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Ghostly / Spectral Logo

Ghostly International & Spectral Sound

Born in a University of Michigan dorm room in 1999, Ghostly has grown into an international concern over the last 18 years. Talents included in their roster range from artists who were involved from the beginning — Dabrye, Matthew Dear — to Shigeto (another son of Ann Arbor), Tycho and Com Truise. Releases bridge many genres, but there’s a bent towards "electronic means,” avant-pop, ambient and experimental music. Spectral Sound is Ghostly’s dancefloor-oriented sister label. We’re pleased to offer 150+ Ghostly albums, and 100+ Spectral releases, with more to come. 

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Quite Scientific Records Logo

Quite Scientific

A decade ago in Ann Arbor, two brothers and a friend were kicking around the idea of releasing some compilations to highlight some Michigan artists they loved. Voila, a label was born! Though QuiSci has grown to include artists from outside our fair state, the label still finds themselves "focusing on the Midwest musicians, aesthetic, and general good atmosphere that seems to permeate the air surrounding the Great Lakes.”

We’ve got 40+ QuiSci releases to kick things off — including local (or once-local) favorites like Tunde Olaniran, Chris Bathgate, JR JR, Frontier Ruckus, and Lightning Love. 

Something sound familiar? Oftentimes QuiSci tunes are used in the production of the Ann Arbor Stories podcast!

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Youth-Owned Records Logo

Youth Owned Records/Neutral Zone

In 2001, just a few years after the founding of the Neutral Zone, Ann Arbor’s teen space, Youth Owned Records (YOR) was born. As a by-youth, for-youth record label, YOR helps teens perform, record, promote and distribute their original music. As a part of a recent project documenting the history and growth of the Neutral Zone, we’re happy to offer 6 compilations from YOR — five featuring work created by teens, and one fundraiser compilation.  

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Tools Crew Live: Performances filmed at the AADL

Tools Crew Live Logo

In 2017, we captured some local musicians performing at the Downtown AADL, using our items you can check out from our Music Tools Collection — indie, electronic, hip-hop and experimentation all show up in these performances. 

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Johnny's Speakeasy


Johnny’s Speakeasy

For decades, this local venue has hosted beloved local and touring acts — roots, folk music, and Americana in particular. AADL is working with Johnny to digitize and preserve these performances that he’s captured throughout the years. Stay tuned for video from this collection that we’ll be sharing throughout 2019.

About Johnny's Speakeasy



Community High Rainbow Zebra

Music at Community High School

7 Cylinders Studio released an independent documentary about Community High School, Welcome to Commie High in March 2020. The documentary explores the small experimental public high school founded in 1972. As a part of this project, the team sifted through the vast amount of musical history tied to the school. Check out the the Community High Music Collection and other resources on our Welcome to Commie High Online Archive page.

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