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1997 Ann Arbor Summer Festival Program

Ann Arbor Summer Festival
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Ann Arbor Summer Festival
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Curtain calls, flood lights and shining stars abound inside the
Power Center for the Performing Arts. You1l experience nightly
performances by great national and international stars such as
Tammy Wynett.e, The Neville Brothers, Gordon Lightfoot and
Betty Buckley up close and personal in an intimate theatre setting.

Approximately 20 performances take place in the 1,380 seat
Power Center for the Performing ArtI:!. The mainstage programming mix
includes jazz, pop, blues, folk and country music, as well all dance,
comedy, theatre and special family shows.

Also featured is alleast one unique program that bringM together
extraordinary combinations of artists or cultural traditions. Workshops,
master classes and a Youth Arts Program are also offered throughout
the Festival.

As the Power Center celebrates its 25th anniversary, the Ann Arbor
SummeT Festival is proud to say the Power Center is our home.

"fterglow Reception Sa,u,day, June 21 rop..
Following the performance by Junior Brown and the Saline Fiddlers Philharmonic, join odwr concert-goers for hors d'oeuvres, delicious desserts, cuffee and wine across the street at the University of Michigan Alumni Center.
All (X00:&&d. '" ben"I" m.. An" Ari>ot .wmm.... F"Mival.

Bob l\'ewluJrt
T.ref!' "'en lind II Tenor
5 .~d"r_ Jun_ 11. 8p ... 131.$19,$16.'13
Bob Newhart's immense popularity has not wsned in 35 years ofrecoms,
nightclubs and two highly successful television sitcoms. His dry wit and style
helped pave the way for many an aspiring comic. Newhart's perfect sense of
timing and warped view of life are sure to make you laugh till you cry.
The humorous a capella quartet Three Men and a Tenor open for Bob
Newhart. While comedy is a large pnrt of their routine, singing is the
foremost part of their entertainment

SliMMIlR'S IlYIl "
Be"l1 Bucklell
W_dn ..d"y, I" n_ 15 Bp ... $40, S37,$U S3J
Through her dazzling work in such musicals as Cats, 1776, Song & Dance,
The Mystery ofEdwin Drood and Sunset Boulevard, Thny Award winner Betty
Buckley is one of a small handful of performers whose name and artistry ure
synonymous with Broadway. Her soaring voice has been stopping the hearts
ofconcert and theatergoers for years. Betty Buckley remains the
quintessential leading lady ofthe American musical theatre."d' 1J~..i ... • _lIt "art" "aelutflf!'

w_o._Idar. Ju._ 2S 4p ...
Spend a magical summer's eve under the spell ofone of Broadway's brightest stan. Enjoy a delightful pre-show dinner, priority concert seating and an enchanting afterglow re.::eption, A block of the best seats in the house have been reserved for our benefit party patrons.
For more information or to order your benefit party tickets,
call the Festival office at (SIS) 647-2278 by Friday, June 20th,

H u Ju._ 16 Bp ...
srl. SJS.S J1.S\>
Diva, also known as ~no man's band,~ is surprising audiences with it815 female
members. This all-female jazz group is a hard-swingingbig band grooving in the
classic traditions ofthe Buddy Rich, Count Basic and Woody Hennan
orchestras. Today, Diva is not only rapidly gnining national reo:lgllition,
but also carving a niche in jazz history.

Dfea 'nteraefiVf!' Con('("rf For Kid. ~I!I!I!!II••
a U "ID Y, J~n_ J 6 , 2" .. SJOAduob, S5 C1V/d-001
Get ready for a jazzy time with Diva when they present a special interactive youth
perfonnance and clinic. Youll hear some great tunes, learn about jaT.1. and the musical
instruments that make it happen; and who knows, you may C\'CJ1 end up on stage!

'·Olt' Toy'or 2


DIJ."'I)Qn.-el:.·n."mbt..o/;Ku-hi#a" f, ;"do y , j~ly 7, Bp" $23.$20,$17,$14

Everyone wants to be free! Everyone wants to par-tee! They oome from a small Wisconsin town and have taken a ride to the top of the rock charts with their smash hit Closer 7b Free, the theme song for Fox TV's popular family drama Party Of Five. The BoDeans, Sammy Llanas and Kurt Neumann, burst onto the SO's music scene as a rools-rock outfit and hsve grown full bloom into a powerful rock band.

Neville Brothers

Like any good stew, the music of the Neville Brothers only improves with time on the cooker! And the Nevilles are playing, singing and writing better than ever. Since the '50s, Art, Charles, Cyril and Aaron Neville have been serving up a savory gumbo uniquely their own, drawing on every African-American musical style, from jazz and R&B to reggae and Zydeco.

TIle G'ennMiller Orche8tra
Wedne,doy, P, Bp'" Jn$IP,$ld,$13

Swi ng music lives on through the world famous Glenn Miller Orchestra. This group of young musicians remains true to Miller's music of 50 years ago perfonning such hits as Moonlight Serern:uu, Pennsylvania 6·5000 and Tuxedo Junction.

Gordon Lightfoot
H."day, ).Iy 10 Bp'" $25. $22. $19,$ld

Canada's godfather of folk and international musical ambassador, Gordon Lightfoot, returns to the Ann Arbor Summer Festival. It's the smooth baritone and melodic genius of /f You Could Read My Mind and Wreck ofth€ Edmund Fitzgerald that have created Gurdon Lightfoot fans the world over,

I. Ca.1Produo:bomptet«llS
SIon''''9 Heather Tom
Friday, 11. 8p,. $1l.$18,$15,$12

Long-running off-Broadway smash hit comedy, .. relive 1963, 1968 and 1974.
Emmy Award winner Heather Tom (Victoria on The Young & Th€ Restless)
stars in this bittersweet, laugh-aloud oomedy about the growth of a
friendship between three regional, small town women. Follow their lives
from high school cheerleaders to sorority sisters to their adult lives. Also
starring Bridget Flanery (Sabrina, the Teenage Witch and Sweet Valley High)
and introducing Emily Kay.

Dance Gollery! Peter Sparling & Co.
5a,,,,doy, 12, 8p .. $19,Jld.$13,$IO

Ann Arbor's favorite profeSl!l ional dance oompany premiers two provocative and radically differing new works -&rliner Mass, an emotionally charged work inspired by Arvo Part's powerful musical soore and Seven Enigmas, seven intricately etched solos within a shifting staged landscape ofset disigns projections and props, Enigmas celebrates the inquiring mind as it oontemplates the wonders of inner and outer space.
Hotla:u Ulnk-s....dt>y, ...... n2pno _ Ope.. ,,,,,llhy,h.,,h,,,,,/,,"d ..,,IlP/f""/l,,mu.ici,,....

It's a hotja:u clinic with a cool dude -Mike Grace, Music Director of Community High School. Learn the language ofjazz and how to play various jazz styles. High school and college age musicians are welcome to participate or just observe this jazz ·funshop~ at the Power Center Rehearnal Hall
f'ef't''{rd! s....hy,-'-29.II .... _
Fo....II"Il.... Bri"lJ11"'kiy,.JuIy IJ H rule oillarh and 'lttp~~illndfUUI
Jan Overduin, Canadian guest organist

tiffi11HffiilW 404 b

"l"hr. " .. Ih ,,[,Iu> '!ni~"''''Ul ,,[Mjd,~.... rinB in ,h.. .,,,,,,,,,'T .~'''''''' u-i,1r ,,,,,,,,, '/H'ci"N'''''.
Mo:w/ay, ...... 2J.7pm George Matthew, Jr., Stamford. CT t ____
I. By Moil fo: 4. In Person from .WllY 1 r...lT. ,w2/6/21,8PM) --}(2IJI1I.'I.--•
__ 2 IONODlSCOUN1. ___
Ann Arbor Summer Festival r ...... :.If...._C.... 16/27, 2PM)
,/t""'q;/' ) "",, 1311',

--}(2IJ171. 11.--•
400 Fourth St., IH50 The Box Office at Burton

--l 7 NOascOl.NT _ ---
Ann Arbor, MI 48103·4816 Memorial Tower

f",..jG.riooI"""",W.n-,... (6/19,2 PM) X MAllO ClWt/5
University of Michigan campus

'''''~/1/2,81'M) --X21181512
2. By Phone I>f""" "'"y I, Mon.-Fri. 10am·6pm r_,.,_,~ (1Il.1f't1) --}(X!VU21
(3 13)647·2278 Sat. lOam·! pm c"",.I.,,'rib.. 'Wn . ___

(W""o g;klS50 ... ",.".,.,.d'-~_l""III'8-" CIUI'o'DTQTAL
q-.'....r Call file "e.lI_fOllkr a' (:1 13) 6-17.2%78.

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