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2013 Ann Arbor Summer Festival Program

Ann Arbor Summer Festival
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Ann Arbor Summer Festival
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ANN ARBOR SUMMER FESTIVAL 2012 ~[~~W£~~~~~[ WEl~~:::~ME ~IWENTI-NINE TABLE OF CONTENTS 03 PARTNERS ANO SPONSORS 07 MAINSTAGE 19 TOP OfTHE PARK 21 ATIRACTIONS 25 ACTIVITIES 29 OUTOOOR CINEMA 31 THE GROVE 35 SPECIAL PROGRAMS 41 OONORS 59 BOARO &STAFF FR~OARD When mvwifeand I we1latlrememberfromlhal evenlngwasn'l thewvndertul muS( OI the delICious fllOO; itw~s the rela~ni atmosp/J€re,the'talkMed tlle festi,altogruwwstaturearMJremamasoooof /I;HIAItor's Irea5ured annual Mnts. lharik)llll so much !o"jOO($Upport Erik8akker Chalr,fc.ti'laI BormsolAlGrel!n,lra Glass, Bonnie Raill aildlheCap iiolSteps, fheoj are amtmg theperlormersolafestivaltllaiooosistentlydelil'ersartisiry melvdiesiwdhumorttlr3UdiellCeSolail igesand mterests TheUnM)lsotyolM,ehiganlspo!udtohosltheseengaglni artlstSlndl1lOleatthePuwerCenler l(l(thePerlormingAr\s, H,lIAud ilonum ai1l1 the M!c:hlgan The-_]1 ~I 0) Icamo l Q....".-.I I ~I Q!iplli Iz.:~';':.~: I ~~ CoIumbi.A$mM~1' C~Wisdom6oolondT.... Room ' ECOPHYSICS,INC, • Enlighten 0 EnspireDen"'l oH",onV~II.yChaptHoIC.-.di\Uniigan oKapnidi9on~B.!orik oMichiganCht~.P~eoCharleoR~Co o ThltJudsonCer,o, o Un"'e"oty 01 Mid1igan Cred,t Union ° n... Guttman & Jo>on french Family ~~ ~~ mk~ '-~I ___I"""" 1 ~I J!,I-,--I =It:J1U'llll l weum l ~& ~~ -:!.-=-I ~~ 1--=tJ MISSION TheA"o Arbor SummerFestival's missioo is to present a world-clas sceleoration of arts and entertainment that enriches Ihecultural. econarnlc, and social vita lityof the region CORE VP' Excel lence · Di~ersity · Relevance VISION TheAnnArt>orSummerfesti~alasplrestobeanallonallyrecognizedartsfestival and Mduring local treasure -awidelyanticipated,interaclivehubolcreativeandcommumtyener&y. TheAnn Arbor Sommer Festival is an exhilarating celebration of performmg arts, outdoor entertainment. and communil)' spirit. AbouliQue music and artsfeslival,lhelhree-week gathering offers dozens 01 per/(lfmances, activities, e.>:hlbitlOns, and screenmgs representative 0i the best in music, dance, comedy film, CIICUS and slreet arts, and lamityentertamment [slablishedasanequalpartnershipbelweenlheCIIYQIAnnArborandthe University of Mlchigan, \he Ann Arbor Summer Festlvaf presented its first full season in 1984. Wha t t>egan with a vision for asummer cultural event that W(luld ~onnect audiences with WQrfd·class artists. bring community together, and showcase Ihe city and state as amajor arts destina\ion. now flourishesas one of the leading multi-arts fesUvafsmthecounlry Now entering our 29th season, the Ann ArborSummerFestival produces two co ocurrentprograms,one indoor andoneoutdoor, atvanous venues and spaces across the University of MIChigancampusaooindownlown Ann Arbor. The indOOf Mamstage senes rncludes trclo.eted perll)l'mances of world-class music, dance, theater andcomedy.Theoutdoorprogram.Topol thePark, isheldalongab€autifut campus green andolfers admission-free concerts, mOVies underthe stars,open-3irspectacles anduniqL!efamHyaltractions MTLLER CANFIELD mi llcrcJniield.(om IT'SMORETHANIUSTTHElAW. Celebrating 2R Years in Ann Arbor ~ MAINSTAGE 1WENTY-NINE BONNIE RAITT MorelhanJuslabest-selli"gaJtist,r~pectedguitarist, ~SSlvesinger.andaccomplishedsoogWr~ff,Booo.eRaitt has become an rmtrtutoo In Americao moslC. With aonique stylelhaltlleodsblues,R&B,rock,andpop,lhlsmne-lrfl\e GtammyAwardwinllefretumstoAnnjl,rborinsupportGfher newest album. Slrpstream. M.arc COOn opens t!Je show. N.thelll1l$1~ ~.fifty(lldsolMClloclll!Crdd b"lIvseoncer1wi1be ~lothellRlArrund3t1«l FRIDAY, MAY 25 -Hill AlIIITO~UM @8PM $,"5)0. • "0.50. $55.5C, Wi 50.•)550 FEIST For nearlj' a ilee1ide,Leslie Feisl did ootstllll Il1QYinli,fler 2004 JUllO-Mnning aloom Let ItOie led right intn2007'sThe Remirlder.wtllch~amel1 hefrourGramrnyoo(Tllnations,sil JUJJ:lwins.lheShortllstMusicPnDl,aodtllel)jlportumtyto teachMuppetstocountoo~meSlreel.Sheltlertmadelle! SaturdayNigtJt\Jvedebulandhassincetoofe(jlhe'llQlld Felslawearslnsupportofhernewestalbum,Metals M:llAY, .JJNE 5 -f'O'M:R (BITE! @8PM .50· .i5.•'0. $;0 ~ MAINSTAGE 1WENTY-NINE MGREEN The RMfeIId AI Green IS kIlowntre...ood over Ioi his extrlruROAY, JUlIE 13 -POIlU IUIER@81M 1>:'). $50. $~5. $») Addlt.onll &eM!OOS $IIpporttl'll'llde\jb\t \\IendJ"edLa"'l!rlCt PllOBOlUS An AmerICan institution i(](lJearty40years,Pllobolus returns to Mn Arbol with its dancers wno leap, fly inlertwme, and break ali oi the rules. With styles rangmg from playjullo intenselogra~lty-defrlng. the comparry has beenun,ve;sallycelebrat~lorllsstarthnimllofhum(K'. intelilgence,pn)'SlCal IOvtnlloo, and rawathlehClsm SUNDAY,J]NE24-POI'ItRIIHTER@7i'M $50. *,15. t>~O, $10. $\0 ~ MYRA KLARMAN photography myra klarman_com / 734.330.1251 I 2065 Ma in 51,11222 ~BENARD L. MlW FOUNDATION View JUMP.IN, a colledlon of M~ra Klarman's Festival images on exhibit in the Power Cen ter lobby, June 21-July 7, MAINSTAGE,~ ELUEMCKAY I, '10 Nellie M~lIJ(s musIC is as IUrleful and clever as the besl 01 theGrealAmencanSilngbool.-llilrtcabare/,partspar'dy ~,Fromtlme-l\on()redtorchwnlstoDorlsDaystandards, lheivory-Imklmgcrooneroffenanlrres.stibltcocktallof YlOtagejlllclasslts,charmrngorlltlnals,andtJ/entyoi t(ll1gue·ln·clletkhumGr.Srteakin'OutopenstheshlUll 7-POMR CENTER@1iI'M ~,~.• ~( $"5. "25 .1O~ ~"'-TOYOTA Are '101/1 looKing for ~ore? We've got it. And we call it The Rehmann Experience. Conla(;\ us to find oul how we nHly htluultllo provide MORE for you. Anything that ever got accomplished began with people asking: "What if?' Challenging themselves Challenging the system. At Fifth Third Bank. "What if?" is one of our favorite phrases As a proud sponsor of Ann Arbor Summer Festival and Top of the Park. we support those who aren't afraid to reach,tryaodask TOP~PAR~I ;rnmTS~ Freeconcerts, free mO'>'ies,foOO alld drink all avadable uooerthe summer sky.Thefestival'sTop oflhe Park is held in cooJulIClion with the Malnstage periormaoces. prlMdlng aforum Ioc great klcal,regiooal andnahonaIartists in an(!7jraordinaryatmosphere.E..erymgtrtcreatesadifferentmoodarnlsplril.and isextremelyfamif/'lrlendly, Topoi Ille Park exemplifies e-,m1hingA/ln 1\r00r: divefse,friendiy,kirle!ic,and unique TopoflheParllactivitiesarepresentedallngalisMali,klcateddirectly intront of the Horace H. Rackham School of Graduale Studies on WashlnglonStreet nearlhe Burton lilemo ria I Tower,The festival opens at 6:30 pm on luesday th rough Th ufsday. and al 5;00 pm on fflday through Su nday. Top of Ihe Park is closed on Monday nights. Admission to Top of Ihe Pai1l isfree,althougl1 a suggesled donation per visit of $3 per indivi dua lor$5 perlami ly is enco uraged nRSTFRlDAY SO LONG SUNDAY OPENINGNIGHT CELEBRATION ~LOSING NIGHT FESTMTIES fRIDAY. JUNE 15 SUNDAY. JULY , Thefestwal'sopening nightparty,FirstFriday, So Long Sunday islhe lestival"sclosing night is one of the most attended ewnts of the celebralion at Top of the Park. Thisrear,t!leevent season. The music kicksolf in The Grove at features performances by Ariel &Zoo, &Eli,Too 5:00pm.toltowedby theotdschootrockabilly at 00 pm. followed by the family-friendly Big of Rio& The Rocilab itlyRC'livat, and concludes Bang Boom, and concludes with GefKlrtothesefamltyrockeorx:efh,tnjDymusK:atsetsbySOOleoftllearea's~t popularch lldltll'sentertainers TheWannaBees June 17 5:DO-5:45pm JeanieB!'theJellyBeans June 24 5:DO-5:45pm Supersonic Music Makers 'The Fortytwo JulyOI 5:00-6:05 pm Ariel &Zoey &Eli,Too July 08 4:30-5:30 pm TOP~PARKIACTIVITIES GlOBAL PARTIES Tocelebrate the diverse community \'Ie serve, each )'ear we throw a seffeS of GkltJal P3rtie~ at Top 01 the Park thai spatl ightdlfferenl ethnic tJacr,g ro uoos and cullu raltraditions.Featuring ,-wI., TOYOTA fret(HJtdtlOrpertormartCesbylllCalartlsts.thesemghh$ho'licaseli~e1y music,streetdaocing and cultura l entertainment Jurte20 TheBaronsolTangeOcloherBabies J~ne 27 Sumkali· BollyFit Dance-Noori July 04 Tumbaa Bravoe Los GaiDs MIND-BODY SESSIONS R£TREAT ~&~e;r Asenesoimlnd-bodysessioosatTopoflhePark, ttrisallematlvehappyhouflets jQU enjoy a relaxing lale-aflernoon weekend worlloul wllh classes in yoga, Chi-Kung, Pirates. and dance fitness. led by e~pefienced practitioners. all sessions are free, and lal\e place al 5,00 pma~lhflawnoflheAlumniCenter June 16 Chi-Ku~IWilh Peaceful Oralon School lunel7 Pilaleswith The Movement Center June 23 WeslAfricanOanceWorkoutwithWorldDanceWorkout June 24 Dance fitness with BoiIyFil~ June 30 Gyrokinesiswith The Movement Center July 01 ContacllmproywitllConlactlmprovAnnArbor July OJ Capoeira wilh COD Michigan JulyOB YOla with The Ann Arbor School of YOla REDUCE, REUSE &RECYCLE ROCK &RECYClE Jt~ We'vemadereducingourwasteandllostingamoresustainabtefestivalone of our gll3fs for this year's celebration. To hefp. Wf!'reteammg up with our friendsat WhoteFoodsMarketforanextensiverecyctingprogramatTopofthePark,lookfor colorluf recycling bins throughout the festiva l grounds At Toyota, we celebrate differences. And the people who make them. Toyota is proud to partnar with th&Ann Arbor Summer Festival and sopport their mission 10 present a world-class celebration of artsandenlertainment We are also ~ TOP~PAR~I MOVIES OUTDOOR CIN[MA ~~ [nioymO~lesundertMstmonanlnflatable$(;reenaITopofth~Parj(. Catch a $electiOll of . AI'I'IARI!():l recent hits, cult classIcs, and tam,IHnendly films scl1!eneil In the open air. 8esu letoixmg -eomtyblankets.pulchasepo~oJnandotherlreatslmmfestlvalvendOfs,and enio'i cinema allrescooothegreen. June!7 WillieWonka June 27 Breakfast at Trffany's &theChocolateFaclory(1911 ! June 28 The Big lebowski June 19 ShenockHolmes: Juty01 lurassicParilAGamBolShadows July OJ Close Encounlers of the Third Kind June2! oBrolher,Where Art Thou ? lune20 The Help July 04 Forrest Gump June 24 Hugo July 05 Answer This! /une2S Ghostbusters July 08 Dirty Dancing MOVl[ 1H[M[ NIGHTS Big Lebowski Niglrt I Thursday,June 28 He'j,Mao-salute "The Dude" and Me part manevemngdevoted to the cult dassic. T~Biglebow5ki_Wtar)'OUr bathrobe, bowlrng shrrt, purple iumpsuit ilJ ~ikin~ ootiit, crall a few beers, !nd settle In to laugh away the night Dinosaur Night I Sunday, July 1 After spj!nding tile daywilh Erth's T-R9roamlngthegrouno:!softhe Po-MrCenter, iolnyourfamltyandtri!ndst~watch Steven Splell!er&'~ JurassIC Park. We'll do (l(Ir best to keep the Veloclraptors away lor the ni~ht l Trivia Nighl IThursday,July 5 Brush upon krcal Ann Arbortri>'ia! Here'syourchartCetoshowl'Ourknow1edgeaboutalllhrngsAlW1thapre-movretnvi3 QUu. ThenenJC7J locall)filmedmOV>eAAswerThis! made bybrotlr~rl Mike and Chris Farah, oothAnn Arhol nalll'e$ ANN ARBOR SUMMER FESTIVAL THE G~OVE ~ TOr~PAR~ Top of the Park's wooded garden, nestled within the fenced beverage area on the west side of Ingalls Mall, is a relaxed atmosphere for guests to socialize and mingle over drinks underneath the slars. Twinkle lights and relaxed seating create a magical backyard ambiancewilhin Ihis intimate, comfortable area. Join us in The Grove to enjoy avariety of activities, including: an acoustic concert series on early Fridays and Saturdaynightsj spe' 734-764-2538 --MIIliIGAN lfAIlJE mID OfFIll 911 N.UN~lnAvE BUY EAR LY &SAVE BIG WITH A F IV! SAMPUI GM)OIImII_~,..... t"",.l lho ..... M.">t·ItO .......... wit~!tJe f.~S..."", ""...... ,..,..... ___lm'."•• MlltoiIOItn'loto .. ....,""""_t. _,.."""",.. lIw«or-" __I'IIIIJ)l flIlIIIJ1t:m1I&1lIIIIIlI8II IHIfllIfO ~ -... _.,.... -.. ,,"'..-_.. __..,'1.•"",. .._"'._'"' ___...h _ ""_~'" ... .... Uj'_~ ---_. ..-~ __..-""".,...~. "' ... _ -....__.....__....-• ........,_....... _ .. ,I>pelmon Mart,"allarmonEzt+J~andD~[lnfnoclmln Sa"'n!~1 and Oaruel s,nl1dWilli'IIConJlftt """"lluCtd.nd SI.p",," fis/ltrs..sanandAmotdCorl n Ma"llncrWrll,.mH!i!2ee: * lor"~~In-i"'.nC«do... m'riaHefand;""l'MidBillHerr"l i'.areo>G.Cr,"'(:f(j Mbieand~nllertier1 Kotf'lleenCm.p!rlandTomF'orte!'llret'nd Ral;nd Hm (M>st.nceCnmID.ndms!'IIOeW~son Martf:i,ndlhoma.D,,;'!s ~nandPtt.. Ilo:-ne1 Sl1_.nd~PIIII Caroj .... ~1lovey Jwi.nd[dO~.i~"", IIH>ffB.I"".lI' ieono..:""CGnneIlandl'trelpsCrMelI n"J..~-PIlIIllWf'mill' ChnSIJ"".ndPtterileka B.a'baraand rnlia .. Ebol lllg Robert Kr",,,B.artKa,ndl'eterEberbod1 * M>~ha,ndD"idl!r!!hbl!l .kos.ieJnd8rianl!ud1n iulie andlooooird Ctro~P,".'n~P::rl*Y * f" Susan.ndR~MrJ.* llit . ndG.JrySl....way B'rba"~rplrj-lnd(;;"i'Eadie Susa••ncrknyr.tu,p/Iy Virginiaiol"lIIi'l'lndD"rdfJIIIllIM Deanne ,nd t:~ i;e,bullff krr,NesbrftandRobeandflkll"'NQhI MtluIS.~u\b.aum B,nItOr:hbtri:lndSan~'o Cinli fat.Odofali J,a"".ndEIlOut"i!)' Cecr li.o .nd,\lP,., P,irofOocsCon'uttinl: Beth andToddI'lIICOO Ilorothy.ndDon.kll'tl"""" ~rqS,Pd.JS "",.,.Ann,ncr R,bertPleItf /an,ndl4(1f1ndP'oert De~td M. rtln Re",,,..,.n SInd,. SoriN EM T!re$.i ond Geor;:l:\'oeteI1 P.HiRwtel-t.olelll * Ca",Iyn~rw:.r Carol",."dJaOll TamarSpo-mier'nd St~$I.ncroff =~~~:I::b!s,nolWk~"mltbt1att ""JoIYIL!'SI:oJr, SaOOyanolDi.:kS'1I'(III 0"" • • Tbt!r..s!~lerr.m~ _..", Bart... aodSheldoolBerry* Sus.anfrCllllch¥lll 4/lIanaczl""" lindoandRtlCfl'GrM Connitandllomidf'luach [lavi:lP,tnI SU>aootlndPaulC>rtmlll SIlsao.ooBar,.,.Gro&$ IasanPlo'Mman . l.e!~l.I ~a'd,.~oo ~.nd/olcrtonctl!tlii;' St~nGrulll!r.ndf....~. DeOOr.handltmf'om\l:!zar .""' ..... ..,,• "...."'" ~~~=G!n~f'omey f'auIaCllnslooltl1 C¥IO.ndKariHollm~n* S-nh.ndDr. (rlwardWalton PIdoi"phyandl'ldoo OarIeneIlermyHot!1Ilprlnd Step"""£mSl lI.arI'!1.nolRobertCol!i"1 IlouV",CW;od EkoabethA.Ro,"" s.:=Ond Car\fjnanrlJomConIWl JulieaodllaOOlR~h ~anSoIll ·OIIm...r"rI'1ltr.. fanta$(l\!LlgMwg G'atli andMainstreetl'entures Hamlet Constructoo JJR,LandscapeAi"chitectu re Pl annrng& Urban Design Ho;MardJ.Goo~fund Al&JrO\JM~IIOIlMatchingCiftsPrOi!(am JohnsonCootr~sfQl,lndallOO Benardl.Maasfoondatib,"""" Kati\erine 'sCalenogloc. Oasis Hot JubGardeos Quest ProdoctlOllS The Produce StallQO TlHlmson Reulers fOlmdation Malchlng Gift f'Iogram UBS Empto,'ee Gi~inl Program Un ll'l!rsltyof""chli311 * Hlr:ilcalesfirst·timedunor 45 ~moo;"IJ4J6415311 46 I GIVING LEVELS EUGENE BPOWER CIRCLE In honor 01 our founder, the Eugene B.Power Circle was created to recognizeour mosl dedicated and inspiralional donors who give S!,OOO or more annuaHyto support Ihe mr s$lonofthe Ann Arbof Summer Festival. ~~~tl.~~n:mll.nio\dN1du'l"nder""telIOI I""'nSn,.perIorm.nce ' FOIIItMlplimonll/JVlfld.llst.thlurI(!ero! . ()pport"nl1Ylo_lt3t"Il!dI~I~{')H\underoliTlenperlOflllIn'e·ltItOerst~ ....'dun.llhl!FntMl · lwo P'ru"I~S!eSltol.n • Plul,.1I btfte!,I> listed below SUPPORTER ISIOO-119 • .YvlftCelod.etP'o'tch.seOW"luMItS • f'nonlYmlonllor\lCkdonkrs __ boWtJo.. 1,'llVa,llIbie • 0.. parlunl PlU • Plus, III bolH!f~s liSliJd beIoor FANIS50-99 . RlO/in,llOIIinIheFest...IGoidelndonFest...I.oeIlSllt ·TlII,oI"'II_Iff'OiIMo.d .........__... rn;r.I_~CooII'*"'_Pljl.,ienctd prnf.,sion, IIWall Di 'lO'l.prQjoIC1IItFocei Sudhlloi.,hto.hwlrl 6I!ltnceF", M'raartlB,l.Icl\trea ' PlHJla/JIe!'!MuhleJn,n .klhn F3I,h P'\ritiH.Nu""l Eri:wnnJ.St hlibod ••"..toy"""",......... ,~talk,.jth w...nlJo.... abow ..... "',('o)optKmo. c..l ..... ;,,..,.,.local h-=wadv"'~,,o..... ==Ood..HJIS Bnalkiolc... c-...8.1111. Ooul[dw"d~~!y_ions ~.. [d~.DoqI"JCOIIl!IN1t:I ~.... IoIInIllOlJoc.... f ...... £...... OoIltll IiIorObw>er lo.'.Gddy>.D.... RMlut"" ~.:.::."".,......"'* SutGott.UIIowslt\'f'II_ "",GOrillk.I'II..Bt"""",, .."".Gt>l1lhlS =~_Gr.lf,"'borlli''''''ICom'''''I' ....• SlMG.tttunaodf..,. ~Ha~I.. Ul"tr! bcloelJotIo.... PIMn!IIr"""", ._IISIG PaH,W_e.nhIAMNboI ::::::;:a""cw ... KiI\.lIMer.a~Uruoro Mjr~.RI:JI1o,"," r:!.:;.!:::::~· SoIIyloRo.r-CttM.•'lHdylodl ... lo....... J!tr,loi OIII.. LMU-III f ....'pecl« :..Ha=~~i;:-""*AlltrD :::;=~!.~ Joou.,d ElrSllJiddJ =~~' ~~, BI"'oI.wNbot .... Mo~ RoIIt!I\ICI,.. n.. lrtorWll. B.oI,oI ..... Nbot Mlt.eM¥!"-first 1rto~1" I\tYoolol;:o.:ooa~ Lt.... McGr.. 10m 1rf:Koro',lCOPliYSlCSIIiC ......___ 111__ ~:::.,(l&'II' ==tIo:~Io»CW>~1I =:..,.~i:-~P""'in' BobNeelIr,ro./oorIMrcr,_ £Io~b1r,",.nd~roGri_ ..... """'Or.I"ctlibr." =:==~-. fIorqP",1 lose~'I••U"."'borD'ltn(llJbrOlJ,PoII.,ondloo,*,,-.OOA ""'.II'I!qeUshen IOpoltlltP .... S"~ T"II01 tlltP .... 'Iohr.I!H Ko"", Roo:kIlMM.llnhIlI SM.Sirorlersftlllllotllousooc.o.woat", ,• .... 1'IIIsH1JsJoot~.. """'I'IIhclo..loolk_ DocIol!,lIosTKIIIIIIrIft'ITC___ MlilefCartlield.PJddoctr&Slone.I\C ~.~:=t.rltsh~1lshII> TepottlllParfr;Sta~ W~:,W;:"" PC SI_Guttm.. AulklIIfI& T.. Ad¥r1Clt1 TapolllttP...SrltIlHll. jaIldColl'osanrjE";~ ..kllrla:/llblbc...... SU'"1IIr\at1r ...--.• HosprtaIitflllliPrtnI.P"""'all P!teGood""o Tepoltk,anStI""""'. ""_. festNill'lloloitlpfr)• HrPIM!IrGr_. fesl...Is.,...,.&DoSjQy

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