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How to Participate: 2003

Ann Arbor Reads is a Community-wide event! How can you participate?

Become A Community Partner of AA Reads!

Community Partners are groups or individuals who wish to organize events related to Ann Arbor Reads. Events can be open to the public or restricted. Examples include:

  • book clubs wishing to use the book and have a private meeting
  • college or high school instructors assigning the book to their classes
  • local workplaces hosting discussion groups for their employees
  • coffee shops inviting patrons to connect over coffee on a particular night
  • a film society presenting a film related to the book topic
  • a Fraternity, Sorority, Residence Hall, professional society or other interest group hosting a discussion for its members

Visit the “If All of Seattle Read One Book” web site to get other ideas:

LSVSP and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press have
developed a discussion guide for use by those planning events. You can
get a free copy of this guide at the Library or local bookstores. Stay
tuned to this page to find out how to list your event or view a list of
upcoming events.

If your group would like to participate, please let us know by calling Aaron Goldenberg at (734) 936-2575.

Learn how to Moderate a Discussion Group!

Training will be provided for individuals who would like to learn how to moderate a discussion about the book for their organization or reading group. Training sessions will be held at both the Ann Arbor District Library and at the Michigan Union. Pre-registration is required. To register, call Aaron Goldenberg at (734) 936-2575.

Become a Supporter of Ann Arbor Reads!

We are seeking corporate and individual donors to cover the cost of putting books in the libraries and schools, and developing educational material to be used by those reading the book. Online donations may be made at:

To discuss making a gift, please contact LSVSP Associate Director Amy Sheon at (734) 647-4571 or email

Keep Checking this Website for Updates!

If you would like more information about Ann Arbor Reads, related events, or how you or your organization can get involved, please e-mail and we’ll alert you to updates.