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SITE 1. Liberty and Division

This exhibit looks at residential life. It was here in the center of town that earliest settlers and most prominent families built their homes. Small, family owned businesses sprung up around them. Changes in architectural styles reflected the different economic and cultural patterns of the times.

Photos Courtesy of the Bentley Historical Library

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WALL DISPLAY 1: At Home in the 19th Century
WALL DISPLAY 2: The 19th Century Neighborhood
WALL DISPLAY 3: Preserving Ann Arbor’s Architectural and Social History

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Lyra Gesang Verein, 1890The Kempfs on their front porch, 1890Panel InformationAdvertisement for J. C. Watts and Bro., 1858Courthouse tower looking southeast toward campus, 1880Joseph C. Watts House, built in 1858