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Margaret Dow Towsley and her husband Harry Towsley

Margaret Dow Towsley and her husband Harry Towsley image

Harry & Margaret Towsley in 1969 at the dedication of the UM Towsley Center for Continuing Medical Education, a project dear to Harry's heart. Margaret's brother, Midland architect Alden Dow, designed the building. Margaret Dow Towsley and her husband, Harry Towsley, head of pediatrics at UM Medical School, supported scores of community projects from the Michigan Theater, to Greenhills School, the Washtenaw County Historical Society's museum, and the new St. Joseph's Hospital, to name just a few. An active Republican and the first woman on City Council, Margaret helped found the local Planned Parenthood and the Women's City Club. One of her favorite projects was UM's Margaret D. Towsley Football Museum in Schembechler Hall.

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Image Courtesy of the Washtenaw County Historical Society