan Rattner. Created during the spring and summer of 2016, during which there were multiple terrorist bombings in Istanbul and Europe, an attempted coup d’etat in Turkey, and several mass shootings in the United States, this work is a reflection on how to process and interact with these acts of violence in our contemporary landscape. Having a conversation with art
Wheatfields and the Sea or: How to feel deprived of sensation Jonathan Rattner and Ayse Gül Süter 2016 | mixed media installation AAAC & Aquarium Gallery
from the past, including works by Sophie Calle, Winslow Homer, and Antoni Tàpies, this installation includes two 4-minute looped video projections that are displayed with the same sound design.
The first projection (in the Aquarium Gallery), “Part One: Sea” contains a visual of woman staring at an ocean, overlaid with a close-up image of typewriter text rewriting the words “close your eyes.”
The second projection, “Part Two: Wheatfields,” is a long durational shot of a wheat field that is projected onto a
silver painting of a wheat field (100x55 inch). The sound design features a layering of audio gathered from both the United States and Turkey and includes samplings of soul music, ocean surf, sounds of someone walking around their home closing and opening windows and doors, street traffic, and an F16 fighter plane.
Expanded Cinema from the Ann Arbor Film Festival is on view at the Ann Arbor Art Center through March 25.
2x2 came about by accident, when Holly Fisher arbitrarily cut together two of her recent short films, Goldfish Variations and Ghostdance for a New Century, each made with different intent and using music by two very different contemporary composers: Lois V Vierk and composer/cellist Ha-Yang Kim. Juxtaposing these two unlikely works highlights differences within one’s sensibilities, but what is more compelling to her is “to shed light on what we have in common. Each of us works within a layered, complex, and quite rigorous language of our own making; my guess is that the three of us hold a deep respect for the audience, and so seek ways within our unique media to create space, agency, and desire whereby each spectator may form her/
Off The Screen! Intermedia Salons, Workshops, Performances, and Installations
Installations Free & open to
the public
2x2 Holly Fisher 2016 | film/video hybrid 111 South 4th Avenue
his own meaning. In no way did I anticipate the spark and mysterious deep resonance I experienced when I put these works together in a single piece. I’ve come to think of 2x2 as my ‘e-motion diptych’ and as a project that miraculously seems to transcend the unique sensibilities of each of us.”
Goldfish Variations (2012) is a playful work comprised of sketches made with a minute of iPhone footage re-envisioned within 24 video layers, and shaped with, against, around, and inspired by the densely textured, continually shifting, tightening, building, and deeply riveting forward motion sound flow of Vierk’s piece “River Beneath the River.”
111 South 4th Avenue
Ghostdance for a New Century and Kim’s piece Lens were completed independently. “We met a year ago by chance. Kim felt a connection to what was a silent landscape film/ video hybrid which had passed through multiple transformations originating from a roll of 8mm film shot while descending Canyon de Chelly, AZ, in 1978. I discovered Lens, set it on my finished cut and with a single shift, the two came together as if intended. Her intense, contemplative, unpredictable, and wide open sound expands the space of my picture exponentially, while my layers of rich desert colors and cyclic imagery likely add a tension to her haunting sound by ‘click,’ counter-point, and ground.” (HF)
TUE 3/21
Public Reception 2 – 4pm | NQ2435 A reception for North Quad Exhibitions featuring Peter Sparling’s PUPP and Lasting Synergies, a presentation by Terri Sarris’s UM Screen Arts course about Ann Arbor Film Festival history.
WED 3/22
16mm Etching and Digital Manipulation Workshop Part I Salon Session 10am – 12pm | NQ2435 Featured Artists: Russell Sheaffer & Aaron Michael Smith Participants work with small segments of 16mm negative film, using available tools to etch directly into the film. At the conclusion of part one of the workshop, people will have short works made by hand. In between part one and part two, these short etched 16mm films will be digitized. Participants are welcome to attend one or both workshops.
Off The Screen! Calendar Receptions, Intermedia Salons, and Performances
Space 2435 North Quad 105 S State St., unless otherwise noted
Liminal Luminal Expanded Cinema
THU 3/23
Performance 3 – 5pm | NQ2435 Featured Artists: The Liminal Luminal Collective
16mm Etching and Digital Manipulation Workshop Part II An expanded cinema
Salon Session performance composed of live,
10am – 12pm | NQ2435 large-scale video projections
Featured Artists: and analog music, based on
Russell Sheaffer & the concept of “borders.” A
Aaron Michael Smith physical exploration of the
During part two of this border between the US and
workshop, participants take Canada, spending time in
their digitized versions of the both countries collecting
etched films from the previous field recordings, sounds, and
workshop and apply digital voices; these will be used as
manipulation techniques to samples in the performance,
them in a computer program and as points of inspiration for
called MAX. Participants further improvisational themes.
will learn techniques that Moving further with the
bring handmade cinema and concept, electronic musical/
digital manipulation together visual projections will be
to create their own, short developed, as well as analog
abstract works during the instrumental improvisations
workshops. Participants are based on broader “border”
welcome to attend one or interpretations such as
both workshops. personal/emotional borders; banishment; confiscation; etc.
Liminal Luminal
Off Overview
The Screen! Intermedia Salons, Workshops, Performances, and Installations
Film Art Forum Salon Session 3 – 5pm | NQ2435 An eclectic assortment of brief presentations (20 slides for 20 seconds each) by filmmakers in attendance and other AAFF guests. The subject matter varies, but all presentations aim to promote a more in-depth exploration of cinema as an art form and to serve as a forum for other discussions that nurture that community.
FR 3/24
Fracking (with) Postmodernism or There’s a Little Dr. Frankenstein In All of Us. Salon Session 10am – 12pm | NQ2435 Featured Artist: Bryan Konefsky This 30 minute presentation takes the form of a slide and video lecture using a video clip of Herman Munster (from the 1960s TV show The Munsters) singing the American spiritual “Dem’ Dry Bones” as the centerpiece to think about how we might deconstruct the relationship between popular forms of cinematic expression and more alternative forms. Participants engage with this presentation in the form of a dialogue that follows the lecture.
That which fades away continues forever (2 H.B.) Salon Session 10am – 12pm | NQ2435 Featured Artist: Fulla Abdul-Jabbar This lecture is one in a series of works of PowerPoint poems in which Jabbar uses presentation software—a medium that encourages standardization and distance—and re-presents it as expressive, personal, and emotive.
Expanded Cinema from the Ann Arbor Film Festival AAAC Reception 3 – 5pm | Ann Arbor Art Center Expanded Cinema from the Ann Arbor Film Festival is a group exhibition with work by Jonathan Rattner and Ayse Gül Süter, Yuan Goangming, and Simon Alexander-Adams and Isaac Levine.
SAT 3/25
Bryan Konefsky
AAFF v. State of Michigan: Ten Years Later with Christen Lien Salon Session 11:30am – 12:30pm | NQ2435 A decade ago, the Ann Arbor Film Festival fought a historic lawsuit against the State of Michigan to protect First Amendment rights and ban censorship targeting artists
Bryan Konefsky
and institutions seeking government funding to support their creative work. In partnership with the ACLU, this lawsuit removed unconstitutional laws and garnered international attention, providing an example of how to stand up to “Big Brother.”
Join former AAFF executive director Christen Lien and a senior representative from the Michigan chapter of the ACLU to learn the details, tactics, and strategies used to fight and win this historic battle against government censorship to become part of First Amendment history.
Cranky Shows: Low-Tech, High Entertainment Paper Theatre Salon Session 1:00 – 2:45pm | NQ2435 Featured Artist: Lindsay McCaw
A group of four cranky shows with brief introductions. The shows are hand painted paper scrolls that either tell a story or have musical accompaniment of some kind. The shows are: Everything in moderation, all at once, a seemingly endless chain of stream of consciousness drawings accompanied by an improvised vocal cacophony; Rattlesnake Mountain, an illustrated Ozark folk song; Surprise Surprise, you haven’t seen everything yet, a comical cartoon series with musical accompaniment; and Factory Sacrifice, an illustrated poem by Milwaukee’s former poet laureate performed to Prokofiev.
Off The Screen! Artist Talks 6 – 7pm | Michigan Theater Main Lobby
Featured Artists: Brenda L. Burmeister discusses her lobby installation, which explores issues related to “home.”
Laurie O’Brien will discusses her Peephole Cinema installations, which are in the Michigan Theater Lobby and in the Encore Records storefront.
SUN 3/26
Young Filmmakers Exploring Cultural and Social Communities Salon Session 11am – 12pm | NQ2435 Featured artist: Joey Lopez This panel brings together young filmmakers who engage with diverse cultural and social spaces to create films that express their relationships and personal experiences through various themes and topics.
Wrap up the evening with other festival attendees, filmmakers, festival staff, and AAFF members at a different exciting venue each night of the festival. Several evenings will include drink specials, DJs or other entertainers, and excellent food options. Afterparties allow for great conversation about the films screened at the festival. Whether you are new to the festival or have been going for decades, the afterparties are a relaxed, fun environment where everyone is welcome!
The FRI: Ann Arbor Distilling
sounds of La Monte Young),
performance activates Company | 10pm – 2am
of course the constant hum
the initial notational and Drone—expanded cinema
and buzz of these and other
representational form into a performance | $5, Free
machines (from the industrial
live experiential event, where with AAFF Pass
to the digital) just adds to this
drone imagery is montaged Drones, when referring to
inevitable lexical collision.
and contrasted with an unmanned aerial vehicles, have
ensemble playing a drone entered the consciousness
The pun was first explored
composition, to generate a of society as mechanisms of
within the publication of
tensioned visual unfolding surveillance, telematic violence,
Issue #2, Drone Score, where
that activates the dramatic and killing, as well as liberating
the drone homonyms were
attack of the audio score. new modalities of viewing
explored through representa- (especially as prices of
tional marks of notation. The
Video includes imagery these types of vehicles have
first, tally marks, highlighted
mixed from prerecorded come down).
the total number of deaths
drone sourced video (military, resulting from US military
industrial, hobbyist, journalist, In music, a drone is a harmonic
drone strikes in Pakistan,
etc.), real time streamed video or monophonic effect or
Yemen, and Sudan (the same
from drones present on site, accompaniment where a note or
diagonal/horizontal slash
video projection of drone chord is continuously sounded
marks often found on fighter
bees, projected on three throughout most or all of a piece.
airplanes marking the number
screens, all choreographed Finding expression in various
of tallied kills made by the
by artist Osman Khan. A folk traditions (classical Indian
pilots). This was countered
soundscape based on La tambura, Australian didgeridoo,
with a musical notation of La
Monte Young’s Composition or the Scottish bagpipe for
Monte Young’s Composition
#7 score, accompanying the example) and contemporary
#7 from 1960 (which shares
visuals, is performed live by interpretations (the avant-garde
more than a graphical
an ensemble of 11 musicians semblance with the tally marks
led by composer and multi- echoing the seemingly endless
instrumentalist James Cornish. Sponsor
clusters of five, which musically Arbor Networks
notate a perfect 5th).
Drone—expanded cinema performance
Afterparties and Afterparty Performances
Sava’s | 10pm – 12am | Free
The Ravens Club | 11pm – 2am | Free Kitchen open until 1AM
\aut\ BAR | 11pm – 2am | Free
Ann Arbor Distilling Company | 10pm – 2am Drone—40-min expanded cinema performance $5, Free with AAFF Pass
Club Above | 10pm – 2am | Matilda Techno Collective—expanded cinema performance followed by DJ Chad Pratt | $8, Free with AAFF Pass
Ann Arbor Distilling Company | 8pm – 12am Triø—expanded cinema performance | $5, Free with AAFF Pass
Afterparty Overview
SAT: Club Above | 10pm – 2am | Matilda Techno Collective— expanded cinema performance followed by DJ Chad Pratt $8, Free with AAFF Pass Matilda Techno Collective is an audio-visual collaboration using scavenged technology to create art and promote sustainable practices. Our performances incorporate circuit bending VHS tapes and slide projectors in sync to live analog electronic music. We hope to inspire others to reconsider old technology’s value in contemporary society. (MTC)
SUN: Ann Arbor Distilling Company | 8pm – 12am Triø—expanded cinema performance | $5, Free with AAFF Pass Triø investigates the nature of improvisation and interactivity in cross-media performance. We question how different forms of media, when performing together in an interactive, real-time context, can incorporate “soloist” roles, support roles, and composed and improvised parts, in the same manner as an ensemble of acoustic musicians. The media utilized can include audio (vocals, trumpet, drums, and electronics), still image,
video, and light, all of which are manipulated in real time by three performers, or controlled by each other using programmed triggers. We explore the ways improvising musicians create structure through harmonic and rhythmic systems, through assigned roles within the band, and by interpreting and manipulating pre-composed information while simultaneously creating new content on the spot. Triø transforms musical structures and systems into the visual realm, and examines specific sites by tailoring the projection surfaces and performance elements to the performance environment.
OPENING NIGHT TUESDAY 3/21/2017 8:15pm
Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
Opening Night Screening
Films in Competition 1
External Memory page 34
Opening TUESDAY, 8:15pm
Night Screening
Afterparty Sava’s | 10pm – 12am | Free
Films in Competition 1
Over & Over Michael Fleming The Netherlands | 2016 | 8 digital file A 35mm found-footage hand-manipulated collage film focusing on the depiction of fear and revenge seen in commercial cinema. Manipulating our fear of mortality, it suggests we decimate what threatens us. The surface of the film material has been treated in the same way: peeling, scalping, cutting, and burning the image.
LUIS & I Roger Gómez & Dani Resines Spain | 2016 | 21 | DCP U.S. PREMIERE A love tale between a clown about to retire and a young secretary that leaves Liverpool to become an actress in Italy. On the road, she meets a human cannonball man and decides to stay with the circus.
Chateau au Go Go Steve Gentile USA | 2016 | 5 | digital file A kinetic romp that investigates the images imprinted onto wine corks. This animated, macro-photographed film becomes a sort of frenetic history lesson that alludes to the human impulse to tame nature.
External Memory Yuan Zheng USA | 2016 | 12 | DCP WORLD PREMIERE The film follows a man who visits a place without ever going there. It begins with the whir of a hard drive and the image of an airplane. He travels through different representations of space and time, tracing along the footprints of others, attempting to construct his own memories of “here” or “elsewhere”...
Mind Frame Jake Fried USA | 2016 | 1 | digital file Fried works with ink, white-out and coffee to generate hallucinatory vistas, modifying and shooting the images over and over to create a mind-bending animation that evolves at a frenzied pace.
Victor & Isolina William Caballero. USA | 2016 | 6 | DCP Living apart, Victor and Isolina (now in their 80s) answer questions about their life-long, complex and arduous relationship, posed from behind the lens of their documentary filmmaking grandson. An adorable, touching, poignant love story in a funny he-said- she-said account.
A Narrative Film Michael Edwards USA | 2016 | 8 | digital file The most narrative narrative never narrated. It has a beginning, a middle, and an end. It is at once both a three-act assault on the conceit of the traditional narrative and a futile attempt to escape the narrative impulse of cinema.
In the Vicinity Kelly Sears USA | 2016 | 10 | DCP Expanding observational horizons and intelligence potentials.
Astral Atomic Sean Kenny USA | 2016 | 3 | digital file WORLD PREMIERE Using bleach and India ink on black and clear film leader yields abstract images evocative of both inner and outer space; accompanied by the sounds of deep space as recorded by NASA.
Sponsor Michigan Theater
External Memory
A Narrative Film
Astral Atomic
A Narrative Film
Victor & Isolina Mind Frame
WEDNESDAY 3/22/2017
Raw Data page 39
WEDNESDAY 3/22/2017 1pm
Michigan Theater Screening Room
Juror Presentation: Mary Magsamen
Selections from Extremely Shorts Film Festival
Now in its 20th year,
Lyrics on the Paper the Extremely Shorts
Jeremy Rourke Festival is an annual
USA | 3 juried competition of
An animated music video for adventurous three-minute
a song of the same title. or shorter films and videos from around
Tailored the world presented by
Augenblick Aurora Picture Show
Italy | 1 in Houston, TX. This
The rhythmic gestures of a program features a
tailor and his wife become selection of very short
a dance, but this glimpse of films from the last
desire soon falls down like 10 years of Extremely
a pin. Shorts, curated by Mary Magsamen.
Fish (Mahi) Saman Hosseinpuor Iran | 3 An old couple is living in an apartment, and a fish is living in a bowl.
Frog Jesus Ben Peters USA | 2 He thought that he could make a frog Jesus... a nostalgic voyage takes a darker turn, exploring the naiveté of mankind through the eyes of a young boy.
The Adventures of Meow Meow Dennis Zaidi Canada | 3 A cunning cat meets its enemy, a red fish. He swears to destroy her... but will his carefully calculated plan succeed?
Raw Data Jake Fried USA | 1 Animator Jake Fried works with layer after layer of ink, gouache, white-out, and coffee to create a deeply textured and truly psychedelic animated short.
For Needling Self Doubt and The Indignities Of Your Office Job Kara Hearn USA | 3 A series of short video rituals engaging with fabricated feelings of meaningfulness, mastery, futility and agency, doubt and hope.
899 Krosno Blvd. Vanessa Godden USA | 3 After relocating to Texas in 1996, the filmmaker’s most missed space was her paternal grandparents’ home in Pickering, Ontario.
Oscillating Fan Rob Tyler USA | 3 A quiet symphony of circulating air, Oscillating Fan is an abstract and joyful look at domesticated technology.
Torsdag Fredrik Thelander Sweden | 1 The unpleasant truth is revealed to a man who suspects his wife of infidelity.
Selections from Extremely Shorts Film Festival
A Thought for Robert Kevin Landry Canada | 2 While on vacation in Morocco, Mara tries to send a video message to her husband,
but the simple task becomes an ordeal thanks to some outside interference.
America Mark F. Kindred USA | 2 A large man suits up for an operatic jog through the park, but to what end?
Sandbox Daniel Carberry USA | 3 An action short film about a squad of five soldiers lost in the desert.
This Is It Alexander Engel USA | 3 These kids are best buds. Through college. Through life. Through that first apartment together. Or so they think. I mean, really, is it that big a deal if your stupid houseplant doesn’t survive the lease?
After Work Mengna Lei USA | 2 This animation presents a normal day of a Chinese family, and questions a social issue in modern society.
Elle Be Jay Melissa Tran USA | 2 This text-based video visually highlights a long forgotten (and widely unknown) phone call made by a widely known man.
Short Stitched Jenalia Moreno USA | 3 After unexpectedly losing his job, quilter Randall Cook made a piece of art depicting a male nude, causing quite a stir amongst traditional quilters.
Mirror in Mind Seung Hee Kim Republic of Korea | 2 A woman looks into her mind. Chasing her ideals on a tightrope. Every imperfect piece of her mind completes herself.
I Am Your Grandma Jillian Mayer USA | 1 An autobiographical video diary log (vlog) that Jillian Mayer records for her unborn grandchildren.
Introducing: Cloud of Funk Mark Walley & Angela Guerra USA | 3 An experimental music video about a fake funk band which consists of Mark Walley, Michael-Paul Hernandez and Angela Guerra.
I Am The Blueberry Al Herrmann USA | 2 A musical tale of fruit and fate.
Anatinus David Wanger USA | 2 A musical cinematographical voyage into the hazy early hours of the day.
WEDNESDAY 3/22/2017 5pm
Michigan Theater Screening Room
Post-Internet & The Moving Image
Curated by Andrew Rosinski
Special Program
Andrew Rosinski is a visual artist, filmmaker, and curator who received his BA from Columbia College in film and video with a concentration in post-production and documentary film. In 2009, he founded Dinca (, a contemporary art blog surveying the most noteworthy and innovative artworks that exist in physical, digital, & time-based spaces. In 2012, he founded Vision Quest, a contemporary moving image & media arts festival based in Chicago. In 2014, he was awarded a Propeller Grant, a program by the Andy Warhol Foundation For The Visual Arts as part of its initiative to promote informal and independently organized visual arts activities across the United States. His artwork—moving image, painting & drawing, sculpture & objects, text, digital media—has exhibited around the country and internationally.
“Plenty has been said about the incipient term ‘Post-Internet Art,’ and since the term emerged sometime around 2010, it has glided throughout the contemporary art lexicon inciting both adulation and contention. Little has been said about ‘Post-Internet Cinema,’ a term which this program, Post-Internet & the Moving Image, seeks to define. This collection of recent (2011 – 2017) artist-made videos typifies the profound influence of the Internet and technology on the cinema of today and tomorrow. Content and source material is culled from the Internet; images and media are appropriated and recontextualized; new technological processes (webcam video, screen capture video, desktop hacking) are employed to create moving images; a process of creating and uploading is embraced. In most instances, these videos are created for online consumption rather than for cinematic exhibition—and we find that a new type of cinema is emerging, a new cinema that explores and embraces the new territories of emerging technologies, a new cinema that doesn’t rely on the theater, or the gallery space, as the sole mode of exhibition. Here we find a new type of moving image-based art that would not exist without the advent of the Internet or without digital technological processes that emerged during the proliferation of the Internet. Is it the future of cinema? Is digital technology ephemeral? Time will tell.”
– Andrew Rosinski
Post-Internet & the Moving Image
tone that feels both sincere and insincere, emblematic of the emotional ambiguity of modern digital culture. (AR)
Workers Leaving the Googleplex Andrew Norman Wilson 2011 | 11 | HD video Paying titular and partly conceptual homage to the Lumière Brothers’ Workers Leaving The Lumière Factory in Lyon (1895), Workers Leaving the Googleplex recounts Wilson’s time as a former Google employee. By examining the color-coded badge hierarchy of the Google workforce, Wilson gives insight and inside information pertaining to the tech giant’s internal company policies, as well as the stratification of its workers. (AR)
.*` .* ;`*,`., `, ,`.*.*. *.*` .* ;`*,`., `, ,`.*.*. *.*` .* ;`*,`., `, ,`.*.*. *
Petra Cortright 2010 | 2 | digital webcam video Stream
the viewer and the large
Courtesy the artist and Foxy Joe Hamilton
amount of visually similar
Production, New York 2014 | 3 | HD video
salacious imagery. (AR)
In .*` .* ;`*,`., `, ,`.*.*. *.*` .* ;`*,`., Stream is a work that explores
`, ,`.*.*. *.*` .* ;`*,`., `, ,`.*.*. * , the well known analogy of
Petra Cortright participates water flow and the flow of
Jaakko Pallasvuo
in the YouTube economy by data on the internet. The
2014 | 6 | HD video
showcasing the magic and structure and movement in
Blending the old with the
sparkling potential of the the browser window becomes
new, Pallasvuo assembles a
uploaded webcam video. (AR) a rigid framework that
mélange of voiceover, found contains and shifts an array
footage, and digital graphics
Opening Folders of found images and video of
and software icons into a water. (JH)
poetic, essay-like structure
2015 | 3 | screen capture that contemplates the life and
video Tanya versus Irena
career of art house cinema
The folders are placed on Darja BajagiЯ
legend Ingmar Bergman,
desktop following a concentric 2014 | 9 | HD video
along with the history of
and symmetric layout but they Tanya versus Irena considers
cinema and the mechanics
are named by numbers in a the Internet’s utility in the
of filmmaking, social media,
clockwise direction, with eight sex economy. Moving at a
and various other tropes.
folders on every corner and protracted pace, it creates a
Bergman produces a
the rest in the center. This durational discomfort between
saccharine and sentimental
composition makes the user
Post-Internet WEDNESDAY, 5pm
& the Moving Image
create different animated transitions as the
and distributed online exclusively through folders are selected differently before to open
the blog, Jon Rafman’s them. (EJP)
Neon Parallel 1996 centers around a chat transcription between two Internet PathExtrude
users, “sp1der” and “ang3l,” as it explores a Brenna Murphy
cyber-noir narrative that fetisizes data while 2017 | 5 | HD video
wistfully evoking the surreptitious cyber-hacker In PathExtrude, Brenna Murphy employs 3D
culture of the 90s. It’s a video that Rafman animation software to render a bridge to the
self-describes as a “Lost Vaporwave Classic” other side, where we gaze at abstruse patterns
and that Gary Zhexi Zhang of Frieze Magazine and explore otherworldly architectural spaces
describes as “sit[ting] somewhere between through a first-person POV that hearkens back
the warm softcore haze of Just Jaeckin’s to early computer games. (AR)
Emmanuelle (1974) and the dystopian visions
Annals of Private History—Frieze Live (London, 2015) Amalia Ulman
of Chris Marker’s La Jetée (1962), cut like a tourist-board montage for an LA circa Blade Runner (1982).” (AR)
2015 | 14 | HD video
Shana Moulton ARCADIA MISSA, LONDON In Annals of Private History—Frieze Live (London, 2015), Amalia Ulman’s live-recorded spoken word performance impels a poetic and diary-like narrative structure wherein personal thoughts and feelings and societal histories are revealed amongst visual slideshow compositions comprised of text, found images, animated gifs, sound effects and other various found multimedia. Ulman collected these via the Internet and crowdsourced submissions of hundreds of photos of diaries from all over the
Sponsor Arbor Brewing Company 2013 | 9 | video The video Swisspering is framed by the act of applying and removing makeup. As the makeup is removed with a product called Swisspers, the body is, in effect, carved away. Through this act, Moulton investigates Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR), defined as the physical sensation of pleasurable tingling that begins on the scalp and moves throughout the body that is often triggered by whispering. (SM)
world, solicited from “Internet friends.” (AR)
Signals 1 Nicolas Sassoon & Rick Silva 2014 | 2 | HD video Using the Internet as collaborative conduit,
CALCULATORS Jon Satrom 2014 | 6 | screen capture video for ((i = 0; i (JS)
Nicolas Sassoon and Rick Silva merge computer generated images of undulating waves with a meshing rainbow pattern that replicates a reflective oil spill to create an ocean view simulacra. This is the first installment in a series of three videos whereby Sassoon and Silva participate in the nascent digital art economy, distributing 500 editions of each installment via the digital marketplace s[edition]. (AR)
MS Orlando 2D Trisha Baga 2015 | 34 | HD video Trisha Baga deftly amalgamates plenty of media in a beautiful way. We saunter through video sequences with overlays of iPhone screencaps of texts sent from her mother, and screen capture video of photoshop utilities and software popup modals. Pop music and audio
Neon Parallel 1996 Jon Rafman 2015 | 11 | video Digitally produced (and re-recorded to VHS),
lifted from movies create strangely sentimental emotional arcs, and travelogue images and quotidian footage of the city life produce a very heterogeneously sublime video. (AR)
comprised of found footage and fictional text,
Opening Folders
Signals 1
Community Partner Intermitten
WEDNESDAY 3/22/2017 5:15pm
Deafblind Couple Esteban Pedraza USA | 2015 | 4 | DCP A man and woman who can neither see nor hear wake up in bed next to each other, Michigan Theater
communicate, and rekindle their relationship through touch alone. Through the use of experimental sound design and increasingly Main Auditorium
intimate cinematography, Deafblind Couple illustrates the simultaneous deep isolation and true moments of connection between its two characters.
Flight Paths Films in
Robert Todd USA | 2016 | 11 | 16mm Tracing pathways as an avian Competition 2
observer might.
This is Yates Josh Yates USA | 2016 | 13 | digital file A reflexive analog-elegy that hates itself.
Light Angle Sieve
Some Dark Place Cecelia Condit USA | 2016 | 5 | digital file Both intimate and cosmic, Some Dark Place is filmmaker Cecelia Condit’s meditation on identity and memory in the face of mortality. Images of nature and family photographs are translated into the realm of another planet where memories are harder to hold onto—
Timothy David Orme USA | 2016 | 7 | digital file Light, space, time, and blur are all activated via a fractal pattern in this short film that explores the depth of the cinematic frame. The images in this film were shot on a multiplane camera and driven by the imperfections that might break their own strict structuralist principles.
a place where age and youth encounter one another in surprising yet familiar ways.
Dissociation Dirk de Bruyn
An Aviation Field Joana Pimenta Portugal / USA / Brazil | 2016 | 14 | DCP An aviation field in an unknown suburb. The lake underneath the city burns the streets. The mountains throw rock into the gardens.
The Interior Jonathan Rattner USA / Canada | 2015 | 22 | DCP January, the Alaskan Interior, 56 dogs, four humans, five hours of sunlight. This observational work—shot on both 16mm
Australia | 2016 | 8 | DCP NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE Captured voices—redolent of transmission flotsam from a too-long road trip—compete with an intense convoy of diverse abstract imagery.
In the crater of a volcano in Fogo, a model
and digital video—is a sensory journey that Brazilian city is lifted and dissolves. Two
follows Brent Sass, an award-winning dog people find each other in this landscape,
musher, and his community of dogs living in 50 years apart.
isolation in the rural inland of Alaska.
It’s a Date Zachary Zezima USA | 2016 | 8 | DCP Everyone is an alien at first.
An Aviation Field
Films Sponsor Bauer, Dunham & Barr
in Competition 2
The Interior
Deafblind Couple
This is Yates
Light Angle Sieve
Films in Competition 3 3/22/2017 7:15pm
The River Ya-Ting Hsu Taiwan | 2016 | 13 | DCP The River is an experimental short documenting the Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
repetitively traumatic nature of pregnancy. Director Ya-Ting Hsu explores childbirth and the physical and emotional toll that childbirth took on her personally. In her film, Hsu uses her body as a canvas, providing viewers with a most intimate view of what the Films in Competition 3
A Love Story Anushka Kishani
female body is subjected to when bringing a pregnancy to term. Images of Hsu accompany impressionistic depictions of her fetus in utero, and images of rivers suggesting both hope and menace, amongst other things.
Naanayakkara United Kingdom | 2016 | 8 | DCP Two creatures weave a colorful world. When one of them is threatened, the other must fight to stay together, or be torn apart.
Camping with Ada Ina Lerner Grevstad Norway | 2016 | 15 | digital file Romanian Ada faces the summer working as a prostitute with her aunt at a Norwegian camping site. When she encounters Henriette, a Norwegian girl, it sets a spark in her dream of a better life. Ada tries to push away reality, but as night falls the two worlds starts colliding.
Nina Emmanuel Elliah Belgium | 2015 | 9 | DCP Six-year-old Nina plays at the beach at the seaside, together with her older brother. Soon after, he abandons his sister to play with another boy. Being left alone, Nina decides to leave the beach and starts to stroll up between the rocks. Nature then becomes the mirror of her enchantment and solitude.
For Now Herman Asselberghs Belgium | 2017 | 34 | 4:3 Video WORLD PREMIERE In times of great turmoil, time comes to a standstill.
Voyage of the Galactic Space Dangler Evan Mann USA | 2016 | 8 | DCP A space man meets a cave man.
Camping with Ada
For Now
Camping with Ada
Camping with Ada
The River
Voyage of the Galactic Space Dangler
Sponsor Detroit Public Television
Education Partner Michigan Psychoanalytic Society
WEDNESDAY 3/22/2017 7:30pm
Michigan Theater Screening Room
Socrates of Kamchatka
Feature in Competition
Sponsor Ann Arbor Distilling Company
Education Partner University of Michigan Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies
Program Program
Animals Under Anaesthesia: Speculations on the Dreamlife of Beasts Brian M. Cassidy Canada | 2016 | 15 | DCP Part lyrical document, part farce, Animals Under Anaesthesia: Speculations on the Dreamlife of Beasts explores the imaginary unconscious minds of animals. Images of sex, death, and the natural world are made manifest in the murky and disquieting dreams of a dog, cat, pig and rabbit.
Socrates of Kamchatka
Animals Under Anaesthesia:
Socrates of Kamchatka
Socrates of Kamchatka Feature in Competition
Socrates of Kamchatka Irina Patkanian Russian Federation | 2016 | 55 | digital file WORLD PREMIERE Socrates of Kamchatka blends documentary and fiction to tell a story about Anfisa, and her horse, Socrates, who was murdered in 2012 to punish Anfisa for her economic success. It is a tale about the “breaking” of horses and people by caring Communist masters.
From the documentary thread of the movie, we learn about Anfisa’s life: happy Soviet childhood during 1980s; stealing meat in undergarments in the chaotic 1990s; running a very successful tourist company during Putin’s nationalism of the 2000s. From the fictional thread—Socrates’ voice over narration—we learn a somewhat different perspective of the human plight of the past 30 years. Humorous and sad, mixing folk lyricism and official government verbiage, opinion and fact, truth and fiction, Socrates’s narration echoes unstable Russian discourse.
Irina Patkanian in attendance.
WEDNESDAY 3/22/2017 9:15pm
Michigan Theater Screening Room
The Pink Egg
Feature in Competition
The Pink Egg Jim Trainor USA | 2016 | 71 minutes | DCP WORLD PREMIERE “The Pink Egg is a feature-length movie using
human actors to enact the life cycles of insects. It is a continuation of my 16mm animation series The Animals and their Limitations. There is no narration or dialog; instead viewers are plopped into the middle of the action, to make sense of the peculiar goings-on as best they can. Each actor represents all the individuals of its species, of one sex. My purpose, beyond my immediate desire to trouble and amuse people, is to show how the great and powerful insect societies, which dominate the world of the small just as humans dominate the world of mammals, came to be. Seven species represent the stages of insect social evolution, from sinister parasitic wasps to gloriously social honeybees.” – Jim Trainor, filmmaker
Jim Trainor in attendance.
Sponsor M Library
Community Partner Mothlight Microcinema
WEDNESDAY 3/22/2017 9:30pm
Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
Page of Madness with Kataoka Ichiro and Little Bang Theory
Special Program
Sponsor Leon Speakers
Community Partner WCBN
With Support From University of Michigan Center for Japanese Studies
Page of Madness is one of the greatest avant-garde films in history. It was directed by Kinugasa Teinosuke in 1926, and lost for nearly half a century. The story, by Nobel Laureate Kawabata Yasunari, centers on a janitor at the insane asylum that holds his wife. Renowned Japanese benshi Kataoka Ichiro will narrate the film and Detroit area trio Little Bang Theory (Frank Pahl, Terri Sarris, and Doug Shimmin) will perform an original score (written by Frank Pahl) on toy and handmade instruments.
Afterparty The Ravens Club 11pm – 2am, Free Kitchen open until 1am
THURSDAY 3/23/2017
Persistence of Vision page 61
THURSDAY 3/23/2017 1pm
Michigan Theater Screening Room
Juror Presentation: Ruth Bradley
Selections by Tony Buba and Richard Myers
Selections Program
by Tony Buba and Richard Myers
Washing Walls with Mrs. G. Tony Buba USA | 1980 | 6 | digital file “Every year I washed walls for my
grandmother. When my grandmother was 87, I made this video while washing her walls. The camera person was Nick Mastandrea, who has gone on to be one of the top A.D.s in Hollywood. Nick never shot anything before this and he said what do I do. I told him don’t pan, tilt or zoom, just keep my grandmother in the frame.” – Tony Buba
Young aspiring artists are stereotypically
Braddock Food Bank told they have to go “elsewhere” to be
Tony Buba successful: head to big cities, to the
USA | 1985 | 5 | digital file coasts, to go anywhere but where they
Tony Buba has a dilemma: raise a came from. In counterpoint, Tony Buba
lot of money and make a feature and Richard Myers have each created
documentary about the Braddock a lifetime of work that is unrepentantly
Food Bank, or raise a lot of money and rooted in their own, original home places.
just give it to the Food Bank. Which is Immersed in their locales with an intimacy
better? You vote: Food or Film? that is built upon lived experience, their films resonate well beyond the limiting
37-73 label of “regionalism.” Their unique
Richard Myers visions, immersed in family, friends,
USA | 1974 | 60 | digital file community, imagination, and fantasy
Richard Myers’s epic films were suggest that staying home might just
among the memorable highlights provide infinite possibilities for delving
of the Ann Arbor Film Festival in into personal and public cinematic
the 1970s and 80s. Always an explorations of the highest order.
unique and idiosyncratic visionary, Myers’s work is indelibly immersed in dual geographies: one the actual landscape of his lifetime spent in and around Kent, Ohio, and the other, a surreal dreamscape of fantasies, fears, memories, and obsessions.
Richard Myers on 37-73: “I was born in 1937, and the film was shot mostly in 1973. It begins with a song from my childhood that all the kids who lived around my father’s beer joint used to sing: ‘Lemonade, lemonade, five cents a glass. If you don’t like it, stick it up your ask me no questions, tell me no lies, if you fall in a bucket of shit be sure and close your eyes.’”
THURSDAY 3/23/2017 5:10pm
Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
The New Negress Film Society:
I am a Negress of Noteworthy Talent
Presented by the Penny Stamps Distinguished Speaker Series
Afronauts page 59
Special Program
The New Negress Film Society is a core collective of black women filmmakers whose priority is to create community and spaces for support, exhibition, and consciousness-raising. The group is formed by Frances Bodomo, Ja’Tovia Gary, Stefani Saintonge, Chanelle Aponte Pearson, and Dyani Douze. This year’s program includes a screening series plus a conversation between collective members Ja’Tovia Gary and Chanelle Aponte Pearson. Together, they’ll discuss the topic of black women’s spectatorship and “looking relations,” the significance of Black queer representation in cinema, and the goals, challenges, and achievements of a film collective dedicated to Black women’s cinema.
Ja’Tovia Gary is an artist and filmmaker originally from Dallas, Texas, currently living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Gary’s work is concerned with constructions of power as it relates to shaping identity and how these power relations are made manifest in popular media and art. She is the recipient of the Sundance Documentary Fund Production Grant and the Jerome Foundation Film and Video Grant. Gary participated in the Terra Foundation of American Art 2016 summer artist fellowship and is the 2017 Remix Artist in Residence at the Jacob Burns Film Center.
Chanelle Aponte Pearson is a Bronx-bred, Brooklyn-based visual artist and filmmaker. In 2015, Chanelle was awarded the euphoria Calvin Klein Spotlight on Women Filmmakers “Live the Dream” grant for the narrative series
195 LEWIS, her directorial debut. As chief operating officer, Pearson also oversees the management and operations of MVMT, a Brooklyn-based film production company.
The THURSDAY, 5:10pm
New Negress Program Film Society:
An Ecstatic Experience Ja’Tovia Gary 2015 | 6 | digital file A meditative invocation on transcendence as a means of restoration.
Cakes Da Killa No Homo Ja’Tovia Gary 2013 | 13 | digital file Cakes Da Killa No Homo is an electrifying portrait of a young artist determined to live life on his own terms. Born Rashard Bradshaw, Cakes Da Killa is a 22-year-old hip hop artist. As an openly gay man, he is not your run of the mill rapper, but he just might be your new favorite.
195 Lewis: POP Party (episode 1) Chanelle Aponte Pearson 2014 | 15 | digital file 195 Lewis: POP Party is a dramedy series about a group of friends navigating the realities of being Black, queer, and polyamorous in New York City.
Pain Revisited
Seventh Grade
An Ecstatic Experience
195 Lewis: POP Party (episode 1)
Pain Revisited Dyani Douze & Nontsikelelo Mutiti 2015 | 14 | digital file This audiovisual project re-imagines the black body in pain as an agent of potentiality through art and collaboration.
Seventh Grade Stefani Saintoge 2014 | 11 | digital file Everyone is growing up except Patrice. But when a raunchy rumor threatens her best friend’s reputation, she’s forced to join the party and embrace adolescence.
Afronauts Frances Bodomo 2014 | 14 | digital file It’s July 16, 1969: America is preparing to launch Apollo 11. Thousands of miles away, the Zambia Space Academy hopes to beat America to the moon in this film inspired by true events.
With Support From University of Michigan
The Andy Warhol Penny Stamps Distinguished
Foundation for Speaker Series
the Visual Arts
I am a Negress of Noteworthy Talent
Films in Competition 4 3/23/2017 7pm
Michigan Theater Screening Room
Persistence of Vision Rodney Evans USA | 2016 | 12 | DCP This short documentary chronicles the Films in
experiences of blind photographer John Dugdale and the changes in his creative process after his loss of vision. Competition 4:
My Private Life II Jill Daniels Out Night
United Kingdom | 2015 | 25 | digital file U.S. PREMIERE In the re-editing of her feature documentary My Private Life (2014), Daniels creates in My Private Life II a powerful split screen view of the effect on her Jewish family history of her father’s unacknowledged sexuality. The characters appear in different screens to create different aspects of the complex familial relationships between parents and daughter. Walk For Me Elegance Bratton
The Cure USA | 2016 | 12 | digital file
Mike Olenick Walk For Me is a contemporary coming
USA | 2016 | 20 | digital file out story set in present day New York City.
A mom cries, photos fly, cats spy, and Hassan Kendricks is a conflicted teenager
bodies collide in this sci-fi soap opera torn between his devotion to his single
that unravels the secret dreams of people mother and his desire to be himself.
who are desperately searching for ways to cure their fears of loneliness. I Contacted Poison Control John Chatwin
Princessboy Australia | 2016 | 14 | DCP
Sweden | 2016 | 9 | digital file When Marnie and Janet entered the building,
Two siblings share a bedroom: one half of they believed they knew one another. When
the room is blue and the other half is pink. they left, they were strangers. They went
The sister has toys and clothes that the to experimental theatre on a date, they
brother is rather fond of, and one day when were blindfolded, separated, and then they
he puts his sister’s dress on, he
Community Partner
revealed their secrets.
feels something...
Eastern Michigan University LGBT Resource Center
I Contacted Poison Control
Anémic Cinéma page 64
Aline Juchler, art historian and film scholar, studied at the University of Zurich and Université Paris III— Sorbonne Nouvelle. Currently gallery manager at RaebervonStenglin, Zurich, she also works as programmer and curator for the Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur and for free curatorial projects on the interface between art and film. Prior professional experience includes working at the Art History Institute of the University of Zurich, at the small publishing house A short film program curated by John Canciani and Aline Juchler (Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur) The selection contains clusters with dialogues between
Nieves, at Cabaret Voltaire, for LISTE— Art Fair Basel, and at the Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen. Author of various press releases and catalog contributions. the original Dadaist films and their contemporary counterparts. Dada is everything and nothing; Dada is dead; Dada is alive; Dada is a well-meaning contradiction. It was politically in reaction to current events and sometimes playfully in search of new art forms. With the newer works screening in response to the original Dada films, we ask whether contemporary filmmakers are able to evoke the spirit of Dada: do their films simply exhibit formal similarities or do they come from kindred spirits?
John Canciani is the artistic director of the Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur and is programmer at the Cinema Cameo in Winterthur. He has curated several film programs like Moving Art II: O Cinema where are thou?, Heavy Metal, VROOOM!, Who’s afraid of the Public?, Independent Cinema USA: 9/11, Wonderland has transformed into Walt Disney’s Nightmare, Women in Early Japanese Film, Tattoo im Film, Blow-Up: der voyeuristische Blick, and retrospectives of Alfred Hitchcock, George Mélies, Ivan Ladislav Galeta, H.R. Giger, Christoph Girardet and Matthias Müller, Jan Soldat, Kim Ki-duk, and Hans-Christian Schmid. Canciani is member of the Swiss Film Academy. He has a Master of Advanced Studies in Curating from Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) and published OnCurating Issue 23: The Future of Short Films, which he presented at Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, Germany.
Sponsor University of Michigan Institute for the Humanities
100 THURSDAY, 7:30pm
Anémic Cinéma
Modern No. 2
Symphony No. 42 Marcel Duchamp
Mirai Mizue
Réka Bucsi France | 1925-26 | 8 |
Japan | 2011 | 4 | digital file
Hungary | 2014 | 10 | digital 16mm
In this seemingly simple
file This characteristically
animation, which consists only
The film uses an unconventional dadaist film by Marcel
of straight lines drawn with a
narrative. It presents a subjective Duchamp consists of a
pencil on a sheet of squared
world through 47 scenes. Small series of visual and verbal
paper, architectural details and
events, interlaced by associations, puns with nonsense
Broken Tongue
patterns that resemble optical
express the irrational coherence phrases inscribed around
Mónica Savirón
illusions come to life. A short
of our surroundings. The surreal rotating spiral patterns,
USA | 2013 | 3 | digital file
and appealing work driven by
situations are based on the creating an almost hypnotic
An ode to the freedom of
a powerful soundtrack. Mirai
interactions between humans effect. Marcel Duchamp
movement, association, and
Mizue (born 1981) studied
and nature. Réka Bucsi (born (1887 – 1968) was a
expression that challenges
animation at Tama Arts
1988) is a Hungarian independent conceptual artist and
the way we represent our
University. He also works as
animation filmmaker and illustrator. painter, and is one of the
narratives. With images from
an illustrator and provides
She studied at the Moholy-Nagy central art figures of the
the January 1st issues of The
drawings to some Japanese
University of Art and Design 20th century. He was part
New York Times since its
novelists. He is a member
(MOME) in Budapest. of the Dada movement in
beginning in 1851, Broken
of the Japan Animation New York and Paris, and
Tongue is a heartfelt tribute
Association and a teacher at
Fisticuffs was looking for anti-art even
to avant-garde performer
the O-HARA school.
Miranda Pennell before Dada was founded
Tracie Morris and to her
United Kingdom | 2004 | 11 | in Zurich in 1916.
poem “Afrika.” Mónica Savirón
digital file has worked as a film writer,
René Clair
Six actors punch, kick, and wrestle 21.04.02
editor, and programmer. Her
France | 1924 | 22 | 16mm
their way through the Wild West Jean-Gabriel Périot
work explores the cinematic
Entr’acte is a 1924 French
of an East London drinking France | 2002 | 10 | digital
possibilities of sound and
short film directed by René
establishment. The ritual of the file
avant-garde poetics.
Clair, which premiered as an
Western bar brawl is relocated The film tries to find
actual entr’acte for a ballet
to a London working men’s club. answers to moments of
Komposition in Blau
production at the Théâtre des
The violence appears to have no deep existential crisis,
Oskar Fischinger
Champs-Élysées in Paris. The
consequences, with the actors’ caused by personal matters
Germany | 1935 | 4 | 16mm
music for both the ballet and
bodies being as rubbery and mixed with a feeling of
In this abstract film, every
the film was composed by Erik
invulnerable as those in the TV impotence in view of
motion is strictly synchronised
Satie, and the Dadaist Francis
Westerns that inspired the film. political developments—in
with the music. Within a
Picabia was involved as an
Miranda Pennell originally trained this case the first round of
deep blue environment, one
actor and writer. René Clair
in contemporary dance and the presidential elections in
red cube slowly drifts on
(1898 –1981) was an infamous
later studied visual anthropology France on April 21, 2002, a
a reflecting floor until we
french director and writer;
at Goldsmiths (London). Her choice between pest and
see a multitude of different
Francis Picabia (1879 –1953)
current practice reworks colonial cholera. Jean-Gabriel Périot
shapes and colours moving
was one of the most important
photographic archives as a (born 1974) has worked
in Busby Berkeley-like
Dada collaborators and artists
material for film. Prior to this, she in the fields of film and art
formations. Oskar Fischinger
in Paris, New York, and Zurich;
produced a body of work exploring since 2000. He is interested
(1900 – 1967) was an abstract
Erik Satie (1866 – 1925) was
aspects of collective performance in the manipulative power
filmmaker and painter, known
a composer and pianist, and
through film and video. of images, unafraid to
for creating abstract musical
an important figure in the address political matters
animations, decades before
avant-garde movement. through his films.
the appearance of computer graphics and music videos.
Presented by
Education Partner
Community Partner Kilian Lilienfeld of
University of Michigan
Chelsea River Gallery Internationale
Germanic Languages Kurzfilmtage Winterthur
and Literatures
Broken Tongue
Dada in Dialogue with the Present
Komposition in Blau
Program note This film contains 3/23/2017
pornographic imagery. You must be 18 to be admitted. 9:15pm
Michigan Theater Screening Room
Deux Femmes (for Man Ray)
Feature in Competition
Deux Femmes (for Man Ray) Ann Oren Germany | 2016 | 84 | digital file WORLD PREMIERE “Deux Femmes (for Man Ray) creates a dialogue
with Man Ray’s porno footage that was found in his atelier after his death in a canister titled ‘Deux Femmes,’ shot in 1937. Man Ray’s preoccupation with the female body as sculpture and the eminence of amateur pornography today, were what necessitated a dialogue to me. Adhering to his particular compositions and actions within them, I collected matching shots from online amateur pornos. Then I printed the frames, and presented them in the video as a paper stack. This unhurried process of paper stacking slows down the otherwise speedy porn media consumption and allows us to examine the female body as sculpture today.” – Ann Oren
Ann Oren in attendance.
THURSDAY 3/23/2017 9:30pm
Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
Films in Competition 5
Sponsor University of Michigan North Quad Programming
Community Partner A2 Geeks
Films in Competition 5
Everything Turns... Aaron Zeghers Canada | 2016 | 13 | 16mm U.S. PREMIERE From one to 12 minutes, Everything Turns... is a shorthand study of the mythology of numbers, one through 12. Scientific tradition is adopted then eschewed for rumours, legends and defunct theories from across the ages.
Commodity City Jessica Kingdon USA | 2016 | 11 | digital file Commodity City is a visually rigorous ethnographic documentary observing the daily lives of the vendors who work in China’s Yiwu Markets, the largest consumer market in the world. The film explores moments of tension between the fake and the real, between what is for sale and the humans who sell them.
Railment Shunsaku Hayashi Japan | 2017 | 9 | 16mm NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE In a continuous scenery, his physical movement stays in the same position. The speed of the continuity and his movement have accelerated and gradually cause a distortion.
Snatched Emmanuelle Nicot Belgium | 2016 | 23 | DCP NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE Raïssa and Alio (17 and 18 years old) have shared the same room in a foster home since childhood. One evening as she returns to the foster home, Raïssa discovers that Alio has left the place without telling her.
Étude 1a: Release (I) Russell Sheaffer & Aaron Michael Smith USA | 2016 | 4 | DCP Exploring the musical concept of “release,” this film is a haunting found footage study in the plurality of visual and auditory meanings of the term.
Gardening At Night Shayna Connelly USA | 2016 | 13 | DCP Waiting puts time out of joint as Samantha anticipates the death of her oldest friend, Anne, across the country. After midnight Samantha abandons the stillness of her house to tame
Everything Turns...
her neglected garden. Activity gives her the strength to bridge the distance between her and Anne. Samantha is able to say goodbye and help Anne let go of fear at the moment of her death.
Crossing Richard Tuohy Australia | 2016 | 17 | 16mm NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE
Commodity City
Across the sea. Across the street. Cross processed Super 8 footage of fraught neighbours Korea and Japan in grain focused enlargement.
Afterparty \aut\ BAR | 11pm – 2am | Free
Étude 1a: Release (I)
Gardening At Night
Everything Turns...
FRIDAY 3/24/2017
Black Like Her page 80
FRIDAY 3/24/2017 1pm
Michigan Theater Screening Room
Juror Presentation: Jay Rosenblatt
The Light and The Dark: Films by Jay Rosenblatt
The title speaks for itself. It is an eclectic program of mostly recent films. There are found footage pieces as well as documentary comedies. These films are all Ann Arbor Film Festival premieres.
I Used To Be A Filmmaker 2003 | 10 | digital file A film about fatherhood, filmmaking and the bond between a father and his infant daughter.
The Claustrum 2014 | 16 | digital file Based on actual psychoanalytic case studies, this film focuses on three women who are in enclosed psychological zones that function as both refuge and jail.
Inquire Within 2012 | 4 | digital file A hypnotic, apocalyptic examination of false choices, double binds, vulnerability and faith.
The Darkness of Day 2009 | 26 | digital file A haunting meditation on suicide, comprised entirely of found 16mm footage that had been discarded.
The D Train 2011 | 5 | digital file An old man reflects on his entire life. How quickly it all goes by.
A Long Way From Home 2015 | 3 | digital file A hand processed celluloid invocation of the last hours of Jesus that hints at the relationship between the spirit and the flesh.
I Like It A Lot 2004 | 4 | digital file A two year old, an ice cream cone, and a clean, white shirt.
When You Awake 2016 | 11 | digital file An unscientific study of what happens when two people are hypnotized leading into an exhilarating journey into the unconscious mind (the repository for fears, desires, aggression, dreams).
The Claustrum
Inquire Within
The Darkness of Day
A Long Way From Home
Strange Vision of Seeing Things Ryan Ferko Canada | 2016 | 14 | digital file Time-spaces of post-Yugoslav Serbia: the empty lobby of a defunct industrial conglomerate’s headquarters in Belgrade; an unseen man describing tripping on acid during the 1999 NATO bombings; a mother and her young son visit ruins left by that same campaign. At first they appear in crisp HD, but cracks form, revealing dimensions beneath the smooth surface.
The Modern Jungle Charles Fairbanks & Saul Kak Mexico | 2016 | 72 | DCP A story of globalization filtered through the fever dream of a Mexican shaman, The Modern Jungle is an intimate portrait of Zoque culture, commodity fetish, and the predicament of documentary.
Charles Fairbanks in attendance.
Sponsor The Maple Theater 3/24/2017 5pm
Education Partner University of Michigan Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Michigan Theater Screening Room
The Modern Jungle
Feature in Competition
Strange Vision of Seeing Things
The Modern Jungle
FRIDAY 3/24/2017 7pm
Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
Films in Competition 6
Featuring a live performance by Pat Oleszko
Films in Competition 6
Answer Print
by Pat Oleszko page 76
Partner University of Michigan Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design
Community Partner Kickshaw Theatre
“Pat Oleszko makes a spectacle of myself—and doesn’t mind if you laugh.” Performances range from street to stage to silver screen in a rollicking mass of splendid ephemera. With elaborate costumes and props, spatial events with the cast-off thousands, and uttered shenanigans, she has worked from the popular art forms of the street, party, parade, and burlesque house, to the fields, oceans, and mountains, costuming trees, knees, fountains, breasts, butts, elephants, and index fingers as commensurate characters for performance. Literally a-dressing absurdity to ripen wrongs, performances have ranged from the Museum of Modern Art, Documenta, the Olympics, Lincoln Center, and King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, to appearances in Ms., Playboy, Esquire, Artforum, and Sesame Street.
Films FRIDAY, 7pm
in Competition 6
The Noise of Licking Nadja Andrasev Hungary | 2016 | 10 | DCP Animated short about a voyeur cat, a woman with an excessive love for plants, and a peculiar visitor in a fur hat.
Sleeping With The Devil Alisa Yang USA | 2016 | 16 | digital file The filmmaker uses found footage and a recorded Skype exorcism to confront her past growing up in the Evangelical prophetic and deliverance ministry.
Answer Print Mónica Savirón USA | 2016 | 5 | DCP Answer Print is made with deteriorated 16mm color stock, and it is meant to disappear over time. Neither hue nor sound has been manipulated in its analog reassembling. The soundtrack combines audio generated by silent double perforated celluloid, the optical tracks from sound films, and the tones produced by each of the filmmaker’s cuts when read by the projector. The shots are based on a 26-frame length: the distance in 16mm films with optical tracks between an image and its sound.
Edge of Alchemy Sofia Caetano
Stacey Steers Portugal | 2016 | 25 |
USA | 2017 | 19 | 4:3 video digital file
Edge of Alchemy is the third The scientist created a
film in a trilogy examining world of idyllic happiness—
women’s inner worlds. In this BLISS. HOORAY for the
handmade film, constructed maker. Blissed people live
from over 6,500 collages, inside cocoons and exercise
the actors Mary Pickford and telecommunication through
Janet Gaynor are seamlessly paradise, the ULTIMATE
appropriated from their early entertainment platform.
silent features and cast But the scientist has
into a surreal epic with an come to recognize blissed
upending of the Frankenstein minds are not HAPPY or
story and an undercurrent of FERTILE anymore. In hopes
hive collapse. The film uses of saving human race
shadows of the past to bridge from BOREDOOM, the
the uncanny and the dire scientist-the-goddess-the-
with startling presence maker decides to send a
and emotional resonance. couple of teenagers, Virga
Music by Lech Jankowski and Romeo, to the Garden
(Brothers Quay). of Eden.
Circular Terri Sarris and Frank Pahl USA | 2016 | 7 | digital file originated on 16mm film WORLD PREMIERE “No one saw her disembark in the unanimous night. No one saw the canoe sink into the sacred mud...” An adaptation of the short story “The Circular Ruins” (1940)
by Jorge Luis Borges.
Sleeping With The Devil
Answer Print Bliss
Circular Edge of Alchemy
The Noise of Licking The Noise of Licking
FRIDAY 3/24/2017 9:15pm
Michigan Theater Screening Room
A Prerequisite for Rebellion
Curated by Ingrid LaFleur
Special Program
Siboney page 80
“There is trauma for a Black body to exist
within a colonized space. In this sequence of short films, we see the different ways this trauma manifests: how the trauma eats away at the Black body mentally, physically and emotionally. Throughout the series of shorts we see the attempts to disrupt and dismantle white supremacy — a crucial act, now more than ever.” – Ingrid LaFleur
Program curator Ingrid LaFleur is a cultural producer, arts advocate, and founder of AFROTOPIA. LaFleur has developed and organized art exhibitions nationally and internationally with a curatorial focus on the Afrofuturism arts movement. As guest curator at the Detroit Film Theatre at the Detroit Institute of Arts, LaFleur organizes the Afrofuturism Film Series. In 2013, LaFleur founded AFROTOPIA. Based in Detroit, AFROTOPIA is an evolving creative research project that investigates the possibilities of using Afrofuturism as psychosocial healing. LaFleur explores ideas around historical traumas, myth-making, transcendence, and the role of spirit science and technology within Black American socio-po- litical movements. AFROTOPIA includes a film series, classes for youth, monthly book club, a DJ-in-residence program, a performance art festival, and an Afrofuturism Archive.
Known for her expertise on Afrofuturism, LaFleur has presented at Centre Pompidou (Paris), Bucknell University (Lewisburg, PA), TEDxBrooklyn, TEDxDetroit, Creative Mornings (Detroit), Iwalewahaus at the University of Bayreuth (Bayreuth, Germany), College for Creative Studies (Detroit), and Cinetopia (Detroit). She serves as board chair of Powerhouse Productions, board member of the Cooley Reuse Project, advisory board member of Culture Lab Detroit, and a member of the Detroit Culture Council. LaFleur is based in Detroit, Michigan.
Special FRIDAY, 9:15pm
A Prerequisite for
Program Rebellion
The Vacuum is Too Loud
Aint I’m Clean Gus Péwé
Aisha Tandiwe Bell USA | 2012 | 6 | digital file
USA | 2012 | 8 | digital file The story of a man who finds himself lost on
Both a question and statement, the title Aint I’m Earth, determined to return home. (GP)
Clean quotes Rufus Thomas during his 1972 Watt Stax performance. This video explores and All That is Left Unsaid
asks questions about fear, guilt, and shame as it Michele Pearson Clarke
explores the psychological impact of living in a Canada | 2014 | 3 | digital file
culture of white supremacy. With Audre Lorde acting as both subject and surrogate, All That is Left Unsaid is
Black Like Her a daughter’s elegy for her mother. Both
Constance Strickland women lived with cancer for 14 years, and
USA | 2014 | 13 | digital file the absence of their wisdom, guidance and
Black Like Her is an experimental short film love is experienced as an ongoing loss. This
exploring womanhood through jazz album short, experimental documentary reflects
covers and movement while centering the on all other black women gone too soon, in
traumatic experiences of Laura Nelson. contemplating this aspect of grief. (MPC)
While watching the film, we ask the viewer to consider the memories the body holds and how Siboney
long they affect future generations. (CS) Joiri Minaya USA / Dominican Republic | 2016 | 10 |
Decadent Asylum digital file
Amir George Siboney explores a dialogue between
USA | 2016 | 22 | digital file “Siboney,” a song by Connie Francis, and a
Decadent Asylum is a journey of the spirit to painting by Vela Zanetti of a dancing mulatta.
higher realms of consciousness. (AG) Minaya disrupts the exotic in order to assert power and control over her own body. (IL)
Sunday’s Best Larry Achiampong United Kingdom | 2016 | 16 | digital file Sunday’s Best considers how belief systems within the diaspora are inflicted by colonial histories in the present day. (LA)
With Support From Adams Street Publishing
The Andy Warhol Foundation
Community Partner
for the Visual Arts
Allied Media Projects
Sunday’s Best
The Vacuum is Too Loud Decadent Asylum
Aint I’m Clean
Black Like Her
All That is Left Unsaid
FRIDAY 3/24/2017 9:30pm
Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
Films in Competition 7: Animation
Sponsor Michigan Film & Digital Media Office
Community Partner Michigan Animation Club
Community Partner Prison Creative Arts Project
It’s a Date
Broken: The Women’s Prison at Hoheneck
The Talk Whatever The Weather
Artificial Intelligence for Governance: AI the Kitty
Batfish Soup
Films Program
in Competition 7: Animation
It’s a Date Zachary Zezima USA | 2016 | 8 | DCP Everyone is an alien at first.
Artificial Intelligence for Governance: AI the Kitty Pinar Yoldas USA | 2016 | 13 | digital file It is year 2039. An artificial intelligence with the affective capacities of a kitten becomes the first non-human governor. She leads a politi- cian-free zone with a network of Artificial Intelligences. She lives in mobile devices of the citizens and can love up to 3 Million people.
“The Talk”—True Stories
About the Birds & the Bees Alain Delannoy Canada | 2016 | 9 | DCP There are things in life you never forget. One of them, like it or not, is “The Talk.” The audio-recorded memories of several individuals recalling how they got the “birds and the bees” talk have been animated using a variety of different animation.
Hot Dog Hands Matt Reynolds USA | 2016 | 7 | 16mm A suburban woman can’t stop growing new fingers.
Whatever The Weather Remo Scherrer Switzerland | 2016 | 12 | DCP Wally’s childhood is increasingly turned upside down by her mother’s alcohol addiction. She experiences the excesses and consequences of addiction first hand. Desperately, the eight-year-old tries to keep up normality in her own life and the life of her family by any means. A roller coaster ride between helplessness, excessive demands and desperation begins. It’s a daily struggle for survival.
Trans/Figure/Ground Lauren Cook USA | 2016 | 6 | DCP Painted 16mm motion picture becomes something monstrous that’s neither analog nor digital.
Broken: The Women’s Prison at Hoheneck Volker Schlecht Germany | 2016 | 8 | DCP Gabriele Stötzer and Birgit Willschütz were political inmates at Hoheneck Castle, the most notorious women’s prison in East Germany. Their story is one of overcrowded cells, despotic hierarchies, ruthless everydays, and the enduring effects of incarceration. Most of all, however, it is about the crushing pressure of forced labor. Prisoners at Hoheneck manufactured millions of pantyhose, bed sheets, and other products for West German retailers, bringing enormous profits to both sides of the Iron Curtain.
Edge of Alchemy Stacey Steers USA | 2017 | 19 | 4:3 Video WORLD PREMIERE Edge of Alchemy is the third film in a trilogy examining women’s inner worlds. In this handmade film, constructed from over 6,500 collages, the actors Mary Pickford and Janet Gaynor are seamlessly appropriated from their early silent features and cast into a surreal epic with an upending of the Frankenstein story and an undercurrent of hive collapse. The film uses shadows of the past to bridge the uncanny and the dire with startling presence and emotional resonance. Music by Lech Jankowski (Brothers Quay).
Batfish Soup Amanda Bonaiuto USA | 2016 | 5 | digital file Wacky relatives give way to mounting tensions with broken dolls, boiling stew, and a bang.
swiPed David Chai USA | 2016 | 5 | DCP Texters texting, tweeters tweeting, likers liking, posters posting, Googlers Googling, Amazonians Amazoning, webheads surfing, snappers chatting, pinters pinning, tubers tubing, tinders tindering, Netflixers chilling... are we binging too much? More connected than ever, but more distant by the day. Is humanity being swiped away?
Afterparty Ann Arbor Distilling Company | 10pm - 2am | Drone – 40-min expanded cinema performance | $5, Free with AAFF Pass
SATURDAY 3/25/2017
Blua page 107
SATURDAY 3/25/2017 11am
Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
Films in Competition 8: Almost All Ages
Sponsor State Street District
Community Partner Ann Arbor District Library
Community Partner Ann Arbor Summer Festival
Spring Jam Ned Wenlock New Zealand | 2016 | 6 | digital file A young stag, lacking impressive antlers, knows he needs to improvise sweet music if he’s to have any chance during the mating season.
Mustard Seeds Joshua Harrell USA | 2016 | 6 | digital file Organic forms, shifting and undulating in planar and spatial environments, transform through an alchemical process to become unbounded by space and time.
Estranged Melody For a Holographic Empire David Witzling USA | 2015 | 3 | digital file WORLD PREMIERE An ode would be too sweet for this lyric. Do not look to the surface, nor to the noise: the empire of illusion dwells
within you. Many-headed like the Hydra, the whole of our Leviathan may proceed from any part. We may beget the light, but the darkness too is of our nature. Speak softly. The Moon steps into day and vanishes.
Iterations Jeremy Speed Schwartz USA | 2016 | 3 | digital file Iterations is an abstract iterative loop with changing timeframes. The first loop is 12 frames, the second is 48 and the third is 96. Shapes and lines overlap and affect each other across these loops, culminating in an 8-second loop that retains the flowing qualities associated with straight-ahead full animation with a complexity of movement impossible to achieve through a standard straight-ahead technique.
Shmevolution Nolan Downs USA | 2016 | 5 | digital file The evolutionary life of an organism unfolds in a bizarre landscape.
Lakedoll Alyssa Sherwood USA | 2016 | 4 | DCP In Lakedoll, a girl seeks out her identity amidst various submerged and buried talismans in the the woods of the Pacific Northwest. Featuring the filmmaker’s daughter and shot aboveground and underwater using only natural light, hand-painted animation, and live action to follow its protagonist into the interior of the forest and her own imagination.
“Orations” by Gaps and Spaces
Wheels Joe Stucky USA | 2016 | 1 | digital file A girl, her machine, and nature (embodied by the form of a wolf) join in a chase, which threads through abstractions of form and color.
A Narrative Film Michael Edwards USA | 2016 | 8 | digital file The most narrative narrative never narrated. It has a beginning, a middle, and an end... It is at once both a three-act assault on the conceit of the traditional narrative, as well as a futile attempt to escape the narrative impulse of cinema.
Betwixt Eva Lee USA | 2014 | 6 | digital file Found adventures and forgotten homes, dreams of departures and arrivals in India.
A Narrative Film
Films in Competition 8: Almost All Ages
Estranged Melody For
Shmevolution a Holographic Empire
Spring Jam Wheels
“Orations” by Gaps and Spaces
Jak Ritger and K8 Howl USA | 2015 | 3 | 16mm WORLD PREMIERE Oration is a re-imagination of a common brick’s utilitarian form. The film is made using stop-motion animation and set to an avant-garde jazz track. Ceramic artist Shannon Wallack created a set of 125 clay “Brixels.” The surface of each brick was sculpted.
Sparrow Duet Steve Socki USA | 2015 | 4 | DCP A series of animated shapes and textures dance together in patterns, suggesting hopping and flying action of birds.
Xylophone Jennifer Levonian USA | 2016 | 9 | digital file When a woman impulsively steals a goat from a petting zoo, her morning routine turns into a madcap romp through her neighborhood.
Sparrow Duet
Sponsor Zingerman’s 3/25/2017
Community Partner Final Girls 12:30pm
Michigan Theater Screening Room
Feature in Competition
ACTS & INTERMISSIONS Abigail Child USA | 2016 | 57 | digital file Abigail Child’s experimental documentary circles around the life of anarchist Emma Goldman—viewed at the turn of the 20th century as the “most dangerous woman alive”—and her relationship to the history of protest. Goldman’s fight for social justice encompassed issues that remain urgent today, and the film’s overlapping of past and present highlights the continuing relevance of her struggle.
Abigail Child in attendance.
Sponsor Metro Times 3/25/2017
Community Partner GameStart 12:45pm
Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
Films in Competition 9
Films in Competition 9
Mein Hutong (My Hutong) Jie Jie Ng Germany | 2016 | 11 | digital file NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE The Hutongs in Beijing contain a special atmosphere for me. As an overseas Chinese who has never lived in China, I nevertheless found a way to identify with these places. After the experience of wandering around them as a foreigner, I imagine some myths. (JJN)
Nutag-Homeland Alisi Telengut Canada | 2016 | 6 | DCP A non-narrative hand-painted visual poem about diaspora, homeland, and the tragic mass-deportations of the Kalmyk people during WWII.
Fertile Myrtle Julie Orser USA | 2016 | 5 | digital file One woman’s absurdist struggle through the uncertain and frustrating path of infertility told in cutout animation.
America For Americans Blair McClendon USA | 2016 | 35 | digital file WORLD PREMIERE A found footage essay film on the ecstasy and anguish of besieged black life in the United States of America.
Mein Hutong (My Hutong)
The Sparrow’s Flight Tom Schroeder USA | 2016 | 15 | DCP My first experience of producing animation was with Dave Herr in a barn in western Wisconsin in the late 1980s. We’d seen the Brothers Quay “Street of Crocodiles,” bought a couple of used Super 8 film cameras and set up studio in Dave’s parent’s barn to conduct our own experiments. Dave continued to be the closest friend and collaborator of my adult life until he died of a brain tumor in 2009. The Sparrow’s Flight is an essay about friendship, youth, illness and death in the form of an animated collage. I’ve used much of Dave’s design and artwork as the raw materials for the film and included the original super 8 experiments that Dave and I shot. The film pursues a piecemeal narrative about the making of The Sparrow’s Flight, the first and last experimental film that Dave and I finished together under the auspices of Ein Aus Animation. (TS)
Notes From Buena Vista Elizabeth Lo USA | 2016 | 9 | DCP Buena Vista is a mobile home park in Silicon Valley that faces imminent closure. It is home to one hundred working-class families. Notes From Buena Vista glimpses into the lives of low-income families in one of the wealthiest places in the world.
Fertile Myrtle
The Sparrow’s Flight America For Americans
America For Americans
SATURDAY 3/26/2017 2:45pm
Michigan Theater Screening Room
Video Bureau: Selections From an Archive in China
Curated by Ellen Zweig
Special Program
Video Bureau is an artist-run not-for-profit space, focusing on archiving video art. It was started by Fang Lu, Chen Tong, and Zhu Jia. It started in March 2012 in Beijing and Guangzhou (inside the Borges Institute). The work of Video Bureau is primarily focused on archiving video artworks and related material, including writings, images, proposals, and installation plans, in order to build a comprehensive database for researchers, writers, students, artists, and collectors. Ellen Zweig selected these programs as a representative sample of the performative and documentary directions in Chinese video art. The program is based on an article Zweig wrote for the Millennium Film Journal, and was first run at Anthology Film Archives.
Ellen Zweig has been working in film and video since the late 90s, creating videos and video installations. During a residency at VOOM-HD Lab, she made The Lonely Girl, a short documentary video about a Chinese opera star living in New York City. From 2001 – 2007, she created a series of video portraits of Westerners who had some relationship to China, and several installations (at DDM Warehouse, Shanghai; The CUE Foundation, New York) that dealt with her attempts to understand China and to learn Chinese. Since 2007, she has been working on an homage to the documentary filmmaker Joris Ivens and his last film, Une Histoire du Vent, filming as Ivens did in China. From 2007 – 2013, she documented Z’EV’s concerts, collecting and editing materials for the feature length video, Heart Beat Ear Drum, her first documentary feature.
No World page 94
Video SATURDAY, 2:45pm
Bureau: Selections
Program From an Archive in China
Don’t Let Your Eyes Deceive You
Invisible City: Taiparis York Chen Tong
Tsui Kuang-Yu China | 2015 | 11 | digital file
China | 2008 | 5 | digital file Using theories of traditional Chinese
Pretending to travel, but staying at home, Tsui painting to analyze the institution he has
tricks us into thinking we are traveling with him. created, Chen Tong dresses up as a thief
In a series of short scenes, originally meant as a and sneaks into Borges-Institute. This is the
four-channel video work, Tsui reveals dreams of second in a trilogy of work that Chen Tong
travel and the pleasures of staying home. (EZ) has made for his institution CANTONBON— in the first, he plays a policeman, in this video,
Satie Blues he plays a thief, and in the third, a liar. (EZ)
Ma Quisha China | 2004 | 4 | digital file No World
This is an early video experiment of the artist. It Fang Lu
uses some of her favorite movie scenes. Needles, China | 2014 | 18 | digital file
fish, dark corridor, boy looking out of the window Six young people live in a vast empty space.
while being spanked... all weave into a poetic Every day, they play violent games and
visual narrative. (EZ) rehearse marches and protests. They imitate images from the media and train themselves
A Cart of Coal for a world of imaginary conflict. (EZ)
Li Xiaofei China | 2014 | 11 | digital file The Shortcut to the Systematic Life:
Li Xiaofei goes back to his childhood home in Superficial Life
Hunan to document work in the coal mines. “In Tsui Kuang-Yu
my childhood’s memory, there always came a China | 2002 | 10 | digital file
heavy rain in the afternoon of midsummer. After In this performative video, Tsui changes
the rains, I delivered meals to my sister who his clothes according to the outside
worked in the coal mine. Every time I went by the environment that he encounters, becoming a
pithead, the miners always liked to tease me...” chameleon, camouflaging himself in order to penetrate different living situations. (EZ)
South Stone Zhou Tao Swordsman—hahahahah
China | 2011 | 26 | digital file Li Ming
Zhou Tao is the Buster Keaton of China. Using China | 2011 | 4 | digital file
the physical space of this small village, Zhou In place of the Swordsman made famous
once again takes us on a comedic exploration in Hong Kong kung fu films, Li places a
of space. (EZ) megaphone in different settings. From the megaphone, we hear raucous laughter. (EZ)
Community Partner University of Michigan
University of Michigan Lieberthal-Rogel Center
Museum of Art for Chinese Studies
A Cart of Coal
South Stone
Special Program Curated by Ellen Zweig
Sponsor Savco Hospitality 3/25/2017
Community Partner Huron High School 3pm
Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
Films in Competition 10
Films in Competition 10
Before Cecilia Araneda Canada | 2016 | 4 | digital file WORLD PREMIERE With intricate hand-printed 16mm footage, Before is a dark ode to the possibility and impossibility of love. It reflects on time, inner worlds, and soft landings we find in desolate moments in life.
Sadhu In Bombay Kabir Mehta India | 2015 | 15 | digital file A documentary portrait of a man, with ascetic origins, who has been radically transformed by city life.
Monument Marcin Gizycki Poland | 2016 | 2 | digital file A secret life of monumental sculptures from the Soviet Military Cemetery in Warsaw, Poland.
Revoltoso Roy Ambriz Mexico | 2016 | 30 | DCP Jabalito, a small one-eyed wild boar, is on the scene of one of the first filmed wars in history: the Mexican Revolution. In the midst of the war he discovers cinema.
Slow Wave Andy Kennedy USA | 2016 | 4 | DCP Sleep disturbances from outside and within.
Disco Shines Chema García Ibarra Spain | 2016 | 14 | DCP The evening is ending and the shadow of the mountain falls over the town. It’s Saturday, almost summer. Five friends are preparing a night of fun. They are young, they have alcohol, a car and music. An abandoned quarry is going dark while the day ends. The disco club is closed for years, but that is not an obstacle to make it shine again with their flashes of life.
In a World of Bad Breath Chris Graybill USA | 2016 | 5 | digital file Adapted from automatic drawings during a severe fever of hypnagogia. Watch general confusion among an ancient presence.
A Poem of Glass and Steel Ryan Clancy USA | 2016 | 9 | DCP A film project that aims to narrate the experience of residents living in Lafayette Park, a rapidly changing neighborhood just east of downtown Detroit.
Screen Test 1 (self-portrait) Scott Fitzpatrick Canada | 2015 | 2.5 | 16mm Laser-printed onto recycled 16mm film in 2015.
Slow Wave
In a World of Bad Breath
Sadhu In Bombay
A Poem of Glass and Steel
Sponsor TeaHaus 3/25/2017 5pm
Michigan Theater Screening Room
Feature in Competition
Pokey Pokey Junjie Zhang China | 2015 | 7 | DCP Pokey Pokey is a black comedy and horror animated short film that depicts how a father tries to protect his son from seeing the filthiness of a crime-ridden city.
Pokey Pokey
Joji Koyama France | 2016 | 84 | digital file Romi, a Japanese woman living in Paris, works in a karaoke bar. At home in the suburbs, she tends to her paraplegic lover Milou. To pass the time she recounts to him a story alluding to a period they once spent together in Japan. Soon, the mystery of a man named Mr. Ono begins to unsettle everything. Weaving together personal history, anecdotes and myths, the story takes a
dark turn.
Sponsor Washtenaw County 3/25/2017 5:15pm
Convention & Visitors Bureau
Education Partner University of Michigan Institute for Research on Women and Gender
Community Partner Women’s Caucus for Art Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
Following Seas
Feature in Competition
Following Seas Tyler Kelley & Araby Williams USA | 2016 | 94 | DCP Bob Griffith sailed into Honolulu Harbor in 1960 and met fellow iconoclast Nancy Hirsch. From that moment they were wedded to the sea. Steering their 53-foot cutter Awahnee to places no small boat had been before, they spent decades navigating the relentless pull of family and adventure. Combining recent interviews with exquisitely textured archival 16-millimeter film—shot by Nancy, on location from Antarctica to Polynesia, in the 1960s and 1970s—Following Seas is not only a story of world records and sailing feats, but of a family who truly lived a self-determined life and made the sacrifices their dream demanded.
Tyler Kelley and Araby Williams in attendance.
Saturday 3/25/2017 7pm
Lorch Hall: 611 Tappan Street
Films in Competition 11: Music Videos Programmed by Greg Baise
Films in Competition 11: Music Videos
Concert promoter Greg Baise has brought vital music and other culture to Detroit from the global underground for over two decades. Working with such legendary venues as Zoot’s, Alvin’s, the Gold Dollar, and the Magic Stick, he has cultivated audiences and developed a reputation as a key cultural ambassador in the community. Baise continues to collaborate with a variety of independent Detroit venues, welcoming the seminal, the unknown, and always the essential.
Sponsor The Crofoot
Community Partner The Neutral Zone
Pet Body Miya Folick Brian Smee USA | 2016 | 4 | DCP WORLD PREMIERE
Tiny Citizen Insecteens Kuan-Fu Lin Taiwan | 2014 | 5 digital file WORLD PREMIERE
Celia Johnson Winterpills Luke Jaeger USA | 2016 | 3 | digital file
Weapons Connections Brandon Reichard USA | 2016 | 4 | digital file
Boomerang The Absynth Quintet Steven Vander Meer USA | 2016 | 6 | DCP
Says You The Luyas Amanda Bonaiuto Los Angeles, USA | 2016 4 | digital file NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE
Proto Threnody in Dub Skin Lies Micah Vanderhoof USA | 2016 | 4 | DCP WORLD PREMIERE
Orations Gaps and Spaces Jak Ritger and K8 Howl USA | 2015 | 3 | 16mm WORLD PREMIERE
Posthumous Fame Rye Pines K8 Howl USA | 2016 | 3 | digital file
Class Warfare The Stress of Her Regard Ilya Simakov USA | 2016 | 4 | digital file
Pet Body
Sisters Fever Ray David Chontos USA | 2016 | 4 | digital file
Clowning Around Tiny Citizen
Little Bang Theory Frank Pahl and Terri Sarris USA | 2016 | 1 | shot on 16mm, digital file WORLD PREMIERE
Inevitable, Unfavorable Weapons
Jim Piela Christopher Huth USA | 2016 | 6 | DCP
KYBM (Keep Your Body Moving) Boomerang
Tunde Olaniran Gold House Media USA | 2015 | 4 | digital file
Paper Chase blackhandpath Ryan Betschart USA | 2016 | 2 | digital file
Posthumous Fame
Toxic Masculinity Skin Lies Micah Vanderhoof USA | 2016 | 4 | DCP
The Metal East Lightning Bolt Lale Westvind USA | 2015 | 4 | digital file
Lighter Click
Inevitable, Unfavorable
DEDSA Robbie Ward USA | 2015 | 6 | digital file
Posthumous Fame
Class Warfare
Sponsor InfoReady Corporation 3/25/2017 7:30pm
Community Partner Ypsi 24-Hour Film Shootout
Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
Films in Competition 12
Absence of Memory personne Chicago, 1 (intersection) personne Stillpoint
Rituals Atlas
Films Program
in Competition 12
Absence of Memory Rita Piffer Brazil / Uruguay | 2016 | 12 | digital file WORLD PREMIERE A short poetic documentary portrait about an 80-year-old woman’s recollections of her life and loss during migration between Brazil and Uruguay.
Stillpoint Ben Ridgway USA | 2016 | 2 | digital file An elusive point of stillness in a shifting and expanding world.
Ghost Children Joao Vieira Torres Brazil | 2016 | 16 | digital file Ghost Children presents seven reminiscences of early childhood, read in seven different voices, as the camera presses close against the faded dye and exaggerated grain of family photographs from the early 1980s. The film encourages the audience to interrogate assumptions about gender, memory, performance, and death.
personne Christoph Girardet & Matthias Müller Germany | 2016 | 15 | digital file U.S. PREMIERE personne—this is somebody, nobody, anyone. This is us in the course of time. Persistently, in vain. The self is the need for permanent self-assertion.
Rituals Isabelle Aspin USA | 2015 | 6 | DCP A radio journalist investigates the water shortage in Tulare County, California
Artificial Intelligence for Governance: AI the Kitty Pinar Yoldas USA | 2016 | 13 | digital file It is year 2039. An artificial intelligence with the affective capacities of a kitten becomes the first non-human governor. She leads a politician-free zone with a network of Artificial Intelligences. She lives in mobile devices of the citizens and can love up to 3 Million people.
Chicago, 1 (intersection) Christopher McNamara USA/Canada | 2016 | 7 | digital file The sixth installment of intersection studies, filmed at the magic hour, Chicago, 1 (intersection) is a rumination on the movement of people in one city, on one corner in one moment in time.
Atlas Anouk De Clercq Belgium | 2016 | 7 | 16mm Exploring the surface of a single frame from a black and white 16mm film through an electron microscope, Anouk De Clercq ponders over ways of seeing and the nature of cinema. Spatiality being one of the key concepts in the work of Anouk De Clercq, in Atlas she wants to go as deep into space as possible, at the tiniest scale, and see what insights we get from this other perspective on things. This atlas is a guide in a macroscopic tale of the world.
SATURDAY 3/25/2017 9:15pm
Michigan Theater Screening Room
Axes of Dwelling: the Video Art of Yuan Goangming
Special Program
“Yuan Goangming is one of Taiwan’s pioneering video artists.
His career started in the 1980s. Through the 1990s he made a number of sculptural installations that mingled moving image video with material objects, such as Out of Position (1987) and Fish on Dish (1992). Two tendencies immediately emerge from this work. First, Yuan loves to organize space around and along the camera axis. Starting with the The Cage (1995), this becomes an aesthetic principle that effectively defamiliarizes even the most domestic of spaces. The second tendency springs from this: Yuan infuses familiar and everyday spaces and places with the uncanny. It could be one’s bed (The Reason for Insomnia, 1998), one’s home (Disappearing Landscape II, 2011), or the seat of government (The 561st Hour of Occupation, 2014). The festival presents a program covering Yuang Goangming’s extraordinary career, including an installation at the Ann Arbor Art Center.” – Markus Nornes, Professor of Asian Cinema, University of Michigan
Yuan Goangming in conversation with Markus Nornes.
Partner Roman Witt Visiting Artist Program
Education Partner Michigan State University Asian Studies Center
Education Partner Michigan State University Department of Linguistics and Germanic, Slavic, Asian and African Languages
Community Partner Ann Arbor Art Center
With Support From Confucius Institute at the University of Michigan and
The University of Michigan Department of Screen Arts & Cultures
Yuan Goangming’s installation Indication is on view at the Ann Arbor Art Center through March 25. For more information see page 24.
Out of Position Taiwan | 1987 | 3 | digital file Half man, half monitor, Out of Position blends sculpture and montage documentary.
Fish on Dish Taiwan | 1992 | 1 | digital file Another installation piece that merges inanimate material objects and lively video, here’s a fish that explores the edges of its dish.
The Cage Taiwan | 1995 | 5 | digital file Exploring the relative changes between inner and outer space, The Cage “reverses” what we take for granted, positioning us between “It should be like this” and “Why is it like this?”
Pass Taiwan | 1996 | 2 | digital file One of Yuan’s first works to explore space, time, directionality, and passing.
Fish on Dish
The Reason for Insomnia
The Reason for Insomnia Taiwan | 1998 | 4 | digital file This installation imagines and recalls the dreams that must linger and lurk in any bed.
Floating Taiwan | 2000 | 5 | digital file As the world turns on its axis, it can also turn—float—on the camera’s axis.
Disappearing Landscape— Passing II Taiwan | 2011 | 10 | digital file Home is an unstable place. After building my home on ruins, and following the passing of my father and the birth of my child, the ruins become my home. I filled their gaps with different imaginings, gazing at the “passing,” “in passing,” “and almost past” landscape.
Smiling Rocking Horse Taiwan | 2011 | 2 | digital file A horse, a child, and a different speculative space for viewers to gain new sensory experiences between the familiar and foreign—a new “observed” reality.
Axes of Dwelling: the Video Art of Yuan Goangming
Landscape Floating
of Energy
Disappearing Landscape—Passing II
The 561st Hour of Occupation
Smiling Rocking Horse
Landscape of Energy Taiwan | 2014 | 7 | digital file Inspired by the 3/11 earthquake in Japan, this video documents the reality before our eyes, exuding a cold sense of desolation that forebodes— as if in a dream—the ruins of tomorrow.
The 561st Hour of Occupation Taiwan | 2014 | 6 | digital file Shot inside the occupied Diet during the Sunflower Revolution, time flies back and forth among the past, present, and future, and among abundance, decadence, and void.
Dwelling Taiwan | 2014 | 5 | digital file Referencing Heidegger’s “Poetically Man Dwells,” this piece presents a domestic space secreting away an explosive energy that surges between poetic violence and domestic serenity.
Simon Tarr
I made you, I kill you
Sponsor Edge Hill University 3/25/2017 9:30pm
Education Partner University of Michigan Department of Performing Arts Technology
Community Partner AMP! Michigan Theater Main Auditorium Films in Competition 13 Presented with Blood Lust of the Wolf—expanded cinema performance by Simon Tarr
The Sleepers
Point of No Return What Happens to the Mountain
A live cinema performance that remixes the classic film Nanook of the North (dir. Robert Flaherty, 1922) into a fugue state about race, ethnicity, and exploitation. The show dissects the structure of the original films to unearth the core of what makes Nanook disturbing yet compelling nearly a century later—the film’s approach to ethnography.
Films Program
in Competition 13
The Sleepers Kathy Rose USA | 2016 | 6 | digital file In this video I am delving into Walt Whitman’s magnificent “The Sleepers” - reflecting what in the poem is most dear to me. It also draws upon my childhood love of dollhouses and puppets, as I work in a miniature set, creating a doll universe. The Sleepers is a recognition of my Jewish heritage, with images of my mother, my niece, myself.
I made you, I kill you Alexandru Petru Badelita France | 2016 | 14 | DCP NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE I think that this film is necessary for me, in this moment of my life. I have always been ashamed to talk about my childhood and I think that this caused me a lot of sadness.
What Happens to the Mountain Christin Turner USA | 2016 | 12 | DCP NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE What Happens to the Mountain draws upon literary sources, late night radio, and legends from the Cheyenne to conjure the experience of an afterlife in the landscape of Devil’s Tower. A long-distance driver, a drifter, journeys from his tenuous reality into a vision of the afterlife, called forth by the woman of the mountain.
ELONA EM EVAEL/LEAVE ME ALONE Kathryn Ramey USA | 2016 | 8 | 16mm An unfaithful remake of Man Ray’s 1926 Emak Bakia made without the use of a motion picture camera, ELONA EM EVAEL/LEAVE ME ALONE is a nonsensical response to brutality alongside a celebration of silver process. Whereas Man Ray alluded to death with a rending of collars (a funereal tradition in many cultures including Ray’s, Judaism), ELONA EM EVAEL/LEAVE ME ALONE chooses, from a surplus of tragedies, the recent Amnesty International report “Will I Be Next?” on US drone strikes in Pakistan and a list of the 101 children killed by them as of April 2015. Juxtaposed with footage of the filmmaker’s young sons (standing in for Ray’s muse and mistress, Kiki of Montparnasse) the film obliquely points to the privilege inherent in the banal peacefulness of my family’s everyday life. The film is black and white, hand printed and processed.
Blua Carolina Charry Quintero Colombia | 2015 | 22 | DCP A lyrical progression of observational and oneiric images of animals weaved with staged scenes involving actors. The tension between human and animal is portrayed with different cinematic tools. A wolf in high contrast black and white runs towards the camera, cut repetitiously as if trapped forever in the filmic space. A group of teenagers provoke a tiger captive behind a glass window. A dancer interacts with a deer that has lost one leg. A woman confesses to her family she was once an animal. Humans and animals seemed to be captive in their own physicality. What does it mean to exist in a human or an animal body? Are human and animal two inevitably colliding forces? Are we blind to a deep human-animal sameness?
Koropokkuru Akiko Maruyama USA | 2015 | 5 | digital file A moving portrayal of an ineffable force that can be humanlike or embody itself within displayed objects. Inspired by concepts from the Koropokkuru folktale within Japanese Ainu culture and The Invisible Man.
Point of No Return Zachary Finkelstein Canada | 2016 | 11 | DCP Under a microscope tiny shards of ice loom large as glaciers. Using micro-cine- matography and polarizing lenses, Point of No Return is a visually stunning study of melting ice in real time. The film provides a micro perspective on climate change, a massive but incremental global event that is usually imperceptible in our day to day lives. With narration in eleven of the most widely spoken languages in the world, Point of No Return presents a dialogue in abstraction between emotional understanding and scientific fact in the face of rising global temperatures.
The Sleepers
SUNDAY 3/26/2017
Hotel Dallas page 111
SUNDAY 3/26/2017 12pm
Michigan Theater Screening Room
Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present
Feature in Competition
SUNDAY Sponsor
Sponsor University of Michigan Department of
Imagine Fitness and Yoga Screen Arts & Cultures
Community Partner Film Video Student Association
3/26/2017 12:15pm
Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
Hotel Dallas
Feature in Competition
Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present Tyler Hubby USA | 2016 | 96 | DCP Acclaimed editor Tyler Hubby directs the first feature documentary about the iconoclastic American multimedia artist Tony Conrad, who has influenced artists ranging from the Velvet Underground to the Yes Men. The film follows Conrad’s strange and uncompromising 50-year artistic path through experimental film, music, video, public television, and education, and his unlikely resurgence as a noteworthy composer and performer. Conrad’s numerous works, interwoven with intimate footage shot over the last twenty years, reveal a remarkable, inspiring, creative life.
The Good Mother Sarah Clift Mexico | 2016 | 6 | DCP The tale of a Mexican mother torn between her politics and pleasing her only son’s birthday wish—to have a Donald Trump piñata.
Hotel Dallas Sherng-Lee Huang Romania | 2016 | 75 | DCP Hotel Dallas, a Romanian-American feature film that combines fiction and documentary, had its world premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival. In the ’80s, in the twilight of communist Romania, Dallas is the only American show allowed on TV. It offers a vision of wealth and glamour that captures the imagination of millions. Among them are Ilie and his daughter Livia. He is a small-time criminal and aspiring capitalist; she is in love with the show’s handsome leading man, Patrick Duffy. After communism falls, Ilie builds the Hotel Dallas, a life-size copy of the Dallas mansion. Livia immigrates to America, becomes a filmmaker, and directs a movie starring Patrick Duffy, as a man who dies in Texas and wakes up in Romania, in a hotel that looks just like home. The film’s unorthodox, freewheeling style moves between fact and fantasy.The actors slip into and out of character, from dramatic dialogue scenes to documentary interviews. The reenactment, a common strategy in documentaries, here gets an unusual twist, as children in communist youth uniforms perform scenes from Romanian history and Dallas.
The Good Mother
Hotel Dallas
SUNDAY 3/26/2017 2pm
Michigan Theater Screening Room
Feature in Competition
Sponsor Yelp
Sponsor RingSide Creative 3/26/2017 2:15pm
Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
Furusato 古里
Feature in Competition
Emelina Gabriel Ortega Hernández Costa Rica / Argentina | 2016 | 66 | DCP A montage exercise of documentary images that become a fictional narration without script, actors, or budget. A film about dreams, two characters, and a fictional city called Emelina.
Running Through Life Helene Moltke-Leth Denmark | 2016 | 9 | DCP NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE Running Through Life is an art film about stress. Zoe Alphas gives the unspoken feelings and tensions in modern lifestyle a voice. That voice is being embraced by Lis Dyre’s Kafkaesque pictures, together with the soundtrack of Najaaraq Nicoline Kleist Vestbirk and Emma Blake’s Blade Runner-like music.
Furusato 古里 Thorsten Trimpop Germany | 2016 | 94 | DCP NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE Furusato 古里 reveals the unusual relationship between a landscape and its inhabitants. Over the course of a thousand years, the exuberant Running Through Life
nature of Japan’s eastern coast has become interwoven in the lives of its people. Here, the earth is sacred—but now, it is tainted with the invisible danger of radiation. For those who have decided to stay, the rural scene surrounding the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant remains the place they call home—their furusato, the first landscape they experience as children and the last one they will see before they die. A monumental portrait of wounded nature and the unsung costs of progress, the film illuminates the struggle of daily existence amidst the greatest nuclear disaster of our time. Here, no one measures in half-lives. This is about eternity.
Thorsten Trimpop in attendance.
SUNDAY 3/26/2017 5pm
Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
Award Screening 1
Winners Night
The 55th Ann Arbor Film Festival closing event provides two different screenings, with selections of award-winning films as chosen by our jury. Winners Night lineups will be posted late afternoon on Sunday, March 26th at the Michigan Theater and at
Onstage announcement of the 55th filmmaker awards, followed by a screening of select awarded films.
Sponsor Weber’s Inn
Sponsor The Graduate 3/26/2017 7pm
Michigan Theater Main Auditorium
Award Screening 2
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Title Resources
Index Resources Title Index
Astral Atomic 34 41
Atlas 103 100 FORCE QUIT NOISE
Before 96 195 Lewis: POP Party
Bergman 41 (episode 1) 59
Betwixt 87 21.04.02 64
Black Like Her 80 37-73 55
BLISS 76 561st Hour of
Blua 107 Occupation, The 105
Boomerang 101 899 Krosno Blvd. 39
Braddock Food Bank 55 A Cart of Coal 94
Broken – The Women’s A Long Way From Home 72
Prison at Hoheneck 83 Broken Tongue 64 Cage, The 105 Cakes Da Killa No Homo 59 Camping with Ada 47 Celia Johnson 101 Chateau au Go Go 34 Chicago, 1 (intersection) 103 Circular 76 Class Warfare 101 Claustrum, The 72 Clowning Around 101 Commodity City 68 Crossing 69 Cure, The 61 D Train, The 72 Darkness of Day, The 72 Deafblind Couple 45 Decadent Asylum 80 DEUX FEMMES (For Man Ray) 66 Disappearing Landscape – Passing II 105 DISCO SHINES 97 Dissociation 45 Don’t Let Your Eyes Deceive You 94 Dwelling 105 Edge of Alchemy 76, 83 Elle Be Jay 39 Emelina 112 ELONA EM EVAEL/ LEAVE ME ALONE 107 Entr’acte 64 Estranged Melody for a Holographic Empire 86 Étude 1a: Release 69 Everything Turns... 68 External Memory 34 Fertile Myrtle 90 Fish (Mahi) 38 Fish on Dish 105 Fisticuffs 65 Flight Paths 45 Floating 105 Following Seas 99 For Needling Self Doubt and The Indignities Of Your Office Job 39 For Now 47 Frog Jesus 38 Furusato 古古 113 Gardening at Night 69 Good Mother, The 111 Ghost Children 103
A Love Story 47 A Narrative Film 34, 87 A Poem of Glass and Steel 97 A Thought for Robert 39 Absence of Memory 103 ACTS & INTERMISSIONS 89 Adventures of Meow Meow, The 39 Afronauts 59 After Work 39 Aint I’m Clean 80 All That is Left Unsaid 80 America 39
America For Americans 90 An Aviation Field 44 An Ecstatic Experience 59 Anatinus 39 Anémic Cinéma 64 Animals Under Anaesthesia: Speculations on the Dreamlife of Beasts 49 Annals of Private History – Frieze Live (London, 2015) 42 Answer Print 76 Artificial Intelligence for Governance: Al the Kitty 83, 103
Hot Dog Hands 83 Hotel Dallas 111 I Am The Blueberry 39 I Am Your Grandma 39 I Contacted Poison Control 61 I Like It A Lot 72 I made you, I kill you 107 I Used To Be A Filmmaker 72 In a World of Bad Breath 97 In the Vicinity 34 Inevitable, Unfavorable 101 Inquire Within 72 Interior, The 44 Introducing: Cloud of Funk 39 Invisible City: Taiparis York 94 It’s a Date 44, 83 Iterations 86 Komposition in Blau 64 Koropokkuru 107 Kuro 98 KYBM (Keep Your Body Moving) 101 Lakedoll 86 Landscape of Energy 105 Light Angle Sieve 45 Lighter Click 101 LUIS & I 34 Lyrics on the Paper 38 Mein Hutong 90 Metal East, The 101 Mind Frame 34 Mirror in Mind 39 Modern Jungle, The 73 Modern No. 2 64 Monument 96 MS Orlando 2D 42 Mustard Seeds 86 My Private Life II 61 Neon Parallel 1996 42 Nina 47 No World 94 Noise of Licking, The 76 Notes From Buena Vista 91 Nutag - Homeland 90 Opening Folders 41 Orations 87 Oscillating Fan 39 Out of Position 105 Over & Over 34 Page of Madness 51 Pain Revisited 59 Paper Chase 101 Pass 105 PathExtrude 42 PERSISTANCE OF VISION 61 personne 103 Pet Body 101 Pink Egg, The 50 Point of No Return 107 Pokey Pokey 98 Posthumous Fame 101 Princessboy 61 Proto Threnody in Dub 101 Railment 69 Raw Data 39 Reason for Insomnia, The 105 Revoltoso 97
Rituals 103 River, The 47 Running Through Life 113 Sadhu In Bombay 96 Sandbox 39 Satie Blues 94 Says You 101 Schmevolution 86 Screen Test 1 (self-portrait) 97 Seventh Grade 59 Short Stitched 39 Shortcut to the Systematic Life, The: Superficial Life 94 Siboney 80 Signals 1 42 Sisters 101 Sleepers, The 107 Sleeping with the Devil 76 Slow Wave 97 Smiling Rocking Horse 105 Snatched 69 Socrates of Kamchatka 49 Some Dark Place 44 South Stone 94 Sparrow Duet 87 Sparrow’s Flight, The 91 Spring Jam 86 Stillpoint 103 Strange Vision of Seeing Things 73 Stream 41 Sunday’s Best 80 swiPed 83 Swisspering 42 Swordsman—hahahahah 94 Symphony No. 42 65 Tailored 38 Tanya versus Irena 41 “The Talk” True Stories About
The Birds And The Bees 83 This Is It 39 This is Yates 45 Tiny Citizen 101 Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present 110 Torsdag 39 Toxic Masculinity 101 TRANS/FIGURE/GROUND 83 Vacuum is Too Loud, The 80 Victor & Isolina 34 Voyage of the Galactic Space Dangler 47 Walk For Me 61 Washing Walls with Mrs. G. 55 Weapons 101 What Happens to the Mountain 107 Whatever The Weather 83 Wheels 87 When You Awake 72 Workers Leaving the Googleplex 41 Xylophone 87

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